Chapter 339: Cherry of Love




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

A tumultuous discussion continues in the office.

「The cost for the construction of the fortress is too big. Wouldn’t it be better if you built closer to the road instead of trying to do construction in such a difficult place?」

「There’s no meaning if we build it on the plains along the road. Setting it up along the steep cliff means we have a pivotal defense on the side.」

「I want to eat cherries.」

Adolph and Leopolt, the ones in charge of politics and military respectively, are in the middle of a dispute with me also in the mix.
The goal is to find a good way to use the tax revenue. We’ll also be getting harvest tax in autumn so we have to deal with the grain, making things a little more troublesome than summer and winter.

I had to pay a fine because of Zilsepia too, so we need to cut back on our spendings.
Just because he has a fancy name, doesn’t mean he has to do all of that unnecessary stuff.

The argument gets more heated.

「Well in that case, the development in the south…… around Kisatto, don’t you think that’s a waste? That area hasn’t officially been ceded by Vandolea. Also geographically speaking, the land will be ruined if a clash occurs and a war starts.」

「No, that region has been hit with disease and the community is falling apart. If they remain hungry without support, they will start flowing to the north and it’s possible that the fire pox which we finally got under control will expand again. Besides, the assimilation of the influx of refugees from the south will cost money too. If we neglect them, it will be the cause for a deterioration in public order.」

「I’m sure small cherries are sweet and sour.」

Detailed documents filled with numbers fly around and the debaters’ voices grow louder.
I hate numbers and meetings, but seriously participating in arguments like these once in a while is also the duty of a feudal lord.

「We should sell off the harvested wheat and convert it into gold as quickly as possible. If we take the harvest in the northern region, it will also lower the market price, so wouldn’t it be fine if we buy it again?」

「It may be possible that we need to take unforeseen military action. We should keep it on hand for half a year at the very least.」

「I would roll the shiny, juicy cherry on my tongue lots before swallowing it.」

Leopolt and Adolph recognize each other’s ability.
However they prioritize different things so they butt heads quite often.
Meetings go smoothly because I regulate their opinions.

Celia joins the discussion.

「I have an idea. We will decrease the allowance given to the women in the annex. With how many more girls there are, the total amount has really ballooned. Let us lower the treatment of female prisoners as well. They are only represent 10% of the total prisoners and are using half of the budget!」

「……I have no objections to that.」
「Prisoners should be used to death in forced labor.」

「I will not accept that. All suggestions are rejected.」

Occasionally being decisive is also a feudal lord’s job.

Gold, huh…… gold…… hm? I just remembered something.

「Hey, didn’t we get money from the King of the Federation? Wouldn’t that help?」

「Oh right, we had that.」
「If you gave permission to open it, I would have included it in my calculations, but I thought you were deliberately not using it.」

No, I simply forgot about it after tossing it in the treasure room.
If we’re using it, then let’s use it right away. Gold is meant to be spent.

I enter the treasure storage with Celia and Adolph and search for the box with the money.
We have trouble finding it.

「How strange. I thought it was around here……」

The box has an expensive look and should stand out so it shouldn’t be this hard to recognize.

「It’s pretty dark here. It would be nice if there was a large window.」
「Well this is the treasure storage. Having any potential escape routes would cause problems.」

I make idle chatter with Adolph and still come up with nothing.

「It’s not here. In that case, let’s go with what we discussed in the meeting.」

Celia and Adolph get upset at the same time.

「Don’t say that so quickly! If it’s not here, it’s a big deal!」
「It may be off the account records, but it is obviously important to note if there has been a theft! An immediate investigation is required!」

I forgot about it for so long, it may have been misplaced somewhere.
Yesterday I had half a cake leftover and then it disappeared after I went to take a bath. Things happen.

「That was because I at―― ahem! Err, anyways I know where we should start investigating.」

Celia takes big strides and walks quickly through the corridor.
She barges into Nonna’s room.

「Come on, let’s see it!」
「What is it, all of a sudden!?」

I hear voices going back and forth.

「I’m talking about the thing you are keeping secretly!」
「Which do you―― I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about!」

More comments are exchanged.
Nonna is family. I don’t mind if she takes anything, although I would have liked if she said something.

「I never opened the door to the treasure room in the first place! Besides, the guard is like Leopolt-san and wouldn’t let me!」
「So you tried to get in! As I thought, very suspicious!」

In the end, Celia comes out with nothing.

