Chapter 209: A Pleasant Journey




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Shall we head out then?」

Numerous large carriages carrying me and my lovers depart towards the capital city of the Democratic Nation of Libatis, Tortoent.
The women staying behind in the mansion are Mel, Rita, and the other girls in the annex.
The mother and daughters from Treia aren’t going either because it would be awkward for them to meet any acquaintances from Libatis.
I’ll have them protect the mansion for me.

「I also wanted to take the girls in the annex with me, but there are a few dozen of them after all.」

It would practically seem like I’m bringing an army of women if I did that, which is why I’ll control myself.
I’ll make it up to them later.

「Regardless, the family is still pretty large…… the escorts can’t be careless.」

The entire escort squad will guard us all the way to the borders, but we can’t exactly bring armed soldiers with us once we cross Libatis borders.

「This visit…… it will be for the purpose of developing friendly relations and sightseeing so we learn more about the capital. I’m sure Libatis will ensure Lord Hardlett’s safety.」

In the worst case, I’ll just let the females escape.
This time, I also brought along some trustworthy men including Gido and Kroll.
I’m sure a few escorts can handle everything without much problem.

「I’ll protect the Chief.」

「Aah……it won’t get hard……」

Gido seems enthused while Kroll doesn’t have any drive at all.
He’s been like this all the time recently.

「I will guide you on the way.」

The secretary’s voice is cold.

「I will be taking the lead so I will be riding in a separate carriage.」

「Sorry…… don’t be angry.」

「No, it doesn’t bother me at all. Well then, I’ll be boarding the other carriage.」

You’re mad after all…… however you’re wearing that ring I prepared.
I’ll give her a necklace or bracelet next.
I’m sure she’ll open up again sooner or later.

Cheers and laughter from the women fills the inside of the travelling carriages.

「Is it alright? Anastasia and Bartolome are children born from you as the legal wife, so you could have brought them along in an exclusive carriage, right?」

Nonna left the twins back in the mansion.

「It’s fine. There are females in the mansion who can look after them…… plenty of females. Besides, if something happens to us, leaving those kids behind means the household can continue on.」


Catherine, who brought Rose and Antonio along with her, makes an unhappy face.
I would allow all of you to leave if something happened, so don’t worry about that.

A weak voice spoke out as if to clear the slightly tense atmosphere building up slowly within the carriage.

(This is horrible of you~ Let me go~)

Casie, huh. Well it’s a long excursion so it can’t be helped.

(But having a rope tied around my waist makes me look like a slave.)

A slave would have it around their foot and a dog would have it around their neck…… although she’ll probably turn into an evil spirit instantly if I wrapped the rope around her neck.
It’s around your waist, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Besides, it’s necessary for you to move around outside, right?

(Ah, a cute fox.)

Casie spots a parent and child fox and flies out the window to get closer to them.
As she did so, a strong wind blew.

(Uwaaah, help meee.)

Casie gets blown like some dry grass in the wind.
I told her so.

I grab and pull the rope attached to her.
Without this, Casie would probably fly endlessly on the open plains or get caught by the mountain range.

「Oh, this is amusing.」

If I pull the rope at just the right length, Casie catches the wind and rises in the air.
The trick is to pull when the wind blows.

(Stop it, pull me in already.)

Just a little more, it also feels good for you when you’re high up in the sky though, doesn’t it?

(The crows are pecking at meee, black kites too[1. Nat: a bird of prey].)

Fine, I’ll pull her back.
It’s hard to do so because of the wind, she might crash.
I’d feel bad for her if she did so I’ll try not to let her hit the ground…….

「Ah, the rope……」

Right when Nonna mutters, the sagging rope gets caught on one of the escorts and makes him fall off his horse.



「Aaah! Christoph got hit!!」
「He finally got hit even though there are no enemies here!」

My bad Christoph, if it’s him, I’m sure he’ll just be unconscious and come out unharmed.
More importantly, I’m worried about Casie’s mood after she not only crashed to the ground but also got stepped on by a horse, turning her face into a funny shape.
I’ll let her rest on my lap and try to cheer her up.

