Chapter 145: Nonna’s Happiness




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「The increase in iron production is going well. The large blast furnace is completed, large amounts of the black beasts are being hunted for the city’s special product and for the increasing safety of the road, there is a continuous influx of people, and productivity is on the rise.」

「I see, things are finally getting on track.」

「Yes, that place is no longer just an iron mine, but you can call it a city for the sake of producing iron.」

Adolph seems relieved when he starts to talk. According to him, the city’s revenue is finally trending up and in the black. Up until this point, we were in debt and we had to use special methods like plundering to try to keep afloat while watching the money decrease after all.

Because of that, he also permitted the purchase of decorations from Claire with a stiff smile. Laurie was blushing and said ‘it still hurts’ when she came to me with a request so there was nothing I could do.

When I tried to hesitate, saying that 500 gold was a bit much, she responded with ‘it should be this much for embracing me on a whim and Claire-sama would get upset if I don’t sell at least this much’ and was starting to cry. I’m fully aware those were fake tears, but it still made me want to help her.

Nonna was delighted and Sebastian also deemed them to be genuine high-quality items so it will definitely help with increasing our prestige. She occasionally invites the neighboring feudal lords and their wives for dinner parties after all.

「By the way, it would be strange if we continued to refer to that city as the iron mine or the mining city. What do you think about officially giving it a name?」

「A name, huh? Just name it whatever you want.」

「A new city needs to be named by the feudal lord. I don’t want any complaints about it later, so please name it properly.」

Is that how it is?
But I can’t think of a good name. Let’s ask the mountain nation for their opinion.

「So that’s the situation. Do you girls have any ideas?」

I gather Pipi, Luna and Ruby and ask them.

「Pipi and the others call it the Land of the Fire Nation!」

Calling it the Fire City doesn’t sound good. The city is already using fire for the production of iron, so that name might make things more unlucky and start a fire or something.

「It is in the vicinity of the sacred mountain.」

「The mountain, huh?」

A name related to a mountain could be nice, but since the Great Mountain Range is in the Central Plains, there are many places named with the mountains in mind. It seems quite easy to get confused with the other places and I’ll easily forget it.

「「Then……the legend of the dragon.」」

「What is that?」

「Pipi has heard about it before. It’s a story told to children.」

The more knowledgeable Ruby follows up after Pipi, explaining like a storyteller. It is the legend of a dragon which lives in the mountain they regard as sacred.

“The winged dragon was the ruler of the wasteland, flying around freely and resting in the mountains whenever it got tired.

That dragon had a body so large, it would cast a shadow over the entire village whenever it flew overhead.

Its fangs and claws can easily crush boulders and its scales were impenetrable.

When the dragon was enraged, it would breathe out fire, submerging everything in a sea of flames.”

「So that dragon lives in the region.」

「It is just a legend.」

「Pipi has never seen it. Grandmother hasn’t seen it, and neither did grandmother’s grandmother.」

So it’s nothing but a legend. However, it seems fitting as a name.

「And what was the name of that dragon?」

「「「Supreme dragon, Lintbloom.」」」

All of them spoke in unison.
Alright, let’s call the mining city Lintbloom from now on.

「What an interesting origin. It might remain for another 100 years.」

「It won’t live on that long.」

I smile and stroke Pipi’s neck. She closes her eyes and enjoys the pleasant feeling, though for some reason my dick is reacting, even though I only usually regard her as adorable. Don’t tell me I developed a thing for little girls now.

「Pardon me. The one from Flitch Company has arrived.」

One of the maids inform me of the guest’s visit. It must be Laurie, the person who introduced me to how a child tastes, who came again. I was already told about it, but I guess it’s my fault for going ahead and buying something anyways.

「I think it is regarding the summer tax for the mine, but I will be sitting in as well. If it was just Hardlett-sama, there may be some unwanted price discounts after all.」

Sorry, I’m counting on you. When that girl requests from me, I can’t do a thing.

And thus, the summer tax for the mine was decided without a hitch – a large portion was scheduled to be gathered because of the substantial increase in iron production.

At the very least, I don’t think we’ll have problems with money until the end of autumn, but there was one letter that arrived which would shake the entire family.

「Guh, here it is!」

Two maids carry a heavy-looking stack of letters and drops it on a table. The sender is already known just from looking at the amount of letters.

「Celia ran away, huh?」

I haven’t seen her for a while now.
She might have spotted the maids transporting the letters. I have no choice but to read it myself.

……how annoying.