「I guess I was wrong……」
「Treating me like a thief! Waaah Aegir-sama, Celia-chan is so mean.」

Nonna jumps into my chest and cries. She’s right that Celia is wrong for suspecting her so suddenly.
I ruffle her hair and change the style to look more comical.

「Waah, my hair! Uuu…… there are more gold lamps in the room though. I don’t think all of them can be bought with her allowance.」

Nonna twitches in my arms. Her crying also stops.
I’ll have to ask her about it later.

「What should I do…… what should I do?」

There was a flustered maid in the corridor.
Perfect timing, I was feeling hungry so I’ll get something light to eat.

No use worrying about something you don’t have. We can only focus on using the gold we have right now.

I take a look at the document which Celia neatly folded and put in my pocket.

Harvest Tax: 20 000 gold (sold grain)

Mine Tax: 75 000 gold
Trade Tax: 35 000 gold

Total Income: 130 000 gold

Mansion Maintenance: 7000 gold
Security Maintenance: 13 000 gold

Army Wages: 78 000 gold

Military Facilities and Other Miscellaneous Expenses: 12 000 gold

Domestic Development: 10 000 gold

Total Expenses: 120 000 gold

Net Income: +10 000 gold

I remember what was said in the meeting.

Our income from the Lintbloom mine would be hitting a plateau if we didn’t find a new mineral deposit.
Trade is going smoothly within the nation, however the disease hit Malt hard, and there is a restriction on who can go in and out of Libatis, so trade overall has gone down.

Expenses have increased quite a bit.
The attack from Zilromance made us reinforce security on the mansion so our maintenance fee has increased substantially.
Myla’s desire for the city’s public order to improve is also reflected in the rise in expense.

Furthermore, our army has been strengthened in preparation for the rampaging Wilhelmina in the south and even defensive forts have been constructed.
Naturally we need to pay salaries and more maintenance costs.

The good news is that the epidemic didn’t have a major impact on the harvesting of wheat.
Obviously harvesting wasn’t done in the affected areas, although our main grain-producing regions within the territory did not particularly get affected.
Flood control has been making progress and our consistent fertilizer supply helped to ensure a steady harvest.

We have sold off a certain amount of harvested grain to keep ourselves in the black, but fully mobilizing the army will instantly drain our stocks.
In the worst case, I will have to borrow from Claire again.

Now that my work is done, it’s time to go play in the city.
The harvest festival just happens to be going on, so I won’t be bored.

「Master, everything going well?」
「Yes, thanks to you.」

I drop by the Hard-boiled Pavilion branch store in Rafen.

The shopkeeper Andrei couldn’t do business in the capital anymore because of his extreme fetish for little girls, so I helped get him a store in Rafen.
He’s an old friend, but more importantly his wife Natalie as well as the other girls with him would be too sad.

「It’s quiet in here.」

All of Rafen is rowdy and energetic from the festivities.
Everyone has stopped working to participate in the merrymaking, with drinks and meat being distributed throughout the city.

Drunks are shouting loudly and some even get into brawls, but the guards don’t bother to say anything for today.

The city is surrounded by the hustle and bustle, meanwhile time passes as usual in the Hard-boiled Pavilion.
I don’t hate all the excitement, except it gets tiring doing it for so long.
Drinking peacefully and chatting with Andrei is pretty nice.

A lot of people have the same thought.
Despite the Hard-boiled Pavilion being relatively new, a decent number of customers have filled the seats in the store.

「Business is booming, huh?」

「There aren’t many competing stores in Rafen. That’s why more customers gather.」

I slide my empty glass to Andrei.

「Do you still say Rafen is the countryside?」

I ask with a playful smile.

「Maybe not.」

My glass slides back with alcohol poured in.

「Is your fetish under control now? If you do the same thing in Rafen, Myla will arrest you.」

「Men have things they can’t give up…… but there are times a man must sacrifice for his family.」

Although he speaks in a hard-boiled manner, I essentially get that he is holding back on touching little girls.
I do see that Andrei’s left hand is shaking slightly.
Don’t tell me he’s having withdrawal symptoms.

I’ll drink a little more and then go back to the mansion. Right when I was thinking that, I saw something unbelievable.

「That was great, honey.」
「Yes, it felt wonderful.」

A couple linking arms descends the stairs.
Clearly they just finished having sex.

