Chapter 192: The Key is a Woman




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「I will repeat myself, our goal is not to capture Atoroa. If you hand over the insurgent Orthodox Magrado and an adequate amount of compensation, we will pull our forces out of the city right away.」

I sit at a table across from the feudal lord of Atoroa, Isabella.
Leopolt stands behind me with his typical indifferent expression.
I want to settle this matter through negotiations as Gildress requested, but she isn’t cooperating.

「……I don’t know about the rebels you are referring to. The answer will be the same no matter how many times you ask.」

We are stuck at this juncture.

「That kind of excuse won’t work. We have already arrested several key commanders of the rebel force who were hiding within this city and have heard their testimony. We know you have agreed for this city to be the main headquarters for Orthodox Magrado…… based on the request of a man named Maximilian.」


Isabella whips her head to the side to feign innocence as soon as Maximilian’s name was mentioned.

As soon as my cavalry unit broke past the defense lines and invaded the city, the Atoroan Parliament decided to surrender.
As a result, the Atoroan army stopped resisting, however Isabella didn’t agree and insisted on remaining hostile to the end, somewhat forcing the Parliament and aides to agree.

Because Atoroa was the central hub for Orthodox Magrado, most of the top brass were apprehended when we flooded into the city.
The two most important things still remain unknown, namely the leader in Maximilian and the location of the funds he is hiding.
If we allow him to escape with the money, it will definitely create problems for us later down the road.

「Mayor, why do you go so far to protect him? He is hostile not only to us but to the surrounding Poleis as well. Even if you had some sort of agreement with him, no one would blame you for giving him up after he’s abandoned you. In fact, I think this pointless time-wasting strategy lowers your credibility.」

「I told you, I don’t know what you’re talking about. The citizens may have been silenced temporarily by the elders of the Parliament, but if the city continues to be occupied by you, I’m sure the people won’t be able to stay quiet. If you want to leave, now is your chance.」

We won’t get anywhere at this rate.

「The city surroundings are being monitored but the probability of escape increases as more time passes. We would have no choice but to do an honest search in all the houses where he is likely to hide.」

Leopolt also doesn’t look like he has another option.

「That Maximilian though, what a pathetic man he is, hiding behind a woman’s ass.」

As I contemplate the hassle which I would have to go through, I mutter my complaints under my breath.

「What was that!?」

My words weren’t directed at anybody in particular, yet Isabella flared up.

「Maximilian isn’t a savage like you…… don’t mind me.」

「It seems you’re quite familiar with him.」

I see, that’s how it is.
I signal Leopolt with my eyes.

「Leopolt, what do you think about Maximilian?」
「Based on my observations so far, he’s a sneaky coward…… in terms of appearance, he’s probably a terribly ugly man.」

We deliberately converse loud enough for Isabella to hear and she turns red with anger.

「What are you saying without having met him once!? He’s way more handsome than you, plus he’s huge…… no, ignore what I said.」

I see, I thought it was strange for Atoroa to cover for Orthodox Magrado without any particular reason.
Judging by the tone of the Parliament and the citizens of Atoroa, they don’t seem to support Orthodox Magrado.

Which means Isabella must have made a personal offer based on romantic feelings to Maximilian for this city to be their stronghold, and is continuing to shelter him even as we speak.
From what we saw briefly of Isabella, she allows her feelings to show outwardly, just like a child.
If that guy is used to being with women, he could easily manipulate her however he wanted.

The two of us step out of the meeting room to discuss our next steps.

「Lord Hardlett, if she’s motivated by romantic feelings, then she won’t be moved by any kind of reason or logic.」

Right, if she’s in love then persuading her with money or threats of punishment won’t work.

「If you’re okay with being forceful, we could torture her to get her to talk.」

「That option is out of the question.」

I made a promise with Gildress, besides she’s a woman.

I look over at Isabella again.
She appears to be a bit younger than 30, although her pouting face as she averts her eyes makes her seem more childish.
Her height is around 170 cm, which is fairly tall for a woman, and the impression she gives from her slightly alluring eyes to her waist-long red hair is one of a stubborn tomboy.

