Chapter 234: A Hero’s Misconduct




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Lintbloom. Inn. Bathroom.

「Hmm, this blood stinks…… I’m used to getting sprayed with it, but that was practically like bathing in it.」

I stretch while seated on a bath chair.
Celia and Leah are beside me so there’s no need to cover anything up.

「Please rest assured, we’ll clean you up right away.」

Water precious to Lintbloom is poured several times over my head.
I worked hard to slay the dragon so they’ll forgive me for enjoying this much of a luxury.

「Pardon me.」

Celia checks my body for any injuries while washing me.

「I heard a strange sound from my right ribs. Check if anything is broken.」

「……everything seems fine from what I feel. You don’t feel any pain, right?」

Celia checks carefully and apparently I’m fine.

「It’s hard to believe you came out unscathed after fighting a dragon. I thought you were a goner after getting enveloped in its flames.」

「That’s right.」

There is no trace of getting burned on my arms or face.
I suffered a painful burn which left a stinging red mark on my body after just spilling some soup a while ago.
Don’t tell me a dragon’s breath attack is weaker than hot pumpkin soup.

「Is there something you are curious about?」

「No, not really.」

I don’t know why my injuries healed, but there’s no use wondering about it now.
I’ll just imagine that the goddess of good fortune sucked me off or something.

「Haamho…… it doesn’t look like there are any problems here either.」

Leah positions herself between my legs so she can check with her mouth whether my dick and balls are working properly.

「You can service him later! Check to see if he has any injuries first!」

「Penis, nothing abnormal. It’s as rock hard as usual.」

The relationship between Celia and Leah is interesting.
It’s usually Celia who gives out instructions, but Leah gently brushes them aside.
If I had to say who the elder sister was, it would have to be Leah.

「If he doesn’t have any injuries then please wash his body next…… hey, who said to squeeze it between your breasts!? Uuu…… just because they’re bigger than mine……」

Leah is of a smaller build than Celia, but she has larger breasts.
Getting my dick sandwiched is something I can’t experience with Celia.

「Muu…… most of it is sticking out. Also, it sticks to your stomach and won’t move unless I pull it forward.」

「Hahaha, it’s because I’m aroused. My body’s clean now, shall we go back to the bedroom?」

I carry the naked Leah while being similarly naked.

Carrying a woman on both shoulders like this makes me seem like a mountain bandit assailing a village.

I run into a girl who works at the inn after exiting the bathroom with the girls on my shoulders.

「Feudal lord-sama, you’re finished-…… hiiih!!」

「Yeah, it was a good bath. You can go clean up now.」

How strange, I gave her a friendly smile and she just fell on her butt with her mouth gaping open.
Her eyes were also looking down instead of meeting mine.

I thought the people here in Lintbloom are used to heroes…… maybe that’s not the case.
It makes me a little sad.

「No…… Aegir-sama, please have a look at how you’re dressed.」
「You have an incredibly dangerous weapon sticking out too.」

The distance between the bath and the room is fairly short, plus my blood-stained clothes are being washed, that’s why I’m naked.
Not to mention I’m about to eat Celia up, so my dick is glued to my stomach.


The girl’s gaze is focused on my crotch.
When I move my hips slowly, her head follows as if being pulled by a string.

「Is it big?」

「It’s really big…… it’s rugged and the veins are bulging…… I’ve never seen anything like-…… haah! What am I saying!?」

The girl turns red and hides her face.
I can’t leave her feeling embarrassed like this.

「Bring water to my room later. And also……」

I whisper in the girl’s ear.

「If you feel like it, come without any underwear.」

The girl nods.

「The number of lovers increased again.」「Geez…… you can probably make a city out of all the girls you have.」

The more girls I have, the better.
I’d like to make all the girls in a country mine one day.

A Room Inside the Inn.

「Aauu, this looks so wonderful~」

Leah lets out a scream while smiling as I lick her naughtily from her breasts to her neck with a grin.

「Fufufu, you can’t escape now.」

Leah is seated on a chair with both hands tied behind her so she can only resist by shaking her head or kicking her feet.
I seal that tiny resistance by grabbing her chin and kissing her forcefully.

「Nnn! Nnnhh!!」

I get in between her kicking legs and push my meat rod against the entrance of her hole.

「Oh, you’re already wet. What a naughty girl.」

As my shaft enters her insides, I feel a pleasure so strong it makes my back shiver.

