Chapter 225: Vandolea War ③ A March Progressing Too Steadily




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–Aegir POV–

「We’ll rout them in one go.」


I’ve lost count of how many times we fought, but I’m leading the cavalry in another charge into the enemy.
The enemy tries to get into defensive formation, but they collapse before we even clash from a collective volley of arrows from the bow cavalry.

「Again, this will turn into a unilateral massacre at this rate. What a complicated feeling.」

I speak while cutting down the soldiers in front of me, then running through the enemy commander on horseback and sending his upper half flying.
As long as they haven’t surrendered, they’re still enemies even if they are running away.
I don’t have to hold back.

「Damn it! Why did this have to happen to us……」

「You just have bad luck.」

I run through the enemy soldier with my spear as he readies his sword while complaining.

「If we collapse completely, we’ll end up being chased down again!」

「How perceptive of you.」

I smash the head of the soldier trying to encourage the people around him.
It immediately caused those in the vicinity to scatter in a frenzied state.

Not many enemies are resisting anymore.
They’re just running while we take them out.

「One squad should be enough to pursue them. Everyone else, return to the main army and get ready to move out. We’ll depart after a short break!」

I didn’t think there was any point in killing the few left standing.

I grumble to Leopolt when I return to headquarters.

「What is the enemy thinking? Facing off against us with such a small and unmotivated army force…… they should know they have no hope of winning against us.」

After defeating the enemy on the borders, we meet up with the fortress soldiers and reinforcement mountain nation before heading south to invade Vandolea territory.
I wrote a letter, saying “we received an undeserved attack and will now march to retaliate” and had one of the enemy soldiers we captured deliver it for us.

「I don’t know if it reached them or not though.」

「All the enemy is doing is buying time. They are sending detachments at us to prevent their main army from being chased down as they retreat.」

「The enemy should be having a hard time too. They can’t do anything except slow down the speed of our advance.」

Myla nonchalantly pulls up to my right side.
When I rub her ass, she furrows her eyebrows but looks somewhat happy.
Incidentally, my left hand is busy stroking Pipi’s chin, leaving no hand unentertained.
Celia, who was left out, is pacing back and forth around me while glaring at Myla.

「The Divine Nation of Altair acted quickly.」

I don’t know what method Libatis used to make Altair believe, but they reacted immediately and seem to be starting their full-scale invasion on Vandolea.

In other words, Vandolea does not have any forces to spare to the north besides this army we are currently pursuing.
The army commander on that side must be at a complete loss too.

「The problem is how far we can advance I guess……」

「The requirement is up to Malt’s south line, but let’s go as far as we can go to the place we initially planned. Vandolea’s land will become ours if they end up getting destroyed and we might be able to offer different conditions for the exchange in return if the battle front becomes deadlocked.」

「If there is no resistance, we can do whatever we want. Let’s do as much as we are allowed.」

Both Leopolt and Malt are pretty merciless.
It’s not like I owe Vandolea any favors, so let’s go all out.

「Don’t tell Daša what we talked about just now. It’ll put unnecessary worry in her heart. By the way, where is she?」

「……yesterday, Aegir-sama made her squirt in front of the soldiers and she said she can’t show herself anymore so she went to sleep.」

What a shy girl.

「More importantly, I’m concerned about Goldonia’s silence.」

「…… that’s true.」

Unlike what happened to Malt, we were invaded by 15,000 soldiers this time.
It’s a personal attack on me, but it can also be considered an attack on Goldonia.
I did give notice to them but their response was a let down.

Celia takes out the letter in her pocket and reads it out again.

「An express messenger arrived to let us know deserters from Vandolea are running wild. It appears Lord Hardlett has used appropriate judgement to deal with them. The Royal army is continually undergoing preparations for war but no invasion has crossed the border yet…… is what they replied with.」

「So lukewarm.」

「I looked into it to see if it was a trap in the beginning.」

So Leopolt was thinking that it could have been a trap to screw with me.

