Chapter 230: A Woman’s Troubles




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–


I swing a spear, instead of my hips, with plenty of weights attached to the shaft and barely stop before hitting the ground.
The spear was unable to withstand the force from the sudden suspension of weight and bends out of shape until it snaps, rendering it totally useless.


I unconsciously click my tongue.
As I thought, it’s not going to hold all that weight.

Because the dwarven spear was so excellent, it doesn’t feel right when use regular spears.
They’re too light and too brittle…… I could use the Dual Crater, but it attracts too much attention and it’s a sword, so I don’t have as much reach as I would like when I want to rampage on the battlefield.

When I sigh, I feel someone staring at me.
Crap, I suddenly realize that I was doing all this in the courtyard.

I turn around and see half of Celia peeking out from behind the door who is looking at my broken spear like she’s about to cry.
I was trying to hide from her and purposely didn’t use the parade grounds too…….

「Celia, shall we take a bath together?」

「Water from a well is good enough for a girl like me.」

「Don’t be stupid, you’ll catch a cold.」


Celia looks down and was about to run off, but I grab her by the waist and take her with me to the bathroom.
It’s almost time for the meeting with Leopolt and the others.
We can talk after taking a bath.

I ignore Celia’s whining and strip her naked before dunking her into the bath.

Even though she runs around the battlefield, her skin is still flawless unlike my scarred body.
Her body is toned but her muscles are not as well-defined as Irijina’s, rather she’s softer.
I won’t say this out loud because it might make me seem like a pervert, but I really like the borderline tan of her exposed thigh right below her short pants.

I get naked after her and we both soak in the bath.
She’s got a cute white ass, a vagina with slightly open lips from being constantly used by me, and shapely breasts, all of which stimulate the man in me, but now is not the time to embrace Celia.

「Your tool…… it’s sticking out above the water.」

「Well that’s because you’re naked beside me. Of course it’ll get hard.」

I’m not Kroll.

「Shall I suck on it?」

「No, not now.」

After saying that, Celia awkwardly submerges herself until everything below her nose is in the water, then blows bubbles.
Geez, it’s still bothering her.

「How long are you going to let that bother you? Here, take this.」

「Waahyya! Stobb id pleaz!」

I wrap my arms around Celia and then squeeze her cheeks.
We play around in the bath, flailing and splashing water everywhere.
After we settle down, she sits back down on my lap.

She buries her face into my chest and mutters softly.

「I’m either useless to Aegir-sama or I end up dragging you down. Aren’t you annoyed at someone as useless as me? If you don’t like something, even if it’s something small, just punch me right now. I won’t tell anyone about it.」

「I told you I’m not mad. And I’m not going to hit you. You and I both came back safe and sound, isn’t that good enough?」

Celia’s expression actually warps more as she clings to me tighter.

「I want you to scold me…… because of my blunder, Aegir-sama was exposed to danger and even lost your weapon. It really worries me when you don’t get mad after that. It makes me think you’ve given up on me.」

Celia continues as I pat her head.

「You can hit me, you can kick me, hurt me or embarrass me. The most painful feeling for me is when Aegir-sama doesn’t even pay attention to me.」

Celia starts crying against my chest.

It’s not like I don’t understand her feelings.
For Celia, I’m essentially her one and only family member.
She’s very close with Leah but they’re just best friends.

I suddenly start imagining.
What if Lucy looked at me with cold eyes after I made a mistake and lost interest in me instead of getting angry.
That would be even harsher than getting beat up by her.

I actually don’t think too much of it, but Celia must be scared that she’s a disappointment and someone who isn’t even worth getting mad over.

I’m not angry at her at all.
Besides, her horse tripping over is accidental.
I don’t have any reason to be mad at her, but I guess she must see some meaning in being scolded.

「……alright, I’ll scold you. You messed up and almost died. If the cute you died, I probably would not have been able to get back on my feet. You made a terrible mistake.」

I lift Celia up and lay her facing sideways on my lap.
It’s the same posture a child would take when getting spanked by their mother.

