Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 62

Right after Kazuki inspected the Golem, Shaila practically jumped on it. She ogled it like it was meant for other things while poking and prodding it in every way imaginable.

Sasai as well couldn’t help but touch it in curiosity.

Tozu took a single glance and after hearing Sid explain some of it, he understood right away just how capable the short old man in front of him really was.

“This is quite the achievement. I have not seen a Golem in several thousand years. I assumed the magitech was lost to time but to think a human in some random kingdom has actually done this. Sid the wise is indeed a name fit for you. Old man, may I?”

Tozu, unlike Sasai or Shaila, asked for permission first. Sid didn’t mind and only felt a strong sense of pride welling up within him.

Tozu walked over and both his wife and Sasai backed away.

First things first, Tozu checked the creation’s defense. Grabbing it around its arm, Tozu put strength in his grip and proceeded to try and crush the arm.


Grabbing onto it with both hands, he tried to pry the arm from its socket, testing the points on its large frame that should be some of its weakest.

Once more, no marks were left nor did its arm budge in inch from its socket.

Tozu placed both hands on the side of the Golems head. His eyes began to glow with a fiery red light and two flames covered both of his hands.

The temperature in the room increased rapidly. Kazuki stood next to old Sid and placed a barrier of his aura and ki around him. The heat that quickly caused him to pour with sweat dissipated from his surroundings and he was perfectly protected.

Tozu looked back and saw that Sid was protected and increased his heat output. The flames around his hands grew bigger and brighter. At first they were reddish-orange but only seconds later they started to brighten more and more until they became blue like Kazuki’s. Kazuki was a little surprised by this. He knew he wasn’t anything special producing blue flames but at the same time, not many could do it. You had to have a high understanding of the element of fire and near-perfect control over said fire magic to produce such hot flames.

(To think Tozu could make flames like mine and yet he didn’t use them during our fight. He was holding back even then, now that’s funny.)

The heat in the room increased by more than a thousand degrees. Sasai had to form a barrier around himself to protect his scaly flesh from the heat. Kazuki as well had to spread his barrier out more to cover the shop before it caught on fire. His body though was perfectly fine. He already could control blue fire long ago. That didn’t mean he’d be completely immune to fire and heat but he would be somewhat more durable and not as susceptible to it. The real protection came from his incredibly tough body. His skin was already harder than steel and even if he dove into a pit of magma, he’d still be fine.

What was surprising in all of this was Shaila. She raised no barrier around herself and simply withstood the heat.

(This woman, durability doesn’t even begin to describe her.)

Shaila caught Kazuki looking at her and she teasingly gave him a wink.

At the same time, the flames were pouring out atop the surface of the Golem like waves from the ocean. A continuous heat that only grew. After a near minute of this, the surface of the Golem finally started to glow from the heat but just as it began to glow several inscriptions started to glow beneath its metal flesh and the flames started to shrink.

It was absorbing the flames. After only a few seconds of this, Tozu stopped as he stood there stunned. The glow on the surface of the Golem quickly faded.

Sid walked over still under Kazuki’s barrier. Sticking his hand outside of Kazuki’s protecting power, Sid placed a hand atop the surface of the Golem.

Everyone knew Sid was a weak human and they all instantly sucked in a breath of air in shock but Sid pulled his hand back and revealed it to them with a large grin on his face.

“Cool to the touch. That look on your faces, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost. Don’t be scared. My creation…Have faith in it.”

Sasai crossed his arms in annoyance.

“Old man you surely were a demon in a previous life, you nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Hmm, so now you care for this old giant? That’s surprising. I must admit I didn’t think you liked me but it seems you care deeply for me, heheha.”


Sasai stopped there as he could see that Sid was merely playing with him.

“Old man, your lucky your already this old, I don’t need to do a thing and you’ll drop all on your own. Count yourself

“What lucky, you already mentioned that once, why repeat yourself?”


Tozu gave Sasai a knowing look and the green-haired Ancient beast sighed inwardly before deciding to just ignore the old man.

Tozu eyed the old man.

“You have done something incredible. Golems aren’t that strong but making one out of god metal changes things. This thing will never be as strong nor as fast as I but being able to withstand my magic as well as my physical force, it can be a powerful tool at your disposal. One thing I would caution you about is the fact that this thing does not have an aura.”

Sasai became curious.

“Brother, why would it need aura in the first place?”

“From what I understand about these things is that a Golem uses a magic core. A magic core not only powers it but also controls it as well. Usually, one would split a small part of their soul and implant it into a magic core, that way you can give it instructions and it will completely follow your will. This makes them perfect as a servant or a tool for war but that’s only against weaker opponents. As soon as this Golem comes across a creature that can use aura, they will do so against this golem and destroy the soul fragment within. Once that fragment is destroyed, this thing becomes nothing more than a heavy puppet with its strings cut.”

Sasai now understood and he became far less impressed. He may not be able to crush it due to the rare material its body is made from nor destroy it with his magic but if it was simply sending out some of his aura, Sasai could easily do such a thing in his sleep. This thing like Tozu said, was just a mere puppet in Sasai’s eyes now and nothing more.

Sid wore an ugly expression as he knew where this conversation was headed and sure enough Tozu asked and poked Sid’s sore spot.

“I’m not trying to be rude nor am I criticizing you when I ask but have you found a way to counter someone’s aura? If not, I’m afraid I wouldn’t put too much stock in this project.”

Sid shook his head with a sour expression.

“I, haven’t found a way around it just yet but I’m still trying. I just need to examine an actual magic core, then I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.”

Tozu was confused.

“Wait, you don’t have a magic core. How were you planning on powering this in the first place?”

Kazuki’s ring lit up slightly and a magic core appeared in his hand.

“Another friend of mine procured one a while ago. This could easily keep it going for a long time.”

Sid’s eyes burned with eagerness and greed once Kazukitook out the magic core. He coveted it, he wanted it, he was obsessed over it. If he could just examine it, and make one of his own, he really could die happy.

Just before any could take a good look at the magic core though, Kazuki quickly put it away.

“This one though, I will not be using. I am going to make one myself and as for finding a workaround to your aura question, I already have something in mind. Whether it works or fails, you all will know in a few days if not sooner.”

Sid was beyond disappointed the moment Kazuki stored the magic core. It was so close yet so far from his reach. At the same time, the moment Kazuki said he would make one himself, Sid found this as an opportunity.

“Kazuki, you must let me watch as you make one!”

Kazuki didn’t answer Sid with a yes or a no, which Sid found a small hope in. If it was a no without hesitation, Sid would have o choice but to let things go but since Kazuki didn’t straight up deny him, there was a small chance to wiggle his way in.

Tozu and the others on the other hand found Kazuki’s answer to be mysterious and unfathomable.

Tozu rubbed his chin.

“Kazuki, are you trying to say you actually know a way that would allow this Golem protection from aura?”

“One way, definitely but there might also be a second option. I’m not 100% sure but I think there may be a second possibility to solve this problem.”

Once more the four were all taken aback.

Shaila smiled.

“Now this I’ve got to hear.”

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