Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 6 Chapter 4.8

That’s what the guy called himself.

Masaaki was taken aback because that name was familiar to him.

He remembered hearing that name from Daisei. He’s a man that should never be underestimated.

But even so, he doesn’t believe the martial arts that he’s honed and the Nanana collection, which he can make full use of, will lead to a loss in this battle.

「Feel free to give up at any time. None of your attacks will be hitting me. 」

With a fearless smile, Ikusaba beckons with his right hand. The skull ring on his finger glowed eerily.

Masaaki, who was successfully provoked, activates the power of the 《hekatonkeiru’s iron shackles》, also known as the Nanana collection 《starting today you are a berserker》. The gorokuma says, ‘Kisha’ to signal the start.

Immediately iron shackles with chains appeared on both wrists, where there shouldn’t have been any.

「Gurururu. 」

The main body of 《hekatonkeiru’s iron shackles》 is an iron shackle attached to the right wrist. From the moment he put it on, something of a dark presence had been in his mind. It doesn’t do anything specifically unusual, he can just sense that it’s there. However, once Masaaki calls out to that presence, it suddenly spreads and invades his consciousness.

「Let’s go. 」

Masaaki rushes towards Ikusaba, and greets him by throwing a fist at his face.

However Ikusaba easily dodges it and resumes his stance with a relaxed expression on his face.

「I won’t let you escape! 」

Masaaki closes the distance and swings his fist, but Ikusaba continues to avoid it.

Masaaki quickly drove him to a corner, but his attack was deflected by Ikusaba and his fist slammed into the wall. His fist was lodged into the wall and the whole building shook for a moment.

This is the strength that 《hekatonkeiru’s iron shackles》gives Masaaki.

「This guy is quick. 」

Frustrated, Masaaki seeks more power from the dark presence in his head. The presence expands even further, and the force tightens its grip throughout his body. At the same time, iron shackles appeared on both ankles. This is the second form of 《hekatonkeiru’s iron shackles》, which gives inhuman leg strength.

Seeing this, Ikusaba opens his mouth slightly while waving his right hand.

「….it’s happening. Heh heh heh. 」

Although he couldn’t hear what was being said well, he decided that the taunts from Ikusaba were making fun of him. Masaaki, who has released the full power of his second form roars in anger, 「Ughaaaaa! 」

「Kill! 」

Masaaki’s own thoughts went away as his emotions exploded. He comes after Ikusaba like a bullet shot from a gun and swings at his face with an uppercut.


Masaaki grins at the results.

Masaaki ‘s fist sinks into Ikusaba’s face, breaking his jaw as he thrusts upwards. Teeth and blood splatter from Ikusaba’s mouth and fall to the ground.

It was executed perfectly. However, to his surprise, Ikusaba immediately began to move and sat up.

There’s no way he just missed.

Masaaki wasted no time and slammed his fist into Ikusaba’s face as he tried to get up. The fist slammed directly into Ikusaba’s face as he tried to stand up from a kneeling position, smashing his nose into his face and sending him flying.

After dealing 2 decisive blows, Masaaki was confident of victory.


「! 」

Ikusaba sat up quickly and grinned.

He didn’t seem to care at all about his crooked, broken nose and his teeth that had fallen out. He stood up leisurely, looked at Masaaki, and grinned.

If Masaaki wasn’t using 《hekatonkeiru’s iron shackles》 he might have realized that this situation was strange. Masaaki, who had mastered several martial arts including karate, might have been alarmed by the fact that Ikusaba was able to get up so easily after sustaining so many fatal wounds.

「Gugaaaaah! 」

However, currently Masaaki is truly a beast. It attacks its prey in anger, even though it remains unfazed by the attacks.

He slams his fist into Ikusaba again and again and again…

However Ikusaba is still smiling.

What’s wrong with you? Is it your fist?

It’s as if he’s laughing.

A few minutes later Masaaki Kishitani was found unconscious on the ground.

「Ok then, I’ll take this. 」

Then Hiiyo Ikusaba, who was completely unharmed, took all the coins on the betting stand and left the room.

Ikusaba now had 13 coins, which is enough to advance to the next stage.

「By the way, that was a pretty good Nanana collection. 」

As he walked away, Ikusaba thought about Masaaki’s Nanana collection.

