Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Look just how cute you’ve become. There, there, good girl, good girl.]

One of the men stroked Mikoto’s head and said something like that to her. At the same time he also stroked her butt and the gooey thread that was extracted from her pussy, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine.

(W, why……!? Ahh!)

Finally regaining some of her senses, Mikoto now realized that both Takeru and Sui were now right next to her, their peachy butts extended high in the air. But something wasn’t right.

There was a gooey thread extending from their pussies as well. Now being three of them, the men grabbed a hold of them and tied them tightly together. The three girls were now connected.




When their threads got connected, Mikoto felt as though she was able to feel exactly what Takeru and Sui were feeling. As if in response, her belly began to move violently, almost rubbing against the rough surface of the tatami floor.

[Now, I do believe everything is ready.]

Satisfied with their work, the men moved to the sides of Takeru and Sui, who were also crawling on all fours. They all knelt down, one man in front of them and one for each of their sides.

[Ugh, ah…… Aggh!?]

Seeing one of the men whip out his dick and placing it right in front of Sui’s face, the girl let out a long moan, tears dripping out of her eyes and drops of saliva from the corners of her mouth.

Then, three more dicks joined in.

The men’s dicks were green in color and grossly deformed by the youmas infesting their bodies. They were bigger, thicker and overgrown with some kind of hard, meaty protrusions. Their tips were swollen and blue in color, looking like figs fruits with white mucus dripping from them. Some of them even had smaller tentacles wrapped around their shafts and their tips looking like that of dandelions.

[Ahh, ahhh, ahhhh……!!]

Exactly the same dicks were standing right in front of Takeru, who was moaning like crazy at the very sight of them and leaking love juices like mad, making her pussy look all shiny and messy. Her cheeks were flushed red and she was swallowing heavily at the sight of the white liquid dripping from the dicks. Pointing her butt towards Mikoto, she was wiggling it like a bitch in heat, unable to take it anymore.

[W… What!? Takeru! Sui! …… Aaahhh!?]


As the girls began to beg for the dicks, their strings began to tighten and spill love honey all over. As that happened, the revolting sensations stroked them all at once, causing their bellies to shake and move.

[Hagyii! Nnh!?]


As Takeru and Sui shivered and trembled from the shared pleasure, Mikoto could feel that the same men with the same dicks were gathering behind her.

[Yaah! Yaaaggghhhnnn!?]

Sui’s sweet cries resonated deep within Mikoto and Takeru’s wombs.

[Dick, the dick, the diiick……!!]

Then Takeru tried to stretch out her head to be able to suck on the dick that was right in front of her. This caused her to pull on their connected string, tormenting both Mikoto and Sui with a sudden outburst of pleasure.

[No, stop……! Takeru, Sui…… I told you to stoooop……!!!]


As the thread was pulled stronger than before, Mikoto couldn’t control her own voice any longer. Please, don’t do that! I don’t want to see my twin sister and my dear friends turned into slave of lust like that! Those were the thoughts that were going through Mikoto’s mind right now.

[I’m, I’m so sorry Mikoto-chan, but…… It’s because…… Puah!?]

Mumbles Sui while the erect cocks trace all over her face and nose, finally approaching her mouth and come to meet Sui’s cute red tongue that started licking them all over.

[It feelsh, sho good…… The dicksh, my pushshy…… *smack*, *slurp*, *suck*…… Thish all feelsh shoo good……!]


As the string gets irritated more and more, Mikoto was feeling more and more pleasure, so much that she was slowly unable to take it anymore. The urge to get screwed by one of those magnificent things right in front of her face was raising. Just licking it with her tongue wouldn’t be enough. She wouldn’t be satisfied with only putting it inside of her mouth. She wanted to do something that would allow her to taste them better, to savor their shape and hardness to maximum––––––.

She was sure that Takeru must have felt the same over there.

[Penish, delishioush penish, please give me your penish!!!]

Saying obscene word after obscene word, Takeru was trying to reach the men’s members with her tongue, her green eyes moist with tears behind her glasses.

[Eaaah, ehh, ehh…… Eoooaaahhh!? Pushshy, my pushshy feelsh shoo good~~……!!]

As Sui continued to shake her pussy and pull on the string, the pleasure continued to raise. Her moans were now completely filling Mikoto’s ears and mind. Rubbing her cute face against the dirty dicks, her face was glossy and shiny with their secretions. She was also making sure that they would be properly lubricated, coating them with lots of saliva dripping from her tongue.

[Ah, aaah!? If you continue to pull on that like that……! AAAUUUGGGHHH!?]

The way in which Takeru and Sui were irritating the string was casing Mikoto’s mind to be filled with a white fog of pleasure. Their lustful cries echo throughout her ears and a lustful flame burning brightly at her very core.

It felt as though her whole body was weak, her limbs were numb and her boobs were on fire. Her bloated stomach rubs against the floor, sending electric shocks throughout her whole body. Then her whole consciousness jumps suddenly and her limbs twist in a spasm.


Another sharp spasm passes through Mikoto’s body when her erect nipples touch the ground.

(No, stop it…… Don’t! Stop feeling…… feeling it so much……!!)

Suddenly her limbs were freed from the men’s grasp. Sui and Takeru were exactly the same. Now was their chance! The only thing they needed to do now was to defeat the men and the youmas and get out of here. That’s what Mikoto thought, but her body was unable to move, her face twisted in lustful wanting. Drops of saliva hanged from the corners of her lips and beads of sweat were falling to the ground all over her body. Even her hair were feeling good. The amount of pleasure was so great that she thought she might as well faint from all of it.

[I see that you want some as well, huh?]

[Uhh, ugh!?]


Mikoto’s forehead was lightly tapped with the heavy dick. It was so densely covered with hard protrusions that it resembled corn instead of a normal human penis. Her cheeks were smeared as well and even her ears were being covered with thick male secretions.

[N, no! Stop that! Don’t touch me! That’s filthy!]

Because her mouth and nose were all watery right now, Mikoto’s voice sounded incredibly sweet and seductive instead of angry and hateful. Her head was becoming more and more dizzy, and her mouth was producing gushes of saliva thinking about the dicks she was soon about to swallow.

I want to suck on them, I want to suck on them, I want to suck on them, I want to ––––!!! Their hardness, hotness and slimy secretions were pushing Mikoto’s lust beyond the barriers of sanity.

[Look. Look how eagerly your friends are sucking on us. Look how delighted they are! It must be truly delicious for them to look like that!]

[Kuh…… Uhh!?]

Even if Mikoto couldn’t see them, the sounds that both Takeru and Sui were making right now were more than enough proof that the man’s words were true. Mikoto could also feel it with the whole of her body, the pleasure and excitement Sui was experiencing right now.

Sui was sucking on the men’s dicks so feverishly and violently that Mikoto could hear every single obscene sound clearly from where she was kneeling. She was also grasping at the other dicks with her supple hands and jerking them off with all of her might.

(Stop it, please stop it……! Takeru! Sui! I beg of you!)

The thread was swinging around in between the three of them, crushing Mikoto under an overwhelming waves of pleasure over and over again. In response, her love nectar was gushing out her pussy like crazy. Her belly also reacted to this stimulation, deforming more and more as the things filling up her womb were starting to awaken. She could feel the tiny claws slashing and grasping at the delicate surface of her insides, which was causing hot sensations to shoot up all across her spine.

[Uuugh……!! Guh!? Haah!?]


However, just as Mikoto though the thread might loosen up a bit, it got even tighter instead.




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