Volume 4 Chapter 83

A Day in the Life of Shiro (4/4)


The setting sun was so bright that I woke up.

…. Oh, I’ve slept too long.


I noticed that my body was completely squeezed in between something.

It appears that I’ve been sleeping on Yoko’s feet

I’m sorry for staying up this late.

Thinking this, I looked up at Yoko.

「-Who are you?」

I’m pretty sure I was sleeping between Yoko’s legs while she was sitting on her knees.

 However, the person who was supposed to be Yoko had turned into a woman I had never seen.

「…Shiro, you’re finally awake.」

The woman woke up at the sound of my voice and spoke to me. The voice was Yoko’s.

I’m not sure if it was her yet her voice was similar.

「Are you really Yoko?」

「Yes I’m Yoko. That’s a weird question. Whose feet did you think you were sleeping on?」

She said she was really Yoko.

What do you mean?


My magic power was leaking all over the place.

It seems that Yoko has absorbed my magic power and has grown.

What a mess. … I was supposed to ask her to accompany me for a while to release my magic power, but she kept giving it to me for several hours.

「Yoko, how much magical power have you accumulated?」

If I wanted to, I could see how much magic power she had accumulated. But I was too scared to look at it myself.

「You mean the magic power in my tail? It’s full, thanks to you!」

「── !?」

That’s what Yoko told me.

Her magical power is full ── In other words, Yoko has become a perfect nine-tailed fox.

I regretted my life.

I was supposed to be protecting the world, but in my utter incompetence I had created a demon that could destroy the world.

I quickly distanced myself from Yoko.

As I moved out of the way, Yoko was able to move and stretch her body.

I pay attention to her every move.

It would not be surprising if she started to act up at any moment.

「Hmmm, I slept a little too long. Now, what do you want for dinner tonight?」

Yoko said as she stood up.

The kimono she was wearing did not fully cover her growing body, exposing her lustrous body.

「Oh, it seems that my body has grown a lot. This will please the Lord.」

Yoko checks her body.

She looks very happy and excited.



There was no sign of Yoko going out of control.

From what I know, the nine-tailed fox will lose its ego and rampage when it grows up. It wouldn’t stop until it was completely tired.

That’s the kind of demon I know.

But even though Yoko is already in her full body, she isn’t going out of control.

What’s going on here?

「.. Yoko, why are you not going out of control?」

I asked normally.

「I’m sure it’s because of the Lord or you. I think it’s because I’m filled with magic with no malicious intent.」

「I see.」

Is such a thing possible?

If I remember, nine-tailed foxes always grew in environments with constant conflict. It’s possible that her kin absorbed malicious and evil intent from that.

I check Yoko’s tail again. Haruto’s magic was contained in two of them, while my magical power was contained in six of the tail, and the remaining one had various magic auras..

Only the last had evil and malicious intent.

What a mess.

The nine-tailed fox, which was thought to be an unstoppable natural disaster, would not run amok if it was raised in a place where there was no malice.

This was a new discovery that even I, a divine beast, did not know.

If I don’t let Yoko get out of control, it will lead to Haruto not being sad.

If that’s the case, then I know what I have to do.

Yoko, if you use the magic in your tail, absorb mine or Haruto’s magic. Then you won’t be able to rampage anymore.」

「All right. I was going to ask you to do the same, because I don’t want to get out of control and cause trouble for you.」

Yoko also seemed to understand.

That’s good.

This has removed one problem in this world.

── *** ──

「Yoko-san, Shiro-sama, dinner is ready.」

I was playing in the courtyard with Yoko when Tina came to call me.

「We’ve had a lot of requests, so we’re having curry again today. We have a lot of it.」


Tina’s curry, my favorite, was being served today!

I can eat Tina’s curry every meal for a week.

That’s how much I like Tina’s curry.

I can’t stop my tail from wagging.

I looked at Yoko and saw that all nine of her tails were wagging wildly.

Oh? Yoko-san, have you grown up? That kimono ..」

Tina noticed Yoko’s kimono did not fit her body

Yoko now has a bewitching aura that any human man would lust for.

「Um, it’s thanks to Shiro.」

I see that now, but you have to fix your kimono.」

Can you do it for me?」

「Yes, leave it to me.」

Yoko was taken by Tina and headed for the mansion.

Yoko was taken by Tina and headed towards the mansion.

I left Yoko and the others and decided to go out for supper.

Tina’s curry was delicious again today.

I ate a lot of it.

It seems that Tina made a large amount of curry today, because it runs out quickly every time.

She made a lot of it so that she could eat it tomorrow and beyond.

But it was all gone.

Everyone had eaten a tremendous amount.

I’m already full too.

Oh.. I’m so happy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about how lucky I am to have come to Haruto’s place.

I have to protect this place and the Elnor family.

If anyone harms this happy place, I will punish them in my name. Thus, there will be no problem in using my true power to eliminate them.

「No one can take this place from me.」

Muttering this, I lay down on the soft sofa and fell asleep.

It had been another good day.


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