「It doesn’t seem to be the case though. This response as well as the harmless and inoffensive remarks and policies…… my guess is that the top decision maker does not want to indicate any intent.」

「Hmmm…… I thought the King was a greedier person.」

This is the King who expanded his territory by finding some reason to take out Arkland, Magrado and Treia.
Rather, I would have thought that the problem would be restraining the Royal army from participating this time.

「Perhaps the situation has become one where the top decision maker is not able to take any government action?」

So this guy’s saying he is concerned about his surroundings.

「If the King collapsed, then we definitely would be contacted.」

If the King is down with an illness, the country will be more or less in disorder.
There might be some nobles who are planning a revolt among those who were treated poorly.

At the very least, I believe I was treated warmly and I should be thought of as a friend.
I should have gotten some word from Erich to prepare for the worst just in case.

「In any case, everything is just conjecture. It’s meaningless until we know the details.」

「You’re right, all we know is that the Kingdom won’t be sending their army.」

I look to the side of our headquarters after saying that.
There, I see an irritating flag different from my black one, one which is gaudy with excessive and over-the-top designs, waving heavily overhead.

「So they’re the replacement.」

「They shouldn’t drag us down despite how they look.」

Lining up beside me are the vassal armies from Count Monashi, Viscount Binbo and Baron Wejini.

「It’s Baron Gokhin.」

「Was that it?」

The total number amounts to 1500, which is impressive if you consider the financial situation of those three.
It makes me worry if they’re really doing alright.

As soon as it became public that my territory was invaded by Vandolea, Count Monashi came forward to support me.

「Lord Hardlett’s crisis is the whole southern region’s crisis, please allow us to deploy troops as well!」

He insisted even though I declined with the reason that increasing the number of troops would increase the burden on logistics.

「Don’t worry about it, new vendors will lend us money once they find out we’re acquainted with Lord Hardlett, so we can at least take care of our own food. It’s no problem!」

It’s a big problem, but I’ll let them do what they want since it’s their problem.
I don’t know what will happen in a fight outside our territory.
It might be better to have more numbers to fend off attacks from the side or an ambush from behind.

「If by any chance, an enemy appears and we can’t deal with them, remain in the rear……」

Don’t say that Leopolt, all three of their households sent out the head or eldest son.
It will cause a fuss if they get wiped out.

「Like I said before, they’re not as incompetent as they look.」

As Myla said, the vassal lords’ armies only look incapable because they’re wearing crude armor frequently donned by peasants.
Moreover, they look well-trained and well-disciplined.
The seedy-looking equipment is…… because of financial reasons, though it should be sufficiently usable for a side mission like this.

「Speak of the devil…… isn’t that the Count over there?」

An extravagant noble…… or a seemingly extravagant noble who is actually a somewhat sooty is coming towards us on a horse accompanied by his follower.
With their bodies clad in shoddy armor and the misfortunate atmosphere, it’s definitely him.

「They came all this way even though they’re poor. It wouldn’t hurt us to treat them well.」

We, along with the vassal lords’ armies, slowly but surely move down south.

A Certain Village Along the Marching Path.

「We won’t provoke you or do any conscription.You can rest assured, we’ll just pass through as long as you don’t do anything hostile.」

I went to a nearby village we encountered along the way to speak directly with them.
It would have been trouble if the citizens became like those fanatics from Altair since I would have had to annihilate them.

「We do not…… intend to resist against the army either. I will tell those in the village to prepare to leave in about two or three days so if you would please pass through peacefully.」

The person who appeared to be the village head didn’t seem to be extremely thankful nor did he seem to show any excessive amount of hate towards me.
They must be hoping to wait until the storm passes.
In that case, our talk here is done.

「That’s it then. We’ll end the war soon.」

I return to camp after that.
Anyways, it seems like all the people who poked their heads out of their homes in this village are quite skinny.
Was Vandolea always such a poor country?

