Chapter 341: Sexual Pride




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

After passing the time for a while, Celia and I head over to the guest room.

「I won’t let them touch Aegir-sama next time. If I sense anything unsettling, I’ll make a preemptive attack!」

Celia is pretty pumped up, wearing a tank top and shorts so that she can move easier.
Her sides and navel which peeks out occasionally is a wonderful sight.

「I’m counting on you then.」

No kicking though. We won’t be able to talk.

「I got it. I’ll sweep her legs and then slam her head to the floor!」

I’ll be careful so it doesn’t happen.

「I’m coming in.」
「!? Wait!」

I thought to at least announce myself, which prompts Remia to call back.
Celia wanted to rush in regardless, but that would stop all talks from progressing, so we’ll wait patiently.

When we finally enter the room, Remia is there glaring at us while the little Altair is wearing a sheet over her head.
I wonder if it’s because she can’t relax unless she has something covering her.

「You’re still going to do that? It’s easier to talk if I can see your face.」
「The only ones permitted to see the face of Her Grace are the shrine maidens and the archbishop. Non-believers like you will become blind if you lay eyes on Her Grace.」

I saw her earlier though and nothing happened.
I let out a sigh as I comfort the angry Celia.

I know it might be cruel to the two of them, but they can’t continue to live like this.
Presenting them with the harsh reality is really the only option.

「Shrine maidens and archbishop, huh…… I see. So, where are they now?」

I deliberately take an arrogant attitude with them and lean back on the sofa.
This is something I was reluctant to do to a woman, however it is a necessary step.

「I am serving as a shrine maiden!」

「So this girl will only listen to you. And the others? Where is the archbishop?」

Leopolt told me a lot earlier.

The political upheaval in Altair was sudden and drastic.
It wasn’t as simple as a younger brother dethroning his older brother, rather the state of the nation of Altair is ambiguous even now.

Naturally, the system of ruling which relied on religion was overturned from the root, and positions like Pope, shrine maiden, or archbishop no longer exist.

Apparently, the citizens adapted to the mysterious new system and, without starting a large rebellion, are accepting a rule that doesn’t depend on the God of Altair.
That really baffled Tristan and Adolph. They just couldn’t understand how a nation with such fanatic people could undergo change so easily……


Remia goes silent.
If there was a power in their country which supported the two females, they wouldn’t have run this far.

「Continuing to believe this girl is the reincarnation of God is your own choice, but nobody else thinks that way. You won’t find anyone who does in Altair or Rafen, and of course the capital Goldonia.」

「T-that nation of non-believers can perish for all I care!」

Going by that logic, the whole world would die out and everything will be over.

Accurately speaking, there are quite a few small and old shrines dedicated to worshipping Altair in Goldonia.
However they all only have a small altar in front and aren’t anything special.
The traditional festivals and wildly enthusiastic believers which are typically part of the religion are nowhere to be found, and those shrines are being treated in the same way as shrines of other Gods or spirits where people pray right before making a huge gamble or when they have a stomachache.

By the way, I’ve been to the shrine of the goddess of good harvest in Rafen.
That goddess has a beautiful face which is always smiling gently, a voluptuous body, hips large enough to give birth to 10 000 children, and breasts larger than a person’s head which are capable of drenching the earth with milk, or so I’m told.

I thought that if I prayed hard enough, the goddess would stand by my bedside and, as thanks for my faith, let me go one round with her. It turns out that I never got a chance with her, so I got bored and stopped going altogether.
Nonna’s breasts are big enough anyways.

「Um, Aegir-sama?」

Oops, I was lost in my delusions while in mid-conversation.

「In any case, you’re no longer the Pope or a shrine maiden. You may call yourselves that, but nobody will along with it anymore. The religion of Altair you both believe in doesn’t exist in the Central plains, no, the whole world.」

I declare coldly.
That was probably mean of me, however I can’t do anything until I get them to accept reality.
As people who were chased out of their own country, they should understand best that they have no allies. It’s just that they don’t want to admit it.

The young Altair starts to tremble.
Meanwhile, Remia looks sad and pitiful, not willing to touch the girl at all.
I’m sure she believes that she can’t touch her body. This is going to be a long road.

「Uuuu, uuwweeeeh……」

Altair starts crying, although it is different from her earlier wailing.

「Your Grace, get a hold of yourself…… surely somewhere out there――」
「No there isn’t.」

Celia mercilessly follows up.

「You don’t know that! The world is vast, there is definitely somewhere――」
「It’s true the world is vast. So how will you search? Do you have money? How will you travel? Who is going to support broke people like you?」

Altair’s crying worsens and Remia finally becomes enraged.
Celia is prepared for any kind of retaliation, although it doesn’t look like they’ll attack this time.

「I’ll do anything! If it’s for Her Grace, I wouldn’t mind if this body of mine was to break!」

Remia glares with tears in her eyes, which hurts my heart, but still I continue on.

「Even when you wear yourselves out and reach the new place where others believe in the same God, that will be it.」


She doesn’t seem like a stupid girl. Maybe she is thinking of the little one or perhaps she is still stressed from being driven out of her country.