「I’m sorry Aegir-sama…… no, dad.」

It doesn’t feel like Celia’s making fun of me.
I guess she wants to be punished as a daughter.

「I’ll spank you now, so stay still.」

「Yes, please punish this foolish Celia.」

I brush her soft ass once before pulling my hand back.
Celia closes her eyes tightly in anticipation of the pain.
I feel somewhat sorry for her but she won’t be able to let go of what happened if I punish her half-heartedly.

「Repent, Celia!」

Naturally, I hold back and hit her with just as much force as when I punished Nonna.


Her back arches as she screams.
Celia didn’t do anything wrong so it pains my heart, though I’ll do it if it means she’ll feel better.

「Dad! Papa, I’m sorry!」

I gently stroke the face of the apologizing girl and let her go after slapping her butt five times.
Her pretty ass is red now.

「Your ass…… it hurts, doesn’t it?」

「Yes, it really stings…… but it makes me feel more relieved.」

Celia smiles so there was some value in this undesirable punishment.

「I’ll be getting out now so you can cool your ass in the water. It’ll probably become pretty swollen.」

After punishing Nonna, the pain lasted for several days.

Carla would play pranks on her by trying to hit her butt so Nonna and her three attendants would have to hide in the mansion, always vigilant of their surroundings like a bunch of spies.

「Ah, please wait. There is one more thing that’s bothering me……」

There was something else?
What is it?

「When I broke my arm, Aegir-sama did something reckless like drinking my pee. It would bother me if I didn’t at least return the favor.」

Celia smiles as she takes my dick into her mouth.

「……could you just let me off on this? I’m not a pervert who would happily let a girl drink my urine.」


Celia doesn’t take my dick out of her mouth, just grinning and then closing her eyes.
Aah, whatever then.

I grab Celia’s head and open up my legs slightly.
I squeeze my abs and then something other than semen flows through my dick and down Celia’s throat.

「Nnh…… nngh…… nngh……」

The immoral sounds echoes in the bath.

「Well, let’s start the meeting.」

Celia and I head to the office together like nothing happened.
Adolph and the others and I are sitting around the table, probably not because everyone is refraining from standing alone.

「Starting from the conclusion, our financial situation has instantly gotten worse.」

Adolph indignantly reports the current state of affairs.

「There were a lot of expensive equipment after all…… it won’t make a difference even if we sell all of the items looted from Vandolea?」

「Not much will remain after we subtract the portion we distributed to the soldiers. We were already hard-pressed for money as it is with this war.」

Adolph sounds semi angry.
This guy was against increasing military costs from the beginning after all.

「But you gotta say that what happened this time was out of our expectations……」

Nobody could predict fire and ash would blow out of the mountain.
It was a complete accident.

「Nobody will wait because you got into an accident though…… that’s why I have a proposal.」

Leopolt and Adolph look at me.
What do they want?

「Although we lost equipment during this expedition, our army didn’t suffer many casualties. In other words, it will not become a large expense if you don’t resupply all the equipment at once.」

「Are you suggesting to leave the soldiers who lost their equipment alone?」

That’s just sad.
If Malt gets invaded again, I can’t protect them.

Leopolt adds another comment when he sees me making a troubled face.

「There is no particularly large threat at the moment. According to the statement from the Vandolea commander, their main force was doing battle near Dard mountain and would have been destroyed together with their opponent Altair.」

Bejček probably feels he doesn’t have any reason to keep information confidential now because he opened up rather easily.

「We are continuing the investigation even now but the impact of the explosion seems to be quite extensive, so I’m guessing it would be difficult for them to start any new attacks.」

「If you guys say so.」

I’m not going to resist if both Adolph and Leopolt are in agreement.