「We’re not a love inn. However customers are customers. They’ll do what they want.」

Andrei sounds like he’s fed up, but that’s not important.

While the man appears to a low-intelligence youngster, the issue is with the woman.


I couldn’t help shout out.

「Don’t call me that name!」

Peticheri responds on reflex,
When she sees me, she seems visibly shaken.

「What’s this about…… weren’t you going to become my woman!?」

「I don’t remember making that promise.」

My loud voice attracts the attention of those around me.

「A lovers’ quarrel?」
「Hey now, don’t kill the mood here.」

Andrei also shuts his eyes and points to the door.
He’s saying to go outside to fight.
Well relax, I’m not going to start anything here.

「Hey man, you trying to take my girl――」
「Shut up.」

The guy falls on his ass when I give him a death glare.

I grab his shoulder and puff my muscles excessively to intimidate him.

「I’ll accompany her now. Any complaints?」
「N-no! Go ahead!」

I thought he looked stupid, but he is quick to understand.

「Let’s go, Peticheri.」
「Haa…… understood.」

I take Peticheri’s hand and exit the Hard-boiled Pavilion.

The guy remains seated on the floor and watches as Peticheri walks away, who doesn’t even look back once.

「Drink, young one.」

Andrei offers a glass of alcohol to the man.
I signal to Andrei that I’ll at least pay for the drink, and he nods in response.

Peticheri and I change location to a rather shady bar instead.
While dancers are showing off their indecent moves and the drunks are cheering, we sit side by side at the counter.

「I’m sad Peticheri. Who would have thought you would cheat with a guy who can think with nothing but his dick.」

「Don’t say that name! Also, I’m not Lord Hardlett’s woman. Who I decide to go out with isn’t your problem.」

Peticheri gulps down her alcohol. She may be an adult, but that sight seems somewhat immoral.

「So, is that guy your lover?」

I dawdled around too long and Peticheri hooked up with a guy.
If I knew this would happen, I should have pounced on her the first time we met and made her mine.

「Hiding it would make things unnecessarily complicated so I’ll just say it now that it’s nothing serious. I cut him off when I came over…… but my desires got the better of me and I yielded to the man who called out to me in the bar.」

She empties her glass as she explains.
It was a pretty strong drink though.

My dick reacts with a twitch.
Peticheri is not only perverted, she loves playing around with men, which is an irresistible quality to me.

「I thought I could have fun with this guy at night who looks like he’s fooled around a lot…… in the end he was merely a youngster from the country. He was a man to kill some time. I was hoping to get him to act as a lover…… and then cut him off not long later.」

That man only made himself look tough, his true nature being that of a coward after being threatened by a thug and who would run away, abandoning a girl with the knowledge she would end up getting raped.
I leaked a little of my bloodlust and he turned into that sorry state.

「If you wanted a man, you need only to tell me. I’ll gladly look after you.」
「I’m supposed to be monitoring you. If news gets out that I have an intimate relationship with my surveillance target, my chances of promotion are done.」

She pinches the hand I was about to put on her shoulder.

「You could choose to live for love instead of work…… mogh.」
「I prioritize work first.」

When I lean my body over for a kiss, she pushes the cheese served as a side dish into my mouth.

「Your wife, your lovers, all of them are beauties so why are you going after me? My ass and chest are both small.」
「I only have you in my sights right now. You’re my number one.」

When seducing a woman, it’s important to tell them they’re the best.
Even if I actually have the angry Nonna and the sulking Celia in my head.

I put my hand over Peticheri’s hand and stroke it. This time she doesn’t reject me.
Her face has become quite red. She drinks at a fast pace, although she doesn’t seem to be a heavy drinker.

「Don’t call my name. At least call me Cheri.」
「Alright. Cheri, I like you. I want you.」

Little by little, I inch closer to her.
Gradually I could no longer hear the background noise.

「…… I’m not going to believe the sweet words of a womanizer.」
「Cheri is quite the man-eater too though, no?」

Our lips meet.


She isn’t refusing me, so I continue kissing her.

I separate from her when I finish enjoying her tiny lips.

「Geez…… are you going to make me feel good?」
「Leave it to me. More so than any man you’ve had before.」

The shop assistant senses the atmosphere and leaves the key to a room in an inn between us.

「Take it off.」

After getting into our own room, we take off each other’s clothes.

Hearing the sounds of sex and moaning from the adjacent room further heightens our arousal.