Leah’s insides are quite exquisite.
Once I get passed the tight entrance, countless bumps and folds stimulate my dick the further I push inside.
I let out a pathetic groan after I reach the very back of her vagina.

「What a lewd hole…… this is what it gets!」

I draw my hips back before slamming them back in.

「Nnhhaah!! Nnnmh……」

Leah screams after taking the heavy blow to the depths of her insides.

I silence her with a kiss, then once again pull my hips back slowly.

Leah’s tongue is trembling inside her mouth.
She must be preparing for the next thrust.


I slowly pull back to the entrance, enjoying the folds and bumps with the tip of my dick before ramming my length into her again.


With another unrestrained thrust to the back of her vagina, her legs stretch out and tense up in response.
If I move furiously, it won’t take more than a few minutes for Leah to climax.

「Y-you’re going slow again……?」

But I won’t do it.
I slowly pull back again.

Her walls coil around my dick.
Alright, time for a surprise attack.

After pulling back about halfway, I push it back inside, prodding the very depths of her pussy.

「Ahhih! Nnnhiiiiihhhh!!」

The surprise attack was a success.
Leah lets out a scream and squirts, her legs kicking and squirming.

Her nipples visibly swell and increase in size.
She’s really feeling turned on now.

「Geez, don’t tease me anymore, finish me……」

Leah tries to get her legs around my waist.
But I coldly get away from those legs and once again pull back slowly.

「Noo, don’t pull out…… so lonely…… so heart-rending.」

「The one who feels the most sad is me though, having to watch while masturbating.」

Celia pouts, having lost the fight to be the first one to get fucked.
Don’t worry, I’ll give you lots of affection later.

I notice something is off after the third thrust.
All this time, I could get a little more than half my dick inside Leah whenever I reach the end of her hole.
However, I can only get a third inside now.

「Don’t grind it against me like that~」

The tip of my dick has perfectly located the opening of her womb.
In other words, that’s what it means.

「Your womb has dropped down. Your body…… it’s saying it wants a child.」

「Uu, that’s……」

Leah looks away uncomfortably.
Contraception was already used on her hole.

Unlike Celia, she doesn’t have a role besides being my lover, yet she’s still using contraception.

「The only redeeming feature I have is this hole and giving birth to a child may ruin that.」

Leah is abnormally afraid about being thrown away, just like Celia.
Maybe that’s why these two get along so well.

So perhaps my appeal as a man is not enough.
I have to get Leah to willingly beg me to become pregnant.

「Aooh! Aaaahn!」

Nn, I used too much strength and poked into her womb because I was thinking.
Leah’s entire body is convulsing…… did that finish her?

「My-……My hands……」

I undo the restrains on her hands and then she immediately wraps her arms and legs around me.
Her vagina is clenching down on me so tightly that it hurts.
Still, it’s incredible how her insides are undulating like a different beast even though we’re both just clinging to each other.

I stare straight at Leah’s face.
Her eyes are wavering and she’s drooling.
I think she can climax just from a tight hug…….



I kiss her softly and then whisper in her ear.

「I love you. We’ll be together forever.」

「Aau…… aah…… aaaaaah…… aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!」

Those sweet words of love were enough to send her over the edge.
Leah orgasms while being wrapped up by my tight embrace.

Her excellent vagina tightens around me and I am quickly brought close to ejaculation.
Since there’s no reason to hold back, I release my thick seed into her, filling up her womb with the heavy, almost solid semen.


Celia, who was fingering herself beside me, matches my timing and climaxes as well.
I extend my hand to the cutie and she squirts hard while sucking my fingers frantically.

Leah fainted after one round.
I quickly switch to Celia.

「I-I still feel the previous orgasm…… aaaaaah!!」

I swing my hips in the missionary position while Celia continues to spasm.

It didn’t take long for her to pass out as well.

「Okay, you can come in now.」

I call out towards the door and the girl from earlier…… no, there are also five more behind her.

「W-we also-」「-wanted to be embraced by the feudal lord-sama.」

One of them tried her best to look young, but I’m pretty sure that’s the proprietress of this inn.
She should be married and have five children with her husband.

The girls lift up their skirts.
Like I instructed, none of them came with underwear on.

The minor details don’t matter.
My dick is erect and the girls’ vaginas are exposed.
That’s all I need.

「Fuu, it calmed down. Maybe I’ll check out what’s going on in the city.」

I cover the pile of female bodies lying on top of each other on the bed with a blanket and put my clothes back on.