And then at night.

「Wait! Stop!」「Are you a spy!?」

「Please have mercy…… have mercy!!」

A problem occurred right away.

「What’s going on?」

I leave the convulsing Myla on the bed and exit the tent while my upper half is naked to see two soldiers pinning down a woman to the ground with their spears.

「Feudal lord-sama! This woman was messing around with the wagon packed with food!」

「Fumu, did she inject poison in it? Or maybe she was trying to start a fire?」

This is enemy territory.
It’s not unusual for an enemy spy to show up disguised as a civilian.

「T-that’s not it! It’s just there’s no food back at home…… and everyone here was eating happily……」

Oh, it’s just a food thief.

「It’s the same thing as robbing someone, so we should hang her……」

I look carefully at the woman’s face as a torch illuminates the area.
She’s at the age where it’s hard to tell if she’s 20 or not.
I think she’s pretty and well-endowed in the breast and ass department, although she is skinny. It’s a good thing she’s not just skin and bones.

「……I’ll hear about what happened directly from her. Come into the tent.」

「T-thank you very much!」

The woman is happy while the soldiers sigh, dispersing silently back to their posts.
It’s a little lonely when they don’t say anything in return.

I cover the sleeping Myla with a blanket and have the woman sit on a chair.

「The first thing I want to know is, are you affiliate with Vandolea?」

「Of course not! I’m just one of the ordinary citizens…… nothing so outrageous……」

It doesn’t look like she’s lying.

「Then why did you try to steal food? Do you not have anything to eat?」

I can understand why just by looking at her feeble body but I’ll ask anyways.

「I haven’t eaten since the day before yesterday. We are experiencing a poor harvest this year but I somehow managed to get food for winter. Except an army came from the south provoked us and took it all away.」

Oh, those guys we chased away?
According to Tristan, they’re some sort of hybrid army, but securing food from the locals of their own territory is pretty ridiculous.
For a second, I really thought they were deserters.

「Our stomachs are empty and my little brothers are crying, just a little bit is fine! Can you spare some food?」


I can sympathize with her but if I have to distribute food to every citizen in the cities we occupy, our logistics won’t be able to support the burden.
However, abandoning this woman doesn’t sit well with me either.

「There are 200 villagers, huh…… I’ll give you a few days’ worth.」

「T-thank you very much!」

This much can probably be attributed to measurement error.
It won’t solve the fundamental problem but it may shift the public opinion slightly in my favor.

And we aren’t finished talking yet.

「I would also…… like to give more only to your house.」

I take the woman’s hand while speaking.
She appears to be perplexed at my statement but soon realizes my intentions.

「……please and thank you.」

With that out of the way, I roll her face up on the bed.
Oops, I almost hit Myla, that was close.

「You’re sure, right?」

「Yes, do as you please.」

I cover the woman with my already naked upper half and strip her naked too.
Her ample bosom that spills out of her clothes are pretty as expected and they have a nice size.

「Oh please be gentle, take care that you don’t break me.」

I place my hand on the woman’s face as she shuts her eyes tightly out of nervousness and then kiss her gently.
Her eyes widen in surprise and I proceed to caress her like a fragile object, kissing her lips then sliding down to her neck, and then licking her collar bone.

「Ah, aahn. Hnn!」

I go down from her collar bone to her breasts, and suck her cute pink-colored nipples a few times before fondling her breasts gently.

「Nn…… nnnnnh! Ahahaha, that tickles!」

When I bring my mouth even lower and lick her belly button, she laughs and flails her limbs.

「Haha, sorry about that.」

I stop licking her navel and once again bring my mouth back up.
This time, I suck her other nipple and drag my tongue from her collar bone to her neck.
It tastes a little salty from the sweat on her body due to her nervousness earlier.
I’ll lick it all up.