「What cute clothes―― oooh.」

When I take off Cheri’s shirt, a clean white camisole is revealed.
I start pulling it off while thinking that piece of clothing fit her well, only to find a thin black undergarment next.

The woman bends her body trying to impress me.
She’s such a naughty cherry. I’m not going to be able to hold myself back.

「Lord Hardlett has quite the impressive body. Look at that muscle…… nothing I’ve ever seen before.」

Cheri runs her small hand along my body as she takes off my clothes.

「Do you dislike macho men?」
「Well, I do like them.」

I am finally left with a single piece of clothing, my underwear. Cheri is also down to clothes which hide her chest and genitals.

「I’m taking them off.」

First I remove the piece of clothing covering her breasts.

Small like I thought. Almost like the budding mounds of a young girl during puberty.
Her pretty pink nipples are like fresh cherries.

I take the bottom off too.
This place is a little different from what I consider a young girl.

The full patch of black pubic hair insists she is a grown woman.
Her vagina is a pretty color and her lips are sticking out a little, showing how much they’ve been used.

I know she’s anticipating for her body to be seen by men, seeing as how her pubic hair is trimmed neatly.
Not to mention she isn’t embarrassed from being fully naked and is even sending a provoking glare at me.

「It’s childlike but an adult’s body…… a wonderful body.」
「Thank you. Then I’ll do the same to you.」

Cheri sits at my feet and slowly pulls down my underwear.
However my cock, which has become erect from seeing her body, gets in the way.

「Your thing is caught…… eh? It shouldn’t be this big…… eei!」

She pulls down my underwear all at once, allowing my cock to spring forth.

「I did it! It’s so big!」

Cheri puts a hand to her mouth and smiles.
Then she blushes after seeing my face.

「Nevermind. Shall we head to bed now?」

Her happiness was not an act.
What a lewd Cheri. Marvelous.

「Ahem, you’re the one who attacked, so I’m leaving everything to you.」

She turns face-up on the bed and spreads her slender legs apart.

「Sure thing.」

Since a man tempted a woman, it’s his duty to please her.
A good man is capable of leading a woman to climax when she’s sleeping.

I start with kissing her neck, then her modest breasts, then her navel, then lower to her stomach.

「You smell nice.」

I lightly press my nose against her secret place before lastly sucking her pussy.


Cheri twitches in surprise when I hold her legs, then I stick my tongue into her hole.
My nose gently grinds against her clit while my hands stroke her thighs.

Her vagina is tight yet soft, and is emitting a faint enticing scent.
Her clitoris is really small and most of it is covered by a hood of skin.

「Aah…… you’re skilled, aren’t you.」

I lift my head in joy and then go back to pressing my face to her groin, inserting my tongue deeper.
With all the saliva lubricating her folds, my lapping makes a steady slurping sound, further fanning the flames of our lust.

「So deep, your tongue feels so good.」

My continued tonguing starts bringing forth a syrupy fluid from her depths, making my saliva unnecessary.
Cheri’s sufficiently wet now.

「Aaahn…… more.」

I stop Cheri from reaching down to her bean and grab it myself.
Her body warps as soon as I pinch the tiny kernel.

「Aaaaaah! It feels really good…… aaah!」

A woman’s clitoris is extra sensitive so pinching too hard changes pleasure to pain.
It’s important to use the perfect amount of strength, not too much and not too little. My touch is a result of my experience with women.

Cheri holds down my head with her hands.
Her stomach tenses up many times and she trembles. She’s probably cumming lightly.

「How about―― this?」
「Ah! Aaaahh…… nnnnh――!!」

I finish off by taking her nub in my mouth and sucking strongly.

With that, Cheri’s small body tightens and her back arches to form a bridge, a small scream also escaping her lips.
A short moment later, a thick juice flows out of her vagina. It looks like she successfully climaxed.

「Fui, I came just from your mouth.」

Cheri lets her four limbs fall back exhaustedly onto the bed.
When her eyes meet with mine, a smile forms on her face.

「I’m glad you felt good. I want to let you enjoy the lingering pleasure, but……」

I trail off as I show Cheri my cock.
It’s hard to ignore my towering member which was caused by her silliness.

「Uwah!? W-what is that…… a penis as large as that…… is it even real?」

Cheri softly brushes a hand along my length and looks up at me.