It’s a Nanana collection that gives the user great strength. It is one of the most useful items on the battlefield. It is currently one of the rarest Nanana collection on the market on Nanaejima. It is very well suited for hurting people.

Of course the same is true for the Nanana collection that he took from the big guy at the beginning of the first stage. In the current battle I just used it to finish off my opponent, but it’s also very useful on the battlefield.

However, it’s actually only in the past few years that these kinds of artifacts have been found in 《ruins》 so often. Because of this Ikusaba believes that the series of events surrounding this Nanana collection, which has continued since Ryuugajou Nanana’s death is moving to the next phase.

What is the Nanana collection in the first place? It is hidden treasures with special powers that Ryuugajou Nanana brought back from ancient ruins around the world.

But think about it. Why were they so valuable in the days when they were made? What were the standards at the time?

It was how they were able to overwhelm enemies.

Human history, is a history of wars. What people require are ways to defeat their opponents. How to defeat opponents to win battles.

That is why it is inevitable that a large number of the items of the Nanana collection would be able to be repurposed as such weapons. Perhaps more than half of them can be used as weapons of war.

That’s what Ikusaba thinks.

That being said, there were very few of these kinds of Nanana collection that have been available until now. There was an item that could make it rain, or mimic someone, or fly for a minute, or etc. It’s like his own 《shadow swimming wet boots》. It can be very useful but it’s a stretch to say it has overwhelming power.

Ikusaba thinks he knows the reason for this.

The leprechauns, who are respecting the will of Ryuugajou Nanana, intentionally selected the Nanana collections that they hide to be ones with non-combat abilities in the treasure chests in the 《ruins》.

To peacefully realize the foolish dream created by Ryuugajou Nanana which isn’t at all realistic.

But even that work is beginning to show signs of slowing down.

Ikusaba believes that the fact that so many Nanana collections that are geared towards battle are being discovered is a sign of this.

This is a good trend.

That is because from now on, there will be better chances to acquire powerful Nanana collections.

It’s a great reward.

That’s what Ikusaba thinks.

「Defeat here is not acceptable. 」

Giving all the Nanana collection back to the leprechauns, this is something that must be avoided at all costs.

Regardless of the circumstances, the 《game》 being held at this time was inevitable.

The leprechauns were unable to recover even one of the Nanana collection in the previous 《game》, and now has offered up one of their own. So this time they need to collect all of the participants Nanana collection, no matter what.

However Ikusaba has no intention of letting that happen.

They have created a good environment to work with. He doesn’t intend to allow a boring situation where the only Nanana collection he could get would be non-combat items.

Therefore M absolutely cannot be allowed to win.

「On top of that I’ll get 《Nanana’s Sword》.」

Ikusaba is specifically focused on 《Nanana’s Sword》.

It is said to be the Nanana collection that Ryuugajou Nanana always carried with her as she explored the ruins around the world. It must have some amazing abilities.

「Kasumi is gone, and Ruri Kanna has retired from the front lines. Ichijou can’t move for awhile either. 」

The odds of winning this 《game》 are good enough.

「However there are still some pests to be careful of. 」

Four people came to Ikusaba’s mind.

First of all, there is Daisei Amagi, who is known as the 《strategy expert》. He is the most important person on the battlefield, as he has cleared many 《ruins》 and owns several powerful Nanana collections. I made a move earlier, but I don’t know if it will work or not.

Next is Fugi Yukihime who he has a tentative alliance with. Her individual specs are pretty good. It’s frightening that her depths haven’t been seen yet.

Ikkyu Tensai, a famous detective with a keen eye for observation and an unparalleled intelligence, is also someone to watch out for.

He has a personal interest in her as well.

「And then there is Juugo Yama. 」

As for Ikusaba, he doesn’t think Juugo is particularly good at anything. He has excellent abilities overall, but he doesn’t think he has anything particularly noteworthy abilities.

But then again Ikusaba has a gut feeling about him.

He is someone who can get something done.

Out of all the people he’s met on the battlefield there are only 2 people he felt so strongly about.

Sansa Kurosu and Kasumi Konjou.

He wonders how Yama-kun will do.

「That will affect the difficulty level of this 《game》.」

He walks around the battlefield smiling fearlessly, in search of his next prey.

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