Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 6.4

I see, so that’s what you had in mind.

Nishi-san, who confided her plans to us, look at us again with a smile.

「So what do you think? Would you like to join our community? 」

「I’m sorry. 」 「Me too. 」

Ibara-senpai and Tsurezure-senpai quickly turned down Nishi-san’s proposal.

As expected, Nishi-san was surprised by that.

「Why? I think I’ve created the best environment for searching for the Nanana Collection, but is there anything you’re unhappy with? 」

「I’m not particularly interested in the Nanana Collection. 」

「Then why are you doing this Ibara-kun? 」

「Because I like someone and I want to be with them. Do you have a problem with that? 」

Nishi-san couldn’t say anything more to Ibara-senpai after that bold declaration. She looks next to her instead.

「What about you Tsurezure-kun? 」

「My goal is to acquire a certain Nanana Collection. I mean, your offer is very attractive, but in my case, I have to get it back. I don’t like the idea of a shared ownership. Besides, I’m happy with group that I got. 」

「Is that so」, says Nishi-san looking down.

Ibara-senpai grumbled at Nishi-san, 「I definitely don’t want to join a community with a black-hearted woman like you. 」

Nishi-san’s face turned pale with what Ibara-senpai said. The rest of the member’s faces also turned to a grim expression.

「What do you mean by that Ibara-san? 」

「Oh that’s right. I haven’t told Yama and the others. Kagetora has done a lot of research on this girl recently. And we found out something amazing. 」

「This is outrageous. 」

「Asumi Nishi is at the moment the student body president of Seventh High School, but before that she was a student at Fifth High School. Apparently she had a reputation there. 」

「What on earth are you talking about? 」

「This girl was an outstanding student at Fifth High School and was nominated for student body president there. However it was soon discovered that she was cheating. In order to become a candidate, she had to do all sorts of dirty things behind the scenes with the board members and teachers. They made backroom deals, offered money, and sometimes used their own bodies to get in with the candidates. 」

「When this became public she was forced to change schools. She then transferred to Seventh High School where she became the president of the student council, but there were still rumors that she must have done something behind the scenes. 」

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at Nishi-san, but she just stared at me without answering.

「See, it’s true. She isn’t arguing it. 」

Imawano-san, who was behind Nishi-san, stepped forward to challenge senpai’s words.

「Wait just a minute. Chairwoman Nishi…」

「Misao-kun, it’s ok. 」

Nishi-san stops Imawano-san from saying anything else.

「Chairwoman, but…」

「I have nothing to hide here. Leaving my previous school behind, it is an undeniable fact that I obtained the chair of the student council president of Seventh High School with the help of the Nanana Collection. 」

Nishi-san admits her wrongdoing.

「Wow, so straight forward. 」

「It is extremely difficult to become the student council president at a high school on Nanaejima. But with the Nanana Collection I think I’ve proven that it’s possible. 」

「…so what is your point? 」

「I’m not going to say anything more about that. I will say this though, I can share this power with you. 」

Nishi-san’s words took my breath away.

「In other words, If I become your pawn you’ll make it worth my while? 」

「I don’t deny it, but you must follow my rules strictly. 」

「Hmmmm. 」

Ibara-senpai starts thinking about something. What’s on your mind senpai?

「How about it Yama-kun? 」

「How about me? 」

「Yeah, I want to hear your answer. 」

What am I going to do? I don’t even have to think about it.

「I am sorry, but due to circumstances, I have to decline. 」

「? What circumstances? 」

「It’s too far away isn’t it? It’s almost on the other side of the island from here. It would take over an hour to commute to there…」

「Then move…」

「Ah I know there is a new dormitory. But that’s not what this is about. I have no intention of moving out of my current place. 」

「…that’s a roundabout way of saying no. 」

No, I’m being pretty straight forward.

「But, well, still. I need to think about it a bit when you ask me all of a sudden like that. 」

When hearing my honest thoughts, Nishi-san smiles and says 「is that so? 」

「That’s not the way to get people to join. That’s not going to move people’s hearts. 」

She seems to be somewhat convinced and happy about it.