「I love big ones, but no matter how you look at it, this is…… Lord Hardlett is human right?」

I wrap myself around Cheri and smile.

「Of course. I’ll skewer the girl who says that with my thick spear.」

Cheri smiles sheepishly, puts a hand on my shoulder and spreads her legs.
Her expression seems a little bit frightened.

Despite being quite experienced, the difference in size between her vagina and my dick is too big.
I don’t blame her for feeling scared.

「I’ll be gentle. If it hurts, I’ll stop right away.」
「Nn…… okay.」

I slowly push my hips forward.
My meat rod slides sluggishly inside her.

「Guh, it’s so thick.」

I pause when I hear her grown, then resume after staying still for a moment.
This sequence repeats a few times until my dick pushes its way into her depths.

「Haa, haa…… hey, did you put it in up to the root?」

I kiss Cheri in the middle of her smile.

「Unfortunately, it’s only half way in.」

Cheri lifts her upper body to peek at the spot we’re connected, then falls back down again.

「What an enormous rod. Even though I’m deeper than I look.」

So Cheri is really struggling from how her hand is rubbing my shoulder.

「I’ll stay like this until you get used to it. Let’s talk for a while.」

「Are you okay with that? Won’t it wilt if you don’t do anything?」

I won’t go soft with such a cute girl in my arms.
Besides, I also want to hear Cheri’s back story.

「I’m honestly impressed. A voluptuous woman would scream during her first time with me, yet you’re unexpectedly doing fine.」

「Don’t treat me like a typical whore. That fat thing of yours is hard to deal with because it’s my first time.」

I make sure not to rest my weight on Cheri while we continue chatting.

「Why did you become such a man-eater?」

Cheri hesitates. However, she starts gradually opening up, perhaps due to cumming once earlier or the effect of the alcohol.

「I ran away from home at a young age. I experienced plenty of hardship and at that point the only thing I found fun was fooling around with other men. Trying to clear my worries by playing with lots of different men made my body end up feeling lonely whenever I didn’t sleep with someone.」

My dick swells a bit. Naturally, she realizes it.
Cheri smiles mischievously.

「My first time, how old do you think I was?」

Cheri is small even now. She shouldn’t have been that young, and considering she’s currently 20 years old……

「16, no 17?」

「Wrong, I was 12.」

What the!? She looks young as it is and there is someone who would gobble her up at 12?

「I told you before, but that was when people started making fun of my name. After I fought with my parents and ran away from home, I went into a tool cabin outside the city to pass the night.」

She has a way with telling stories. As expected of an information officer.

「That was when a 40 year old man came in. He was a dirty, repulsive and ugly man. Seeing me, he licked his lips and pounced on me.」

What a disaster.

「My small size didn’t help resist him and I was feeling despair after arguing with my parents so I just gave up my body. Ah, it got a bit smaller.」

So the virginity of the 12 year old Cheri was taken by some dirty old man.
Poor cherry. I want to find that man and skin him alive.

「Don’t make such a scary face. There’s a continuation to this story.」

Cheri gives me a kiss and goes on.

「After stealing my virginity, the man pounded me countless times, smacking his fat belly against me. I was under him―― moaning in pleasure.」

My body slumps over.

「The perverted man’s persistent rocking felt incredible…… and that’s when I started to sleep around. Ah, it’s bulging again.」

What a lewd woman to become promiscuous after being raped by a foul middle-aged man. It’s turning me on.

「My insides are getting familiar with your size too…… do you dislike indecent women?」

Of course, I love them.

I clutch Cheri’s thighs and rock my hips furiously.

The tiny Cheri matches her movements with mine and shakes like a leaf, her face showing no signs of pain.
Her eyes are closed, her arm wraps around my shoulder and she moans erotically.

If one were to look at us from above, they would only see the tips of Cheri’s hands and feet.

「I can’t take it! It’s too much, Cheri!!」

I go from thrusting vigorously to grinding the rough patch near her entrance.

「C-concentrate on my entrance…… yours is so thick, it feels amazing.」

Cheri also comes out with her request.

「Here? You like it here!?」

In addition to my fast movements, I press down the tip of my dick bulging out from under her stomach to multiply her pleasure.

「R-right there…… aaahーー!! So good! N-no more! Gonna cum!」

Cheri stretches her leg as she ascends, and then she stops moving.
I cover her completely and further accelerate my rocking.


Her hole clenches as if to tell me Peticheri reached the top once more.
Time to switch things up.