Libatis Border

「We’ve been waiting for you, Hardlett-dono. We’ll be taking over as your escorts from here on, can you pull back your guards?」

The Libatis army was gathered on the border of the main road.
Among them, a man who appears to be the captain steps in front of our carriage and lowers his head.


Nonna is not happy about how he didn’t address me with a noble title.
It can’t be helped though since there are no nobles in Libatis.

「Anyways…… are you ready?」

I lower my voice to address the girls and they all nod and start making preparations.
Leopolt told me to make Libatis think I’m some sexually-crazed person who is incapable of scheming.

「Alright. But it’s fine if I have a few armed guards to protect the women, right?」

「Of course, a few escorts is fine, but please let us check to see if you are carrying any prohibited goods. This is the rule…… owah!」

When the captain takes a peek inside the carriage from the window, he pulls his head back immediately.
The atmosphere inside the carriage becomes corrupted.

「Master…… let’s continue where we left off. Thrust into me lots~」

Leah buries her face into my crotch and licks me from above my pants as if she can’t wait any longer.
When I push her away lightly, her tongue flicks up and down erotically in the air like she’s licking an imaginary dick.
They should see the contrasting appearance and the abnormalness of this scene between a kid and an adult.

「Me too…… I don’t think I can wait any longer either.」

Yoguri cuts in between me and the captain and rests on my lap before taking her outer garment off.
From his perspective, he could probably only see her pretty back, but he should still be able to tell the size of her breasts from on top of her clothes.
She presses my head into those breasts and wiggles her body around.

「Me too.」「Please make love to me.」

Carla and Mireille take each of my hands and guides it to their own crotch.
Although they already lowered their panties to their knees, the important parts are hidden from view under their skirts. My finger easily enters their holes and the lewd wet sloshing sounds can be heard as I finger them.
…… the point of this whole thing is just an act, yet why are they so wet?

「There’s no room for us.」「Oh well, let’s do it together then, sis.」

Ruu and Kuu hug each other and kiss while feeling up each other’s body.
As their clothes get disheveled, the scene gets even naughtier.

「Eer…… um……」

「Please excuse us, we will be receiving Aegir-sama’s love now…… are you planning to watch?」

Nonna, the only one who hasn’t removed her ceremonial dress, stares coldly at the captain.
When she puffs out her chest, it feels like her clothes would tear from her gigantic boobs pressing so much against them.

「……where do you think you’re looking?」
「What’s wrong, Nonna?」

「N-no, nevermind! We’ll escort you, so please depart!」

The captain closes the window in a panic and climbs back on his horse. I feel sorry for using him but that should have been a nice show for him, let’s call it even.
Well, that’s the end of all the acting.

「It’s fine now, sorry for making all of you act like lewd women in front of others.」

This is just a little bit of a scheme, just think of it as stimulation to prevent you from getting stuck in a rut.

「Haa, haa…… Aegir…… Aegir…… !」
「It feels good for me too! Those rugged and thick fingers…… it’s turning me on!」

They no longer need to show off to anybody, yet Carla and Mireille continue grasping my arm and grinding their hips against my hand.
In that case, I can’t hurry things too much.

「Ruu…… don’t stick your tongue in so deep, nnmh!」
「Nnmoh! You’re so cute, sis……」

Kuu and Ruu are really getting into it too.


My hand relaxed and Leah was finally able to reach my member.
She uses smooth flowing motions to take my cock out and shoves it deep into her throat.
Now that it’s gotten to this point, I can’t lose.
Not to mention, hands which look like Catherine’s and Maria’s also reach from the side towards my balls.

「Fuu! Aah! Uuu!」

Yoguri, who is on my lap and pressing my head against her boobs, also seems to have gotten in the mood and her movements are getting more intense.
Everyone is apparently completely turned on…… there’s no other way out of this, guess I’ll start an orgy.

「This isn’t acting anymore, you’re genuinely just crazy for sex.」

Celia says it like she’s tired of seeing this happen, but she’s taken off one piece of outer clothing like she’s waiting for it to happen.