「No moree…… I’ll die.」「My hole…… will never go back to normal.」「I have him, but I got pregnant anyways.」

My clothes aren’t completely dry yet.
Crap, even this vest got blood on it.
Well, I guess it can’t be helped after bathing in all that blood…… whatever, I’ll just put it on, it’s dry enough.

「I can’t stand.」「The sixth one…… is the child of a hero, ufufu.」「Abbbbhb……」

The fires have been completely extinguished but I wonder how the cleanup of the city and admission of injured people is going.

The remains of the dragon need to be cleaned up or else it will be cause the proliferation of illness.
That thing has as much flesh and blood as several hundreds of cow corpses though.

「Also…… fufufufufu.」

The girls from the city consider me as a hero.
I can probably sleep with them indiscriminately like the girls from the inn.

There are so many young girls and mature ladies for me to choose from and stuff my dick inside.
This is like something out of a dream.[1. Nat: there is a side-story unrelated to the main story (on patreon) that talks about this in more detail]

「Are you still looking to fuck more girls…… Aegir-sama’s sexual desire is dragon-class…… gabh……」

Celia collapses on the bed after saying that.
Be good and rest up properly. I’m going to have fun with some girls.

When I walk out of the inn and into the city, as expected girls crowd around me as soon as they see my face.

「Feudal lord-sama! Please talk with me.」「Me too! Won’t you come to my room!?」「Let’s talk in the material warehouse!」

The eyes of the girls beside me are already moist.
They wouldn’t get upset even if I rubbed their asses, rather they’re proactively grabbing my crotch instead.
I wonder who I should start with.

The young girl who works at a water vendor screams like a beast immediately after we entered the warehouse and swallowed up my dick.

I prop up the woman who lovingly strokes my muscles as I pump my hot seed into her.
She was all for it, throwing the contraceptive to the ground, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

「Please come this way!」

A woman in her mid-thirties suddenly rushes out of a private home and takes my hand, pulling me inside.
As soon as we get in the house, without even taking off our clothes, the woman presses herself against me, slides her underwear to the side and inserts my rod inside her.

「Aaah, it really is big. There was no way a hero like the feudal lord-sama would be small.」

Her intense hip movements continue until I ejaculate.
She clings to me at the end, unwilling to let go, so naturally I inject a bucket-load of semen inside her.

「……that was amazing. My husband will be pleased to know I got pregnant with a hero’s child.」

To my surprise, her husband was lowering his head in the back room.
He looks to have mixed feelings, although he isn’t the only one.

Apparently, the husband consented to this cheating baby-making.
He’s gently rubbing his wife’s semen-filled belly.

「Feudal lord-sama, my girls and I would have died if not for you.」

The one who called out to me was the proprietress of a brothel.
According to what she tells me, the building was partially burned down but fortunately nobody got hurt.

「Oh that’s nothing. The brothels in Lintbloom are always a big hit, the place will quickly get rebuilt and money can be made again.」

With that said, the proprietress points to the back.

「My girls are waiting over there.」

The prostitutes are peeking out from their personal rooms.
All of them want to be embraced by me.

「Ten of you, huh. Alright, I’ll visit each of you one by one so just wait patiently in your room.」

The prostitutes cheer.

「Ten? There are only nine girls in this brothel though.」

「There’s one right here.」

I wrap my arm around the proprietress’ waist and steal her lips.

「I-I’m already over 40 years old…… and my belly is sticking out……」

I take her lips again instead of saying anything back.
Sure, she’s a little bit older and somewhat chubby but she’s got pretty makeup and is dressed fashionably.
It’s proof that she hasn’t thrown away her womanhood.

「What a man…… this isn’t good, I’ll really get seriously attached.」

「Go ahead then. You can tend the store with a large belly.」

Eventually, all the girls in the store lay exhausted in their rooms and they closed up shop until tomorrow.

As I take another woman who I invited to embrace into the back alleys, I hear a rather big fuss behind me.
When I turn around, I see a line of girls appear from nowhere.
The noise is apparently coming from the fights caused by people cutting in line.

「The feudal lord-sama finds old ladies like you a nuisance! Just get out-…… haaahn!」
「Haahn! He finds it more annoying when fatties approach him! Enough of your-…… aaunn!」

I quiet the two quarreling woman by sticking a finger in their holes.

