Last Embryo Volume 4 Epilogue Part 2

He had no intention of talking to, or even stopping to consider who the enemy he is currently fighting might be. Ever since the battle begun, his heart and mind became as cold as the water flowing through the mountain stream. He threw seven more Chakrams at Saigo Homura, each one of them moving faster than the last and possessing enough destructive power to level mountains, dry the rivers and split the seas in half.

{Avatara’s} Eighth Avatar, Krishna. When he descended down to earth from the heavens, he was hailed as the progenitor of the idea of a 「Savior」, and it is said that once he descends to the mortal plane from the realm of the Gods, he will stop at nothing until his task I completed and the future of humanity will be saved.

But Saigo Homura simply glanced at him over his shoulder for the briefest of moments with his eyes which changed their color to the one of the freshly spilled blood and smirked at him.

「I see. So you have made your choice. Then die.」

The shadow at Saigo Homura’s feet changed its shape into that of the three heads of a dragon, and after they crawled on the ground towards the Chakrams which were zoning in on Homura’s position they shot upwards and devoured the weapons woven from the black wind all at once, causing the gusts of wind that has lost its form to run through the forest around them like a violent storm.

That was enough for Krishna to become convinced that whoever the monster in front of him was, it was definitely not Saigo Homura. The most likely explanation is that something must have possessed him during the time between his escape from the city together with Sakamaki Izayoi and the present moment. Enlightened by this realization, Krishna decided to change his approach and employ a different strategy. He materialized a shining bow in his right hand and an arrow made out of black lightning in his left hand, and after combining the two of them together he launched his arrow towards Homura. And then the second one, and another one and another one and yet another one. However, this was not a blind barrage employed in hopes of overpowering him with the sheer number of the arrows and their firing speed. His indiscriminate flurry of attacks also included the Albino girl. He did that because he assumed that when not only this boy, but also the girl would be placed in danger, he would rush in in an attempt to protect her, and he was right, because when faced with a rain of shining black lightning arrows that were about to fall on their heads like the murderous rain of death, Saigo Homura did rush in. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . But right in front of Krishna instead.


He was literally right before his eyes. He could have understood if he did that in a one long jump, or if his speed was incredibly high. But what he did was simply. . . too abnormal. Startled, Krishna fell backwards and launched another barrage of arrows, but Saigo Homura simply smiled and avoided all of them by simply stepping to the side for a bit, dodging every black lightning arrow by the skin of his teeth. And he was doing all of that while smiling so hard that his fangs began to show, all the while his shadows protected the Albino girl from sustaining any kind of damage herself.

「Khhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You bastard! WHO ARE YOU?!! WHAT ARE YOU?!!」

「Ha! You should already know the answers to that questions, my kin!」

Stopping his dance of mad dodges when the last arrow missed him, Saigo Homura stopped in place with his bloody gemstones-like eyes shining with an eerie light and his body generating the amount of heat so great that a heat haze started to be emitted all around it. When they were done with the destruction of Krishna’s Chakrams, the shadows at Saigo Homura’s feet returned to his side and merged into one giant pool of shadow, which them began to writhe and bulge up as it changed its shape once more. What was at first only the heads of a Three-Headed Dragon now turned itself into legitimate giant Three-Headed Dragon, and each of the six eyes on his three heads were glaring towards a single point in front of them with a killing intent that would be enough to crush the souls of even the bravest of heroes: they were glaring at Krishna.

「If it was just about fighting 「The Breacher of Contracts」, I would not have chosen to wake up from my slumber. If it was just about fighting those fools calling themselves {Uroboros Demon Lord Alliance}, I would not have chosen to wake up from my slumber as well. But since you are here, then that changes things. Since you, the defeated one, have chosen to shamelessly come back onto the grand stage once more with a new vessel, I concluded that it would only be fair for me to do exactly the same as well!!!!!!!!」

Appearing right next to Krishna in the blink of an eye once more, Homura grabbed him by the collar and threw him at the foot of the mountain. Having been sent flying at the speed that approached the third cosmic velocity, Krishna did not stop even when his body collided with the bedrock, and he continued to fly forward, piercing through seven more mountains in the process.

But Homura did not stop at that. Teleporting himself next to him, he put all of his strength into his fist as he clawed into Krishna’s skull and smashed it into the ground beneath his feet and continued to drag him along like that while his face was continuously exposed to inhumane amounts of friction. But it was only when Homura’s eyes began to glow with the eerie blood-like crimson light and he began to gather flames in the hand that was crushing Krishna’s skull that he truly realized that his life was in grave danger.

(. . . . . . . This is bad! If I do not fight with my 「Astra」. . . . !)

Even though he is an Avatar affiliated with {Avatara}, he does not possess {Another Cosmology} as all the others. When Kalki manifested himself in modern-day world, Krishna switched from being a part of history to a prominent figure of the past as a result of which he lost the ability to use his {Another Cosmology of Salvation}, because with the dawn of the new era, that power of his has been passed on to the last Avatar, Kalki.

「Khhh. . . . . . . . Shine, Star That Heralds the End: {Pashupata}. . . . !!!!!」

Expanding his Divinity, he materialized a small, grey-colored newborn star in his right hand. The eyes of both Homura and the Three-Headed Dragon opened wide as if they just saw something unexpected, but immediately after his lips and the three monstrous jaws curved up with malevolent, fangs-revealing smirks.

「You dare using {Pashupata} in front of me?!」

Homura howled with a ferocious roar and raised his own right hand in which he gathered the crimson Flames of the Apocalypse, preparing to convert them all into pure energy he would use to release his ultimate attack, 「The Conquerer’s Call」.

The two of them released their attacks in the exact same moment, and the following clash of the two stars of demise blew the sea of dust from the ground and elevated the seven mountains that Krishna was blown through earlier to the ground without a trace.

* * *

A little while earlier.

Parashurama, who could barely stand on her shaking knees, struggling Orpheus and Heracles whose body has been robbed off its free will were blinded by the auroral winds at the same time. That mysterious light, which started in the hunter’s hut at the base of a far-off mountain suddenly exploded and then quickly spread to every house, cliff and coast on The Lost Continent of Atlantis and then went beyond the horizon before it finally disappeared. It was a mysterious phenomenon that everyone on the continent could see regardless of where they were, and everybody who saw it dropped whatever they were doing and could only stare at it in amazement.

「What. . . . . . . . . what was that light just now?」

Parashurama, who felt as if her body was about to melt, gazed at the aurora’s light while gripping onto her chest. However, even if he was possessed by Krishna right now, Heracles was still an opponent who would not miss a chance like that.

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