Chapter 37: The King’s Mercy




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Capital Goldonia

「Lord Radhalde, Lord Hardlett, this time is also honestly troublesome. This place isn’t official, so you don’t have to be so stiff.」

After the ceremony of our triumphant return and the central army returned to the garrison, everything returned to peaceful times and conditions as previously. Afterwards, Erich and I were beckoned by the king to his ‘personal meal time’ and joined him together at the table. With the king’s position, it is impossible for half-nobles with lower standings to hold an official seat.

「Hearing of Alnode’s defeat, not only did those in the southern portion, but all the nobles who have been holding back in giving the temporary tax instantly sent it all at once.」

The king threw out a list of an enormous amount of tax. Originally, it is something shown only to the treasurer. The king may be drunk with his victory alcohol.

「In the end they’re just opportunistic cowards, as soon as you show some strength they become like this.」

Suddenly stopping his laughter, he turned towards the servant and waved his hand. It seems that is the signal to leave their positions, they leave the room together and the three of us are the only ones remaining.

「I have heard that Count Roland has abandoned Alnode.」

「It seems that while going through the forest, they were attacked by bandits and his son along with the rest of them have gone missing…they shouldn’t be alive.」

「I see, then that’s good.」

It seems the king is still in a good mood regarding the issue with the assassination.

「To reward your loyalty with further status, I will be continuing to rely on you both as nobles of Goldonia. But until this becomes an official notification, speak of this to no one else After all, this place is nothing more than where I have my evening meal.」

「I am grateful. 」「Afterwards, also be loyal…」

Finally, I can see the hereditary noble status. It seems Nonna would jump for joy but I won’t let her buy a new dress.

「Normally I would also grant you territory, but the only remaining land is the southern land that was confiscated…I am not so heartless as to throw you into that place.」

For the nobles that did not conspire in the rebellion, to have the person who killed their long time neighbor become a resident, their hearts would never settle down. Instead of a reward, it would be a penance for managing land.

「It’s nothing, we will eventually be able to obtain decent land. Just wait until then.」

Even though the conversation is over the king never called the servants to return, he used his own hand to pour alcohol in his glass. It is rare for the king to show such a good mood on his face. If I don’t speak out now I doubt I will have a chance later on.

「Your Majesty, I actually have something to consult with you.」

Erich makes a difficult face. He was hoping that I would speak up when he was not there, but that is not the case.

「What is it? Speak.」

「It is about the treatment of the captured rebellion nobles, but are you going to judge it as high treason?」

After the king shows a blank face, he laughs.

「Hahaha! What are you saying now; there is nothing easier to understand than high treason. There is no one of your equal when it comes to the work on the battlefield, but you are ignorant about acting, you should study it well. Even those that live in the slums know about something like this.」

「I beg your pardon. But does crime of high treason for direct descendants include to killing even an infant…?」

「Yes that’s right.」

「Actually, I have the daughter of Catherine, Margrave Alnode’s second daughter, who I have captured in Zaal. 」

The air in the place stops. Erich stops eating.

「The father, Viscount Bellido, was killed by me in a duel and the mother, Catherine, was also captured and after the resistance, killed. Thus, to lay hands on the daughter, who is still a breastfed child, I believe it is an evil thing to do.」

The king showed his anger in the beginning but after hearing my excuse, he has gone into thinking.

「I see…it is said that a country does not stand on strictness alone, I am also believed by the people to be a stern king too.」

「She is still a baby who understands nothing. Even if you let her go, she will not become a source of trouble in the future.」

Without delay, Erich comes out with support.

「But, to break the precedent for high treason it may cause unnecessary misunderstanding for the others.」

「I don’t know much about the noble society, but citizens will definitely support his Majesty for helping a child.」

Having a debate here would only make things look worse. In the end, we can only expect the king to have some mercy.

「The laws made more than 100 years ago have not bound me…very well, I will spare the life of the baby. However, I will not waver on the eradication of everyone besides the baby. I will not recognize her daughter in becoming a noble in the future, nor will I recognize her marrying with a noble, she will have to live simply as a commoner.」

Alright, that’s perfect. But if Catherine’s identity gets found out I might also be finished.