「Ah, aauuuu. Nnah!」

Lastly, I return to her lips and kiss her.
I tangle my tongue with hers this time and she doesn’t resist at all.


When our lips separate, the tension in the woman’s now flushed face is nowhere to be found as she gazes shyly at me.

「A scary soldier…… a body covered in scars…… I thought for sure I was going to be violently raped. But you’re extremely kind.」

「I’m nice to women. Especially pretty women like you.」

I look into her eyes when I say that to her.

「Gosh…… I thought you were a scary person but you’re quite the womanizer.」

The woman smiles and relaxes her thighs.
When I grab her legs and spread them apart, she gladly opens them without resistance.

「I’m taking the bottom too.」


She doesn’t say anything, but she must have given me consent since she isn’t resisting.
When her hole becomes exposed, I can see it looks well-used despite it still being a nice color.

「Fufufu, the skin is slightly puffed out. Did you play around a lot?」

「T-that’s not it! I’ve only been with a few people since there aren’t many people out here in the boonies!」

I put my mouth to her genitals and slip my tongue inside her folds.
As expected of an experienced vagina, it gets wet right away.

「I-it’s wet enough already. Go ahead and enter me.」

Perhaps feeling embarrassed to get even wetter, the woman asks me to penetrate her.

「I’ll make love to you then.」


The woman grabs the blanket beside her to hide her face, but I hope she stops since she will see Myla if she pulls too much.

I thought it was a peaceful mood for us to have sex but as soon as I took out my tool, the atmosphere turns on its head.


「What’s wrong? Why are you running away?」

The woman suddenly screams and curls up on the bed.
I thought she was eager to have sex.

「You’re asking why!? T-that thing!」

The woman points to my dick.

「……it’s just my dick.」

If a sunflower was growing on my dick, I would be surprised too.

「It’s too big…… monster!」

Oh, you’re worried about its size?

「Now now, don’t say that.」

I embrace the woman and push the tip of my dick up against the entrance of her vagina.

「Wait! You’ll really break me! Something as big as my arm won’t fit…… gyaaaah!!」

I grab her waist and slowly insert myself inside.
It took about 30 seconds for my dick to sink into her hole and the initially resisting woman gradually loses strength.
She’s skinny so her vagina feels tight and I can hear the flesh inside her being spread apart but it doesn’t look like I’m breaking her.

「Aah…… your insides are coiling around me, it feels so good.」

「Kkh, it hurts…… it’s too thick…… and it’s also as hard as a rock…… please don’t move……」

I wrap my body around the woman to comfort her as I see her make an agonizing expression, then I whisper in her ear.

「I won’t be rough. I’ll wait until you get accustomed to me before moving, so relax and leave everything to me.」

「Aauuu…… you’re really nice. Your cock kills women though.」

If you compliment me so much, it’s going to get even bigger.

The woman’s hole eventually gets used to my size and I start moving my hips slowly after she consents.

「Aau! Aaaaaaah!! Amazing! Just moving a little bit makes my entire body tremble!」

「It feels really good inside you too. How about here?」

I pinch her clitoris while penetrating her and her body jerks upward.
Her vagina is clenching down tightly as well.

「If I taste such pleasure, I won’t ever be satisfied with the men from the village anymore!」

「There’s more where that came from!」

I lift up the woman’s body and rest her on top of my lap before thrusting firmly.
Her stomach bulges out with every one of my thrusts, though she is probably not feeling the pain judging by the slovenly drooling face the woman is making.

「It’s so big…… way too big…… but this isn’t so bad…… it feels like I’m being dominated by a man.」

「That’s right, you belong to me right now, only me. I’ll release my seed and dominate your womb too.」

I increase the intensity of my thrusts even more.
The hastily-made bed seems like it’ll break but the woman is moaning louder and louder.

And then she reaches her limit.

