Chapter 253: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ⑧ A Captive’s Pain




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「We’re retreating!」

I stand at the very front and deflect arrows while shouting out orders.
There is no option for us to fight against them.

The difference in numbers is too great, besides the terrain is horrible for us.
If this was a forest, Natia and Felteris could fight while jumping from tree to tree.
However in a marsh like this, trees are few and far between, plus there are poisonous insects to worry about so movements are somewhat restricted.
The muddy ground would also impede any running.

On the other hand, the black elves are called marsh elves for a reason and seem to be unconcerned with the mud reaching their knees.
There might also be a secret to their equipment.


Directly behind me, Mack gets stabbed in the chest and arm by arrows.

「You alright?」

「There’s no power behind them.」

The muscular Mack smiles as he pulls the arrows out.
The black elves are certainly accurate in their shooting, but the speed of their arrows are relatively slow and easy to deflect.
For Mack and his wall of muscles, it won’t be a fatal blow unless it hits his eyes or a vital area.

「It doesn’t actually feel too bad.」

His smile almost seems dirty.
Why am I surrounded by all these perverts?

「Damn, take that!」

Natia gets enraged when Mack gets shot at and shoots one of her special poison arrows.
Not good, the damage would be permanent if it hits one of the black elves and kills them.

「Stop, Natia! Mack and I will hold them off while everyone else falls back to where the horses are!」


I return a smile to the worried-looking girl.
We won’t be able to shake them off if we just keep running.
If we continue to get showered with arrows, one of us will get a fatal wound eventually.
That’s why we’ll charge at them and disturb them, hopefully we can draw their attention.

「Mack, let’s go.」

I give instructions to Irijina and the others who follow them.

「Irijina, protect everyone. Kroll, you too. Christoph…… it’s better if you stay at the back.」

To be honest, I don’t want to look after Christoph in a melee.

Without even waiting for a reply, Mack and I stand shoulder-to-shoulder and rush forward.

The black elves seem surprised when they see us run at them after we’ve just been running away.

「Fire, fire! Shoot them!」

They concentrate their arrows on us.
Good, now Irijina and the others can escape easier.

About twenty arrows fly toward me.
My eyes narrow as I determine the trajectory of each one.
It looks like twelve of them will hit their target and I can dodge about eight if I twist my body.

I bend my body out of the way while brushing away three others with my sword.
The last arrow flies toward my face, but I hit it down with my bare left hand.
It’s easy to see the arrows coming at me head-on and they’re easy to deal with.

「No way……」

The black elf captain looks at me with wide eyes.
When I smile back at her, it pisses her off and more arrows fly toward me.

This time, there are only half as many as before but because we’ve closed some of the distance, they are more accurate and we have less time to react.

If nothing is done, all of them will hit their mark, though half of them will miss if I crouch.
Three on the right and two on the left…… I can’t do all of them.

I deflect two on the right with my sword and knock away one on the left with my armguard.
There was one arrow on both sides I couldn’t take care of and they stab me in the side and shoulder.

「Got him!」

The black elf captain expresses her excitement, though seeing that smile makes me happy too.

Despite the arrows stabbing me, I stand up and charge without losing any speed.
The arrows only pierced through the leather armor and dug shallowly into my skin, and while it hurts, it doesn’t hinder my movements.

「Why!? Bastard!!」

Her smile freezes for an instant, then the captain quickly draws her sword.
At the same time, she points a glowing finger at me.


In that moment, the muddy water at my feet transforms into a blade and shoots up at me.
Water magic or earth magic, which one is it?


I slash away the mud blade with my Dual Crater.
There was a shattering sound, then the blade turns back into mud and falls back to the ground.

「Eeeeeeeeh!? You’re kidding!」

The captain and the surrounding black elves are dumbfounded as they let out stupid-sounding voices.
I take this time to give the girls a once-over.

Just like the elves, there are no male warriors among them.
In other words, I can’t kill any of them.
Also they’re all outstandingly beautiful.

The elves are fair-skinned, slender beauties but the black elves’ beauty lie in the wild charm from their wheat-colored skin and ample bosoms.

「We can’t hurt any of them!」


I hear another voice of agreement beside me.
When I look over at Mack, I see him holding out his war hammer in front and crossing his arms as he charges forward.
Mack isn’t as agile as I am and isn’t good at dodging arrows.

He could only cover his eyes and vital spots with his arms as he charged.
He must have determined that getting stabbed by arrows in his stomach or arms wouldn’t do anything against his muscular body.
It looks worrying to see him stabbed with so many arrows, though he should be fine since he doesn’t appear to be moving any slower.