「Something like this arrived as well……」

I take out a letter from Kenneth which arrived yesterday.
Apparently, the King doesn’t want to clash with any of the southern nations and he says it’s better to limit any conflict.

「So he’s saying it’s better to refrain from expanding the army as well……?」

This is ultimately Kenneth’s advice, though it is evident that something has changed in the King’s thinking.
Well, I’m in financial troubles anyways so I should probably obediently listen to him.

「I believe we need to grasp what the King is thinking.」

Naturally, Leopolt is worried about the change in Goldonia’s policies.
Maybe I’ll bring it up when I have to do the New Year’s greetings.
We won’t come up with an answer now even if we wrack our brains thinking about it.

By the way, Tristan isn’t here. He must have hid somewhere as soon as he got home…… Celia’s butt is hurting so I’ll get Irijina to bring him here.
He can enjoy her tactless and inconsiderate invasion.

「The remaining military problem is the treatment of the former Vandolea soldiers. It will naturally cause some unease if we include them in our army. It looks like they have punished soldiers…… in other words, former prisoners, mixed in as well.」

9000 is a lot.
In the face of such a large disaster, neither side had the luxury to feel hostile towards each other, however both sides would start thinking various things after calming down from the shock of the calamity.

「Should we can create a new pioneer village for all of them?」

There are plenty of fields in my territory that we can give them but also plenty of untouched land with insufficient help.
Leopolt has a slightly grim expression on his face.

「There’s a risk they’ll rebel if we keep them all together.」

「Bejček, huh? It should be fine with him as the head. I don’t know about each individual soldier, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll rebel.」

They’ll probably find it more comforting to have one of their own be their leader than if we sent someone from our side.

「Many of them have trained as soldiers. We can incorporate them as another army once we gather equipment.」

「For that reason, we want them to make families.」

Adolph says that seriously but it isn’t so simple.
Pretty much all of the 9000 soldiers are men.

「As it is, Lord Hardlett himself has eaten several hundred already.」

Myla, don’t make such snide remarks.

「I’ll leave that part to you guys. Do a good job.」

In the end, I pass everything off to someone else, but neither Adolph or Leopolt seem to mind.

「Because the boss who doesn’t know anything isn’t saying anything with much detail, there isn’t much to be irritated about.」

That certainly is the case, but it makes me annoyed enough to want to strangle Adolph.
As my hands reach out towards him, I see the bags under his eyes and it makes me stop.

He’s tired.
I’ll ask some prostitutes to pay him a visit later.
His fatigue should disappear after embracing five partners or so.

「Regarding domestic affairs……」

It’s almost winter.

「Which is why……」

The price of firewood has fallen ever since Lintbloom started to use some unknown burning rocks in place of wood.

「And there is one thing that concerns me……」

Adolph’s tone changed, which perks my attention.

「After the explosion of the mountain that caused this incident, ash has been falling on the southern part of Malt.」

「Ash is……?」

We became covered with ash on the way back.
Ash was even falling on the area we recently occupied.

「Fortunately, a strong north wind started to blow so the amount which falls will decrease, however water won’t wash away the ash and many places have a thin layer of ash covering the whole area.」

「Is there a problem with that?」

Ash is just a slight annoyance and it can simply be brushed away.
Although, it might be hard to create fields with piles of ash in the way.

「It is still unknown what effect it will have. After all, this is happening for the first time. I think we will have to carefully monitor Malt and the occupied area.」

It doesn’t sound like it’ll be good news.

「We still have lots of food, right?」

Since the topic changed all of a sudden, Adolph had to quickly rearrange the documents in front of him.

「Yes, because we did not sell most of the wheat, we still have lots of stockpiles. Even if we sold a certain amount to help our shortage of funds…… it wouldn’t leave us with a worrying amount after taking in the additional 9000 people.」

「No, that’s not what I meant.」

I don’t know what will happen from now on, but we should be able to manage as long as we have food.
Conversely, we can’t do anything if we don’t have food.

