Last Embryo Volume 4 Epilogue Part 1

While being hastened by the gusts of the black wind that roared around him, Krishna noticed the bright light shining at the foot of the mountain and changed his direction to head towards it. When the beasts of the forest noticed his incoming presence, they were all running as far away from his as possible, causing the entire forest to become even more noisy than usual.

Krishna knew what the source of that light was. It looks like the meltdown of the Albino girl’s has already begun, and it caused him to grit his teeth in frustration. Up until the point when Saigo Homura and Sakamaki Izayoi escaped from the city thanks to Orpheus’ and Parashurama’s intervention everything was going more or less in harmony with what he had expected, but after that was when the problems started. And if the experimental Albino girl ends up becoming useless because of them, then he will have no choice but to kill Saigo Homura, Sakamaki Izayoi or both of them.

The two of them might think that they know enough about the 「Hell’s Kiln」, but they do not even realize how shallow their understanding of it truly is. In that case, he does not need them to be alive. All that is necessary for him are their corpses. But even if he was seriously considering settling things up in such a way, that was not the preferable outcome for him at all. Inside of the black wind barrier that surrounded him, Krishna clicked his tongue violently.

(If it turns out that the things have already escalated too far, I will have no choice but to have one of those two die. The question is: which one? Would Saigo Homura be the better candidate?)

Sakamaki Izayoi and Parashurama both still have a purpose that they have to accomplish. According to his original plan, Saigo Homura was supposed to be nothing more but a spare for Sakamaki Izayoi, an irregularity that was created for the sole purpose of correcting the history in the case that Sakamaki Izayoi would end up summoned to Little Garden. Now that things have progressed this far, burying him six feet under while having Sakamaki Izayoi be involved in the Star Particle Bodies research as an experimental subject would be the most logical thing to do.

Yes, that course of action would be the most rational one in terms of correcting the course of history. While the corners of his mouth got distorted into a wicked smile, the power of the black wind around him increased. Now that Krishna has become a light-devouring monster, running through the forest’s treacherous terrain at incredible speed with ease as he made his way towards the hunter’s hut at the base of the mountain, which was now shining as bright as the newly-born star on the dark canvas of the night. But then, just as he was nearing towards it. . . . a brilliantly shining wind blew towards him, disturbing the wind that now clung to his entire body.

「. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ? ? ?」

For just a brief moment, Krishna’s black wind got completely blown away, and the trees in the surrounding forest have been illuminated by the warm radiance of the sunlight. An Aurora. The scene before Krishna’s eyes was definitely worth of being described in such a way, and it was by no means an exaggeration. This wonderful light shined brighter than that of the sun and dazzled more than the glow of the moon on a cloudless night, being the closest to the light emitted by the genuine stars. Having his devilish figure exposed, Krishna hurriedly covered his face and began to gather the black wind around himself again so that he could wear it like an armor once more.

He did not know exactly what happened, but at the very least he was able to discern the precise location of where that light came form: as expected, its source was inside of the small hunter’s hut at the base of the mountain, the very same where he sensed the presence of the Albino girl, Saigo Homura and Sakamaki Izayoi. And as luck would have it, it was not too far away in a straight line from his current position. He arrived there mere seconds later, but was forced to squint his eyes at the unexpected sight that he found there.

He knew that the Albino girl was going to die due to a meltdown reaction caused b the Star Particle Bodies that were planted inside of her body as a method of making sure that any evidence of the Star Particle Bodies human experimentation would be destroyed instead of being used against those who performed the experiments, so it would not really matter if Sakamaki Izayoi and Saigo Homura took the girl with them and ran, because the only future left for her was to die. But now, he saw two figures in front of him. One of them was a boy sitting on a chair. . . and the other one was the Albino girl who was supposed to be dead. And yet, there she was, sleeping quietly on the bed tucked away in the corner of the hut, looking as if she was in good health.

Even though this was a prime opportunity for him to kidnap both of them before they could react to him arriving on the scene, he could not move an inch because of his brain’s inability to fully comprehend exactly what happened here. Ever since he learned that the Albinos who were use in the experiments were implanted with a safety feature that would cause their bodies to undergo meltdown should anything unwanted or unexpected happened to them he had planned to use Saigo Homura as a spere experimental subject, but no matter how he looked at it, the Albino girl seemed to be simply in deep sleep, not dead. Moreover, it did not look like her body sufferer any kind of damage, even though the meltdown procedure should have killed her in a matter of minutes since the luminescence phenomenon occurred.

(This is most peculiar, but ultimately it does not make that much of a difference. We are in Little Garden after all, so it is perfectly normal even for Gifts such as Future Vision and Clairvoyance to malfunction from time to time. So it is okay. Everything is still perfectly in order that I envisioned. This time it was only a coincidence.)

The black wind surrounding him raged and howled as it enveloped the area around the hut where these two were, preventing them from escaping. Even though the girl being alive right now was not in Krishna’s predictions, it was actually a stroke of luck that the meltdown did not kill her. That way, he is still going to be able to use the girl’s corpse to save mankind the way he wanted, a feat which would be impossible if her body liquified and got reduced to little more than a wet puddle on the floor.

After finishing the wind barrier around the hut, Krishna used his black wind to form another barrier made entirely out of Chakrams similar to the one he was able to create in his own hand, and launched them towards the two young ones without making even a single sound. But just as they were about to hit them, Saigo Homura suddenly opened his mouth and spoke.

「. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cease this foolishness at once, Breacher of Contracts.」

That voice. . . it did not belong to Saigo Homura. Its tone was very obviously different. And in the next moment, when the Chakrams made from the black wind were supposed to reach his head and cut it cleanly off his shoulders. . . they never reached their intended target. Because they have been stopped and destroyed by the shadows that extended from beneath Saigo Homura’s feet. Krishna was so amazed that he felt his voice getting stick in his throat halfway through the scream that was about to leave it, but Homura did not even turn back towards him, or even glanced in his direction. He simply sat in his chair and continued to talk as if nothing happened.
「I am in a rather pleasant mood at the moment, so I will graciously ignore that little transgression of yours. It looks like my Avatar has yet to realize what your true identity is, which is good, because this play has yet to reach its climax, right? But let me warn you. If you continue to show hostility towards my Avatar. . . ]

Not waiting for him to finish speaking, Krishna created another black wind Chakram in his hand.

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