「Ara, Aegir-sama. Perfect timing. Would you like to have some tea with me in the courtyard ……those letters, are they from that pig-woman?」

The smile Nonna appeared with instantly crumbled. She looks unhappy, but she sits beside me like she’s curious about what was written.

「Pardon me. Actually, what is this unnecessary wording?」


「Aegir-sama? If you’re having a hard time reading it, then throw it out. It’s a waste to read through every single one.」

Sorry Nonna, it may be extremely unpleasant for you, but I have to say it.

「Nonna, don’t get mad.」

「Excuse me? Don’t tell me!? Is that pig rolling over here again!?」

No, but I’m sure it’s something even worse than that.

「It seems Claudia got pregnant. It appears to be my child, judging from the time frame.」


「I let my guard down when she said it was hard to get her pregnant. It seems they had a hard time telling whether she was pregnant since her stomach was always bulging out. But this letter is from Clara.」


「Perhaps Claudia’s selfishness will settle down a little after receiving her own child……what’s wrong? Hey!」

Nonna starts foaming at the mouth and faints on the spot.

「Hey, someone come here! Bring some water.」

「Okaaay. Ah, master! Did you make Nonna-san unconscious again? You really pound her too hard.」

「We didn’t really have sex. Just listen to me and go get some water.」

Nonna suddenly jumps awake. The way her breasts jiggle are incredible, but if she goes overboard, those things will tear off.

「Mitiiiiii—!! Call everyone over! It’s an emergency family meeting!!」

And so, all the family members gather. Wondering what the issue was, Leopolt and Adolph and even Tristan has come. It was kept a secret from Celestina and Monika, since the topic is not suitable for children.

「Aegir-sama has impregnated the wife of a Marquess of another nation!」

Everyone sighed, leaking out statements like ‘so he’s done it at last……’

「This is a grave situation! If the Marquess finds out, we won’t get away scot-free.」

I guess that might be true.

「Even if it doesn’t become the worst case scenario, there is a chance that woman might divorce and impose on us!」

Everyone screams.
Do they dislike it so much?


Mel, that tongue-clicking didn’t come from you, the mother of five, right?

「But, this isn’t a joke. If we get the most influential noble in the Federation, Marquess Malordol, to resent us, it may also put pressure on Goldonia’s King.」

Leopolt remains calm as he analyze the situation.

「Right, emotion often precedes reason when it comes to romantic affairs. Marquess Malordol might do something unexpected.」

Adolph continues on.

「I don’t think we have to worry about that for now.」

I open up the letter Clara enclosed.
Claudia didn’t say anything besides ‘I’m pregnant’, ‘I’m happy’ and ‘it’s your child’.

According to Clara’s more logical letter, it seems she reported to Marquess Malordol in their territory that it was his child. But it did seem like the marquess was skeptical about how the time didn’t match.

「It was the time she stayed with us after all. It’s hard to provide an excuse.」

However, the marquess doesn’t appear to have any doubts regarding my relationship with her. She had a time where she repeatedly called male prostitutes to her mansion after all. So it seems he believed it was the result of a random guy she met during the trip to Goldonia and back.

「Things might work out then. But everything will be over if she lets it slip.」

That’s what I’m worried about.

「I have a good idea. We can tell Marquess Malordol that his wife got pregnant with the child of another man due to a lack of supervision, and use that pretense to suggest her living a secluded life over here. If we have her under our watch, we can stop any unnecessary fuss and the marquess can reasonably make an excuse to say her wife is recovering from illness if people start spreading rumors.」

「I see, even if there are rumors circulating, things will work out somehow if she’s in my territory.」

「It’s a win-win situation and his wife can safely give birth to the child. To top it off, he might even provide financial support……ow! Wh-who was it!? Ow, oww!」

Adolph suddenly holds his leg due to pain.
It’s almost as if he got kicked under the table or something. And not just by one person.

Nevertheless, getting the wife pregnant, having her come here and receiving funds for it feels like some evil deed which would make even a bandit seem virtuous. Adolph might go to hell for this.

「But that seems difficult after reading this letter.」

Celia appears on the side to take a peek at Clara’s letter.

「This part continues to say ‘the madam wants the your biological child to succeed the family, and will be returning to the territory to speak with the master directly’.」

It seems the seeds for a dispute with the Malordol family have been sown.

「Seeds have literally been sown. Ha ha ha.」

Everyone’s cold gaze focuses on me. It can’t be helped, I’ll have to hug Celia and thoroughly massage her hair and face.

「Wah~ Stoo-i-please~ fuah~」

「If she’s aiming for family succession, then it can be said the blood of the other males are dead……it depends on her.」

It’s fine, isn’t it? I don’t think she’s the type of girl to cause me harm at least. I’ll trust her.