I ask Remia instead of Celia.

「If half a year ago, a group of two comes to your country and declared they were the reincarnation of the God Altair, what would happen?」

「Falsely using the gracious name of God is heresy! Those who commit heresy will be burned at the stake alive!」

「Then you two would probably share the same fate.」

Remia hangs her head dejectedly and Altair sobs heavily.

「You should understand this too. You can worship Altair, but keep it between the two of you. Otherwise, it will continue to get in the way of your lives.」

As expected, nothing more can be said. The pain in my heart is getting unbearable.

Altair pulls on Remia’s sleeve.

「Your Majesty, I will stay beside you until the end. So please, calm down……」

Now the girls have to accept reality, reluctant as they may be.
Here comes the real issue.

「So you said you were heading to the capital…… unfortunately, it will be even worse for you over there.」

The King wants as little to do with the southern nations as possible.
Giving preferential treatment to two girls who were chased out of their country due to a political upheaval not only doesn’t provide benefits, it also invites unnecessary trouble.

In the first place, I don’t think they’ll integrate with society in the capital. That was clear the moment they arrived here and were captured by the guards.
While I can help them out in Rafen, it’s going to be more difficult if they’re in the capital.
I don’t want to see the two of them hanged.

「I don’t believe you are God and I don’t intend to worship you. However I’m not going to be cruel. I want to do all I can so you can live happily.」

Wilhelmina also requested me to let them live as commoners.

I smile, trying not to frighten them, and then take off the sheet worn by Altair.


Altair makes a troubled face, although she doesn’t panic too much, probably because I saw her once before.
Her red, tear-filled eyes look up at me.
I know she’s not a vampire, but those red eyes of hers somewhat turn me on.

「What are you doing to Her Grace―― ah!」

I turn the tables on Remia when she tries to grab me.

「I’ll look after the two of you until you’re used to your new lifestyles. I won’t treat you poorly.」

「T-touching a shrine maiden like myself is wrong! Let go, you brute! Aargh, so strong!」
「Complaining when Aegir-sama hugs you, how rude! Aegir-sama! You can deal with this woman by stepping on her!」

I speak to Altair, ignoring the argument between Remia and Celia.

「You don’t have to think too much. Just rest in my place. You’re tired of having to walk everyday, aren’t you?」

Altair seems to give the slightest of nods after looking at her feet covered in blisters.

「If that is what Her Grace desires, then so it will be. Now let me go! And if your business is done here, get out!」
「You’re going to be cared for and you’re acting so pompously!? A woman like you should just be sold off!」

Celia and Remia glare at each other.
Once again, I ignore them and talk to Altair.

「If you’re not satisfied about something, let me know. Come to me and tell me with your own mouth. I’ll do whatever I can do help.」

Speaking directly to Altair instead of Remia is faster and I also want her to make the decision herself.
A girl who hides her face and plays telephone is not attractive at all.

Altair nods once more, though Remia doesn’t react much when I glance over. Still, I think we’re making progress if she’s nodding on her own.

「Then shall we go to bed?」

It was Celia who made that hysterical scream.

Remia and Altair tilt their heads in confusion.

「Bed? Why would we sleep together with you?」

Remia is suspicious, while Altair is staring blankly in puzzlement.
Don’t tell me, they don’t know what I’m referring to.
I guess I have to say it outright.

「The most optimal way for a man and a woman to cultivate their love is on the bed. If you don’t mind, I want us to perform acts of love together.」
「Aaahn, this again!?」

Celia whines, but the two other girls still have dull reactions.
They look at each other, Altair mumbles something, and then Remia shakes her head.

So they really don’t know and they give a totally off-base answer.

「Granting love to the populace is something only Her Grace can do. Claiming you can give love is absurd.」

This isn’t good. At this rate, the two of them will be eaten up by a bad man.
I have to teach them about love.

「Sure, then how about granting me some love. On the bed, of course.」

Remia was about to say something, then pauses when Altair tugs on her sleeve.
I feel like I saw a faint smile.

「Her Grace has graciously decided to grant you with love. Be thankful and swear your loyalty.」
「I will, now let’s go to bed.」

I won’t swear to the reincarnation of Altair, but I’ll do it to a sexy female body any number of times.

「We are man and woman. All trivial disputes can be solved through acts of love.」

「I knew it! I knew this would happen when you told me you were going to their room!」

Celia is making a fuss. As I thought, she knows me better than anyone.

「Telling me at this timing won’t make me happy…… well maybe sort of……」

There, there, what a cutie.

「Alright, let’s begin.」

I take off my shirt and climb on the bed.
Remia looks like she was about to say something, then hesitates when she sees Altair stand in front of me.


Altair waves her hand around in a strange way.

「What is that――」
「Be quiet! Her Grace is bestowing her blessing on you!」

That weird hand movement is some kind of blessing?
Seeing her small body move reminds me of a cute animal, not some holy being.

「I, the one who rules the heavens and the earth――」

She says something softly which I couldn’t hear the end of as her hand rests on top of my head.

It feels like my body got a little warmer.

