Chapter 35 Part 1

New Students Orienteering (2) ~You Make My Heart Skip~

As Yuu exchanged snacks and flirted with the girls, the bus arrived at the parking lot near the Kosaka Inari Shrine.

Welcoming Yuu and the others as they got off the bus were the security team consisting of second- and third-year students from the sports club.

Among the tall seniors lined up in a row, Yuu spotted familiar faces.

「Oh! So you were on this bus, Hirose-kun?!」

「Shiina-senpai! And everyone from the basketball club! Thank you for taking care of me at that time.」



「I’m glad to meet you!」

Shiina-senpai, who boasted a long ponytail and an imposing physique of over 180 centimeters tall – and, to top it off, big breasts – was the captain of the basketball club team that Yuu had visited during the club observation period.

Other than her, the tall white and black seniors against whom Yuu played the mini-game were also welcoming him with wonderful smiles.

Although there had been an interval of almost a month, Yuu approached them with the same friendly attitude as when he visited to observe the club, and after a moment of confusion, the senior from the basketball club shook hands with him in a very happy manner.

「Senpai, are you today…?」

「Yes. The basketball club and the volleyball club have been entrusted to guard the route from the first to the second checkpoint of the A course, you see. Team A of the volleyball club went to escort group 3 earlier, so we, team A of the basketball club, will be guarding group 5. Best regards!」

「Yes. I’ll be in your care.」

They, the basketball club security team, were wearing the same purple jerseys, but they were wearing matching crimson happi coats over them.

When Yuu asked them to show him their back, 『Sairyou Academy Security Team』 was embroidered on the coat.

In addition, they were wearing bulky belts around their waists and holding wooden swords or bamboo swords, for some reason.

Yuu wondered who these girls were going to fight.

「We will lead the way from here. Now then, let’s go.」


From the parking lot, they proceeded to the checkpoint with the 10 members of the security team, spearheaded by Shiina-senpai, spreading out to the left and right like an umbrella.

Right behind them were the three boys who were together with the class 1-5 group 6 that had won the lottery, followed by Yuu and Rei who were mixed in the group 4.

Behind them were the girls from class 1-5 who belonged to the groups that lost in the lottery.

The rear of the group was also guarded by five members of the security team, but it seemed that the girls from the loser groups also had the role of guarding the rear of the group while keeping an eye on the flanks of the boys.

The group passed through the red torii gate from the parking lot in droves.

As this was an Inari shrine, stone statues of foxes were placed on either side, as if they were gatekeepers.

The approach to the shrine was wide, but the seniors from the security team leading the way were walking boldly through the middle, so those who were going back after visiting the shrine had to make way for them and moved to the left and right.

It was embarrassing to be stared at every time they passed by such people.

Of course, 100% of the people they met were women.

No, rather than passing by each other, it was more like they stopped on their tracks and stared fixedly at Yuu and the others.

Besides, even though it was a weekday morning, Yuu wondered why he had been seeing middle and high school students in school uniforms since a while ago.

Thinking that it didn’t really feel like an orienteering as they walked in such a big group, Yuu tried asking Youko and Kazumi, who were walking next to him on both sides.

「Is there some kind of event at the shrine today?」


「I mean, it’s a weekday, so I thought it would be more deserted, but….」

「Err… What do you mean?」

「Fufufu. You sure like to say something funny from time to time, Hirose-kun.」

「B, but why?」

When Yuu turned to Rei behind him, he gave him an exasperated look.

It seemed that the only one who didn’t know was Yuu.

「You see, Hirose-kun. It is well known that Sairyou Academy’s (Our) New Students Orienteering is held the week after the Golden Week, so on the day of the event, people tend to gather at the places used as checkpoints.」

「Yes, yes. Not only are there few men who go out on foot, they are usually well guarded by security personnel, after all. The only ones with loose guards are the grandpas. In that regard, on this day alone, they can freely see boys from Sairyou Academy (our place), so they all come here aiming for that.」

「When I was in middle school, I also used to skip school and go see the event with my friends.」

「It seems like previously, they tried to conceal it until the morning of the D-day and change the day of the event, but ultimately, the places available were limited, and the information ended up leaking during the preparation stage. That’s why, it’s said that they decided to take the opposite approach, where they simply gathered all members necessary and went at it boldly.」

「I, I see.」

Not only Youko and Kazumi, but also the other girls in the same group were telling him about it.

These girls, who were originally from middle schools in or near Saiou city, were also well versed in the events at Sairyou Academy.

The original Yuu himself was by no means familiar with the circumstances of his hometown, but there was no way the reborn Yuu would know any better.

Yuu thought that, as expected, he should make friends with a wide range of girls for times like this.

They had been walking while talking in such a manner, but suddenly, the security team walking in front of them stopped.

It seemed that they were in a dispute as they had their road ahead blocked.

Yuu could hear them arguing back and forth, but as the tall seniors stood like a wall around them, he couldn’t see who it was in front of them.

「Isn’t it fine? C’mon, let us see the men up close, too.」

「It’s not like we’ll do anything strange to them anyway. We just want to look at them. And while we’re at it, if we can also hear their voice, we can’t ask for anything better. Since we’ll go ahead and use it as our fap material afterwards, after all. Gehehe.」

「Since you guys are in the same school, I bet you’ve been making good memories with them, no? As for us, we rarely have any opportunities to see high school boys, you know?!」

The ones who were demanding to be allowed to see them up close were probably students from another school.

As far as Yuu was concerned, he had only seen high school girls who were not from Sairyou Academy when he was on the bus on the way to and from school, so he couldn’t help but feel curious about them.

However, the members of the security team, including Shiina-senpai, didn’t budge.

「You’re in the way. Quickly get out of our way.」

「Aahn? After we kindly act in an obedient manner, the gall you have to get ahead of yourself!」

As expected, it seemed that the women in this world were more belligerent than those in Yuu’s former world.

I thought it was going to be an especially fun event, but for it to develop into a fight in a place like this; Yuu felt apprehensive.

However, the situation seemed to have changed.

Although Yuu couldn’t see them as usual, he could hear the sounds of students of Sairyou Academy coming to assist them from the opposite direction.

「Damn it, just you wait!」

The girls seemed to have left while leaving behind such a villain-like parting threat, and the group started to walk again.

「Good graciousness, Ichimatsu are just beyond help, aren’t they?」

「The interference from students from other schools mentioned by the student council president referred mostly to the bunch from Ichimatsu, after all, right?」


Overhearing the unfamiliar words mentioned by the left-right duo of Risa and Miyoko behind him, Yuu turned around.

「Err, you see… Just now, about five or six Ichimatsu students blocked our road ahead. Ah… Ichimatsu stands for Matsusaka Municipal High School.」

The two were tall, so they must have seen what had just transpired.


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