「We don’t have to rush and sell off the wheat. The citizens are not particularly worried about food, right?」

「Yes, they aren’t lacking because of the bountiful harvest. The trading price of wheat itself is fluctuating wildly, but that’s because greedy merchants are aiming for marginal profits by repeatedly buying up all the wheat and then releasing it. It’s not something we need to worry about.」

I imagine a scene where the greedy merchant and her sister are sucking my crotch side-by-side.
My body trembles with excitement.

Adolph lets out a small sigh and rearranges his documents.

「If we are not able to sell the wheat, we won’t be able to raise our funds quickly.」

「We won’t die even if we don’t have money. We will die if we don’t have food.」

That’s the only thing I say before I leave the rest to those two.
Celia should participate in Adolph’s discussion too, I’m sure it’ll be good experience for her.
Oops…… Myla should participate too, since her slightly annoying opinion should be needed too.

「「Understood. Are you going to see a woman now?」」

Celia and Myla’s voices overlap.
That’s why I like women who have been with me for so long, they understand me.

The place I’m headed to is where Daša is.
She was assigned a nice guest room made for nobles or other important people.
However, Daša was curled up in the middle of that spacious room and crying.

「Cheer up. There’s nothing you can do about it now.」

She didn’t eat any of the fruit left for her in place of breakfast.
She shouldn’t have eaten anything for the past two days.

「My brother was in the army. He was definitely fighting near the Dard mountain……」

I sit next to the resisting Daša without saying anything then hug her forcefully.
She struggles a bit but begins to talk again after she realizes I’m not doing anything besides rubbing her shoulder.
I don’t try to reply or comfort her, just continuing to rub her shoulder silently.

「My parents and the eldest of my younger sisters were in Urande. Urande is closer to the mountain than the battlefield……」

Daša buries her face in my chest.
Tears slowly soak my shirt and get it wet.

I hear her sniffle once.
I don’t say anything and just wrap her head with my left hand while my right hand scoops some of her hair.

「My youngest little sister and little Lott…… why!? Why did something like this happen!? I’m the only one! How could I be the only survivor after becoming a prisoner of war!!? I wanted to die in that place too!!」

She grabs my shoulder and pounds my chest many times.
Even though she hits me two or three times, her womanly fists could not get through my thick chest.
Eventually, her angry shouting turns into screams, and then turns into wailing.

「Just go to sleep now.」

I grab her fist right as she brings it down toward my chest and transfer some alcohol to her mouth-to-mouth.
It’s not something a human’s strength can do anything about.
You can only cry and drown yourself in alcohol, hoping to forget about it after several days.

I pick up the girl whose face turns red from the alcohol and throw her in bed.
It’s pretty cold already so she would catch a cold if she slept on the sofa.

Despite drinking plenty of alcohol, the girl’s eyes are wide open and tears are endlessly running down her face.
I can see a look of death from her clouded eyes and it’s very likely she would choose to die if I left her alone.

I can’t just let her commit suicide.
It’s unavoidable, I’m going to have to be a little forceful.

「I can’t say I understand your sadness. But the only thing I know I can do for a despairing woman is this.」

I start taking off Daša’s clothes and then get naked myself.
For a split second, the girl appears to scowl but soon resigns herself and languidly spreads her legs.

「Do whatever you want. My legs are spread open so you can violate me if you wish…… while you’re at it, why not strangle me to death too. I hear women tend to get tighter when you choke them.」

Daša is becoming desperate, though my intentions aren’t limited to wanting to fuck her.
I hug her from behind and pull a blanket over her.

「Become mine, Daša. I’ll do everything I can.」

「Hmph, you probably just want my body. I said you can do whatever you want, just go ahead and indulge yourself.」

「Of course I want your body. But that’s not all I want, I also want your heart.」

When I kiss her, my tongue gets bitten.
I continue regardless.