「It isn’t something lowly people are supposed to receive, so be grateful.」

Remia is puffing her chest out with pride for some reason and Altair is wiping sweat off her brow like she just accomplished something difficult.

「Uhh, I don’t know what happened, but thanks―― next, I will grant you love.」

I approach the girl, then put my hands around her shoulder and waist.


When Altair looks up at me, suddenly her lips, which seem to be floating on her white skin, overlap with my lips.


I wrap my arounds around the wide-eyed girl.
Her body is smaller than Peticheri’s, let alone Celia.

While hugging her tiny frame, I part her similarly tiny lips and shove my tongue into her mouth.
Altair’s back straightens, but she doesn’t resist.

I was a little forceful so I thought she would be more opposed.
Since she doesn’t seem to mind, I don’t hesitate to explore her mouth, finding her curled up tongue and entwining it with my own tongue.

「H-how dare you――! Au!」

Remia was about to throw herself on me from behind, but before she could do so, Celia jumps in and holds her down.

「I won’t let you! Aegir-sama’s fangs will sink into you soon enough, so just wait patiently. Uu, it feels like I’m an accomplice to a crime……」

I’m also curious about their grappling match, but right now I’ll focus on Altair.

As long as she’s willing, I have to make her feel good.
Let’s move to the next step.

In addition to stirring up the inside of her mouth with my tongue, I press my body closer to hers and rub the nape of her neck.
The hand around her waist gently grabs her ass.

I was going to touch her thighs, chest, and her important hole next as foreplay, however――


Altair cries out, her body stiffens up, and her crotch instantly gets wet.
I quickly separate from her.

「Oh, she’s leaking.」

Who would have thought the reason she didn’t resist was because she was too scared to move.
So that means she was so terrified she pissed her pants.
I did something horrible.

「Sorry, you were scared, right? Let’s stop for now.」

The moment I was about to put some distance between us, I realize something felt off.
For someone who just wet their pants, not much of her clothes feel moist, plus there isn’t that distinct smell of urine.
I know because I’ve made more than a few women leak on the bed before.

「Wait, so is this……」

I extend my hand to her damp crotch.


Altair’s body trembles again.
It wasn’t due to fear though.
Her body is shaking because it can’t withstand the pleasure.

I’m sure of it. Altair reacted to my earlier advances and squirted.

「It was just kissing and light touching though.」

I can see her squirting after having pleasure built up over a long period of time, but to do so from the initial kissing and caressing?

Remia, who is being held down by Celia, shouts at me.

「Her Grace’s body is sacred and thus is easily affected by obscenities! A mere human is not permitted to touch Her Grace!」

Fumu, I see.
I take the arm of the panting Altair and gently stroke her starting from the back of her hand to her shoulder.

「Ah!? Uuu――!!」

Altair’s trembling increases and the stain on her crotch grows in size.

It’s clear now.
Her body is so sensitive that she cums just from being touched.

「What a lewd body―― irresistible.」

I pull Altair toward me for an embrace, my hands crawling to her breasts and crotch.


Almost at the same time, Altair’s body straightens stiffly as she climaxes, and then she falls limp on the bed.

「Haa…… haa…… aauuu……」

A little bit of touching and she’s already exhausted like she’s been pounded for half a day.

「L-let go! Let gooo――!!」
「Wah! Aegir-sama, she got away!」

Remia’s flailing manages to push Celia aside, allowing her to charge at me.
The one who stopped her was none other than Altair.

「No need, it’s fine.」
「B-but this man did something outrageous to Your Grace……」

Altair responds softly yet firmly.

「The fuzzy, lightheadedness…… felt good…… I think…… I want more.」

Moved by the deep emotion caused by her reaction, my body and meat rod twitches.

「Sure. That was only the beginning. I’ll be doing even more amazing things!」

I lay Altair in the center of the bed and then take off her clothes one piece at a time.

Seeing the skin on the rest of her body wasn’t surprising since I saw how her face, arms, and legs were white like fresh snow. A few places here and there are tinted pink, probably because she climaxed twice.

「So pretty. There isn’t a single blemish.」

Her chest and ass are small, her limbs are slender.
Her hips are curved enough to not be considered child-like, however they aren’t exactly alluring either.


I softly rub her shapely navel.


Liquid spits out from her crotch.
Her body is heavily craving for a man.

「I’ll take this place too.」

I peck at the small nub sitting on the peak of her humble breast.


That was enough to make her back arch.
When my hand cups her other breast, her squirting turns into a fountain.

「I’m not done yet.」

I reach down to her vagina and slip a finger inside.


She experiences another orgasm, and at this point the word wet doesn’t even come close to describing the state of her hole.
Her pussy is overflowing with sticky love juice.

「Woops, so she’s a virgin.」

My finger hits a certain membrane inside her.
I have to be careful she doesn’t lose it from my caressing.

「Her body is really incredible. She cums no matter where I touch.」

There’s a limit to how sensitive you can be.
I know a man derives joy from making a woman cum, but now I’m feeling uneasy about what would happen if I shove my dick inside her when she cums so easily.


Altair wants water.
Cumming consecutively like that will obviously make her entire body sweat.