She isn’t the most charming…… although I’m still curious about her as a woman.

「Lord Hardlett, I have a suggestion.」

For once, I wholeheartedly approve of Leopolt’s plan.

「……So you’re finally starting to understand me better.」

「I simply believe this to be the best course of action. I will arrange the details surrounding the operation……」

I’ll rest my body and my dick to prepare for that moment then.


「Fumu, looks like Leopolt did a good job.」

I wait in the garrison until after the sun sets and head to the mayor’s residence once again.
I don’t have prior consent from Isabella nor the Parliament though.
This is 100% trespassing.

I walk along the hallway and pass by a maid who was doing her night rounds.
The maid doesn’t make a sound, only glancing briefly at me before looking away and pretending she didn’t see anything.
Leopolt must have done something to make the maids and guards working at night to look the other way.

Despite being seen by many servants, I didn’t have much trouble reaching Isabella’s bedroom.
I put my ear to the door and hear the faint sound of someone’s voice.
I open the door quietly and enter the room, making sure the person doesn’t realize my presence.
Light enters through the crack and illuminates the dark room, but the woman absorbed in her own actions shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

「Nnh! Aahn! Aah! Aaaah…… my beloved…… I want it soon…… right after those guys leave…… Aaah! More!」

From the wet rubbing and soft moans, Isabella must be masturbating.
It isn’t a good idea to develop a habit of eavesdropping on women as they pleasure themselves, so I’ll have to pounce on her quickly.

「Aah…… Maximilian…… cum…… cumming…… eeehh!?」

Right when Isabella’s body started to tremble, I get on the bed.
The woman stares blankly with her fingers still inside her vagina in reaction to a sudden appearance of a human-shaped figure.
And then a few moments pass before the moonlight shines on me and Isabella cries out like she’s on fire, realizing I was there.

「Why are you here!? Y-you insolent fellow…… nngh!」

If I let her scream, it might rope in those who Leopolt didn’t get around to.
I cover Isabella’s mouth and mount her.

「Be quiet. Don’t make a fuss.」


Just then, a scraping and shuffling sound could be heard from the hallway.
Those sounds are metallic in nature so they couldn’t be from a maid’s shoes, which means that guards were coming.

Isabella instantly intensifies her struggles, taking her mouth away from my hand.

「Guards! There’s a suspicious individual! Hurry and remove him!」

The sound of footsteps stop briefly but then resumes, passing by the front of the room as if nothing happened.
So those soldiers were the ones Leopolt turned to our side.

「N-no way……」

A look of resignation appeared on Isabella’s face as she knew there was no way the guards didn’t hear anything, but rather ignored the sound.

「Don’t make that face, it’s not like I’m going to do something bad to you.」

「Do you think I’ll believe you in this situation……? Well, I guess I have to hear you out…… so why have you come?」

Since she was masturbating not too long ago, Isabella’s nightwear is pretty messed up – one of her breasts is exposed, her shirttail was rolled up to her stomach, her genitals are completely exposed, and my body is in between the legs she spread open.

「This won’t be what you are afraid of. In other words, I want to thrust my meat rod into your hole.」

I take off my shirt and get half-naked while I’m at it.

「What difference is that!? You’re going to rape me, right!?」

I cover Isabella’s mouth again as she raised her voice.

「No, I don’t rape women, that’s why I’ll get you to accept me.」

I take my hand away from her mouth and wait for her reply.

「Don’t be ridiculous! You expect there to be women who will just go “Oh, is that so” and spread their legs for you!? Move, get off me!」

Isabella flaps her arms and legs to get free from me, but everytime she does so, her hand hits my cock which is gradually getting harder from the girl’s foolishness.

「Mu, can’t you see that you’re hurting me?」

「Eh? ……hey. What on earth is that?」

It’s not like a radish is growing out from my crotch or something.
It’s my dick of course.

「Y-your dick…… this entire thing?」

Isabella stops resisting and after being surprised, she carefully pets the bulge in my pants.
It looks like she’s interested.

「Yeah, touch it gently.」

I raise my hips up to make it easier for her to feel its shape through my pants.
The lively girl strokes my dick somewhat timidly.

