Chapter 20 Part 1

High School Entrance (7) ~I’d rather caress than be caressed~

Sayaka’s hands impatiently unbuttoned Yuu’s shirt, and her mouth busily sucked and licked him from his nape to his open neck.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to have it like this from time to time.

So Yuu thought as he looked at the head of Sayaka who was in full heat mode, huffing and breathing heavily.

In short, it was the reverse composition of a senior boy who lost control of himself due to the seduction of a suggestive junior girl.

Moreover, if it was a virgin who was filled with depression because his fiancée had been keeping him at a distance, it was inevitable even if he got excited by it.

After roughly stripping off his shirt, Sayaka buried her face in Yuu’s chest and sniffed his scent to her heart’s content, but suddenly her movements stopped.

What happened? With such a thought in mind, Yuu raised his head.

Her long hair was disheveled and hanging down over her face, so it was difficult to see her expression.

But gradually sobs began to leak out.

「Uuu… I, I, I… What in the world have I done?! L, letting my sexual desires get the better of me… I committed an irrevocable act….」


「Guh… Uu… My bad. Yuu… Hirose-kun. It, it must have been scary, right? Ha!」


Suddenly, in an intense momentum, Sayaka jumped away from Yuu, moved backward, and went into a dogeza position as she was.

「I, I am terribly sorry! As I have committed such an unforgivable sin, I will accept any liability for it with my own body.」

「Wait, please wait!」

Yuu not saying much when he left himself in Sayaka’s mercy was a bad idea.

As upon seeing it, Sayakaended up mistakenly thinking that Yuu was too terrified to speak.

After all, this was a normal reaction for boys in this world.

As far as Yuu was concerned, he was actually feeling comfortable, but partly because he was not used to being caressed by a woman, he was simply confused as to how he should react.

If this had been the new nurse, Mio, or the housekeeper, Akiko, caressing his penis, though, he would have been able to speak up.

As the sweet atmosphere had ended up being ruined, Yuu hurriedly approached Sayaka.

「You have done nothing wrong, Sayaka-senpai! Trust me, there’s no problem at all. Ah, please raise your head.」

「That cannot be….」

Looking up at Yuu, Sayaka’s graceful face was crumpled up by strong contrition and self-loathing, and her eyes were so bloodshot that tears were threatening to burst at any moment.

She must have thought it was Yuu who wanted to cry and managed to somehow hold back her tears.

Such an overly unexpected side of Sayaka.

No, her strong sense of responsibility as the student council president. And given that as the first-born daughter who ought to succeed the house in the future, she had strictly disciplined herself, so she might have simply felt frustrated and shameful that she had given in to her sexual desires.

As someone who was an old man in his forties inside, Yuu found the noble Sayaka even more lovely.

Spontaneously, he opened his arms and hugged Sayaka.

「Hau! B, but why?!」

Feeling her warmth as he hugged her tightly, Yuu made up his mind.

That he wanted to hold on to this person.

「I think, I’ve fallen in love with you, Sayaka-senpai.」

「Hwa? Th-th-th, that is….」

This time, the usually cool Sayaka was on the verge of breaking down, which was funny and brought a smile to his mouth.

「I know. That you cannot go out with me because you have a fiancé, Sayaka-senpai.」

「U, uu.」

Yuu gently ran his hand through Sayaka’s hair, which was hanging over her face, and looked into her eyes, as she was shaken by his sudden confession.

He scooped up the teardrops that had collected around her eyes with his fingers.

「Just now, when I saw you being depressed, Sayaka-senpai, I want to do something to help her; Such a thought occurred to me. That’s why kissing and hugging each other is something I wish for myself. See?」

As soon as he said that, he lightly kissed her on the forehead.


Then he kissed her on the cheek.

「Do you hate, exchanging kisses with me?」

「N, no, that is not… true. Rather, I want to do it more… Ha! But, but, I am….」

「Fufufu. Thank goodness. Then let’s resume our practice. You should get to know boys better, Sayaka-senpai. As for me, I want to get to know you better.」


This time, Yuu pressed his lips hard against Sayaka’s, hugging her tightly and stroking her hair at the same time.