「Wait a minute! How can you start doing it for real now…… there’s no room for me!」

The fussing Nonna tries to secure a place for herself but it’s already a full house and she isn’t able to.
So she exposes the top of her dress and forcefully squeezes her especially large bosom in a tiny gap between the others.


Nonna’s swinging mounds hit Yoguri and knocks her aside.
What destructive power.

「You’re horrible! How could you push me away with those tits!」

「It’s because you ignored me as the wife and got on top of Aegir-sama! Take this too!」

Nonna takes her own nipples and points them at Yoguri.

「Wah! Don’t push those things at me! You’ll poke my eyes out!」

「Hey, stupid Nonna, what are you doing inside the carriage!? It’s going to smell fishy now!!」

Like usual, they’re making a big fuss. It makes me smile unconsciously.

「Mu-! Hey you!!」

Celia swiftly grabs a cop and throws it.
It looks like Christoph was peering through the slight gap in the window.

Her aim was on point and she was able to hit Christoph through the opening in the window.


I hear a shout and then the sound of something falling to the ground.

「Aaah! Christoph-san got hit again!」
「What’s the enemy!? Is it a sparrow? Is it a weasel!?」

We detach ourselves from the escort squad and have Gido, Kroll, Mack and Christoph accompany us as we enter the borders of Libatis.
The guards from Libatis are also with us as we walk along the road, so having one less escort shouldn’t hinder us.

「Hey Alice! If you put it in your ass right away, it’ll be dirty for the next person!」
「I-I’m sorry…… but I just couldn’t wait when I saw something so thick. I’ll clean it properly after.」

I guess I can act as their living dildo for a while.

A Few Hours Later, Evening. City of Schlite

「W-we have prepared an inn in this city for you to stay in today.」

The captain of the guards knocks awkwardly on the carriage.
I thought we could arrive in Tortoent pretty quickly but I guess we went pretty slowly.
Did they plan the trip so that we can stay overnight in a city equipped with all the amenities?
I would be fine with just a bed and a roof over my head, but I brought along Nonna and children after all.

Might as well mention that Casie, the city girl, has problems staying in worn-out places too.
Apparently, she’s afraid that ghosts will appear and can’t sleep soundly.

「Thanks. It’s fine now, we’re not doing it anymore.」

When I open the door of the carriage in front of the inn, the fresh outside air really clears my mind.

「Those who can stand, help support those who can’t. And also, Yoguri is done, isn’t she…… she’s completely knocked out. Have Christoph carry her…… before that though, cover her with a cloth or something, she’s still Aegir-sama’s woman.」

Nonna gives brisk instructions to everyone.
I think I did well inside the carriage since several of them can’t stand right now.
I went especially hard at Yoguri and she’s not even conscious.

「Miti and Maria can’t stand either? Come, I’ll carry them.」

I load the two of them on my back and carry them into the inn.
I can hear the captain and his subordinate talking behind my back.

「I was told to determine his nature on the way here, but…… what should I report?」

「He’s lustful and unrivalled…… and he’s good in bed?」

「If I report that, the upper brass will think I’m an idiot or something!」

「But besides that, there’s nothing we can report about. We tried listening in and besides hearing the moans of women and how big his dick was, we didn’t learn anything.」

「He likes bringing along beautifully dressed women and indulging in lewd activity…… he’s an up-and-coming lustful man, report to them as such.」

「Still, all the women he has are wonderful. I’m envious.」

「……you want to head to the brothel once we reach the capital? My treat.」

I pretend not to understand their conversation and continue carrying more than ten girls into the inn.

After that, we didn’t experience anything special as we sit in a circle and enjoy our dinner. We eat the relatively delicious food which isn’t as delicious as the the meals prepared by the cooks in Rafen, and drink tea while gazing at the medium-sized town outside the window which isn’t as prosperous as Rafen but not desolate either.
All the girls are also sleepy, feeling tired from the journey and the afternoon sex.

「Fumu…… I’m going to take a little walk outside. You girls can sleep first.」

「Eh? We’re not going to do it at night?」

「We’ll be in the carriage for the whole day tomorrow too. We have lots of time, plus everyone is tired. You can all take it easy and relax today.」

「You were going all out in the carriage on the way here after all……」

I give each of the girls a goodnight kiss as Celia comments with a sigh.