「Arrows are no good anymore! We’ll hit each other!」

We are too close to them now so the black elves stop firing arrows and draw their swords.
They’ve got better physiques than their elf counterparts but the swords they’re using are similar to the one-handed swords used by Kroll or Celia.


I parry the incoming sword with the back of my Dual Crater and I easily knock the sword out of her hand, the blade dancing around in the air.


I flick the astounded black elf on the forehead and the stinging pain makes her crouch down while holding her head.

Next to attack me are three warriors, one from the right, left and from behind.

I sweep my sword horizontally, cutting one sword in half, then block another sword with my armguard before sweeping the warrior’s legs and making her fall.
The one behind me was aiming for the moment I swung my sword, but eats a tackle.


She bumps into my back and is knocked back, falling head-first into the swamp.

「Noooo! The leeches! The leeches!」

If you forgive me, I’ll help take them off one by one.
I can also rub ointment all over your body while I’m at it.

I’ve dealt with the attacks from the three of them for now, but the situation hasn’t become favorable for me.
The warrior whose sword was broken takes a stance with a knife instead, the woman who was tripped obviously gets back up.
The woman who fell into the swamp cries as she removes the leeches from her face and I can feel a more intense bloodlust directed at me.

I look over at Mack and see him swinging his war hammer wildly, smashing the ground and spraying mud or water around to prevent enemies from getting close, though he’s getting close to reaching his limit as well.

Unless we somehow take away their battle strength, we can’t buy Irijina and the others any time to run away.
However, what can we do if we can’t kill them?


One warrior attacks me while I’m busy thinking.
Alright, let’s test it out on her.

I catch the arm of the woman and toss her over my shoulder.


I inspect the appearance of the fallen girl very carefully.

The armguard she’s wearing on her upper arm and the long boots which reach up to her thigh is to avoid poisonous insects.
Meanwhile, the armor around her body is lightweight to prevent her from sinking into the swamp, only covering her breasts and leaving her belly button exposed, requiring her waist to be covered by her underwear as well.
The material for her defensive equipment is made from skin of some kind but the glossy finish doesn’t remind me of anything I know.

I put my hands on the chest area of the groaning girl who has fallen on the ground…… then exert some strength in my hand on the area where her armor is covering her breasts.
There is some elasticity to the armor and it is fairly sturdy however it could not withstand my strength and crumbles after I’m finished touching it.
Her bountiful dark-skinned boobs spill out.

「Gyaaah! Someone save me! I’m going to be violated!!」

The girl throws her sword away and screams like she’s on fire while trying to cover her boobs, alright let’s go with this.
I’m practically acting just like a rapist, but for the sake of not hurting these girls and letting Irijina escape with the others, this is the only choice.
There really is no other option.

「What a good idea!!」

Mack’s incredibly loud voice makes the black elves flinch.
That shocked me a little too.

Mack and I are struggling to fight in this overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation.
I brush away the various swords swung at me and avoid arrows as I grab the black elves…… and break their armor.
Their leather armor is durable but not strong enough to withstand the raw power of me and Mack.

I evade a slash from behind and then hug the woman, grabbing her chest and ripping her armor apart.

「Your nipples are a pretty pink color.」

Mack blocks a downward swing with his war hammer, stretches out one hand to that woman’s crotch area and tears it open.

「Oh, the hair is black.」


As expected, they can no longer continue fighting after their breasts and precious holes get exposed.
In particular, most of their busts were too big for them to hide with one hand.

「T-these perverts!」
「They’re orcs, I’m sure they’re a new kind of orcs disguising themselves as humans!」
「Both of them look just like them too!」

What are they going on about, well let me give those breasts a good rubbing after pulling them out.


The girls’ momentum has clearly started to decrease.
A lot of them are too busy trying to cover their bodies and not in any position to fight.

Irijina and the others should have gotten away by now.
We should also make a break for it when we see an opening.

Mack nods.
But then the black elf captain gave a ridiculous order.

「What are you all doing!? Merely your breasts and genitals are exposed! They’re the fiends who set fire to our land!」

Even the breasts of the captain herself get exposed.
And so, the other warriors nod to each other and eventually stop worrying about covering themselves, instead grabbing their weapons.
We are surrounded by dark-skinned breasts and pretty pubic hair in an instant.

「……This isn’t good. We better run away quickly.」

Mack stays still as I try to fall back.