「I’ll embrace you whenever you feel like crying. You can hit me if you want to vent your anger. So don’t look so defeated.」

I bring my body close after I express my true feelings.
I can’t do anything except let her feel the warmth of a man’s body.

「Oh yeah? ……In that case-!」

As my hand extends towards the darkened face of Daša, she springs up while still naked.
She grabs the fruit knife left on top of the table and charges toward me in a straight line.
Her movements are sharp, clearly showing me she received proper training as a soldier of Vandolea.

But still, I can only view her movements as those of a woman.
It is easy for me to evade or deflect the attack.

However, I purposely spread open my arms as if welcoming her.

「Take this-!!」

Daša crashes into me.
The knife pierces my chest.

「Will you trust me now?」

「……why go so far?」

It wasn’t like the tiny knife was going to penetrate my muscles anyways.
I could clearly feel Daša letting up as soon as she stabbed me, meaning she didn’t really want to kill me.

「Why can you do so much for me when I was your enemy not too long ago?」

I can answer with confidence.

「That’s obvious. It’s because I love women. And I also love you.」

I hug Daša tightly and she becomes completely limp.
Sadness still dwells in her eyes, but the despair has disappeared from them.

I proceed to push her onto the bed.
I suck on her breasts and try slipping a finger into her slit while brushing her pubic hair.
Her dry insides gradually become wet.

As she opens up her heart, her body slowly does the same.

I bring my cock in front of her and stroke it a few times.
Daša’s peevish eyes instantly widen in shock.

I grin as I sit cross-legged and pull Daša close.

「I’m putting it in.」

「So in the end, you’re going after my body…… aggh, so thick……I’m telling you not to shove it in!」

With Daša straddling me as she faces me, I shift my hips to position my dick against the entrance of her hole.
Her mouth continues to resist me, but her eyes show she isn’t as annoyed as before.
Her tone is sounding more womanly too.

When I thrust my hips up, I can hear the squelching sound of flesh being spread apart and a pained groan.
It’s pretty tight, though there aren’t many girls I fuck for the first time who can easily swallow my dick.

After the fourth push or so, my dick reaches the back of her vagina.
So only about half, huh.

「It’s in. How is it?」

「Obviously it hurts! I can hear my hole stretching, how big are you…… it’s like it belongs to a monster.」

The woman condemns me as she pounds my chest with her fist.
However, she stops when she sees the slight trickle of blood.
With a troubled look on her face, she uses a finger to wipe the blood.

「……I’m sorry. It’s bleeding.」

It’s just a small wound, but getting stabbed with a knife is enough to make me bleed too.
This much is just a scratch to me though.

「Did you think I wasn’t really going to stab you?」

「It might just be destiny if I get stabbed by a woman and die.」

My hands circle around to her ass and I thrust my hips upwards again.
Daša lets out a short squeal and throws her head back.

「If I can make your heart and body belong to me, getting stabbed is nothing.」

I pump my hips up for a second and third time.
Daša moans with each motion and she wraps her arms around my neck.
When I grab her ass cheeks and squeeze with more strength, I feel a warm pleasure-filled breath against my neck.
She protests when I get ahead of myself and stick a finger in her asshole, but her body doesn’t resist me.

「I’ll give you my body now, but I don’t intend to offer you my heart.」

「Don’t be like that, just become my woman.」

She complies when I demand a kiss.
Her nipples are also erect and have been poking against my chest for a while now. It’s clear that she craves sex.
It would be in both of our interests if she becomes mine.

I examine Daša again while she’s in my arms.
She’s about 165 cm or so…… slightly taller than Celia but not as tall as Myla.
Her breasts are on the larger size, her ass is tight and she has a pretty narrow waist.
Her moderately tanned skin amplifies her wholesome sex appeal.