「……even that woman got pregnant……why……」

Nonna’s feeling depressed.
So what, you’re only 21 so you have plenty of chances.

Just when I was about to comfort her, two hands shot up.
Rita and Yoguri, who I thought were staying silent because they didn’t have anything to say about Claudia, but I wonder what’s wrong.

「Saying it at this time-」「It might be inappropriate, but-」

「What is it? Just say it.」

「「We’re pregnant.」」


Everyone freezes after the sudden confession.

「It happened a little while ago, but I didn’t have a chance to say it」
「I- um……there were various circumstances so I didn’t have the courage to say it.」

It’s natural now that I think about it – Rita is 30 and I concentrated my attacks on her thinking it’s about time for her to get a child, while I also thoroughly came inside Yoguri to make her my woman. It’s not strange at all that they got pregnant.

「Hey, Yoguri……」

「It’s definitely Aegir-sama’s child. I’ll rip my own heart out if it isn’t.」

Don’t doubt her anymore, that has already been settled.

「I understand. I’ll have a maid attend to you, so take care of yourselves. Especially you, Rita, don’t overwork yourself. I won’t get upset even if you sleep for a whole day.」


Well, quite a few things happened, but let’s do some cleanup first. There are unhappy faces, resigned looks, Irijina, who doesn’t pay attention to anything when she’s eating, and various others, but the situation has settled peacefully for now.


Everything hasn’t been settled yet..

The sound of a woman sobbing in the midst of the silence – my beloved wife Nonna, who I thought was sobbing with her head down, suddenly raised her head.

「Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa—-!! Fueeeeeh!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Biiii–!!」

Aah, as I thought.
Her face is wet with tears as she cries her eyes out without caring about appearance.

I signal with my hand to Leopolt and Adolph and ask them to leave. Nothing will be decided in the upcoming discussions at this rate. The other girls leave the room awkwardly as well.

Nonna continued to wail away for another 10 minutes.
Now, she’s sobbing quietly with her face buried into my chest while clinging to me on the sofa.

「Don’t cry, you’re still young so you will eventually get kids.」

「mumouuoowa, fumou, mogumora!」

With her face against my chest, I can’t understand a thing she’s saying. I stroke her back and her head as if comforting a child. The time passes slowly.

「……can’t give birth.」

「Hm? What was that?」

「I……can’t give birth. Uu……uuuu……uwaaaaaahhhn—!!」

She cries like a baby once again, and while I pat her head to try and comfort her again, she doesn’t stop crying.

I try to listen carefully to the disjointed, hard-to-hear words mixed in with her crying.

It seems she called the doctor to take a look at her when she saw others getting pregnant while she wasn’t. The result was that the doctor told Nonna her body had a hard time getting pregnant.

「If you just have a hard time getting pregnant, you just need to remain patient and it’ll eventually happen.」

「There’s no way the territory’s doctor would tell me, the wife, she can’t give birth!! Saying it’s hard to get pregnant is basically saying I can’t give birth! I can’t make a baby!」

She starts crying again, prompting me to soothe her, but she brushes me away.

「Even if that’s the case, you are my wife. And that is regardless if you can get pregnant or can’t……」

「A wife who can’t make a baby just gets in the way!!」

Nonna then shouts ‘this useless thing!’ while hitting her stomach.
I try to stop her in a hurry, but then she hits my chest. If I try to say anything carelessly to this girl, it has the opposite effect.

Nonna continues to cry while pounding my chest, then looks up, her face in quite the horrible state after weeping her eyes out.

「I’m going to the capital. Give me a little pocket money.」

「Hey, hey, what are you saying?」

「That’s right, are you an idiot?」

Carla has come into the room before I knew it. Nonna glances at her, but she doesn’t tell her to go away. Despite the two of them being arguing partners, they get along with each other the most after all.

「It’ll be fine. I’m just going to the capital to help Aegir-sama get acquainted with a noble. If necessary, please let Mel-san or Carla be the legal wife in my place. That way, there will be no disputes over family succession.」

I hug Nonna from the front, bring her close and look directly at her eyes.

「Are you seriously going to leave me and go to the capital? You’re even going to stop being the legal wife?」

「Yes, a wife who can’t bear your child is just sad.」

However, her eyes are telling me she doesn’t want to go.

「Good grief.」

I slowly bring my hand to her forehead and give it a flick.
Her head is hard though, my finger feels numb.

