Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 9

And then….


「「 Tei!!!!!」」


「「「 G H H H H H U U U U U U A A A A A A A A A A A!!! WE ARE DONE FOR ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !」」」


The absolute professional at going easy, Sakamaki Izayoi and Kasukabe You, a semi professional at the very same thing have arrived on the scene, and thanks to them, all of the natives who were trying to attack Deen have been either turned into the twinkling stars on the horizon even though it was morning or fainted on the spot due to the impact of the arrival of those two knocking them out where they stood.


「. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 」


「Ara ara, my oh my. . . 」


Asuka, who was full of motivation just a second ago, suddenly stiffened to a standstill at the sight before her eyes. On the other hand, Lamia, who thought that she would finally get to have some unrestricted fun realized that the chance at said fun was now gone, and so she just stood there bored, playing with her hair.


On the other hand, down on the ground level Izayoi and You were both quite confused about what the situation here was, until the saw the natives who have been either launched into the air or straight up knocked unconscious. The first one to try and get an explanation out of them was Izayoi, who was trying to wake some of them up by slapping them in the faces while asking them questions such as:


「Hey guys, what the hell do you think you are doing? Why are you attacking Deen?」


「Did you mistook it for an enemy? Come on, how could you do something as silly as that? See, you can tell at literally the first glance that it does not look like the other monstrous titans at all!」


But Asuka, whose prey was suddenly and unfairly taken from her


「H-Hey! What was that supposed to mean, Izayoi, Miss Kasukabe?! Why did you go and defeat these guys when no one even asked you to?! They were my prey! I was about to go down there and settle the score with them myself!」


「「. . . Huh?」」


Izayoi and You both tilted their heads to the side at exactly the same time.


「Were. . . .  were you the one who wanted to defeat them, Miss Rich Lady? With nothing more but that sword hanging by your waist? No way, you are just pulling my leg here, are you?」


「Fufu. . . .  that was a good joke, Asuka. When did you become such a fine comedian?」


「Joke!!? C-Comedian!!? Why you. . . . . . . . . . !!!」


Those words of mockery caused Asuka to become deeply hurt. Ever since she defeated her sister, Faceless, two years ago her body regained the level of Divinity that it was always supposed to possess, and as a result of that her physical abilities have also improved considerably in comparison to the time when she was first summoned to Little Garden alongside Izayoi and You.


Her twin Sister, Faceless, possessed half of the Divinity that rightfully belonged to Asuka. After she got it back and made it her own power again, she could still not call herself as powerful as the other two problem children, but still, she was able to hone her own skills to such a degree across the span of the last two years that she could easily cut down hordes of ferocious monsters down with ease with just a few slashes of her sword and the iaijutsu quickdraw slash technique that she learned, but in the end, they still. . .  they are still . . .


(I cannot believe this. They said that was a good joke. . . .  they really went and said it! All that training, all the improvement I have achieved, and they still have the nerve to call it nothing more but a joke?!!!!)


Having both of her hands shake furiously, Asuka went and grabbed Lamia by the nape of her neck and then said, with an eerily calm voice:


「. . . We are going, Miss Lamia.」


「Eh? Going? Where? And why. . . H U U U U U H? ! ! ! ! ! Do not tell me that you are really thinking about attacking the village for real? ! ! ! ! !」


「Yes I am and yes, for real! But first of all, we are going to take care of the prey robbers down below!!! Have at you! DORIYAAAAAAAAA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !」


Asuka shouted as she jumped from Deen’s shoulder while drawing her blade and pointing it towards Izayoi and You, who were initially surprised, but welcomed the challenge nonetheless as they both assumed their battle stances. As for Lamia, she did not know what was going on anymore, so for the time being she decided that simply going along with the flow would be the best thing to do for now.


However, the two people who were undoubtedly the most surprised at such an unexpected turn of events out of everyone gathered here. . . . were undoubtedly Alma and Suzuka who were looking at the chaos unfolding down below them with bitter smiles on their faces.


「Haaaaa. . . . You know what? I always thought that reunions, be it with friends, family or lovers should be more emotional, but the reunion between these three was more like a slapstick comedy bit rather than anything else.」


「You really think so? Well, yeah, you might be right, but the way I see it, such goofy, slapstick reunions suit Big Bro Iza much more than a mellow, touching ones. Also, he looks like he is having fun, so what more is there to say?」


「D E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E  E N. . . ..! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 」


And they laughed heartily all the while looking at the figures of Izayoi, Asuka and You rampaging all across the ground beneath Deen’s feet as his fists also begun to move when Asuka commanded it to squash the other two for insulting her.


(. . . I see. So even after coming to Little Garden, Big Bro Iza was able to find himself a lot of reliable friends, huh?)


When they were all younger, Izayoi was a bit of a loner who did not like to be around people too much, even though he would always play with the other children from the orphanage whenever they would continue to pester him to do so for long enough, but he was probably doing that for them so that they would not feel so alone when Canaria-sensei was no longer around to take care of them herself. But now. . . . . . . . . . now things are different. Here in this world of Little Garden, Sakamaki Izayoi finally managed to find himself the people whom he could genuinely call friends with whom he could laugh, smile and fool around performing his mischievous pranks without those friends leaving his side due to finding his hedonistic nature repulsive or unbearable.


「Nihahaha. . . somehow, I feel relieved.」


Because of that, she knew that when there will come the time for them to finally part ways, he is going to be able to do so with a smile, and wish each other a bright future while waving their hands at each other to say goodbye.


With such thoughts in their hearts, Suzuka and Alma continued to watch over the fighting problem children from atop Deen’s shoulders for a good while longer.

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