「Umu…… like I thought, you’re a wonderful woman.」

「Thanks…… I can’t say the same back to you, though this thing you have is really amazing. I don’t think my vagina is shallow at all but to only fit half…… it’ll probably poke through my stomach if all of it goes in.」

A man gets more turned on when their dick gets praised.
My movements become stronger and Daša, who isn’t able to withstand anymore, falls backward.
Chasing after her, I press my body on top and thrust in the missionary position, only for her to realize my gaze.

「My neck?」

「Mu, you realized?」

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had sex with vampires but I have a thing for necks.
When my own neck gets sucked, it’ll make my dick swell like crazy and I love sucking or playfully biting a woman’s neck when I’m aroused too.

「Go ahead, I injured you when I threw a tantrum so you can bite me back in return. If a little of my blood is shed, it might ease the guilt I feel.」

Daša brushes her hair aside and exposes her neck. I don’t even have time to think as my instincts automatically make my mouth sink onto her pretty neck.
My sense of reason somehow keeps my rampaging lust in check and prevents me from injuring her as my teeth dig into her skin.

「Oow! No, I’m fine…… you really love it, don’t you. I can feel you getting bigger inside me.」

I continue to rock my hips while sucking on Daša’s neck.
Now that my dick has gotten bigger, the stimulation has gotten stronger.
I’m at my limit.

「We are man and woman, we should be able to create a family.」

Daša’s eyes widen.

「T-that, don’t tell me……」


We stare silently at each other and her hands extend toward my cheeks.

「Hey now, don’t scratch!」
「You sex demon! Dickhead!」

I don’t know if it’s because she’s scratching me or if it’s because of the stimulation from her struggling, but my cock starts twitching.

「I’m cumming. Bear my child.」

「Cum? You’re not pulling out!? I didn’t use any contraception! Wait, I’m telling you to wait!!」

I embrace the wriggling Daša tightly and let out a groan.
My meat rod pulses and releases a thick stream of semen inside her.
Judging by the sensation, I can tell it’s quite viscous, plus there’s going to be a lot of it.

「Uwaah! I can hear it bubbling! There’s so much…… geez…… you’re so mean.」

「Uuuu……still cumming…… oooooh……」

Daša doesn’t continue resisting for long.
As my ejaculation persists, she curses me while stroking my head.

She’s pregnant with my child.
The ejaculation felt so good that I was certain of it.

「I’ll follow Bejček as a soldier.」

After having sex, Daša tells me while resting on my arm.

「It would be a problem if I let him act rashly and this is probably as much as I can do.」

I wasn’t really going to give her any work to do in the first place.

「I don’t like eating for free.」

She hits my head lightly.

「Well, you’ll just come back with a big stomach after about half a year anyways.」
「Yeah, I’m sure. I’m definitely pregnant after you came so much inside.」

“Stupid” – she mutters as she hits my head again.
I don’t see the look of death in her eyes anymore.
Bringing back her lost family is something I can’t do.
However, I can give her a new family.


「Hey Aegir, aren’t you being a little too mean?」

「Carla? What are you talking about?」

「It’s about that woman from Vandolea.」

Oh, about Daša? I wonder what she means.
I think I did the best I could.

「You took advantage of her after she lost her family and violated her after letting her drink alcohol, didn’t you?」

Wait, that’s not it.
It might seem that way if you look at the result but the process is different.

「Not only that, you’re chasing her away to Rafen.」

「I said that’s wrong. She may be pregnant with my child. It’s not as simple as that……」

「You drove her away after getting her pregnant!? That’s cruel, even if she was a former enemy!」

(I-I heard something unbelievable.)

It took some time before I cleared the misunderstanding Carla had and it became twice as troublesome with the stupid Casie’s interference.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Late Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 172,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Celia (smiling), Schwartz (undergoing treatment)

Army: 6800 men
Infantry: 1150 , Cavalry: 800, Archers: 450, Bow Cavalry: 900, Light Infantry (Inadequately Equipped): 3500
Cannons: 10, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 2450 gold (spoils of war +40 000) (soldiers’ participation reward -38 000)
Sexual Partners: 234, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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