「Actually, I am also slightly troubled. Do you know that for the crime of high treason, it extends to the associated families and married families and they are branded with disgrace?」

「Yes, I am aware.」

「Alnode is the central figure of the southern nobles. There are many houses that have been married into his family. In the center, there are also important positions held by the names of senior nobles.」

The nobles, who have jumped up in status to that of the Margrave’s standing through marriage, must be trembling on the abundant territory they are in right now.

「If I brand all of them with disgrace it will not end up in only rebellion but it would split the country in two and there will be a civil war. Thus, together with the acquittal of the child, it may be better to acquit the nobles who have severed their ties with the rebels’ family.」

「It may also be good to charge a fee together with the acquittal.」

「A good suggestion. Lord Radhalde you may have the talent for political affairs.」

My goal has already been reached so I have no further need to express my opinion. I want to hurry up and get back home and taste Catherine’s body. In just 10 days her body has become familiar with me, with a single kiss she will no longer resist. Also, I can gain the feeling of corruption in stealing a person’s wife who has a kid.

「Well, in regards to our earlier conversation, before long it will be officially released. Let’s end it here for today.」

We gave a great bow and left the palace.

「Whenever I’m with you I get cold sweat.」

Erich’s tone changes. Going back to the days when we were mercenaries to when we received status and was now calling me as lord. Were you that nervous about the topic with the child?

「I worry that you will do something outrageous one day.」

If I say that I am hiding Catherine, you may well faint.

「So that’s how it is. It won’t appear on the table until the official proclamation is out, but you don’t have to worry about your life any longer.」

For now, I brought Catherine and Rose to my house.I said to the squad that she was a prostitute that was chased out by the flames of war so if she becomes one of my woman, there wouldn’t be anyone who would suspect anything. They seem to think that I’m a womanizer and I would do any and all things if I see a woman that I like.

I tell Catherine about receiving the king’s leniency as she sits on the sofa.

「Is that so…?」

「However, naturally, we cannot continue your family name so you cannot come back as a noble. You will live as a commoner.」

Catherine hangs her head and nods.

「A little more.」「Until safety is guaranteed…」

She mutters and grumbles.

「When is the proclamation?」

「It’s one of his Majesty’s thoughts but it should be in two to three days.」

「Three more days…in that case…then somehow.」

「Well, the sun has gone down, shall we go?」

I pick Catherine up and head towards the bedroom. Her nipples are erect to the point that they can be distinctly seen even under her clothes, she is already enveloped in anticipation for intercourse. I also get excited to the point that my cock is erect and pushing against my pants. I won’t get bored so easily with a lewd woman who gets disheveled as soon as she gets pulled into bed.

—Catherine POV—

I am carried by this man’s arms and lifted into the bedroom. I don’t even have to say it but after this, I will be thoroughly violated. For today, will he thrust deep into my womb? Or will he prop me on top and have me shake my hips? If possible I would like to lick his large cock. It feels satisfying using my mouth to get him off and make him spray his seed…

Wait a minute, I shake my head and come to my senses. Why do I have to service him accordingly? This is bad, even my heart is already about to fall for him. I have to be strong or else…


「…. .」

I came across a woman with outrageously huge breasts. This man is loosely surrounded by five women. No, the sex beast-like man is certainly raping the servants’ children too. There is also a little boy but I have heard from my friend that there are men who also play with young boys’ asses.

I was lifted by the man and I close my eyes. it is unpleasant to have the jealousy of the mistresses directed towards me.

「Are you going to hold her again…?」

But her gaze of condemnation is directed at the man. Well, in that case, I think it’s natural to be sarcastic….Even my father and my brother was often surrounded by women, I have seen many cases where the women fight amongst each other. It would have been better to hit the women who got in your way rather than going against your owner. It doesn’t matter; my fate will be sealed in three more days. I stopped thinking about it.

