Chapter 35 Part 2

He had seen high school girls in several different types of uniforms when he was on the bus, but Yuu himself didn’t know any other high school in the city.

Rei also seemed to have no interest in them and never talked about girls from other schools.

It was a good opportunity, so Yuu decided to ask the girls in his group about it.

The school that had a long tradition and was one of the best preparatory schools in the prefecture, Saitama prefecture’s Matsusaka High School. It was also known as Matsu High. Naturally, it had a high rate of students going on to university.

The school that on the contrary could be said to be of low quality even though it shared the same name as Matsusaka High School was the one that became their topic of conversation earlier, Saiou Municipal Matsusaka High School. It was known as Ichimatsu, from Ichiritsu Matsu Kou (Municipal Matsu High).

It seemed that the school was famous for its delinquent students, who were known to cause numerous problems in and around the city, including fights, theft, shoplifting, muggings, group rash activities as they rode motorcycles, and even sexual crimes.

In the past, the uniforms of both schools also shared the exact same appearances in the form of simple navy-blue blazers.

However, the students of the Prefectural Matsusaka High School, who didn’t want to be mistaken for the notorious Ichimatsu, signed a petition, and as a result, Matsu High changed their uniform to a white blazer and black skirt, a monotone but stylish uniform.

Since a while ago, Yuu had seen groups of high school girls in navy blue blazer uniforms.

And seeing that not only were they all dressed sloppily in their uniforms, but a high percentage of them had dyed their hair brown or perm, and smoked cigarettes in their mouths, giving off the impression of old-time delinquents, Yuu connected the dots and thought: so that’s how it is.

The other school was a school that was established at the same time as the merger of the former Higashimatsusaka City and neighboring towns by merging the regular, commercial, and technical high schools, Saiou Comprehensive High School

This one was characterized by a dark gray sailor uniform with red lines and a crimson ribbon.

The school was located in the northern part of the city, so they usually didn’t see many of their students around these parts, but as expected, they had seen a few here and there today.

Incidentally, speaking of the school’s level, it seemed to be around lower-middle.

「Matsu High is a serious school, and there are a few delinquents in the Comprehensive High, but Ichimatsu is especially bad. When they get into a group, they would attack men without batting an eye, even if they have security personnel around them. If you get caught by such a bunch, you’d be in deep trouble.」

「「「Yes, yes!」」」

「In the worst-case scenario, if the security team is breached, we, the class 1-5 group 4, will serve as the last shield to protect Hirose-kun and Higashino-kun. No matter what happens, we’ll definitely be there for you, alright?!」

「I’ll protect you even if it costs me my life!」

「I won’t let them lay even a single finger on you!」

Not only Youko, but also the other girls in the same group were saying that they would protect Yuu and Rei.

That was dependable of them, but as far as Yuu was concerned, having girls protect him felt somewhat strange.

「Thank you. I’m counting on you. By the way, are the ones climbing up over there and looking at us Ichimatsu’s students, too?」


At the end of Yuu’s line of sight, there was a magnificent pine tree on the right side of the path, and high school girls in navy blue blazers were climbing up to it.

Since they were wearing skirts, their thighs were exposed as they looked at Yuu and the others from the top of the thick branches.

Yuu didn’t know whether or not they were the same students who had blocked their path earlier.

Perhaps they realized that Yuu was looking at them, these high school girls suddenly pointed this way and spread their legs while showing vulgar smiles on their faces. They deliberately showed him their panties.

They were somewhat far away, but with Yuu’s current eyesight, he could tell. They were black, red or purple. They were awfully flashy.

「No, you mustn’t! Hirose-kun, if you look at such things, your eyes will rot!」

「O, oh.」

Suddenly, Kazumi covered his eyes from behind with both hands.

Perhaps it was a spur of the moment action, she ended up hugging him from behind, so he could feel her breasts.

Frankly speaking, the Ichimatsu students who had climbed up the tree and were even showing their crotch were below average in appearance.

One of them even had legs so thick that he couldn’t see her underwear.

As far as Yuu was concerned, he felt more happiness from the sensation of the soft hands and boobs of Kazumi, a quiet and beautiful girl.

「Oh you, Kazumi~, I wonder for how long are you going to keep on hugging Hirose-kun?」

「Fwah! I, I’m sorry.」

Being pointed out by Youko, Kazumi pulled her hands away in panic and distanced herself from Yuu.

「Now, l, let’s get going!」

「I guess so. It’d be bad if we get separated from the senpais after all, right?」

As they walked, Yuu leaned in close to Kazumi and whispered.

「Then in exchange, show me your underwear, okay, Aki-san? It’ll be a feast for the eyes, after all.」

「Fweh?! M, m, mine?」

Yuu smiled at Kazumi as she showed a look of surprise on her face, so she probably thought he was just joking.

「Geez! Stop teasing me like that, Hirose-kun!」


Even when Yuu and the others stopped on their tracks, the seniors from the security team were watching them closely to make sure that no gap was created between them.

They were looking at Yuu talking harmoniously with the girls in the same group, with mixed expressions of envy and warmth on their faces.

◇ ◇ ◇

After that, although their steps were slowed down somewhat due to the crowds, they arrived at the first checkpoint in the precinct after visiting the shrine.

Not only were there tents set up there, but it was also hidden from the surrounding area by a banner with the school’s name on it.

Not only were there executive committee members in charge of checking, but it seemed that they would carry out the handing over of the escort duty there.

When Yuu experienced orienteering during his student days, they were made to do quizzes or puzzles at the checkpoint.

This time, he wondered what they would be going to do, especially since competition was off the table, but it seemed that for better or worse, they were going to have a quiz.

Moreover, it was the kind where the boys were to draw cards and ask questions based on what was written on them, and the girls were to answer the questions.

The intention, so to speak, seemed to be to offer a topic of conversation to the boys and girls who had not been able to communicate much up to this point.

The card Rei drew was 『What kind of cake do I like? 』.

When Rei read out the card, the girls in the group immediately raised their hands.

「Gâteau chocolat! It has to be this one.」

「If it’s Higashino-kun, it must be strawberry shortcake!」

「No, what Higashino-kun likes is mille-feuille, that’s the only possible answer!」

「Maybe it’s Mont Blanc, surprisingly.」

「Kuh, I’m too late. Err… no-bake cheesecake, perhaps?」

「Err, err, what’s left is… That’s right, uji green tea!」

Ultimately, the answer was…

「It’s gâteau chocolate. My mother and housekeeper taught me how to make it, and recently I’ve learned how to make it myself, you know?」

「Whuoo, I did it! I’d love to try the cake you make someday, Higashino-kun…」

The right one was Risa, the first to answer.

Her reward was a pat on the head.

As Risa kneeled down on one knee with a grin on her face, she had her head patted by Rei.

Then, Yuu also drew a card.


The executive committee members who saw the card panicked.

「Who the hell was it, who put in such a card?!」

「Isn’t it bad? Isn’t it sexual harassment?」

「W, what should we?」

「Huh, I don’t really mind, though?」

Yuu said so to reassure the perplexed seniors as they looked at each other.

Then he read out the card.

「What is my favorite part of a girl’s body?」

For a moment, the girls in the group blanked out, but soon began to think seriously.

This time, it was better to think carefully than saying whatever came up into their mind. After all, a prize was at stake here.


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