「Ooowww!! What are you doing!?」

「Don’t say something you don’t really mean. Besides, I never intended to let go of you in the first place.」

「If you like big boobs then can’t you just find another girl with a nice pair?」

There’s no way another girl would have super big ones like yours, though I’ll refrain from saying unnecessary things like that.

「I thought all of you belonged to me. Your body, your heart……even your soul. I won’t let you leave at this point in time.」

I hug her again, stronger than last time and enough to hurt her.

「I don’t want to leave either! But……being the legal wife even though I can’t bear a child would become the root cause for disputes in the Hardlett family……I have no choice but to go the capital with some money, eat until I get plump and fart or something.」

「Hey, are you perhaps using a certain someone as reference?」

I won’t say the name, since I’m indebted to that person for doing so many things for me.

「Besides, it’s still too soon to give up. Carla, please.」

「Sure, I’ll gather everyone.」

Nonna listens with a puzzled expression.

「What are you going to do?」

It goes without saying.

「I’m going to plant my seed during the best fucking of your life.」

The bed was brought over to the bathroom. The bathtub is naturally filled with hot water, but there is also a metallic vessel with burning rocks in it and hot water poured on top. With a great sizzling sound, the vapour quickly rises and fills the bathroom.

「Is it too hot?」

「It’s hot……but not enough for me to collapse.」

Nonna and I lay on the out-of-place bed, while the other girls open the window to adjust the temperature so it’s hot enough to make you sweat.

「But why are we doing this here?」

「It’s easier for women to get pregnant in warm places. Plus, the steam is nice.」

There are many girls who get pregnant when they did it in the bath, says Melissa as she smiles kindly.

「Well, everyone is helping you, so just be quiet and thankful.」

Carla is speaking in her usual tone, but she has a gentle expression on her face. Everyone except Nonna and I are wearing bath towels, since they have no intention to join in.

「Now go on, join with her.」

Being urged by Melissa, I push my cock into Nonna’s pretty vagina.


As usual, it’s really tight in the beginning, but it’s something that she’ll get used to as I get inside. Well, let’s enjoy ourselves lots.

「Wait, Aegir-san shouldn’t move.」


Melissa stops my hips as they were about to move.

「The seed won’t come out like this though.」

「It’ll be fine, that’s why we’re here after all. Everyone, please do as said earlier.」


Copious amounts of warm scented oil is poured over our bodies connected in the missionary position. The girls reach their hands out to rub the oil all over, caressing our bodies.

「Ah-!? That’s-!!」

「Just leave everything to us.」

Nonna raises a scream and I understood the reason immediately. Caressing her entire body means everywhere except the place we’re connected, so a finger wet with oil entered her anus as well. Nonna looks at me with a somewhat sad face, but even my ass has a finger in it, probably belonging to Celia.

「Aegir-san is so huge and his seed gushes out with so much force that it’s plenty to get her pregnant even if he doesn’t move furiously. Rather, it’s more important to get Nonna-san’s body in the mood.」

「I’m desperate to get pregnant too!」

「It’s because you are that you think too much and your body tenses up. I think you should forget about that and focus on enjoying the sex you’re about to experience.」

That’s why Melissa pours the oil over her giant breasts and fondles them like she’s milking them.

「The two of you only have to stay connected. Moving at all is forbidden, we will do our best in the meantime and you two are free to ejaculate and climax whenever you feel like.」

This would be close to torture for me, but this is also for Nonna’s sake. I lift Nonna up slightly so that it’s easier for her to get pleasured, getting into a sitting position where both of us face each other. Almost instantly, hands reach out to her breasts and nipples, her clitoris, her asshole and all her various erogenous zones.

「Aah! Aaaaaaah……」

Nonna couldn’t help but gasp.


I am also covered by the girls’ attacks – my balls are being fondled from the right and left, several hands are crawling over my back and stomach, and fingers of different sizes are entering my asshole one at a time. I instinctively move my hips, which prompts Melissa and Carla to stop me.

「You can’t move.」
「Please ejaculate while remaining still.」

This is something difficult.


Six hands from Pipi, Leah and Celia’s run across and around Nonna’s breasts while the sisters, Kuu and Ruu pinch her nipples taut. Nonna seems to have climaxed from the stimulation as I feel her vagina clamping tightly around me. At the same time, Mireille pushes a finger larger than most women deep into my ass.


Without moving my hips, I start ejaculating enough that it overflows out.

「Ah……he came.」
「He came, didn’t he.」

I exchange a hot kiss with Nonna, and while lots of semen was shot out, her extremely sensitive hole wasn’t pounded so she remains conscious. It was a much quieter climax than usual.