What does that mean?

「Dammit, that’s just dumb. 」

It was the vice chairman who suddenly burst into laughter.

「V…vice chairman. 」

「This is what happens when you play an unfamiliar role like the villain, stupid Asumi. 」

The vice-chairman dressed in a Jinbei (traditional Japanese summer lounge wear), ruffles Nishi-san’s hair and walks up to us.

「W..What do you want? 」

The Vice-Chairman stands in front of senpai and grins.

「Hey, why don’t we play like we did the other day? 」

In response to the Vice President’s sudden offer, Ibaraki-senpai asks, 「Are you going to bet on this game again? 」

「That’s right. If we win you’ll be in our community. 」

「That’s straight forward. 」

「I just thought it would be useless to just talk about trivial things. 」

「Sorry but we’re not joining… 」

「Wait till I finish. If we win, you will join our community. But if you win we will give you all these Nanana Collections. 」

The Vice-Chairman holds out his palms, which hold a variety of objects. The items ranged from ornaments such as a golden bracelet and a ring shaped like the infinity symbol, to what appeared to be junk such as toothpicks and oddly shaped pieces of paper. There appears to be six of them in total.

I can’t help but pay attention to this.

「Are these all Nanana Collection? 」

「That’s right. I use these all the time, their abilities are second to none. 」

「If we win, you’ll give us all those? 」

「Yes, every last one of them will belong to you. 」

It was very tempting, perhaps too tempting, of a proposition. After all, we had struggled so hard to get one of the Nanana Collection so far. And now, all of a sudden, we might be able to get six at once.

「Taisei Amagi is quite generous, isn’t he? 」

The Vice-Chairman laughs when he is called that name by senpai.

「What, you know my name? I’ve been hiding it until now. 」

「It only takes a quick check. After all you are the Vice-Chairman of the student council of the Seventh High School. 」

「Well, sure. 」

The Vice-Chairman smiles… I mean, Taisei Amagi? I mean…

「Is this Vice-Chairman well-known Tsurezure-senpai? 」

「Taisei Amagi, a second-year student in the Seventh High School. Among challengers he is known as the 《conqueror》.」

「The Conqueror? 」

「Do you remember what we talked about in Isshin’s hospital room before? You told me that these were people who only wanted to clear the 《ruins》.」

「Yes I remember. 」

I heard from President Yuiga that there are people like Nanana-chan.

「Taisei Amagi is the undisputed leader. He has conquered more than 200 《ruins>>, and of course he has over 70 Nanana Collection to his credit. 」

「Although I’ve donated everything to the community now. 」

In other words, almost all of Seventh High School’s Nanana Collection were owned by Taisei Amagi.

When I looked at him in alarm, Taisei Amagi let out a sigh.

「Everyone gets all excited at the mention of my name. Well I guess that means I’m notorious? 」

Well it’s alarming. A man who has conquered that many ruins is someone to be wary of.

Ibara-senpai asks Amagi, 「So what does this game consist of? 」

「It’s simple. Whoever gets the password first wins, no matter what they do to get it. 」

「The same as last time then? 」

「Oh and one more thing. Now that we know you don’t intend to join us, we’re going to do everything in our power to sabotage your efforts to get the password. 」

「Huh!? 」

「That’s right. There is no benefit to having you in the 《game》. That means we are going to crush you here. Well after all you are destined to fight us. So I’m going to ask you one more time, do you want to compete with us or not? 」

Whether or not we accept the match, a showdown with Nishi-san’s team, including Amagi (who is known as the conqueror) is inevitable. But…

「All right, we’ll accept. 」

「Eh?! 」

To my surprise, Ibara-senapai suddenly agreed, and my surprised voice leaked out on accident.

「Then it’s decided. It will start 10 minutes from now. We’ll have a strategy meeting right away while we look at the new code. 」

After those final words, Amagi returns to Nishi-san and the others. We also gather in a hurry.

「What was with that Ibara? Why did you accept the match so quickly? 」

「Don’t you get it Kagetora? If we don’t do something, we won’t be able to participate in the 《game》.」

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