「It reaches all the way here…… it’s so much bigger…… than his.」

In a complete turn of events, she acts more charmingly and my dick gets even harder and bigger from the gentle stimulation.

「It’s still getting bigger!?」

「Of course. I’m still only 80% hard. Here, I’ll let you see it up close.」

I remove my pants and reveal my dick.
My dick springs up in front of her face as it gets unleashed from its bindings.
Isabella lets out a tiny gasp although her eyes don’t close in fear.

「It isn’t only big, it’s thick…… and rugged…… almost like some monster’s dick……」

It might be an unconscious reaction, but the woman’s mouth gradually falls open and her cute pink tongue stretches towards my length.
Right before her tongue touches the tip, I confirm with her.

「Your tongue is sticking out. Do you want to suck on it?」

「T-that’s not it! I was just surprised at how big it was, that’s it!」

Isabella gets flustered and quickly hides her tongue in the safety of her mouth, distancing herself from me while she was at it.
It doesn’t look like she’s going to scream anymore.

Her reactions are similar to Catherine’s. In that case, she should be quite the nymph.
I chase after her and get her to touch my meat rod again.

「Don’t you want to put this inside you? I’ll be sure to make you feel good.」

「Uu……T-that’s-…… I’m a little interested…… actually, nevermind!」

「Is it because of Maximilian?」

「……I- I didn’t say anything.」

The reason Leopolt aided me in this nocturnal visit was for this reason – in order to sever the feelings Isabella has towards Maximilian.
It’s this reason that prompted the solution of embracing her.

「Then let’s do it this way. I’ll help you get off. It doesn’t count as cheating as long as there’s no penetration.」

I don’t even wait for her to answer as I lift up her thighs and put my mouth against her vagina.

「Hahnn! Aau!」

She squeals in a high-pitched voice, but doesn’t resist.
It looks like I have her consent.

Isabella’s earlier masturbation probably has something to do with it, but it doesn’t take long before her vagina starts overflowing.
Rather than soft and slow teasing, stronger and more vigorous motions work better on an already sopping wet pussy.
I make an effort to slurp louder to let her hear the sounds coming from her crotch, occasionally sucking on her clit, and then pushing my tongue as far as it can go into her inner folds.

「Aaau! Aaaah……uuuuuuuun!」

As she writhes in pleasure, she puts her hands on my head.
She wasn’t trying to push me away, but rather trying to keep me from stopping.

「Puha, what’s wrong? Was that better than Maximilian’s technique?」

「It was so sudden…… he never used his mouth for that long…… more importantly, don’t stop……」

Oh, so he doesn’t lick her much?
What a wasteful guy.

I put my mouth against her vagina once again and lick up a storm, rubbing her clitoris with my nose and giving her great stimulation.
Isabella writhes in pleasure, moaning while gradually climbs closer to climax.
And then finally, she reaches the zenith.

「Aau! Cu-cumming…… I’m cumming…… from your mouth!!」

Both her hands extend to my head and she presses down stronger than she ever has before.
To amplify the pleasure of her orgasm, I take her bean in my mouth and suck hard while making sure not to hurt her.

「Ah, ah, ah, Aaaaaah—-!!」

When Isabella throws her head back, a wave of liquid sprays into my mouth from her opening.
The woman seems sodden, so the amount of juice she leaked out was tremendous.
If I take my mouth away, it would feel like I lost to her though.
I’ll just have to drink every last drop.

「Haa…… haa…… what an incredible orgasm……」

The exhausted woman immerses in the lingering sensation of pleasure, as I roll her onto her stomach.

「It’s my turn to use this place next.」

「Fueh! Ah! Y-you can’t!」

The weakened Isabella suddenly covers her genitals.
I thought I could just get her in the mood and put it in, but I guess not.
Maybe she needs one more push.

「Then why don’t you just use your hands. That wouldn’t count as cheating.」

「Uuu……it’s so hot and hard, I never thought such a cock actually existed.」

We’re actually in a position where doggy style is possible, but she doesn’t raise her ass and she’s shielding her hole with her hand. However I can still rub my dick along her body without penetrating her, sliding my shaft on the back of her hand instead.
Her red hair which is spread out on the bed hides her shoulder and back, causing an increase in arousal from what I can’t see and makes my erection even harder.