「With this many of you, it’ll be impossible to entertain all of you one on one. Come at me altogether.」

The girls let out a shrill cry and flock around me.
Here we go, junior. Show them what you’re made of.

It may be the back alleys, but with this many people making a commotion, it would almost be like doing it in the middle of the road.
The men are attracted by the uproar and gather to see what is going on, letting out complaints mixed with sighs when they find out.

「Look, the feudal lord-sama is having an orgy outside.」

「He may be the hero who slayed the dragon but we can’t stay quiet as the men of this city, right?」

「But…… look, he’s taking on more girls after already being with 20. That’s impossible for us to compete with.」

「His dick as well, what is that? It’s three times as big as mine. He’s got a mountain of muscles and a big dick…… you can’t blame the girls for being attracted.」

「I want to get fucked too……」

Sorry guys, I’m keeping all the girls for myself today.
What was that chill I felt in my ass just now though?

I let out a satisfied sigh after pleasing all the girls who approached me. And then, a young girl comes up to me.

「U-um, I want the feudal lord-sama to hug me too…… please.」

Hmm, she looks rather young…….

「How old are you?」

「Six……sixteen![2. Nat: she actually starts to say 10, but in japanese it would sound like the beginning of sixteen.]」

I thought she would be younger, but 16 means I’m good to go.

「Alright, I’ll embrace you. Pull down your underwear and turn your butt this way.」

She smiles and turns around, then puts her hands on the wall.
Her vagine is a clean slit, naturally smooth and free from any hair.
It really looks like it belongs to a child, though I’m sure there are 16 year olds who look like this too.

「I’m a virgin.」

Fumu, I thought as much.
I’ve already been with so many girls so my dick should be smaller and softer now.
I’ll be slathering love juice on her stomach and thighs so it’ll go in somehow.

「Here I…… go!」

I’m not the type to leave things half done.
With one smooth thrust, I tear through her hymen from behind.

「Aaaaah! I-it hurts……」

Exactly like its appearance, her young-looking hole which has yet to be broken in is extremely tight.
For my overused dick which should have shrunk somewhat…….

「Aaaaaaaaaah!! It’s getting bigger! I-it’s breaking meeee!!」

「Mu, how strange.」

As soon as I penetrated her, my dick has gradually gotten harder and harder until it’s at its peak size.
It’s unbearable for her when my dick swells up inside her.
I don’t even move and she climaxes just from my dick enlarging inside of her.


The young girl lets out a bestial cry that belies her years and appearance.
I’m already inside, so might as well make the most of it.
I’ll teach her about the pleasures of being with a man.

I inspect the condition of the city while embracing women left and right, enjoying my time with girls ranging from street prostitutes to your average girl from a merchant household.
As I had hoped and expected, all the girls in the city are looking at me with passionate gazes, letting me have their way with their bodies as soon as I invite them.
Even married women put their husbands aside and sought kisses from me.
Not to mention most of them didn’t use contraception at all.

I’m not particularly against it either so when they asked me to make them pregnant, I gladly oblige.
In a few months, Lintbloom will be full of pregnant women.

Before I realized it, the sun has already begun to set.
I better return to the inn soon.

「But before that……」

I think I should check on how the injured are doing.
With that in mind, I pay a visit to the house for machinery where they were admitted to.

「Uuuuu…… it hurts.」
「Hey, the guy beside me isn’t breathing anymore!」

It was a tragic scene.
I said that medicine can be used liberally so those with burns should be fine, but nothing can be done for those with fatal wounds.

「Oh my, feudal lord-sama, what are you doing in such an unsightly place……」

A man who appears to be the doctor lowers his head.

「That’s unnecessary, please continue your work.」

The doctor is the only one who can treat the injured so having him stop and pay attention to me is not very productive.
I’m only capable of watching after all.

「Feu-…… dal-…… -lord…… -sama……」

In an almost vanishing voice, a heavily injured girl wrapped in a blood-soaked blanket calls out to me.


My face unconsciously distorts in disgust when I pull the blanket up.

Her stomach was cut open and her innards are spilling out.
She must have been trapped under debris from a collapsing building since her leg is completely crushed.

I hold her hand and look over at the doctor, who shakes his head as if answering my silent question.

I thought so, it didn’t look like a saveable injury from what I could see.
Just surviving up until now was a miracle.

The woman grips my hand weakly, her face warping from the unspeakable pain.
I smile to send her off happily while stroking her bloodstained hair.