I stop scraping the entrance and make larger thrusts toward the very back of her insides.

「Ah!? Hiih! Nnaah!」

Having orgasmed multiple times already, Peticheri’s womb should be loosened and deep thrusts should give her great pleasure.
My suspicions are confirmed when she starts shrieking with every pump of my hips.

「It’s getting bigger inside! T-there’s no way I can withstand this! Ah, cumming!」

She starts convulsing again from climax.
I suck on her protruding tongue and pinch her nipples, making sure not to stop rocking.

「I-I came! I already came! Aagh, cumming againーーー!!」

Cheri undergoes another climax less than thirty seconds after.
I’m honestly close to my limit as well, but I endure through willpower and maintain my relentless assault on the girl.

Cheri’s cumming consecutively at this point.
Making her feel that good should be a respectable enough feat as someone who initially tempted her.

「I’m gonna cum soon.」

I envelope Cheri with my body.

「Ah, wait. Do it from behind at the end.」

So she likes doggy position. As expected, a naughty girl like her is different from the others.

I switch positions, getting Cheri on all fours and ramming her from the back.

「You’re cumming outside though. I’ll really get mad if you do it inside!」

「Got it. Here I go!」

I get myself close to the edge with a fierce bucking.

「So rough! Your fat dick is going wild inside me! Uuuu!」

Cheri grabs the sheets in agony.
The stimulation from her contracting vagina and her cute moans send me overboard.


I give her one final deep thrust before pulling out quickly.


The moment my tip exited the narrow passage, semen sprayed out and painted Cheri’s small back completely white.

「It’s hot, thick, and there’s so much of it…… not to mention the manly stench…… I love this.」

I won’t be able to stop if she says something so cute.

Cheri is left drenched in juice after my ejaculation ends and she eventually collapses on the bed.

「Fuu, that was intense.」

That was but the first round.
I grab the girl’s limp hand and put it on my cock.

「Eh? Why is it hard again? Even after you came that much.」

Cheri looks at me in surprise.

「My sex drive is pretty high and I can easily go at least ten times, in other words I haven’t had enough. If you still have energy, do you mind keeping me company for a while longer?」

Her expression changes from astonishment to delight.

「Muscular, well-endowed, stinks of man, and peerless in bed…… how much more my type can you get?」

Cheri gets up, sits on top of the table and spreads her legs.

Without a word, I stand in front of her, take her in my arms and penetrate her with my cock.

「Aaah, it hasn’t softened at all! It’s still extremely hard!」
「Your hole is still nice and tight too. I’ll dig you up more then!」

I go all out and pummel her with thrusts from the beginning, causing the both of us to reach climax sooner than the first time.

「On my face!」

I lower Cheri from the table and get her to sit on the floor, then point my cock at her.

She closes her eyes and sticks out her baby face.


A similarly large load of semen gushes out, this time on her face, instantly turning her into a white cherry.
She scoops some of the sticky substance with a finger and licks it off.

「It’s almost like a solid…… such a strong fishy smell too.」

Before she could finish, I throw her onto the bed and fuck her cowgirl position next.

After releasing a round in the cowgirl position, I fire off a round in the reverse sitting position, then lift her up for another shot, and then one last shot in the doggy position while I press her down against the bed.

「C-can’t go on…… I’m done……」

Even the lewd Cheri is tired after all that and falls face first into the bed.
I can say I’m satisfied, although I can technically go for a few more rounds.

I lie on my back and pull Cheri close so she can use my arm as a pillow.

「Ah? I’m going to lie down.」

Her entire body is covered in my seed and I feel the unpleasant stickiness on my skin when she rests on me, but I don’t mind.
It’s an honor for a man to have a woman sleep on his chest after sex.

「Did you enjoy yourself?」
「Yeah, it was great. You’re the best out of all the men I’ve had in the past. My hips are still trembling.」

Cheri buries her face in my arm and softly fondles my shaft and balls.
What a nice feeling. It was worth all the hard work.

「Then become my woman just like this. Your promotion won’t be affected as long as we hide this.」

Cheri goes silent briefly before sighing.

「…… alright. However, you need to treat me like this never happened in public. You have to hide this from your wife especially.」

「Of course. So let’s get along from now on as lov―― guh.」

She’s gripping tightly on my balls. What’s that about?