「I will bring it to you n――」

Before Remia could react, I take some water in my mouth and transfer it to Altair’s mouth.

「Nnh!? Nnnnn――!!」

Altair drinks the water as she spreads open her legs and squirts.
It seems she’ll cum just from kisses now.

「I’ll have some water too.」

I move myself to the girl’s lower body and put my mouth up against her hole.


It didn’t take long for her love juices to flow into my mouth.

She screams and holds my head with her hands, but I’m holding her thighs so she can’t run away.
Her vagina spasms and her little clitoris is erect.

When I give her bean a lick, her thighs squeeze tightly around my head.
Since she’s only as strong as a little girl, I don’t feel any pain.

After my oral teasing, Altair is already partially fainted.
Her legs are wide apart and her vagina is twitching.

Normally, I would let the girl rest, however it wouldn’t make much difference in this case.
If I resume my teasing, she’s going to be cumming non-stop again anyways.

「I’ll make you a woman now. You don’t mind, right?」


Altair stares at my face, then makes a slight but clear nod.


I take my own clothes off.

「Come back to your senses! This man is trying to do something outrageous!」

Remia’s shouting is futile. Based on her reactions, I can see she knows nothing about sex.
So that means she’s most likely a virgin as well.

「……it’s fine. The fuzzy feeling…… I want it.」
「N-no way……」

「Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I’ll definitely make you feel good.」
「Eating another virgin will undoubtedly make Aegir-sama’s tool become darker……」

I remove the final piece of clothing.


Remia screams.

「What is that thing!? A demon! He’s carrying a demon!」

Don’t call it a demon.
It’s true that my erect dick is covered in veins and isn’t cute at all though.

「It’s so big…… what are you going to do with it?」

On the other hand, Altair doesn’t seem to be afraid after cumming so much and is reaching a hand out toward it.
I let her touch my cock before pulling her legs apart and getting in between.

「I’m going to put this in your vagina. Then I can make both of us feel good.」

「……more than before?」

「What I did before was like an appetizer. True love is born when a man inserts his rod into a woman’s hole.」

Ever since we started having sex, Altair has been speaking up.
As I thought, a man and a woman understands each other the best through physical contact.

「Here I go.」

I hold up her thin thighs and align my cock with her vagina.
Altair’s body and hole are really small, however I should be able to get in when she’s super wet.

I put my hands on both sides of the face-up girl’s head and slowly get on top of her, making sure not to apply too much of my weight to her body.

「It’s almost like Aegir-sama is fucking a child, what a sight……」

It feels as if my dick got one size bigger from Celia and Remia looking.

My meat rod slowly sinks into the flesh pot and then encounters some resistance.

「Uugh…… it hurts.」

Altair puts her hands around my back and clings to me.

I smile to reassure her, and then tear through her virginity in one swift motion.


The tiny body cries out and arches backward.
Her legs kick around and her fingers dig into my back. The number of my medals of honor as a man has increased yet again.

Altair’s tiny crevice is stretched as far as it can and looks likely to break at any time.
I’ve got to let her get used to the size a little before I do anything.

「There, there…… I’ll stay still until your hole adjusts――」

「Feels good! It feels really good!」

The girl who was mumbling softly all this time is now declaring in a loud and clear voice.

「It feels good…… it feels good…… it feels good……」

I stopped moving my hips thinking it would hurt after she lost her virginity, however she’s rocking her own hips ingratiatingly, perhaps because it’s hard to move with me on top, and is groaning impatiently.

「It doesn’t hurt?」
「No, just move…… m-move!」

When she speaks in a commanding tone, she can be surprisingly loud.
Well if she insists, I won’t hold back.


When I push all the way in, a splash of liquid hits my stomach.


When I use the tip to grind against the area close to her entrance, her tongue sticks out, her hole convulses, and she squirts.


When I pull out as far as I can without actually leaving her folds and then thrust back in, her limbs tense up and her back arches.
Of course, another jet shoots out from her crotch.


When I squeeze both her harder-than-ever nipples, she lifts up her waist and sprays more.

She cums no matter what I do.
In that case, I can be a little rougher.

I envelope Altair’s body with my own and make big sweeping motions with my hips.
Each thrust was strong enough to make the head of my penis bulge out from under her stomach, yet the girl doesn’t complain of pain, rather she repeatedly cries out how good it feels, cumming and squirting with every thrust I make.

「More, give it to me harder.」
「Any harder and your stomach will tear.」

Altair puts her hand on my face as if saying that she’s okay with that.
Her face, which used to be pure white, is now dyed in shades of pink. Spit and tears stain her pretty skin.
It can’t be helped, I’ll give her a real thrust.


I slam my hips against her with full force.
It’s a technique normally reserved for Melissa or Mel or other girls who are thicker and more accustomed to men.

Even Celia and Miti would scream in pain……


Altair’s limbs twine around me.
Her face…… is so warped with pleasure that it shouldn’t be shown to other people.
She seems fine.

「Ahh, ahh, can’t, can’t stop!」

The girl’s hips are moving like they have a mind of their own.
I guess one thrust made her unable to stop.
She’s climaxing endlessly.

