Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 7.1

Episode 7: Third High School Adventure Club VS Seventh High School Student Council

On the night of the Tanabata Festival, we of the Adventure Club of the Third High School are once again having a showdown with the members of the Seventh High School Student Council.

After the 10 minute strategy meeting we need to get going. So I once again check the paper given to me by the mysterious creature.

「This is the starting point. One is 0.4 steps towards the longest tower. Another  is 0.7 steps towards the immovable star. When the two overlap, you will find the answer you seek. 」

「The longest tower is probably the one we visited before (the Rising Building), the tallest skyscraper on Nanaejima. And the immovable star is the North Star, right? 」

After hearing my reasoning, Tensai takes over since this is her territory.

「The question then is the number of steps. 」

「Isn’t that the distance you walk? 」

「Think about it Ibara. The point of origin is here, that’s where the creature is. And it’s only 0.4 steps forward. That’s not possible. 」

「Ugh, shut up Kagetora! 」

「Even if that were the case, the criteria is not clear. For example the difference between me and Tsurezure-dono’s height is very different. Even if we both took the same amount of steps our strides are different so we would end up at different places. 」

「You’re right, I have long legs. 」


「Sorry I got carried away. 」

While listening to Tsurezure-senpai’s apology, I reconsidered.

「Tensai, show me the map of Nanaejima. 」

「Fufufu, I see. 」

Tensai instantly understood what I was thinking, and operated her cel phone to display the map.

「What? What are you thinking Yama? 」

「This map was used in the first puzzle. That’s why I think the clue to this puzzle is also on this map. Since the direction is specified, the target location must be on a line from the starting point in that direction. 」

「0.4 steps in the direction of the Rising Building. If we consider the point as one step from the intersection of the longitude and latitude lines, it should beeee….. here. 」

It is a park. It’s a park near the hospital I go to often. It’s the place where I had a discussion with Tensai the other day about ownership of the Nanana Collection.

「Then the other one is .78 steps to the north, isn’t it? 」

「It must be a very dense area with many buildings. 」

First determine the exact distance of one step as a reference, then determine the distance of the step in the clue, and look at the enlarged map to find the destination.

「Right here… Doesn’t that say supermarket? 」

Seeing that, Ibara-senpai uses her cel phone to search.

「There. It’s a supermarket that’s open 24 hours a day. 」

Is there a puzzle there? Well at any rate, I know where the clue is pointing to.

「So how do we travel, Ibara-dono? One by one, or split into two groups? 」

「Considering that they have a large number of nanana collections, it is better not to split up right? 」

As Tsurezure-senpai says, anything goes in this match.

「But the winner is the one who gets the password, so shouldn’t we split up and try to get the password as soon as possible despite the risks? 」

I understand what Ibara-senpai is thinking.

「Hmph, what does Juugo think? 」

Since Tensai asked me I decide to give my opinion.

「First, we do our best to secure the clues. Once we’ve memorized the clue in whatever form it is presented, delete the hints and keep the information a secret. That way they will not be able to steal it from you. 」

「Wow, Yama thinks of some devious plans. 」

「I don’t want to hear that from you Ibara-senpai. 」

「Hmph, that is not a bad idea though. 」

「I agree with you. Information is the most important thing. 」

With Tensai and my senpai in agreement, our strategy was set.

「So let’s go together to check out the first place. 」


「We’ll have to split into two. 」

On the other hand, this is the Seventh High School Student Council team. Asumi asks about the proposal made by Vice Chairman Taisei.

「We will split up into two groups and get both clues right? 」

「OK I guess. 」

「However it’s possible that the other team will take advantage of the anything goes rule and move in union. If you spread your forces too thinly you’ll be a target for attacks. 」

「Don’t worry, they don’t have nearly as many Nanana Collection items. 」

「Is that ture, Taisei? 」

「Yeah. I’ve been scouting them, just like how they’ve been scouting us. The Third High School Adventure Club is no longer a mystery to me. 」

「So..? 」

「Until two years ago, the Third High School Adventure Club certainly had a great reputation. However, after Konjou-oneesan graduated and the departure of Ikusaba, the club has been in bad shape. It seems that Yuiga revived the club this year after it closed up, but we rarely hear anything noteworthy about it. 」

「But judging based on that alone…」

「Do you remember our last showdown? The other team made a rule forbidding the use of Nanana Collection items, so it makes sense when you look back on it. 」

「I see… Yama-kun tricked us. 」

「He really did, that bastard. 」

「But knowing that, there’s no reason for us to lose. 」

「I see.「


It will be time to start soon, and we are back in front of the mysterious creature.

「We will start at each end of the alley, OK? 」

Amagi nodded at my suggestion.

「Yeah, I don’t mind… Hey mysterious snowman creature. Can you give us a signal? 」

In response to Taisei’s question, the mysterious creature sharply raised one of its 3 fingers. It seems that the creature understands us.

We immediately split into each end of the back alley and wait for the signal. Nishi-san’s team and us facing each other about 30 meters apart, staring each other down.

Then the creature standing in the center of the ally flung its arm down, which had been lazily raised. This was the signal to begin.

I turn my back on the alley and run as fast as I can. The first place I aim for is the park on the other side of the station.

We are going back the way we came from the station earlier. The road we took earlier was a slight decline, but this time it was an ascent. Our footsteps were audible on the quiet night road.

「Hmmm, someone’s here. 」

Hearing the words of the ninja Tsurezure-senpai, I turned around as I ran. I saw Imawano-san and Kishitani-san running after us at a distance. It seems that they chose to split into two groups, prioritizing time efficiency.

「We’ve got to get the clue at the park, no matter what at all costs. 」

As Ibara-senpai said, with us six people heading to the park, it was almost assured that the clue at the supermarket would be secured by Nishi-san and her group.

「Yama, take the little one and go ahead. I’ll handle this with Kagetora. 」

Ibara-senpai said this as she was running in front of me.

「Then we’ll all…」

Tsurezure-senpai nodded to me while I was confused.

「Don’t forget your purpose. You’ve already decided that getting the password is your first priority. 」


Ibara-senpai gently poked me.

「I’m telling you to trust us. 」

「…ok I understand. Please do your best. 」

Ibara-senpai and Tsurezure-senpai stopped to confront the two who were chasing after us from behind.

Anyway, the first priority now is to head to the place where the clue is hidden.

Well, it’s a bit complicated that we were all trying to work together, but then immediately disperse like this.

「We believe in you Ibara-senpai. 」

I reluctantly nod at Tensai’s words that seemed to see right through my heart again.

「I get it ok. 」

「OK then Juugo. This slope is a little tough. Put me on your back. 」

「Ah jeez, you’re such a frail detective! 」

I had no choice but to run up the hill, with Tensai on my back. We managed to reach a flat road. We were halfway to the station.

Then Tensai’s cel phone started ringing.

「Hello, it’s me. Okay, okay. Just wait right there… Hey Juugo, change of plans. 」

With that said, Tensai stopped and so did I.

「Change of plans? 」

「We’ll continue on to another clue. 」

「Hey, then what are we going to do about the park we’re heading to now? 」

「Send reinforcements. 」

Saying that, Tensai pointed the cel phone in her hand at me. Then from the other side of the phone; 「Hello Tensai? Hello? 」 I heard a familiar voice.

「That is D’ark. 」

「We just arrived at the station. I have D’ark searching the park as we speak. 」

Hoshino D’ark, who was helping at the event earlier today, has shown up at the perfect time.

「But is this ok? 」

「Of course it’s ok. We have anything goes rules. They can’t complain if we have others helping us. 」

「OK, then we’ll go to the other one. Maybe we can make it. 」

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