「Aah…… it really won’t get hard…… I was in the carriage the whole time too.」

「Kroll, what are you doing, zoning out like that?」

I almost kissed you by accident.
Geez, what are you thinking about? You were like this during the whole trip too.

「There’s no helping it. I’ll give you some money, go out to a brothel or something.」

This city should have a brothel.
I’m sure his troubles will clear up after sleeping with a girl.

「No…… I will pass. Sorry.」

「W-what? Say that again.」

I think I heard something unbelievable.

「I don’t want to…… go to the brothel. Right now…… I’m fine without girls.」

「Kroll, are you really feeling that bad? ……don’t tell me, is it not going to grow any longer!?」

「W-what? What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

How strange, he still seems energetic.
If he’s losing interest in girls, I thought that meant his life is coming to an end.

「Anyways, just come with me. Maybe you’ll cheer up if you take a look around the city at night.」

The inn looks like a decent building and seems sturdy enough, plus the Libatis soldiers are guarding it.
On the off chance something happens, Alice is also there…… as long as she protects her ass, it will be hard for anyone to defeat her.
I think it’ll be fine to step outside for a short while.

「I’m going too!」

Ooh, of course Celia is coming along.

「Can I go too? I want to see other places besides my home village and Rafen too.」

She laughs, saying how it will become a nice story to tell when she goes back to the village.
Mireille is a toned and large-built woman, but that carefree smile is charming, like that of a child’s.
She seems much tinier and more adorable than when I first met her, maybe because I made her my woman, or perhaps I’ve gotten used to seeing the larger Irijina.

「Oh, you can drink too, right Mireille? Let’s go out for a cheap drink some time.」

「Hahaha, just what I was hoping for. When we talk like this…… it really reminds me of the past. I never would have thought you’d become such a big shot though.」

「You’re right…… it’s pretty much the same as before…… but it’s not like we have the standing to address you without honorifics.」

Christoph laughs while Mack nods silently.
It feels like forever since I’ve talked to them like this.

「You can forget about that stuff, Libatis doesn’t have a noble system anyways. You can follow their example and call me whatever you want.」

I actually don’t particularly like bowing my head or having people bow their heads to me.
As long as they’re people I don’t hate, getting addressed without honorifics doesn’t get me angry.
Fortunately, there isn’t anybody in this city who recognizes me, so it’s fine to have drinks and act a little more vulgarly once in a while.

「I will accompany you.」

Only diluted honey mead for you though, Celia.
I know you love the stuff, but you’re not good at holding your alcohol yet.


Schulite isn’t a huge city so naturally the bar is lively at night.
All of us head to an unpretentious place and occupy a large table for seven.

「Occasionally coming out like this is good. This disorderly atmosphere is nice.」

「Yeah, staying cooped up in a palatial residence all the time is too stuffy, don’t you think?」

Christoph and Mack don’t use the tasteless keigo.
Mack doesn’t really speak much in the first place though.

「You didn’t assign any guards…… I’m a little worried.」

Of course Gido and Celia continue using keigo…… it would feel a little weird if they spoke casually actually.

「Don’t worry. Look around.」

We are surrounded by the energy from the hustle and bustle which is typical of a bar meant for the masses.
There are people who are shouting loudly while gulping down their drinks, men who are slumped over the table and complaining, and even some people shoving each other, one step away from breaking out into a brawl.

「Do you think there are any people here who recognize us?」

Celia and I are dressed neat and tidily so we shouldn’t stand out.
Gido and Kroll are just young men who are doing their best to drink after only recently starting to get acquainted with alcohol..

「You stand out quite a bit though.」

When Mack’s shoulder gets nudged, he grins silently.
That’s because this guy is easily taller than two meters, plus he’s a muscular freak so he has a terrifyingly intimidating presence.

「Anyhow…… there are a lot of brawny men around us too.」

Celia’s right, Mack drew some attention with his size when we came in, but none of the men who are downing alcohol and biting into meat really paid us much attention after that.

