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To enter the Academy means to seperate from Michelie for a while.

I couldn’t help but reluctantly understand that fact.

No matter how much I tried to oppose it, Father would not yield. There was nothing more I could do. I am the sole daughter of the Noir household, so I have some power, but the real power lies with my Father. Since I was still a child, there was no way for me to overturn the decisions Father as the head of the Noir family made. I had to grow enough to be able to defeat Father. Though I considered continuing my previous protests, that was my limit.

So there was nothing I could do to stop being pulled away from Michelie for a while. Even if the reason was to encourage Michelie’s independence, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to be physically separated for a while.

Originally, us sisters were the strongest, something like distance will not defeat us. Of course I’ll be lonely when we can’t meet, but to withstand this trial, I shall grow as a lady and someday have my revenge upon Father.

It’s not like there were only bad things about entering the school. With the change in environment, I would acquire so many new experiences. I’ll all of a sudden be surrounded by so many new people, and there will be countless challenges to go along with that. ‘I’m honestly looking forward to it.

After all, make no mistake, I am the genius of my generation. The Royal Academy is the perfect stage to announce that Christina of the Noir house is here.

There’s only two more years until Michelie will enter the Academy, after that we can spend our school life enjoyably as sisters. I will spend these two years gaining perfect control of the school ready for when Michelie arrives. That way I can have everything ready for her to join me.

I have set my heart on this.

However, aside from separating from Michelie there is one more problem.

As I begin my life at the Royal Academy, something will come to a definite end.

“’Lady Chris, Is something the matter?”

“….Mm. It’s nothing.”

After Mariwa pointed out that I had stopped writing, without back chatting I resumed concentrating on the class. Mariwa didn’t enquire any further and class resumed.

Quietly, Mariwa’s class continues without interruption.

I silently try and store all the information Mariwa mentions in her lecture. Recently, I hadn’t rebelled at all. This was proof that I was growing up and becoming a true lady. Under Mariwa’s training, I was steadily becoming a fine lady.

Mariwa’s classes that had been a staple since I was seven, after today there was only one class left.

Mariwa is after all my hired tutor. Even though on paper she was simply my etiquette teacher, in her twice weekly lessons I was now taught anything that might be necessary for me to know in the future.

I was taught all sorts of things from Mariwa. Beginning with manners, then liberal arts, and then various other disciplines, and finally even self defense. These will all be indispensable in the future, and though I can’t say it easily, I am incredibly grateful to Mariwa.

So much so that words cannot express it.

But Mariwa will not be my tutor forever. Mariwa is only my tutor until I enter the Royal Academy.

This deadline has been there since long ago. It’s an unavoidable parting. It’s different from the unexpected separation from Michelie.

As such, once Mariwa is no longer my tutor, there is nothing I can do to stop our relationship being cut. There is no reason for Mariwa to continue to come see me, and there is no excuse for me to go see her either.

Class continues indifferently. Mariwa teaches as always, the only different thing is perhaps my heart.

During class I don’t cause a fuss, or try to escape, or joke about anything, I simply apply myself to the content.

Our time passed like this in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s finish here for today. Do you have any questions?”


Mariwa’s words are met with silence.

There are things I want to ask.

But they’re not related to class. A genius like me is a child who prepares and revises properly. To prepare for class, I study even on days with no class. I already understand all the contents of today’s class.

So what I want to ask is not related to today’s class. it’s a much more trivial, thoroughly personal thing.

For example, once you are no longer my tutor what will you do? or, Where does Mariwa live. or, How did you become my tutor.

I want to hear about Mariwa.

Now that I know I will no longer meet her regularly as my tutor, after all this time questions keep bubbling up.

If things continue like this, I don’t think I will be able to ask Mariwa anymore.

Mariwa, what is your normal life like? Mariwa, how have you lived so far? Mariwa, what will you do from now on? I realised that I know nothing about Mariwa’s past, present or future.

If i don’t do anything, Mariwa won’t tell me about herself. After all, Mariwa is just my tutor. Since I know mariwa, I know she will not go beyond her duties as tutor.

“That’s right. A question…”

That’s why, today I definitely need to ask one of my many questions.

“Your question?”

“…..Nn. No. I understood everything! You should praise me!”

“So it was like that. It is expected that you will understand the contents of our class, there’s no reason for me to praise you.”

For some reason I couldn’t bear it.

As if she hadn’t sensed what I had been trying to say, mariwa begun to tidy up her belongings after a cold reply. This was just like usual, Mariwa is always like this, for some reason my chest tightened.


“What is it, Lady Chris”

Mariwa stopped what she was doing and turned to face me after I called her name. But when I saw that face all the things I had planned to say dried up.

Her back was perfectly straight, her eyes shining like a hawks. Her expression was cold, as if she didn’t care that our final goodbye was near, no matter what it was her usual face.


I felt that her face was so very far away.

The words I tried to stay were blocked in my throat, the lips I tried to gently open became tense.

“……Ha. It’s nothing. SInce class is finished, hurry up and leave! I want to spend my remaining time before the Academy with my precious Michelie!”

“I see, Well, don’t overdo it.”

Mariwa left without reprimanding my careless words.

“Well then, excuse me.”

Ah, my regrets are too late now.

I se Mariwa off without being able to stop her. I bite my lips at what a coward I am.

I only have one more chance left.

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