「I’m not your lover, I’m your sweetheart!」

Sorry, sorry. They mean the same thing to me.

「And about how you address me…… please refer to me as Mirkura in public settings. In private, you can call me Cheri. Don’t call me Peticheri at all.」

Aw, it’s a cute name though.

「Okay, then Cheri will stop using keigo in private too. No calling me Lord Hardlett.」

Cheri almost uses the same tone as Leopolt when she calls me Lord Hardlett.
It’s bad for my heart if that comes to mind when we’re in the middle of having sex.

「S-so by your name…… Aegir-san?」

「That’s fine, but something sweeter.」

Cheri is small and adorable so babytalk could be fine too.

「So like…… Eegir?」
「Oh, that’s cute Cheri!!」

I hug her tightly.

「So I’ll call you Eegir from―― then.」
「Ooh, call be that as much as you want.」

Having become a public couple, Cheri and I kiss.

「Hey Eegir. I’m feeling hungry, wanna go eat something light?」

The way she calls me changes to how a girlfriend would talk to her boyfriend.

「Sure, we can change…… nah, that’s too much work. Let’s get it delivered.」
「I’m also covered in Eegir’s cum anyways.」

I get the young male shop assistant to fetch us some food.
The young man blushes when he sees the naked Cheri, then leaves in disappointment when he sees my dick.

「Hey, let me touch your muscles until the food comes.」
「Go ahead. Like this?」

I flex my body in various places to make the muscles bulge out.

「Wow…… does this part bulge too?」
「It does, there.」

I get carried away after being praised and show off my different muscles.

「Ahaha, amazing~」

Our sweet time together continues on.

The Next Day.

When I woke up, Cheri was already gone.

「Oops, I got a message.」

Characters were written on my erect dick with red lipstick.

“Last night was the greatest. It would be bad if we went home together in the morning so I left first. From your beloved cherry.”

The short note was closed with a kiss mark.
What a way to tickle a man’s heart.

「I’ll get her to do it with her small mouth next time.」

Cheri is my cherry now.
I’ll continue doing plenty of naughty things with her.

At that moment, I could hear people making a fuss outside the store.

「That was the commotion in the east gate, right?」
「I went to take a look and saw someone swinging their knife around wildly.」

What are they doing during a festival? I guess there are all sorts of idiots out there.

「Those idiots were a young woman and a little female runt. I heard ‘em screaming something about God.」

「Weren’t they just poor people who are not right in the head?」

I heave a sigh and search for my clothes.
The clothes which should have been scattered all over the floor have been properly folded and placed on a chair.

「Maybe. The woman was wearing over-the-top clothes, but was quite a beauty, what a waste. The kid…… had white hair and red eyes. I’ve never seen anything like it.」

「So what happened in the end?」

A beauty? I put my clothes on quicker.

「It was a big deal because the young woman pointed a knife at the patrolling officers. Unlucky for them that the security unit was close. They were suppressed in no time and taken away. Poor things, being arrested by the security squad means they won’t come out for a while.」

「Stupid, letting crazy people wander the streets waving knives around is dangerous. I don’t like the security unit myself but they did their job well this time.」

So security headquarters. Alright, I’m ready to go. Let’s hurry.

When I run out of the room, Celia was waiting outside in the halls.

「……good morning.」

I don’t know how she found out I was here, but right now is not the time to be worrying.

「Let’s go Celia, a beautiful lady is waiting!」

I carry the clearly unhappy Celia and rush out of the inn.
My destination is security headquarters.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (lover, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lizard rider)
Casie (trampled), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (elf), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (fattening), Clara (baffled)
Celestina (queen), Monica (handmaid), Adela (pro lover)

Celia (affair investigation), Myla (interrogating), Marta (aide), Irijina (trampling), Peticheri (sweetheart), Luna (commander), Ruby (bow cavalry), Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress)
Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (city greenery), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (giant lizard), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (frontier goddess)

Citizens: 191,000. Refugees: 22,000 (2000 assimilated)
Major Cities – Rafen: 33,000. Lintbloom: 5500. Special Cultivation District: 13,000.

Army: 10 300 men
Infantry: 7500, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 450, Cannoneers: 350
Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 30

Troops Dispatched to South – Light Infantry: 1000 men

Reserve Army: 2500 men. Security Unit: 200 men.

Assets: 25,500 gold (autumn revenue +10 000), (festival -600)

Sexual Partners: 556, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish




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