「I-I can’t breathe.」
「Oh, not good.」

Is that because she’s cumming too much?
I kiss her forcefully and blow air into her mouth.


That makes my dick stimulate deeper in her hole and naturally makes Altair orgasm.
Then of course she has trouble breathing again, so I blow more air into her lungs.

That sequence of events repeated several times until Altair runs out of stamina and collapses limply on the bed.

I should really stop before she dies from sex.
Fortunately, my feelings are welling up.

「My love is about to shoot out.」

I’m not sure where I should cum.
With how much she has climaxed, the entrance to her womb should be open.
If I cum inside, the chances of her getting pregnant is high.

「……I’m gonna cum like this.」

I choose to release inside.
It isn’t like I didn’t consider how it might be too early for her to bear my child, however being pregnant might make her more self-aware as a woman and also help her fit in this world easier.
Obviously I also want to cum on that white skin of hers.

「Your love…… is coming……?」
「That’s right, lots of it…… oooh!」

I hold onto the exhausted girl and then unload my sperm with a grunt.
My seed flows into her womb in a position where her hands are only lightly around my shoulder most likely because she can no longer exert any strength.

「Hot…… love…… is hot……」
「That sound…… what are you doing to Her Grace!? Aaah, her stomach is inflating…… what on earth is happening!?」

Everyone can hear the spurting sounds of my semen shooting out.
Altair’s stomach slowly grows larger and she watches on in amazement before slumping on the bed.

「Her breathing…… is normal. Her vagina is also in tact. Good, she’s fine.」

I do a quick check on her body before letting the girl sleep.
Hmm, seeing such a small girl with such a large stomach almost seems wrong.

「Now then, you’re next.」

I stand in front of Remia with my cock still hard.
I held back a little on how much I released in Altair so it hasn’t gone down at all.

「Be good and let yourself be stripped down. You’ll only get hurt if you resist. ……this feels like I’m aiding a rapist.」

Remia gets undressed after Celia advises her.
Except even after her upper half is exposed and her abundant breasts are revealed, she doesn’t resist.

Did she fall in love with my dick or something?
If so, that’s the best result.

「There’s no way I’ve become charmed by you. But that thing on your crotch……」

Remia gets close and drags her tongue along the length of my shaft.

「You were struggling so much before and now you’re sucking him…… so you’re really aiming for Aegir-sama after all!?」

She uses her tongue to clean my rod which was dripping with juice after sex with Altair and then finishes by taking the tip in her mouth.
Moreover, she has a trance-like expression on her face, looking to me like she’s enraptured by me.

「Don’t misunderstand. This was the devil…… however it’s been purified by Her Grace. Now it’s become holy.」

Remia explains her logic licking Altair’s juices off my stomach and thighs.
No matter the reasoning, her being comfortable with my dick works in my favor.

I grab the ample mounds on her chest and put one of her nipples in my mouth.

「Stop―― no, that hand and that mouth has been purified by Her Grace…… you may continue.」

Remia allows me to caress her.
I keep things gentle, building up her arousal.

「Aaah…… nnnnh!」

Remia’s voice starts to sweeten the more I touch her. She’s finally turned on.
She was closing her body up to guard her crotch so it was hard for me to pleasure her.
With that said, it’s normal for a virgin to act like that, whereas the constantly cumming Altair is the exception.

Celia looks to take off Remia’s bottom half.

「Wait! M-maybe that’s not…… good.」

「Hey now, then I can’t love you. Don’t you want this?」

I hold my dick in front of her eyes.

「Uu…… the holy rod which went insider Her Grace……」

Remia’s eyes seem to melt.
But then she snaps out of it and she covers her crotch.

Is she scared after all?
She didn’t resist at all when I touched her boobs though.
Actually it looks more like she wants to hide her crotch than not wanting sex.

「Don’t worry, it isn’t filthy.」

That was when a soft voice speaks out from behind.
Altair has woken up and chimes in to encourage Remia.

「Your Grace!」
「It’s not filthy. That’s what I said.」

Remia lowers her head politely and resolves herself before removing the cloth covering her lower half on her own.


Celia shouts, while I also unconsciously let out a groan.

She unveils nice curvy hips which would arouse any man, beautiful fleshy thighs and neatly trimmed pubic hair, but in the middle of it all is a foreign object standing at attention.

「Hey, so you were a guy?」
「Uuuuu! Now you’ve seen it. Unforgivable!」

Remia has a dick in between her legs.
Not only that, it was an impressive-looking one which easily exceeded 30 cm in length with engorged blood vessels all around and a wide tip.
Of course it’s smaller than mine, but she won’t be outdone by an average man.


I’m conflicted.
I was doing everything before under the impression that Remia was a woman.

「If she’s that beautiful and has a dick too, is she still a woman? No, having one means she’s a guy.」
「Aegir-sama, hang in there!」

I have to admit, this is confusing.

「Don’t misunderstand. I’m not a male.」

Remia takes hold of her own dick and lifts it up.
Although I don’t want to look too much, behind the shaft are prominent balls and――


Celia and I exclaim in surprise again.