「By the way, how do people see me?」

Recently, Mireille was having serious doubts about her own presence and was worried that nobody would care about her.

「Well, you’re…… my woman of course.」

I pull her in for a hug and give her a kiss.
That attracted some crude hooting from the people around us, but the stares quickly dispersed as if that kind of act happened often here.

Mireille was glad I took her with me.
She has a large body and rough mannerisms so she blends in well with the bar’s atmosphere.
If Nonna was here, everyone would no doubt constantly stare at her.

「Che, I’m probably not pretty at all.」

I pat Mireille’s head as she pouts.
Her red hair is short as usual, but it feels much smoother than when I first slept with her, probably because she’s been taking good care of it.

「To begin with, the other women around Aegir are all so beautiful……. Honestly, I thought Carla was also really pretty back then too…… comparing to girls like Nonna-san, it’s just weird. What’s with that peerless beauty, not to mention that slim body and those mountain-like breasts, that’s like using her appearance to pick a fight!」

「True…… they’re pretty amazing.」

Everyone, excluding Celia, nods at Gido’s words.
I’m also impressed with Nonna’s tits.
In addition, even with that size, they still point straight out when laid bare.

「Mel-san as well…… being 40 years old a lie, right? If she was in our village, she would naturally attract all the men to court her. ……I tried confirming her age many times in the beginning and she just looked at me with scary eyes.」

Oh, the time when Mireille’s portion of meat was stabbed with a knife? ……well, it’s taboo to mention age in front of Mel.
Whenever she’s close by, the servants who calculate her age also say the ‘40’ word in a softer voice.

「And you’ve got plenty of other pretty girls too!」

Mireille’s getting a little emotional, maybe because of the alcohol.
That’s great, drink more alcohol and let everything out here. It’ll make things easier on me too.

She certainly is different from a sparkling beauty, that toned body of hers and that easy-to-talk-to aura makes her attractive.
Actually, it’s wonderful how she also seems to be filled with motherliness. I’ll fill her womb up with my seed soon enough.

「Yes, it’s instinctual for Aegir-sama to gather beautiful women and expand their wombs, hic.」

Even Celia is saying that?
…… the alcohol was diluted but she drank 5 glasses…… not my fault.
Mireille bites back at that point.

「Noooope, you’re quite pretty yourself! Way different from me!」

「M-my highest priority is serving Aegir-sama……」

「But you’re sleeping with him, aren’t you?」

「……I am.」

「If you behave like a spoiled child, is he nice to you?」

「Extremely…… he puts his hand on my cheek and says things like “I love you, Celia” or “My cute Celia” and it makes me excited to the core.」

「Kahh—! I can’t take this!」

Maybe I’ll ignore this.

「Listen well Kroll, men should rule over women. You must not let them dominate you.」

「I see…… that applies to more than one, right?」

「Of course, you still have a ways to go if they get angry at you for cheating. The first step is to get them to say things like “I don’t care if you see other girls, but let me stay with you.” or things like “I can’t live without you~”.」

Christoph is telling Kroll something in a falsetto voice.
One of the female employees is looking at them with a disgusted expression.

「It’s the same thing in bed. You gotta at least be able to say “You want it? Then work for it.”」

「I thought so!」

Was Christoph always that good at picking up women?
I think I remember seeing him in a bar in Rafen one day and a girl was clinging to him, begging to be fucked.
If I’m not mistaken, she even prostrated herself but he stepped on her and ran away in the end.
Kroll currently has two women already, I wonder if he is aware.

Gido and Mack are…… talking?




「You can practically hear those muscles bulging……」


「I- I want a body like that too.」

Mack’s upper half is exposed and he’s posing while Gido compliments him.
What are you guys doing……?

「Mmhnm…… Nnh?」

As Mack put his hands behind his head and bends backward, a female squeezes a copper coin in his pants.
Really, what are you guys doing?

I guess everyone’s doing stupid things because of the alcohol.
I also laugh and tease Celia and Mireille, occasionally rubbing the ass of the female employee that passes me.
The vulgar yet fun times continue, but at that moment, the door opens silently.