「Sorry. I can’t…… run anymore.」

Mack is bent over forward and his shoulders are slumped like he’s given up.

「I see, that was inevitable. In fact, I’m getting to that point too.」

I smile wryly as I bend over slightly as well.

They have completely surrounded us, leaving no gaps for us to escape.
It seems this is it for us, unfortunately.

Mack and I stop resisting and lay down our weapons.

「We got captured……」

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve become a prisoner.
But the black elves don’t lynch us after we threw down our weapons.
Our hands are bound and the girls took us back to their village.
From what I heard, Irijina and the others were able to escape, so I guess that’s passing grade.

The girls’ village is on one side within the marsh, located on the little stable ground remaining in the area.
We were thrown into a place which resembles an underground prison, awaiting to be interrogated by the village chief.
They seem to be suspicious about the fact elves and humans are cooperating.

If I can talk to the village chief, then I can explain myself.
This doesn’t look too bad for us.

「Mack, you’ve taken a lot of arrows, are you alright?」

Mack nods, though to be fair the arrows have merely pierced his leather armor only to be stopped by his muscles.
Pretty impressive.

「Hey, no unnecessary chatter over there!」

The female prison guard glares at us from beyond the bars.
The bars of the prison seem to made from the root of a plant and easily destroyable.

To test my theory, I grab the root and rock my hand, only to be mocked by the two guards.

「Stupid, these bars are made using the roots from a special plant so you can’t break them. The vines binding your hands are the same and they can’t be taken off by a human’s strength. Any unnecessary resistance will only hurt you so I suggest you stop.」

Heeh, so these handcuffs are that durable…… let’s see.

There was a snapping sound, which makes the guard look at me.
I clear my throat and try to fool them.

Durable my ass, I easily ripped it apart.
I hide the torn part by tying it up and try not to let them see it.

「By the way…… Ijaris-sama said she was going to do the investigation tomorrow, right?」

The two prison guards start talking about something.

「Yes, she said after the sun rises.」

It sounds like this Ijaris is the village chief of the black elves.
I wonder what kind of beauty she is.

「Then the reason why she deliberately threw these men in the prison for one day…… and asked us, who are experiencing a drought for men, to watch over them is some sort of reward for us?」

One of the guards licks her lips and looks over at us.

「They certainly have nice bodies…… but wouldn’t it be bad if this got out?」

「Don’t worry, nobody will find out if we just threaten them.」

One of the guards walks over to us.
Oh yeah, Natia said that the black elves have a high sex drive.

「This is just a part of the investigation. You gotta have a little bit of fun.」

The guard opens the jail and takes Mack out.

「What are you planning……?」

Mack lets out a grim remark.
But the corners of his mouth are lifting up.

Mack is taken out right next to the prison and had foot cuffs put on before his hand cuffs were removed.

「Strip down, all of it.」

Mack gets naked as soon as he was told to…… that was fast.

「Woah!」「I-it’s big…… this is a human’s-……」

The two guards put a hand to their mouth and become speechless.
Sure, Mack is big.
But I’m even bigger.

「P-put your hands on the wall. Don’t you dare move.」

Mack does as he’s told and obediently puts his hands on the wall.

「This is a human…… as I thought, our males are all puny.」
「They can’t reach the back even if they thrust it all the way in. Ramming a dildo up to the root feels way better.」

They take off their own clothes, the two guards vulnerable as their upper halves become naked, however Mack couldn’t run away.

「Alright, here I go…… let me hear some nice screams!!」

One of the prison guards grab his dick presumptuously and strokes it vigorously.
The other one hugs him from behind, biting his shoulder and neck while talking abusively.

「How do you feel, embarrassed? No one’s coming to save you. You’re going to be tormented by us and spray your seed in an unsightly manner!」

「What the-, this guy is feeling it from being stroked against his will. Getting turned on by having your dick pleasured by enemies, what a shameful pervert!」

One of them insults him while inserting a finger in Mack’s ass.

「Guah…… stop it……」

I’ve never heard a more happy “stop it” than that.
I can’t take this anymore, I’m at my limit.

I rock the bars of the prison and yell loudly.

「Hey, don’t treat my subordinate poorly! I’m the captain, if you’re going to do something, do it to me!! Torment me as you wish!」

Mack glares at me like he doesn’t want me to get in his way.
I glare back, as if saying “how can I let you be the only one getting good memories”.