I take Nonna’s hands and pull her forward so we are in the cowgirl position. Now that our assholes are easier to touch, the girls begin their concentrated attacks.


Once again, I ejaculate and she climaxes. I see, so this will repeat endlessly.

Nonna and I only wrap ourselves together, exchanging kisses while whispering each other’s names. The pleasure is coming from the girls around us so we were able to ejaculate and climax respectively without having to move our hips.

Since we weren’t bumping our bodies against each other, we don’t feel very fatigued, and Nonna isn’t getting any overly strong pleasures so she doesn’t lose consciousness even when she climaxes several times. When we are truly aroused, we forget about the time as we tangle with each other.

When the steam gets thinner, more burning stones are added, and when it gets too hot, the window is opened and water is sprinkled over us. Nonna and I just stay connected, and occasionally change our positions, very slowly at that.

「It’s time to eat. One of you? Or perhaps two?」

「We’ll eat together.」

I take the meat which was given to me in my mouth and transfer it to Nonna’s mouth while remaining connected to her. In return, Nonna takes a bite of salad and gives it to me with her mouth.

My dick stays hard and I only take it out once every few hours so the both of us can take a piss, though we immediately connect with each other when we’re done. At first, Nonna was resistant to urinating in front of everyone, but was fine after doing it once.

I have already ejaculated several times and Nonna has already reached climaxed many times. But without slamming our hips against each other, our consciousness remains intact, and we can continue.

「Yes……this is the first time I’ve seen this.」

Carla stretches out her hand and kneads Nonna’s nipple. At that moment, she orgasms, though anywhere she touched would have triggered Nonna to climax at this point.


My beloved wife let out a long, long moan as she orgasms. It appears she finally reached the deepest and most pleasurable one. At the same time, I also release my semen.


Nonna has finally fallen asleep.

「Didn’t she just fall into sleep rather than falling unconscious? Almost an entire day has passed.」

That’s surprising. Well, I lost all sense of time after all. The girls were sleeping and switching with each other to pleasure us endlessly.

「Now, enjoy our caresses. Then you can sleep right after, so just let yourself feel good and ejaculate.」

I enjoy the touch from the fingers of Mel and her two daughters and slowly close my eyes. Right before I fall into sleep, I felt myself ejaculating again.

「Good morning.」

When I regain consciousness, I realize I’m getting my head patted gently by Nonna while I was sleeping buried in her breasts. It looks like she was the one who woke up first.

「While you were sleeping, you shot your seed three times. Just when it would go soft, your cock would suddenly swell and shoot out a load.」

Nonna cackles.
The atmosphere where she was crying in grief is long gone.

I hug her tightly as we roll around on the bed soaked with liquids.

「Kyah, noo~」

We play around for a bit, and when we stop moving, hands crawl over our bodies instantly.
The other girls worked hard too. I’ll have to thank them properly later.


Once again, I ejaculate without any precursor, and we laugh together as we exchange a kiss and enjoy the pulsing sensation. It took the help of everyone and one of the beds have been rendered useless, but it was the best mating session. While thinking about how troublesome it might be if this were to become a habit, the finger which infiltrated my ass guided me towards another orgasm.

In the end, we continued having sex in this way for three days straight, and when everything was over, Nonna wasn’t able to stand without getting someone to support her. My legs were wobbly as well and my balls and cock shrunk to a pathetic size after releasing everything. It might be comparable to Kroll’s when he’s hard.
……Or maybe that’s an exaggeration, it should be a little bigger than that.

After that, Nonna’s attitude became more gentle, even welcoming Yoguri’s and Rita’s pregnancy from the bottom of her heart. As I thought, having everyone help out was a good influence on her.

And it was a few days later when Nonna was drinking tea that she grinned broadly.


「Hm, what’s wrong? Did you hurt yourself?」

We didn’t have any rough sex, but mating for several days consecutively might have hurt her womb.

「No, I’m fine. I just felt a little prick in my stomach, but the pain has dissipated now.」

「I guess that’s fine then.」

「More importantly, please listen to this. About the new play, the ill-natured sister-in-law got together with the protagonist and is fighting as a new love rival. I never expected that sister-in-law to reconcile with him. I was curious about who wrote the script, but nobody would tell me.」

Nonna seems to be having fun, chatting about the events of the new play.
More than anything though, I’m glad she’s happy.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 146,000. Central City Rafen: 16,000
Troops Commanded: 4000, 1000 in reserve
Assets: 44,900 gold (Reserve Recruitment -300) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (pregnant head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (pregnant Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Celestina (Refugee Queen), Monica (Lady-in-waiting)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 130, children who have been born: 31




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