A female about 30 years old comes in, and overwhelms the atmosphere of the store.
From what I can see, she seems like a mature girl who doesn’t come to places like these very often.

The woman talks to the each of the men seated near the entrance, but everytime she did so, she received uncouth hooting.

「Hehehe, how about a round with us instead? We can fuck your ass and pussy at the same time.」

「No thank you!」


「I’m just a little curious.」

She looks serious…… or more like desperate.
She looks like she’s about to cry.

And then, she finally reaches our table.


Partly because of all the foul-mouthed words she got in response, she looks up fearfully at me.

「What is it? What a pretty little thing…… well, please sit.」

I steal the chair from under Christoph and forcefully stop his ridiculous lies and stories about conquering 100 women.
The female put a hand to her chest in relief after finally getting her first positive response.

Hmm…… her boobs are average in size but they’re pushing up her loose clothes.
I think I can expect some bouncy ones.
Her lips seem soft, though tiny.
It might be hard to get all of my dick in there…….

I should probably do her from the front while I kiss her.
If I do, I would be able to feel the springy sensation of her breasts against me.

「Um…… so……」

Thoughts of fucking the girl automatically appear in my head.
Right, I should probably listen to her request.
The only ones listening right now are Celia, Mireille and myself.

「You see…… my daughter went missing!」

In that case, you should be talking to the guards.
She continues on.

「My daughter…… she went out to the outside forest to pick mushrooms this morning and she hasn’t come back yet. I think she went past the outer area of the forest where you could safely pick mountain vegetables and to the deeper, more dangerous places. Now I don’t know what to do…… the guards won’t help outside the city and my husband went to the city states to do business, so I don’t have anyone else to rely on.」

So that’s why she’s going to different bars to get some sort of help, knowing that many laborers and mercenaries who are confident in their strength tend to gather there.
I personally don’t think it’s the smartest choice, but she must not have had any other option.

「I will pay you back…… so please, help me find my daughter……」

「And how will you pay, out of curiosity?」

Mireille is quite reliable in these areas.

「All the money I have……」

The woman takes out a few silver coins from her pocket. With that much, it might barely be enough to hire one mercenary.
However, I don’t need any money.

「You can pay after your daughter is successfully found, I’ll also be taking advance payment.」

「Y-yes! Will this be enough?」

I silently shake my head.
After I see the woman look down dejectedly, I grab both her shoulders.

「Eh!? What are you-……」

「The advance payment, I’m taking it now.」

I put my lips against her soft-looking lips.
Obviously, she wouldn’t like it if I suddenly stuck my tongue in her mouth.
I separate from her after a light peck.

「It’s pointless to step inside the forest at night. We’ll search when it’s dawn.」

To be honest, there’s a high chance of dying from the wolves and goblins if you stay overnight in the forest.
If we can find some items which belong to the deceased, the woman will be able to give up the search, and if we do manage to rescue the daughter, it’s highly likely that she’ll give me her body in return.

「Alright, we drank enough today! Let’s head to bed and prepare for tomorrow!」

I pick up Christoph, who is on the floor and already sleeping, and carry him back to the inn.
Everybody else starts getting ready to leave as well.
I was thinking how Celia’s been awfully quiet, but she’s completely wasted.
I’ll leave her to Mireille.

「U-um…… I don’t know if it will help, but I have some information! There are rumors of a large serpent appearing in the forest lately.」

The woman runs after us and tells me.
I don’t think a big snake sounds too scary, however I’ll still be careful.

「Also…… there are rumors of a half-naked woman as well!」

A female molester of the forest, wonderful, I hope I get to meet her.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Accompanying to the Democratic Nation of Libatis:
Nonna (still beautiful), Celia (adjutant), Carla (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (presence), Leah (lover), Casie (kite[2. Nat: not like the bird, but the other kite]), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover)
Alice (magical girl), Antonio (son), Rose (foster daughter)

Gido (escort), Kroll (escort), Schwartz (lewd horse), Mack (muscle), Christoph (100 kills?[3. Nat: I suppose this is his kill count as an amazing lady killer])

Assets: 10 700 gold (Trip Preparations -180)

Sexual Partners: 223, children who have been born: 48




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