Everytime I rub my dick against her, I can see the tips of her ears getting more red.
That attitude earlier also signals to me that she apparently likes big tools.

「You like large cocks?」

「I love it! ……er, well I don’t dislike them. They’re just manly.」

「Then take your time to savor this, I’ll rub it against you as much as you want.」

I drag my length slowly back and forth, making sure she won’t forget the size and girth, then I change the topic.

「I think you’re a good woman. Why do you have such deep feelings for Maximilian? He’s the kind of man who would conceal himself in the basement of some house while leaving you out by yourself. 」

「W-when he embraces me and I am brought to climax, it feels so good…… and his dick is big too……」

I could also tell from my earlier caressing that Isabella’s body is very sensitive and she has quite the lewd disposition.
A man who knows – even a little – of how to handle women could easily send her to heaven.
So it wasn’t because Maximilian was a supremely talented womanizer.

「Isabella, so am I more skilled or is he?」

The woman looks at me, slightly taken aback.

「Could he make you cum with his mouth?」

「Y-……yeah, but the orgasm wasn’t as intense……」

「And his dick? Which is bigger, mine or his?」

I press my dick against her so she could feel its shape.

「Yours, his is big but obviously not as large as this……」

She indicates his size with her hands.
Fufufu, only that much?

「But he would properly caress my entire body and-……」

Before she could finish her sentence, I hug her from behind, licking her shoulders while reaching under her and grabbing her breasts with one hand.
The other hand gently brushes against her neck and rubs her lightly, naturally I don’t stop rubbing her crotch with my dick.

「Ah! N-no way, you only touched me a little bit!」

I continue my petting and stroking and Isabella’s body eventually turns red, as if her entire body was blushing.
It’s really easy to turn her on, so she’ll probably be helpless when I thrust into her like this.

「How was that, my technique is not too shabby either. If you would allow me to enter, I can make you feel even better.」

I knock lightly on the hand guarding her vagina with the tip of my dick.

「But…… that would be cheating on him. I vowed to love only him too.」

Although Isabella is in tears, she doesn’t push me back.

「Picture it in your mind. My dick will enter you…… probably reaching the back in an instant. And then I’ll slam it into your womb.」

「Aah…… my womb…… slam it……」

Isabella mumbles incoherently, trying to repeat what I said.

「Besides, you can feel it. The tip of my meat rod is wider than your hole…… it’ll definitely scrape your insides well. It’ll grind against your G-spot while stretching your opening and plunging itself deep inside your canal.」

「Scraping…… stretching…… that huge dick will…… enter my hole……」

Isabella’s hand becomes powerless and the protection around her pussy is gradually lowered.
I bring my mouth close to her ear and whisper.

「Why don’t you switch to loving me and let yourself feel good, Isabella. If you want me inside, just take your hand away.」


At that moment, her hand was pulled back swiftly, exposing her ass and vagina.

「Then I’ll take that as an okay.」

I press myself against her back and grab her shoulder, sliding my meat rod without hesitation into her genitals.
Just like I told the woman, my dick scrapes against her inner walls and stirs up insides as the entire length makes its way through the fleshy membrane and reaches the very end.

「Nnnhhhiiiiiiiiiiiih!! I-it’s innnnn! I cheated on hiiiiim!」

I don’t waver when I finally got to put it in, plus the woman wouldn’t want that either.
I swing my hips furiously from the beginning, continuously hitting the deepest part of her intimacy.

「Aagghaaaah! Uwaaaaaaah!」

Her voice would be too loud, so I have her bite on a pillow while I continue plowing away at her.
With every thrust, she would sprinkle her love juices and her limbs would stretch out.
How easily aroused…… there’s nothing she could do to prevent being manipulated my men when her body is this lewd.

「Does it feel good? Doesn’t it feel better with me?」

「Nnnnnnnnnnnh–!! Nnngghhhhh!!」

Isabella bites down harder into the pillow as she shakes her head in a frenzy, making it hard for me to tell if she agrees or disagrees.
I’ll at least finish what I started.
As Isabella rampages on her stomach, I completely climb on top of her and drop my hips.

