Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Hah, sun’s corona you say!? That’s quite the absurd conclusion! So what? You want me to believe that something as simple as a big-ass plant increased its overall mass by millions of tons in a second, and that made it spontaneously combust?! It’s too unbelievable!!! How to even write it in the report?! Nobody is going to believe that!」

But Edward simply spread his hands in an exaggerated gesture at Kalki’s bewilderment. He also looked as if he was greatly amused by this whole thing.

It wasn’t like Homura told him all that without having any proof to back his claim up.

Rolling back the video depicting the entire experiment from the perspective of the special camera that was placed in the room where the experiment took place, he focused the recording on the plant sample acting as the test subject, which was the sapling of the Camphor tree.

「Have a look at the recording right here. Although we cannot be entirely sure about the exact nature of the phenomenon that took place there because the B.D.A does not conform to any target standards in our databases, it is clear as day that at the moment of combustion a slight pseudo radiation phenomenon has been confirmed to occur.

This time It was Kalki’s turn to become confused at Homura’s statement.

「Pseudo radiation? What is that? Is it something different from the regular radiation?」

「Yeah. In the first place, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: B.D.A is the abbreviated term that we use when we talk about Blood Accelerator, so that alone should be enough to tell you that it is intended to be used on living, animate beings instead of plants. It operates on the principle of accelerating the blood circulation by about 330 thousand cycles per second in accordance with the 「Definition of One Second」 imprinted into the Star Particle Bodies. Following so far? Good. Next, when used on the bodies that have taken Star Particle Bodies into themselves and made them a part of their system… ah, that’s right, I almost forgot! Before we move any further with the explanations, please tell me this: Your Highness, Mr. Grimnir, do you understand the concepts behind Time-resolved Particle Momentum Spectroscopy or Semi-permanent Engineering by Electron Transfer with a Substance caused by the mitigation of binding in the Star Particle Bodies?」

「No, never even heard any of that futuristic mumbo-jumbo before. Unlike Mr. Faker here, I am a true gentleman, not a scientist.」

「Even though I am the Head of the Department of Development, I am also not a researcher. I am someone who obtained my current position thanks to my web of connections.」

「Thought as much, since neither of you stroke me as an intellectual type from the moment I first laid my eyes upon both of you. *Sigh* Okay, I will try to account for your lacks in knowledge in my explanations from now on. For now, I will continue using the ones relating to the Star Particle Bodies effects on the human body.」

After a cough to clear his throat, Homura resumed his explanations while switching himself into 「For Dummies」 mode.

「The term 「Definition of One Second」 is a vast field that can be defined in many different ways, but here in this laboratory it means  the 32.768 kHz frequency that is primarily used in quartz clocks used for measuring one second, and it is the one that is released every time that a crystal placed inside of the clock is exposed to the electromagnetic waves. We managed to confirm that Star Particle Bodies reacted to this frequency, causing their pathways in the bodies of the hosts they parasite on to increase their rotation by 330 000 times while maintaining the constant velocity. This relationship is going to be the third force of the new era that will enable Star Particle Bodies to generate Third Energy that’s detached from the First and the Second by utilizing Constant Velocity Motion – a motionthat goes beyond the propagation time of light to final achieve 「Third Perpetual Motion」which will allow us to observe the complex momentum that is needed for Tachyon particles and Ether to manifest in the material plane. Complex momentum is not the movement that approaches energy from the concept of mass, but rather the momentum that occurs when the material world is being approached from the concept of time, so the frequency is entered in order to fix the movement of Star Particle Bodies within the concept of time established by the 「Definition of a Second」.」

「Mhm. So you want it to exceed the existing momentum of the universe by performing this Constant Velocity Motion on the concept of space itself? But then, how would it be possible to implement it for the usage on a human body?」

Homura answered Edward’s question by displaying the diagram of the human body on the monitor before them.

「The total measured length of the blood vessels in the human body is about 100 000 km, meaning that it is twice as long as the circumference of the Earth. If we apply that information to our 「Definition of One Second」 and change it’s speed to that of the Constant Velocity,we would arrive at the conclusion that it would travel the 3,300,000 km worth of blood passageways every second, meaning that it would exceed the speed of light about 10 times.」

When Homura presented his conclusion, His Highness raised a voice as if he could not believe his ears.

「Over ten times the speed of light you say?! Is something like that even possible?!」

「Then what about the pseudo radiation, Dr. Saigo?」

「Right, I was just about to get to that.What we observed when the particles that crossed the speed of light were released from the experimental body was the movement ofparticles closely resembling the nature of light. Moreover, despite the occurrence of the radiation phenomenon during the vibration stage, the actual heat emitted by the sample prepared for the experiment did not change. In other words, it was the case of radiation with no heat source. We won’t know for sure until the specific parameters will be measured in detail, but I am willing to hazard a guess that it was a successful case of the possibility of generating complex momentum that goes beyond that of the 「Definition of One Second」that we were aiming to achieve. To put it in simple terms, it was a case of achieving faster-than-light speed by using Astral.

Without any prior warning whatsoever, Edward dropped the cigar he was still holding in his mouth. He was what some might have called Ironism personified, and yet this time he didn’t know what to say one bit. Apparently the results of the experiment were that unbelievable. Thinking that everything was going exactly as he had hoped it would, Homura decided it was high time to finally ditch the excessive explanations.

「Sadly, taking all of what I just said into account I believe it will be impossible for the human body to withstand that level of Particle Superfluidity.」

Huh, so that’s how it is, huh? What a shame.

Yes, unfortunately, but that is simply how it is with the current stages of our experiments. Truth to be told, the sample only managed to surpass the speed of light for a briefest of instants. As a result of that, both the Star Particle Bodies and the Camphor tree sapling they were inhabiting as parasites were unable to keep their proper forms, and have hence dissolved into the atmosphere.

「Dissolved into the atmosphere? Then… then, could it be that those shiny things in the experiment room were Star Particle Bodies?!」

「That’s right. Here, have a look at the atmosphere composition filter. It shows that it cannot detect any radioactive materials and fallout in the nearest vicinity of the lab where the experiment was carried out, but when we measured the lab’s atmospheric concentration, it turned out that the Star Particle Bodies occupied 12% of its entire atmosphere, so that bodes well for the『Genome Tree Project』 which is the foundation of Environment Control Tower. With this atmospheric concentration, it would be possible to recreate 『The Bull of Heaven』, albeit on a very small scale,by using the Ether Accelerator – E.R.A – that changed the structure of the aforementioned B.D.A. Do you want to try it?」

「No, thank you very much. First and foremost I would like to finish writing the report now. I will also have to inform Director Weser about this explosion. Ugh, I am so not looking forward to it.」

When he mentioned Weser, who just so happened to be the manager of the laboratory here in Germany, Homura began collecting the data with a little more enjoyment.



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