The embers that had been smoldering in the depth of Sayaka’s body, which seemed to have cooled down at once, seemed to have been rekindled.

She naturally crawled her hands on Yuu’s back and stroked it around as if to confirm the feeling.

Parting his lips for a moment, Yuu stroked Sayaka’s head as if he was praising her for being a good girl and whispered into her ear as he blew his breath on it.

「Besides, you know what? Men have sexual desires too.」


Without refusing, Yuu rubbed Sayaka’s breasts from over her uniform.

They boasted such a volume that they could not be contained in his hands.

The one that she was wearing was probably a full cup bra that covered the entire breasts. He could feel the wires.

However, feeling the squishy softness in the palms of his hands, Yuu’s heart was filled with happiness.

「Ahh, your boobs sure are great, Sayaka-senpai. The size is also perfect.」

「Err, Hirose-ku…」

「Can’t you call me by my first name?」

He tried to sulk a little.

Seeing it, Sayaka’s lips finally loosened up.

「Hi… Yuu-kun, do you like such lumps of fat?」

「To call them lumps of fat. For men… At least for me, boobs are filled with hope!」

Yuu answered without any shreds of hesitation.

For men whose libido had declined, the significance of breasts as a selling point had long since been lost.

Though, among the men of this world, there were also those who loved boobs, and among women who had had sexual experience, there were those who knew it, but it was knowledge that Sayaka, a virgin, would never have known.

Rather, having large breasts could cause stiff shoulders and would get in the way during exercise, so more often than not, it was perceived as a drawback.

In general, among women, the perception was that a slim figure with small breasts was good-looking.

「Can I look at them directly?!」

As Yuu suddenly pressed her on it, as he was not satisfied with just rubbing them through her school uniform, Sayaka smiled wryly.

She then muttered so quietly that Yuu, who was reaching out to her, could barely hear her.

「In, in that case, Yuu-kun, I, um… would like to see your upper body, too, or something. 」

Drowning out the later part of Sayaka’s words, which were blurring away, Yuu said clearly.

「Okay! I don’t mind at all.」


Sayaka was stunned, but when she saw the approaching Yuu smiling right next to her, she realized that she was swept by an indescribably complicated feeling, a mixture of happiness and embarrassment.

With her cheeks slightly flushed red, Sayaka timidly reached out her hand, letting it slip into his bare white shirt, raised her face and brought her lips closer to his on her own accord.

As Yuu also moved closer to match her, they exchanged a passionate kiss, as if they were lovers.

As they overlapped their lips, a warm feeling gradually spread in the depth of Sayaka’s chest.

◇ ◇ ◇

Sailor uniforms could be broadly classified into two types: those with opening in the side and those with opening in the front.

The sailor uniform designated for girls at Sairyou Academy was a front-opening buttoned type.

When Yuu asked Sayaka for a reference and took a closer look, he found that there were indeed buttons of the same color as the light purple sailor attached to the back of the overlapping fabric.

He unbuttoned them one by one, starting from the top.

He intentionally left the pink scarf as it was.

When he finished unbuttoning all the buttons and opened the sailor uniform to both sides, there he found a pure white bra that covered her breasts, which protruded forward as if to strongly assert their presence.

As expected, it was a full cup type with wires to firmly support the voluminous breast flesh, and the lace edging gave it a gorgeous impression.

Moreover, the breasts protruding from the cups were so full, and Yuu ending up having his eyes drawn to the cleavage could be said to be a natural reaction as a man.

On the other hand, Sayaka did not seem to be embarrassed at all even as she was subjected to Yuu’s passionate gaze.

At that moment, she was going through a particularly important stage in her entire life up to this point, so she had no time for such a thing.

Namely, gradually rolling up the hem of the tee shirt Yuu was wearing inside.

「Haa, haa… Hnn! Phew, calm down, me….」

Just from seeing his belly button and stomach, she didn’t even notice that she was breathing heavily and leaking out a soliloquy.

Both of them were so engrossed in the sight of the other party’s bare skin in front of them.

It would have been a waste to take everything off all at once, so they were moving their hands while giving each other blazing, passionate eyes, trying to enjoy the other party’s body that was being exposed bit by bit.


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