Her muffled screams and the sound of splashing continued endlessly, and even I start losing track of how much time passed.
As I approach my inevitable ejaculation, I turn the head of the pinned girl towards me to make doubly sure of her feelings.

「What a face.」

I unintentionally said something rude.
Her body, which is spread out like a flattened frog, looks pretty bad, but her face is just as bad if not worse.

Her eyes are half-open and rolled back, while her tongue is hanging out sloppily and sticking to the bed sheet.
Tears and snot drip down the orifices of her face and saliva trickles down from her mouth as she pants like a doll broken by the pleasure.

「It’s so gooood, big penis is, haahiii…… aheeh……」

She doesn’t look capable of intelligent speech anymore.
I should finish soon for the woman’s sake too.

「I’m going to invade your womb with my cock. You might get pregnant.」

「Aaheh……preg-……-nant…… don’t.」

She still has some reason left in her as a mayor.

「I told you to abandon Maximilian and be mine. And then you have to tell me everything, including where he is. If you do, I’ll make you happy.」

「Betraying…… that man……but……after all……」

「It feels incredible when I ejaculate in your womb though. Better than anything you felt before.」

The melting yet vacant eyes of Isabella widen.

「I would……die from that……die from pleasure……as I cum……」

I raise my hips and change the angle of my thrusts.
I wrap the woman tightly and kiss her saliva-stained lips.

「I’m cumming……You’re getting stolen by me!」

My cock pushes past the slackened entrance of her uterus with an indescribable sound.
The stimulation on my tip as it rubs against the narrow passage sends me over the edge as I empty my load.

「I-it went innnnn! I’ve never felt this beforeee! Not goooooodd!」

Isabella curled her back so much that she probably would have broken her own backbone if I wasn’t holding her down.
In the next moment, she fainted.

At the very last second before she passed out, I’m sure I heard her say: “I don’t need that man anymore. This dick is so much better!”

The Next Day

「This is truly what they call a big haul.」

As Tristan said, all the top-level commanders of Orthodox Magrado who accompanied the mayor and also the assets hidden away by them were being dragged out one after the other.

They were hiding in the waterways which pulled water and directed it throughout the entire city, which didn’t seem wide enough to fit people at first glance, but there was a wide space which opened up in the middle, seemingly created after exploiting the originally hollow area.
Furthermore, there was a path which led outside the town from there.

「We’re fortunate they didn’t just run away as fast as they could.」

Celia also sighs in relief.

The mayor, Isabella, was the only person who knew of this secret about the waterways, so they must have been confident they wouldn’t be found.
Since my army was carefully keeping watch over the area, it seemed they would rather wait until we retreated than trying to escape and get caught.

「We confirmed the people we just arrested and it looks like we successfully captured all the top-level commanders.」

「Good work. We suffered an unexpected amount of casualties but we completed all of our objectives.」

I nod as I watch the wrists of the enemy commanders get tied to their waist with rope.
One of them in particular glares provokingly at this direction…… more precisely, at Isabella who was standing behind me.

「……bitch, how dare you betray me like this, even after I showed you all that affection……」

Hooh, so this guy is the one called Maximilian?
Sorry, but I stole your woman away.


「What was said to you to make you do that!? Was it for money!? Or perhaps you were going to get status in Goldonia!?」

Maximilian shouts in an unsightly manner, and while I intend to stay quiet, Isabella approaches him with a calm demeanor.

「Now that I look at you, you’re not such a great man after all.」


The air in the area seems to stop flowing.

「I’m sorry, Maximilian. I was naive and believed that no other man could reach your level.」

Isabella grabs my arm and rubs her cheek lovingly on it.
Celia’s eyebrows are raised, so please stop for now.

「After being embraced by him, I learned what a real man was like. That’s why your half-hearted technique and below average dick is no longer needed. From now on, I’ll be getting love from the greatest cock ever. Goodbye Maximilian, I don’t think we’ll ever see each other again.」

After receiving such a cold response, the men nearby all look at him with eyes of compassion.
Maximilian was taken away with his mouth left hanging open in disbelief.
He will be dragged to the capital and executed there.
I’ll probably feed him one final decent meal so he doesn’t haunt me when he dies.