「What a respectable captain-san you are, thinking of your subordinate.」
「Ufufu, then we’ll disgrace the both of you together!」


I accidentally let my excitement show.


I quickly try to smooth over the error.

「No, I mean…… what are you doing, stop it, you’re horrible women.」

「Fufufu, say whatever you want.」
「No matter how much you scream, it won’t change the fact that you’re going to be violated.」

I get taken out of the prison and am asked to put my hands on the wall beside Mack.
My dick has already become erect from the anticipation.

「Oi oi, look at this guy. He’s already hard.」
「What a lecher this guy is! Aren’t you embarrassed at all?」

I’m not the least embarrassed at showing my dick to other women, but how should I response in this situation.

「This one looks pretty big and delicious too. Let’s take it out quickly.」
「Hehehe, yes I agree.」

The guard peels off my underwear and exposes my dick.
The girls take a peek at my crotch with vulgar expressions…….


What cute screams.

「I-it’s so big…… it’s too big! Is it a totally different creature!?」
「What is that!? That’s impossible!! It’s even thicker than my arm!」

The girls blush as they stare at my dick, making their earlier villainous attitude seem like a lie.
When I move my hips to wiggle my dick, the girls also move their heads along to follow.
I hear them gulp.

「F-for now, let’s try licking it.」

Seemingly unable to hold back, the girls drag their tongues along my dick.
They can use their tongues pretty well.


Mack looks at me in frustration.
Sorry bud, I can’t help that my dick is bigger.


He still doesn’t give up.
Exerting strength into his stomach, he somehow gets his dick to inflate and draws the girls’ attention.

「Uwah…… this one’s getting bigger too…… let’s lick that one too.」

Damn it Mack…… I’m not at full power though.
I can still get bigger.

The size competition continues between Mack and I for a while, but the girls have gotten completely aroused before we could settle the score.

「Listen, just lie still over there. If you’re obedient, I’ll make you feel good.」
「Count the stains on the ceiling or something.」

We lay on the floor while the two female guards mount us.
It would be a waste to stare at the ceiling with those nice boobs jiggling in front of me.

The girls lower their hips.
As my dick enters her vagina, I can feel the flesh inside spreading apart to make way for my rod.
The two of them scream and bend backwards.

「Aaaaaah, so thick! What is this thing!!?」

「This one’s even bigger! Not even half has gone in…… kyaa! It’s digging into my womb!」

The girls connected to us in the cowgirl position swing their hips while cold sweat drips from their body, stop after a few times, then swings their hips and stops again, the cycle repeating many times.

「It’s too big, my hips can’t hold out……」

「Plus, that muscular body is just against the rules!」

At this rate, we won’t get anywhere, besides the girls are plenty turned on.
There shouldn’t be any need to stay still any longer.


We change positions, hugging the girls and pushing our bodies against them.

「You bastards, doing this…… aahn!」
「Don’t think you can get away with this…… oohhn!」

The girls yell angrily, though when we give them a hard thrust, their yells turn into moans.
I embrace the girl and steal her lips for a messy kiss.

Judging by their tone earlier, the black elf males seem to be the same with the elf males, being docile, peaceful and having small penises.
The only difference is that most of the elves are satisfied with that fact while the female black elves are more lewd, thus I can feel the dissatisfaction and discontent coming from them.

In that case, I’ll be a little violent with her, thrusting all the way in and squeezing her breasts, letting the girl have a taste of a burly man.
I hold down both hands of the resisting girl to the floor and pump my hips roughly.

「Aah……so rough…… so strong that I can’t resist…… so this is a man…… a true man……」

She stops trying to struggle and lovingly wraps her arms around my neck.
It’s not over yet.

「Put your hands on the wall.」


The guard doesn’t just put her hands on the wall, she spreads apart her own genitals and shakes her ass.
I grab her buttcheek with one hand while the other hand goes for her breasts as I pound her with my dick.


My still-enlarging dick continues to stretch the insides of her vagina.
I may have made her hole more and more into something that can’t be satisfied with small dicks.
The girl is drooling and her tongue is sticking out while letting out a mixture of screams and moans.
I continue rubbing the dark skin of the disheveled black elf while swinging my hips and building up pleasure.

Mack is lifting up the other female from behind and rocking his hips.
He’s persistently thrusting while licking her entire body.
Oh yeah, he has a thing for dark skin…….
The girl is turning her head to kiss him…… already succumbing to the pleasure.

「Gonna cum soon.」

I tell her while grasping the woman’s breasts from behind.