「Finish by thrusting from on top of me!」

「Sure. Put your arms around my neck.」

Feeling her climax nearing, the woman asks for the final push towards the top.
I return to the missionary position, smothering her with my body and slamming my hips into her.
When I pound her womb repeatedly with deep thrusts, she wraps her arms around my neck and digs her nails into my back.

「S-sorry! My hand just automatically-!」

「It’s fine, marks from a woman’s nails are a man’s pride. I’ll do this in return.」

I pump my hips faster, making the flesh-slapping sound echo all throughout the place.
The woman screams and clings desperately to me as tears run down her face.

「What a cutie…… take this!」

At the last moment, I hug the girl and push my hips forward as far as I can before ejaculating.
The meat rod, which is about 70% inserted into the woman’s vagina, twitches and then a rhythmic pulsing sound can be heard.


She must have felt the hot spraying of liquid into her womb.

「Ooooooh! Aaoooooh! Ooooooh……」

Hearing such beast-like sounds really stimulates a man’s lust.

I bring my hands up to the woman’s breasts and bury my face in them while continuing to empty my remaining load.

「T-than, kyu, verr, ymussh……」

After our lovemaking session, the woman goes back home unsteadily.
She was welcome to sleep here.
Although, that would mean sleeping together with Myla.

As I slipped into the futon, a soldier protecting the entrance called out to me.

「Feudal lord-sama, the people of the village have come.」

「Um! We heard what happened from Pammy. I also have three younger brothers at home with growing appetites.」


「I’m still a 16 year old virgin, but I want to be pierced by General-sama’s huge thing!」

「I guess I’ll listen to what you have to say.」

Ultimately, I ended up inviting three women into my tent to listen to what they have to say.

When I was finished, Myla was glaring at me the whole time while resting on my arm.
Apparently she was awake partway through.

The Next Day.

「For sharing your food with the village…… how can we ever thank you.」

I casually dismiss the head of the village who bows his head deeply.
It wasn’t like I did it for his sake, besides, Leopolt didn’t deny that this much food wouldn’t threaten our logistics too heavily in the future when I asked him.

「Look, those three women are looking seductively at you. Is it alright if you don’t wave back?」

It seems Myla is still holding a grudge against me for what happened.
Maybe it’s because some juice splashed on her.

It happened when I tried to cheer her up by patting her head.


It was the same mysterious feeling I felt somewhere close to the border, but it was way stronger this time.
I could tell more clearly this time, the earth was shaking.

「W-what is this!?」「Oooh, it’s shaking, it’s shaking!!」

Celia and Irijina are also shocked.
It wasn’t strong enough that we couldn’t keep standing, but it’s impossible for the earth to shake.

The vibrations continued for 10 seconds and then settled down as if it never happened.

「What was that just now……」

「Ooh, that has been happening around here quite often recently.」

The village head doesn’t appear to be panicking.
So it’s a daily occurrence?

「It’s been happening a lot since last month and it would happen many times during the day. It wasn’t strong enough to destroy our homes so we didn’t worry too much about it.」

The village head points to the south.
Over there is a tall mountain with clouds covering the top.

Considering the position, it isn’t the great mountain range.
It’s the Dard mountain if I remember correctly.

「The people from Altair will deny it…… but I’ve been told in the past that the shaking is because of the God of the Dard mountains and the God of the earth are dancing and enjoying drinks together.」

I see, a little bit of shaking isn’t a big problem then…… but something still makes me feel a little uneasy.

「The peddlers have also told us they saw some white smoke coming from Dard mountains recently, but it should be a highlight of the party. It’ll probably calm down once the party is over.」

Fumu, there’s nothing to be done if it is the work of a God.
We’ll focus on the fight with humans.

「Everyone, depart! We’re heading to the south!」


Our morale is high.
We have nothing to worry about.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Army: 14,650 men
Infantry: 7400, Cavalry: 850, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 3900 (Vassal lords army: 1500)
Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 470 gold (Additional Food -100)
Sexual Partners: 233, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish




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