Behind that rod of hers is a vagina.
I rub my eyes in disbelief, but that’s definitely not her asshole.

「I was born with both genitals. The body of a devil…… that’s what everybody calls it.」

She starts to explain after being urged by Altair.

Remia was a girl born in the countryside of Altair to a family which lacked nothing, however she was born with a dick.

Her parents, perhaps due to their love for their daughter or fear of being associated with the devil, confined Remia in her room and didn’t let her take one step outside.

One day, late at night when she snuck outside, she ended up being discovered by vigilantes.

When the perverted man of the group decided to touch her body under the pretense of an investigation, the secret came to light.

The villagers made a fuss about it, saying it was heresy and how she was a child of the devil.

Even the priest was called upon, however nobody knew the background of a girl who was hidden away for so long.

That was when her parents appeared and denied knowing her completely.

In despair, she confessed to being a demon’s child.

Remia was taken away to the holy city of Alteria and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

Before the fire could be lit, Altair saw her from the terrace of the palace and declared she wasn’t evil.

Those few words were able to free Remia from the punishment and then she went on to become a shrine maiden who serves the Pope.

「I decided from that point to dedicate my life to serving Her Grace.」

Remia speaks as if convincing herself and then boldly displays her cock.

That was a nice story and all, but having that penis so close to me is unsettling.
Even though it’s attached to a female, my body instinctively rejects it.

「Although if you’re a woman, I’ll still embrace you.」
「As if you wish. I have no qualms with something that entered Her Grace.」

I push Remia on her back and lean forward.
I adjust my cock to her pussy and……

「……can I do it from behind?」
「As you wish.」

Her erect member would press against my stomach if I were to do it from the front.
It’s sufficiently large so it will surely distract me.

After getting Remia on all fours, I grab her ass and once again position myself in front of her hole.
Umu, I can’t see her dick at this angle.

「Here I go.」

My cock slides smoothly into her vagina.
Remia’s ass is pretty big and there seems to be more room in her vagina than in Altair’s.
However the lubrication of her hole is more average than the insanely wet Altair, so she feels more pain.

「Guh…… ahh…… it hurts! Uuuu……」

I don’t stop even though she groans in anguish and tear right through her hymen.


Remia’s upper body collapses on the bed as she cries out.

「Your virginity is mine. Now you’ve become a woman―― my woman.」
「No! I offer my virginity to the rod which Her Grace purified, not to you!」

What is she saying? Whatever.

「I’m gonna move now.」

I start rocking before she gives me a response.

「Auu! Guh!」

Her vagina seems painfully stretched out, although not to the extent Altair’s was.
I think she’ll be fine if I move.

「I’ll adjust my movements so tell me where it feels the best for you. I’ll concentrate on that spot.」
「Don’t worry about that, just move as you want!」

It will continue to hurt if you don’t tell me.
Fine, I’ll look for it myself.

My hands circle around to her breasts and I suck on the nape of her neck.
Her supple skin feels great and further stirs my arousal when I’m in contact with her.

「Uwah…… incredible.」

I look over to the side and find Celia staring intently.

「What’s wrong? Seeing me fuck another woman shouldn’t be a rare sight for you.」

「Yes, but……that girl’s thing is sticking to her stomach and it looks like Aegir-sama is doing it with another male.」

Don’t say something that will turn me off.
I’m doing it in a position where I can’t see that thing.

「Well, that’s also a part of you. I have to accept every part of a woman.」

I persuade myself and then speed up my movements.

「Amazing, so pretty.」

Altair’s words cause Remia’s body to tremble.

「Uu, uggh! Uuuuー!!」

Her vagina tightens up considerably and her body convulses.
As a man, it feels complicated that she climaxes from Altair’s words rather than my thrusting, but then again, it’s better than her not feeling good.
I also realize that I feel something pulsing.

「……that woman is ejaculating. This scene of two men going at it is stirring some sort of emotion within me.」

I’m still hesitant to accept all of her.

Regardless of whether she has a dick, any virgin will eventually feel pain if you pound them too much.
The sopping wet Altair is an outlier.

「It’s about time to finish up. I’ll go hard for the final spurt.」

I was going to fill her up in this doggy style, except Altair crawls over.

「Show it to me.」
「Aaah, Your Grace…… that would be discourteous.」

With her feelings in mind, I change into the reverse sitting position and then intensify my pumping.
I can see Remia’s erect dick over her shoulder, but I suck on her neck and pretend not to notice it.

「This thing, get it bigger.」
「As you command……」

Remia starts stroking her cock.
The fact she’s using two hands is a sign that her size is impressive.

「Uuuuuー Uuuuuーー!!」

Altair watches in amusement as Remia frantically rubs her penis and lets out a low-pitched growling.

Celia also comes over and clings to my back.
I can feel her breasts against my back and her tongue licking my neck.

「I don’t want to be left out. I’m Aegir-sama’s number one.」

Not to worry, I’ll give you lots of affection after I’m done with those two.

Finally reaching her limit, Remia starts shaking.

