Volume 5 Chapter 100

I had to extinguish the flame that was ten meters away from me using only the force of my punch.

The difficulty level was fairly high for me.

I decided to get a little serious about this.

I released a huge amount of mana.

「What a great fighting spirit!」

The Beast king soldier was taken aback.

In Vestier, the term 『fighting spirit』 referred to the body’s overflowing life force.

However, there is no such thing as a ‘fighting spirit’ in this world.

The ‘fighting spirit’ that beastman was talking about—it was non-attribute mana.

I discovered it by chance while observing the beastmen’s combat training yesterday, using my magical perception.

The beastmen wrapped their bodies with plain mana while fighting.

The beastmen claimed they don’t use any magic other than body-strengthening spells, but they were actually using magic suit spells.

The magic suit’s combat skill increase was proportional to the beastman’s power.

Since this magic suit doesn’t elicit a response from the magic detection crystal orbs, it was ‘not’ magic. In other words, the beastmen mistook this ‘fighting spirit’ for a different kind of aura.

In the eyes of the other races, beastmen were a race that were skilled in combat; they would attack at the speed of light, and many of them were combat crazy people—so they thought.

In reality, the strong beastmen would learn how to use mana and then fight while strengthening their high-level physical abilities. This was not widely known.

In this world, specialization in magic was considered stronger, so it was more favored than specialization in purely physical abilities.

Fighting coolly with magic was more effective than brute strength.

It was great news for a Sage like me.

Regardless, it was difficult to use a magic suit to improve combat skills. Even if you were clad in the suit, it wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t control it properly.

Most beastmen would release non-attribute mana in a nonsensical manner, and they would not attempt to compress or use mana properly.

They’re probably unaware of the true power of the magical suit.

Well, regardless, the reason this magic suit—I don’t know if you can call it that—was stronger for beastmen, who possessed high-level combat ability was due to their high stats.

Let’s show the Beast king soldier how to use the magic suit properly.

After that, I left only the bare minimum of mana to support my movements and gathered the rest onto my right arm.

My right arm had a faint glow to it.

After condensing my mana to this point, I could feel it accumulating even without using Magic Perception.

「W, wow. All that huge amount of fighting spirit on his hand…」

I’d be troubled if you were shocked by this much.

The real deal will start from here.

This was different from the time we took the target destruction test when we first arrived in the capital. Instead of power, I aimed for speed.

I extended my right arm forward and adjusted my stance to face the flame.

I drew back my right arm, which was wrapped in the magic suit. Then I used the magic suit I was wearing on my lower half to freeze my body.

Oh right, let’s borrow Merdie’s move.

「Flying Fist!」

I quickly extended my right hand with all the speed I could muster.

My punch went beyond the speed of sound, resulting in a sonic boom.

The condensed air burst through, splashing the water in the channel and swiftly extinguished the flame beneath the War God.

The air bullet I fired, however, blasted the foot of the War God’s statue without slowing down even for a bit.


Oh my, I screwed up! I-I didn’t expect it to be this powerful…

Recently, I became better at using the right amount of force in magic, but I’m not that great at controlling my physical attacks.

I would be scolded because of this, right?

With that thought in mind, I turned around to face everyone.

「To think that a human would be able to extinguish that flame」

Before I knew it, a gigantic lion beastman appeared in front of me.

His body was way larger than the beastkin king, and I could sense divinity in him.

「…War God?」


Whoa, he really manifested!


Even if I say so, I suddenly realized, albeit too late, that I had nothing to do with him.

Huh? Why did I decide to join this ‘Put out that flame and the War God will Appear Challenge’ in the first place?

「Ahm, I apologize for destroying your statue」

For now, I should apologize to him for unintentionally breaking the foot of his sculpture.

「You don’t have to worry about that」

So saying, the War God clapped his hand twice, and the foot of the War God’s statue that was broken into pieces became whole again.

As expected from one of the gods of this world.

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that he was using magic to fix the statue.

I confirmed that the War God’s mana was poured into the statue using my Magical Vision, so I’m sure of it.

「All right, let us hear why you’ve called out to me. What do you want? A one-on-one battle with me? Or maybe it’s a battle to the death? Or is it a duel?」

No, no, no, no, no! Do you have anything else on your mind than fighting?

What a muscle brain!

「No, sorry. I was just curious whether you would truly appear so….」

「Huh!? You mean you had nothing to do with me and yet you called me out? You know, I’m the War God, right?… Okay, then, I’ll beat you up till I’m satisfied!! Then I’ll forgive you」

You just wanted to fight, after all!

I could sense an intense killing intent from the War God.

Tina and the others would be in danger if this killing intent leaked outside.

I quickly put up many barriers to keep the others safe from its influence.

「Oops, well, let’s stop fooling around」

「Was it really a joke?」

「Yeah. The Creator God will scold me if I kill someone」

The War God’s killing intent subsided, so I lifted those barriers.

「But what’s the matter with you? You didn’t even flinch as I thrust my killing aura into your face.」

「It was thanks to War God-sama taking it easy on me, I guess?」

That’s what I said, but it was probably due to the curse of the Evil God.

Even if I was threatened, I wouldn’t feel any abnormal condition like fear or panic.

「I earnestly intimidated you, though… Well, that’s enough. So, are you sure you don’t wish for anything? Questions are welcome, too」

Even if you tell me that, I didn’t have anything specific in mind.

「What about everyone else?」

「Ah, I’ve got a question!」

Merdie came to my side.

「You’re the daughter of the current beastman king, huh. What is it?」

「Why did you forbid the use of magic in this country?」

Merdie complained, her eyes welling up with tears.

Merdie was forbidden from using magic during combat, so she couldn’t win against beastmen, even when their level was lower than her’s.

She asked her father, the king of the beastmen, but he steadfastly replied, ‘Because the War God decided it’.

In this country, the strongest ruled, and their will was imposed on everybody.

However, those dubbed the strongest, were regarded as such because they did not use magic in battle.

Merdie was strong enough without magic, but her speed and attack power would fall well short of the beastmen who specialized in physiques.

That’s why she has trained herself to be able to use magic as quickly as possible, so that she can match the speed of the beastmen who specialized in physiques.

She improved to the point that she wouldn’t lose to this country’s beastmen, who had the same level as her in combat that allowed magic.

However, the beastking refused to recognize that combat style, so she fled from the country.

「Magic is also my power. What’s wrong with getting stronger by using magic?」

「No, nothing’s wrong with that」


Huh? What did that mean?

Why did the War God deny it?

「You can use everything you can. If magic can make you stronger, then use it. In the first place, I, who am the War God—」

The War God extended his hand in front of us.

His fist was suddenly enveloped in flames.

「—had the occupation of Magical Pugilist when I was alive」


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