The woman’s eyes gradually become cloudy and her breath gets weaker.
She’s not long for this world and there’s nothing I can do but the least I could do is give her a hug.
If I was in the other position, I would at the very least want to die in a woman’s breast.


As I hold her body tightly in my arms, she stares emptily into space and the smallest smile forms on her face.
And then her lips seem to pucker up slightly, wanting one final kiss.

She probably can’t even see me anymore.
At this rate, she’ll be unable to reach my lips, her kiss landing somewhere on my vest or neck.

For that woman, I bring my lips to hers.
The woman squeezes the last bit of strength to extend her tongue to entwine with mine.

Eventually though, her tongue stops moving, her eyes close and her hand falls limply to the floor.
She’s gone.

「……she’s dead.」
「I think she was happy to have died in the feudal lord’s arms.」

I leave her body on the floor, then gently close her eyelids.

「If you get resurrected as a woman, come see me. I’ll protect you next time.」

What is this indescribable feeling?
I think I’ll just eat and then go to bed today.

……just as I thought that, the woman’s eyes suddenly dart open.

「Kuh! In such a short time!?」

The doctor and the surrounding injured patients hastily step away while I draw my sword.

「She had too many lingering attachments…… how sad that she’s now become a zombie.」

This woman isn’t human anymore.
I’ll at least show mercy by cutting her down with one slash.

However, the woman doesn’t groan creepily or attack me, instead she just stares at me blankly.
She can probably guess what’s going on from seeing me about to strike her with my sword, as well as the injured people and doctor keeping away at a distance.
Then she frantically waves her hands and shouts loudly.

「You’re wrong, I’m not a zombie!」

「What? But you-……」

The woman’s stomach was destroyed and her leg was crushed.
I should know best from kissing her that she definitely stopped breathing.
It’s impossible for her to come back to life.

「Well, it mysteriously doesn’t hurt anymore.」

The doctor quickly runs over and looks at her wounds.

「Gone…… her wounds are gone!」

Her stomach which was once cut open and spilling out its contents has turned into just a small red spot.
The woman is also using that once crushed leg to stand despite a little unsteadily.

「What kind of medicine did you use?」

I’ve never heard of any medicine that could heal a fatal wound at such speeds.

「I didn’t use much medicine on her after quickly judging that she couldn’t be saved……」

The doctor points at my vest.

「What’s that red stuff?」

「Oh this? It’s dragon blood. It didn’t wash off.」

The doctor puts a finger on his chin and goes into thinking for a brief moment.

「I’m basing this purely on the legends, but I remember hearing that the blood of a dragon can instantly heal any kind of wound and was also rumored to be able to bring back the dead.」

「Even when it’s dried up like this?」

「In any case, I don’t know how to else to confirm except with the legend…… how else could this phenomenon be explained?」

「Umumu, I remember this happening to me too.」

It wasn’t like I didn’t get injured in my fight with the dragon.
My whole body was horribly burned and I was certain I broke a few ribs.
Blood spurting from my mouth means that my internal organs should have suffered considerable damage too.

But when I went in for the kill, I got showered with lots of the dragon’s blood and some even went in my mouth.
So everything healed during that time.

I look at the woman who should have died.
Her complexion is improving more and more.

She looks pretty shocked after checking her own arm.

「Even the scars from when I was a kid were healed.」

The woman stares in wonder at her arm.
Who would have thought the dried blood stain on my shirt would have this much of an effect……

「The dragon’s corpse should still be there. Go before the blood is finished draining. Have the injured people drink it.」

Claire told me she was going to dismantle the corpse…… it would be nice if she hasn’t finished extracting all the blood yet.

「Feudal lord-sama……」

When I was about to head over to where the remains of the dragon lay, the woman stops me by calling out to me.

「When my body was growing cold and my consciousness was fading, the only thing I could feel was the warmth of the feudal lord-sama’s embrace.」

The woman’s eyes become moist and her whole body seems to become slightly more flushed.

「Did you fall for me?」

「I love you from the depths of my heart.」

She answers immediately.
I want to push her down right now, but I have to go to where the dragon is first.

I gently caress the woman’s cheek.

「Wait for me in the inn’s room. Naked, of course.」


I think I’ve ejaculated close to a hundred times today, yet I still feel like I can cum more.
I wonder if dragon’s blood has an effect which strengthens the body.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Late Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Rose Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 171,950. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4950. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Assets: 1840 gold
Sexual Partners: 280, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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