「I-I can’t hold it. If you could please step away…… at this rate, Your Grace will be covered in juice!」
「No, it isn’t dirty.」

Altair’s words causes Remia’s insides squeeze down on me.
She’s experiencing a big orgasm.
Let’s cum together with her.

「Aaah! How discourteous! N-no, don’t!!」

Altair takes Remia’s dick into her mouth.
The dam within Remia bursts and she moans as she climaxes.

「I’m cumming too!」

I kiss Celia and grasp Remia’s breasts as I release my seed.


I pour a huge load into Remia’s insides while Remia’s dick pulses vigorously and fills up Altair’s mouth.


Remia’s dick and cum spills out of the young girl’s mouth.
She must have ejaculated lots.

「Aaaaaah! It won’t stop! The juice won’t stop coming out!!」

Even after slipping out of Altair’s mouth, Remia’s dick swings around wildly like a sprinkler and sprays more seed everywhere.
I hold the flailing girl tightly.

「I can’t be losing to a woman’s meat rod.」

I exert strength into my stomach and ejaculate even more.

In the end, I come out on top and Remia loses consciousness after emptying her semen reserves.

「Aegir-sama always cums a lot so I’m used to it…… but still, this is an incredible amount.」

The bed is drenched and covered with white fluid.
My seed went into the girls so most of what’s on the bed is from Remia.

「She’s still convulsing. I hope her thing doesn’t break because it ejaculated too much.」

I casually flick the fatigued Remia’s shaft.
In that instant, a thought flashes in my mind.

「Hm? All of a sudden, I get reminded of Leticia’s place. How strange.」
「There are things which may be better off not remembering.」

Let’s not worry about it.

「These two are my women now. I’ll teach them lots from now on.」

I put my arms around the sleeping girls and gently stroke them.

「The number of girls increased again……」

I reach my hand out to Celia.
The best solution for relieving a girl’s jealousy is to fuck them.

「I don’t want to do it on a juice-filled bed. Let’s go to my room.」
「Oh, sure.」

While still naked, I pick up Celia and carry her to her room.
On the way we meet Myla, and although she gives us a hard glare, I choose not to be too concerned at the moment.
I don’t worry about the fact Celia waved at her either.

And thus Altair and Remia became my women.

–Third Person POV–

Fortress on the Vandolea-Altair Border – Fort Algors

This fort on the forefront is one in which over many years has been taken, retaken, and repeatedly destroyed by the countries on either side of the border.
In one corner, the authorities from both nations are seated together.

「Now, the long battle has finished.」

Wilhelmina breaks the awkward silence.

「We will be holding hands and walking alongside each other. This is to defeat our common enemy and for all of us to survive.」

Wilhelmina looks to the Altair side and nods.
Their side also nods back reassuringly.

**Flashback: One Week Ago. Alteria Former Temple.

「The leaders of Vandolea have passed away from the demonic plague. However, the disease was not the only factor…… a person conspired to kill them.」

Wilhelmina addresses the citizens in a black mourning outfit.
She is currently standing in the Altair temple where the Pope used to be enshrined.
Idols and ceremonial decorations have been removed and the place is being used as a government building.

「Divine punishment has been delivered to those Vandoleans!」
「Hey, divine punishment doesn’t exist anymore! Don’t say such strange things!」
「Whoever did it, they did a good job. Good riddance.」

Most of the populace welcome the deaths of the Vandolea leadership.
With the long years of conflict, the hostility towards them is still deep-seated even after the change in political system.

「And one of my important retainers Marco…… also lost his life.」

Everyone slowly calms down.

「I will declare to everyone. I ―― plan to reconcile with Vandolea. Not rule or submission, but a peaceful settlement.」

「A settlement? You’ve got to be kidding!」
「At this rate, they’ll attack and destroy――」

The quieted masses understood the meaning of those words, but before they could yell angrily, Wilhelmina explains herself.

「Vandolea was an enemy. However, we need to make peace. In order to survive…… that reason is――」

Having been beaten to the punch, the citizens await silently for the continuation.

「We have a common enemy. A terrifying enemy.」

Wilhelmina shudders to show how frightened she feels, and the public also murmur.

「Enemy? There is an enemy besides Vandolea?」
「Who is the enemy that we have to go so far as to make peace to prepare?」
「Shhh! Shut up for a bit, I can’t hear the rest.」

Wilhelmina confirms she has everyone’s attention before raising her voice again.

「The enemy we fought for so long are detestable. You also hate them for stealing your family and assets away. But I want you to think carefully. What you should truly be scared of is not the enemy standing in front of you with a sword, instead it should be the assassin hiding in the dark with a poison knife!」

Wilhelmina presents a man to the public.

「This man is a spy. He was captured by our skilled soldiers…… and he confessed everything.」

Wilhelmina spreads her arms. Her fear disappears and the tone of her voice becomes more dignified too.

「It’s no secret that the war with Vandolea started with their preemptive strike.」

Their invasion aimed for the confusion after the political upheaval―― at the very least, that’s what it seemed to Altair.

「That’s right! They’re cowards who will attack whenever they see an opening!」
「So we really have to fight to the end after all!」

Wilhelmina overwhelms the citizens’ voices.