After the battle, approximately 30,000 gold was confiscated from the assets hidden by Orthodox Magrado as reparations and Atoroa also paid approximately 10,000 gold to compensate for any damages caused.
Most of it was actually done by Gildress and his soldiers though.
Isabella was rubbing her body against me as she insisted on paying me, so I decided to accept the money.

Atoroa is a comparatively large and wealthy Polis, though losing out on 10,000 gold still hurts.
Moreover, their soldiers…… who are pretty much their citizens, suffered great casualties, and the city walls which can be considered a symbol of their Polis was almost reduced to rubble by our cannons.

The source of blame for all that happened ended up falling on Isabella as the mayor and the citizens even started openly criticizing her.
If left alone, she would be in danger of getting assassinated or the citizens would revolt.
We can’t take the mayor away and I can’t stay behind to protect her either.

「Gildress talked about a promise with her father or something, so I’ll let him manage.」

Now that his authority as King has been suspended, he should have plenty of free time.
Even though he can’t mobilize any soldiers, he can still provide advice.
Besides, I’m sure it’s better to have a fellow ruler help out than a complete outsider like me butt in.

I’ll send a letter to Gildress, load the riches, tie up all the Orthodox Magrado members, and then head out.

「……it’s finally over.」

「You said it, if some muscle head didn’t do anything unnecessary, we would have had a much easier time.」

He said I could call him when I need help, right?
I hope he’s prepared for some extreme situations then.

Side Story, A Few Days Later

「Aegir-sama, an express messenger from Atoroa has arrived.」

Not long after we left Atoroa, a messenger caught up to us from behind before we even reached my territory.
I take a look at the letter and it’s from Isabella.
Was there a rebellion or something?

「I’ll read it. Let’s see…… it’s an apology letter.」

Apology? We already received the compensation funds, so I don’t think there was anything else which required the use of an express messenger.
Celia continues reading.

「My beloved Hardlett-sama, I’m sorry. I felt I had to apologize for our temporary parting after you did me the favor of teaching me what a real man was.」

Parting? I’m getting more and more confused here.

「Worried for my sake, my father’s best friend Gildress came to Atoroa.」

I did send him a letter, so that isn’t anything strange.

「And then last night, he forced himself on me and I gave in to his advances. With a terrifying cock rivalling that of Hardlett-sama’s, and the pleasure to match…… I swore to become Gildress’s woman.」

「……What the heck?」

「This doesn’t mean my love for you has disappeared, but the love for the man embracing me now just won’t stop. If you ever come back to Atoroa again, please come embrace me whenever you want. I will return to being your woman right away so-……-what’s with this woman!!?」

Celia throws the letter on the ground and stomps on it.
Looking at it again, there are some wet stains around the blank spaces and it seems strangely pliable.
Don’t tell me she wrote this as she was being fucked.

「Aegir-sama! You should abandon a lewd woman such as her! She’s fine with anyone as long as they have a dick.」

That might be true.
If you think about it, it’s only been a few days since I left…… and she’s already on top of another man considering that the letter took 2-3 days for the letter to reach us.
She always had a lewd body, but she really lost all restraint if she’s cheating and letting herself be taken by another man.

However, the thing I’m most shocked about is Gildress, who ate and conquered the daughter of his best friend entrusted to him on the first day of arriving in Atoroa.

「I can’t ever let him meet any of my women.」

「Agreed! I was getting cold sweat, not knowing when he might pounce on me.」

Celia was in quite the precarious position.
I’ll be sure to protect her better from now on.

As I pat Celia and watch her cute eyes narrow from the pleasing sensation, we slowly arrive back home.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 159,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Private Army: 10,900 men
Infantry: 5400, Cavalry: 800, Archers: 750, Bow Cavalry: 3950
Cannons: 12

Assets: 40,300 gold (Reparations +40,000)

Sexual Partners: 206, children who have been born: 46




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