「Eh? Ah……」

The woman stops moaning, puts her hands on my hips and shows signs of resisting.
As expected, she has a problem with getting pregnant with a half elf.
But you can leave that to me, just give in to the pleasure now.
If you bear my child, I’ll definitely treat you well.

「Relax……I’ll stuff my dick inside your womb and ejaculate. Lots of hot seed will fill you up.」

I purposely talk dirty to her, breathing onto her neck.


The girl’s ass trembles.
She’s probably imagining it now.

「What should I do when I cum? Should I pinch your nipples? Should I rub your clitoris?」

「Ah…… ah……」

She stops resisting.
Then she turns to look at me.

「My ears…… bite them…… they’re my weak point.」

I chuckle lightly before doing exactly that.
Biting her cute ears hard but not enough to leave any marks, I also softly blow air into her ears as well.


At the same time, her insides start getting tighter while the deeper parts start loosening up.
My dick slips into her womb, then release my seed in the warm environment.

「Aah—–! Aaah—-! Aaaaaaaaaaah!」

The pulsing of my dick matches the timing of her screams.
I then realize another voice overlapping with the sound.

「Uuuh! Uuuuh! Uuuaaaaah!」

The girl Mack is lifting up is also screaming.
Semen overflows and drips out from her crotch.
It looks like that guy also succeeded in getting her to let him cum inside.

Once my long ejaculation finishes, I fall ass-first on the floor.

「I-I’ll clean you up.」
「Me too……」

After emptying our tanks, our respective partners lick our softened dicks.

「How splendid and lovely……」
「I have…… fallen in love too.」

The female prison guards looks at us with melting eyes.

I have my way with the breasts of the girl while Mack lays the other girl on the side and has fun licking her brown skin from the tips of her fingers to her ears.

Looks like prison life here will be pretty enjoyable.

The Next Day.

The morning sun doesn’t shine into the underground prison.
But I can hear voices coming from the window popping up halfway out of the ground.

「Mm…… is it morning?」

From what I’ve heard, today is the day the village chief will interrogate us.
I can’t prolong this happy lifestyle unless I convince her.

「Au…… master.」
「So lovely……」

The two prison guards talk sweetly in their sleep.
The girls slept together with us in the prison.
Hanging from the waist of the girl is probably the key to the jail.
I’m free to escape but doing so might cause us to have to fight unnecessarily again, something I don’t want.

「Anyways, don’t you think it’s too loud?」

I ask nobody in particular while pushing Mack’s leg aside and peeking out the window.
The only thing I could see outside the window are people’s legs, but I was able to make sense of the situation somehow.

「Stop it! Nooo!」

「What are you doing with someone else’s husband!? Let go!」

「Aaah, it feels good! It feels so good!」

A woman is screaming while a man is pressing down on her and swinging his hips.
Beside them, another woman is trying to pull them apart though she doesn’t seem sane.

「Stop it, Irimis, this is not what I-……」

Located elsewhere, one woman is on top of another woman and they’re rubbing their vaginas together with their clothes ripped off.
The woman on the bottom is crying while biting down on some cloth.

I heard the black elves had a high sex drive, but to think they were this lewd…… they seemed embarrassed when their bodies got exposed in yesterday’s fight though.

I can then hear sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs.
The two sleeping prison guards suddenly open their eyes.

「You girls, forget about looking after the prisoners! We’re in an emergency situation, so immediately go to where the village chief is…… wait, what are you doing?」

The one who appeared was the leader of the squad who captured us.
The two prison guards speedily tidy their clothes and stands up straight.

「「No, we’re not doing anything!」」

The two of them blow us kisses in a way the captain can’t see before exiting the prison.

「What is happening that you are in such a hurry?」

The captain looks like she’s desperate.
Her breathing is rough and her face is distorted with pain.
It looks pretty serious.

「Shut up, it doesn’t concern-……」

She stops mid-sentence.
Her gaze falls on my crotch.
That’s right, we were fucking the two guards yesterday so I’m still naked.
Moreover, I just woke up so my dick is hard and sticking to my stomach.

「Haa…… haa…… can’t hold it…… anymore!!」

The captain pounces on me.
While still wondering what the mysterious situation outside is, I catch the girl when she tackles me and fall on the floor, rolling around with her.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Captive, tired relief) 23 years old. Winter.

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted)
Natia (Adventuring Elf), Felteris (Magic Warrior Elf)
Mack (Captive, tired relief), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield), Schwartz (Horse, angry)

Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 398, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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