「But that was wrong. Everything from the beginning was the real enemy’s conspiracy. They were waiting for the right time to execute their plan to kill me and the leaders of Vandolea altogether! I was lucky to escape death, although it was at the cost of Marco’s life……」

She displays a sad expression for a second before her eyes suddenly widen.

「The real enemy is Libatis! They are indulging in luxuries while watching us suffer, destroying all chances for us to make peace, and constantly trying to throw us into the fires of war!」

The people stir again.

「Assassination which uses the spread of fire pox is truly the work of the devil, an injustice beyond human contention!」

Wilhelmina speaks with an anger-filled expression and tone of voice.

「To use the fire pox like that…… there’s a limit to how cruel someone can be.」
「There is no god. But there exists a devil! In Libatis!」

Although everybody has strong feelings about the confrontation between Altair and Vandolea, the fury from the heaps of corpses caused by the fire pox has the same impact. Anger towards Libatis wells up in the hearts of the citizens.

「Forgive the enemy of yesterday for a greater cause! This is to defeat the true evil! All your remorse, all your hate…… direct it to them!」

Angry cheers erupt.

The spy―― rather the stranger who was identified as the spy, could not say anything with his tongue cut, was pulled out in front of the public and was decapitated.
And so the people of Altair agreed to the reconciliation with Vandolea.

**End of flashback.

「We have no objections. We have to put aside our ill feelings of the past and take down our common enemy.」

Most of the participants on the Vandolea side nodded after the Altair side said what they did.
A majority of the Vandolea side have also accepted Wilhelmina.

She emphasized in front of the citizens of Vandolea how she was not born in Altair, but the small nation of Polpo, stressed how the leaders of Vandolea were murdered cruelly by the fire pox, and explained the need for reconciliation.

There was no increase in taxes after the reconciliation, in fact charity was given to all the citizens as a form of appeal.
For people whose lives have been ruined by natural disaster, epidemic, and war, the proposal was very attractive.

Still, there are many on Vandolea’s side, and even some vocal participants here, who remain doubtful of Wilhelmina.

「……Certainly, a settlement is fine. However clearing up the long hostile past isn’t so simple.」
「Indeed, many people have lost family because of the fights with Altair. Considering the feelings of those people, it won’t be easy to hold hands with their killers.」

The Altair side glares at the men, but Wilhelmina responds with a smile.

「Yes, it won’t be easy. It is also arrogant of the few people here to make such a decision.」

Wilhelmina acknowledging the complaints so readily confuses those present in the meeting.

「To be honest, all of you have not been called here only for the sake of making peace. It is for all the citizens of Altair and Vandolea to reconcile and…… also to question the pros and cons of integration.」

「You’re saying for us to become one nation!?」

Wilhelmina just grins.

「Unification is necessary to face off against a great enemy, and the ultimate form of that is for two nations to integrate. The benefits and risks of integration, as well as the selection of leaders―― we will entrust that to the people.」

「You’re saying to let the citizens choose the leaders!? Ridiculous!」
「Isn’t that the same method used by Libatis, the enemy you told us about!? Aren’t you contradicting yourself!?」

Wilhelmina threatens with a voice not expected from her thin body.

「It isn’t a contradiction. If the enemy uses a sword, are you going to reject using a sword? If they ride a horse, will you dismount from them? That is just stupid logic. If a system or idea is outstanding, of course we will adopt it ourselves.」

「The people may have accepted reconciliation, but integration is not――」

This time Wilhelmina holds out her hand to stop the dissenter from saying anymore and then speaks over him.

「――it is because the hate between the two countries is so entrenched that we need a leader who the people can accept. When such a leader stands on top, that’s when we will achieve true unity. We will name those we think are capable. Naturally I will raise my hand for the position.」

「A leader who both Altair and Vandolea will accept……」
「No way there is someone……」

There isn’t anybody like that.
Other than the woman in front of them.

The conference ends in a strange atmosphere and Wilhelmina returns to her carriage to move elsewhere.

「Once again, you talked up a great storm.」

Wilhelmina takes the wet towel from Zaphnes and lightly wipes her face.

「Will this meeting remain in the history books?」

The woman answers while wiping.

「That depends on the result.」

The man speaks with a sigh and the woman hides her slight grin with the towel.

「Right, the Pope and shrine maiden safely entered Rafen. We have spies in Rafen, will you chase after them?」

She shakes her head slowly.

「No need. It’s good enough to know that they got into Goldonia. The groundwork has been set.」

Wilhelmina closes her eyes.

「All that really made me tired…… I’ll sleep for 8 hours today.」

She takes off her clothes, leaving her underwear on, and wraps a blanket around her.
Zaphnes signs and sits beside her.

She works in a way unlike her age, but the legs sticking out from under the blanket are the slender legs of a young woman matching her age.

「……hey, don’t you want a man?」
「Of course I want one. If they’re talented, I want as many as possible. However discovering new prospects will have to wait until after this major plan.」

Wilhelmina starts to sleep soundly after finishing her sentence.
Zaphnes awkwardly shakes his head before exiting the carriage.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Assets: 22,200 gold
Sexual Partners: 558, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish




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