—Catherine POV END—

Nonna’s eyes are painful. It was the request when I made a riot to find out her background when I felt such harsh stares towards me. Maria and Melissa are also only giving me cold looks; this is all because of Catherine’s misunderstanding and Celia not saying enough. When I returned to the capital, I had to prepare for the ceremony celebrating my triumphant return so I left Celia to bring Catherine to the house first. Seeing how another woman was brought in, everyone questioned Catherine.

「Excuse me, but how did you get acquainted with Aegir-sama?」

「That man…killed my husband, and used my child as blackmail to rape me!」

The women pulled their faces back.

「Please treat me and Rose with pity and kindly leave us alone. I don’t feel that I am equal to any of you since I can’t refuse anything from that man…」

Ending it there, Catherine sobbed by the wall while hugging her child. Naturally, everyone was surprised and asked Celia what had happened but her answer seems to be like this.

「That woman is the rebellion culprit’s daughter and the husband was as well, Aegir-sama killed the husband, and her father was hung to death in the capital.」

「Originally, that woman should have been executed as well but she was saved. He was probably excited during battle and desired a woman.」

「I don’t know too much about the child, but using the body as a condition to plead for the Majesty’s leniency.」

The third one is especially bad. Celia doesn’t know too much about the sparing of a life and such things, so the explanation is somewhat careless, so doesn’t it make me seem like a villain who continued to rape the mother desperately trying to protect her child?

In addition while Catherine was crying in the corner of the room, she was reminiscing and telling stories about the memories of her husband and her child so all the girls other than Carla completely misunderstood. Only Carla thought ‘Isn’t it natural for a pair of males to fight and kill over the woman that they like?’ so she didn’t mind.

Enduring three out of six people who gave me the cold shoulder a few days passed, finally the king made his declaration directly to all the people in the country in the plaza.

「I am declaring here that the rebellion in the southern region has been completely resolved. The unfortunate circumstances this occasion were all invited by the powerful soon-to-be deceased Margrave Alnode and those involved with him.」

The reactions of the nobles were divided into those with a serious expression and those with an even more serious expression. There are also people who have some sort of connection to Alnode.

「I will answer this foul betrayal with the sentence of high treason. I will confiscate all their status and their territorial assets, and their direct family descendants will all be executed.」

There was a mysterious stage that was enshrined in the plaza, with many ropes hanging from it and being urged, the prisoners were brought on top. At the front, Alnode could be seen but he is wearing rags, his dirty appearance was nothing like his face from before.

「Let the execution begin!」

Men, women, elderly, one by one an unpleasant noise resounded. Even for me this scene was unpleasant so I turned my eyes away to look at the nearby beautiful lady’s ass and breasts. Screams can be heard from the commoners and commotion started. When the stage and the corpses were cleaned up the screaming calmed down, but regardless of commoner or noble, the eyes that looked up at the king were dyed with fear.

「The evil has been put to death! Everyone would be afraid of me being a merciless king. However even I would not blame high treason on a person’s child and will not take an innocent life.」

Several children gathered under the king. Their age was similar to that of Rose’s age and about five of them were there.

「These children are relatives of those who are blamed for high treason! But it is not my intention to punish children who do not understand the reason of things. I will not commit the foolishness of being bound by the ancient laws of taking lives uselessly.」

「I will reduce the sins of these children, and release them as innocent.」

「Benevolent King! Hooray!」「His Majesty Alexandro is the true king!」「Let the king who loves his people live forever!」

Voices praised the king, and cheers and applause rose from among the people. I felt like I saw the first guy who started shouting head into Erich’s tent. I also think I saw Erich bribing him with money, but let’s pretend I didn’t see anything. While the commoners are excited at the children’s dramatic acquittal, the king informs them of the real issue.

「Doing the same with these children, the rebels and the blood-related family I believe that they don’t have the will to conspire to rebel. Therefore I will cut ties with that family, and as a proof of loyalty will pay a certain tax, and without branding them with disgrace I will no longer doubt their loyalty.」

One of the nobles nearby breathed a sigh of great relief and sat down on the spot. If you are stamped with disgrace, the path to career success and marriage will be severed. It is equal to a slow death for nobles.

After that the king’s speech continued, the central army was reinforced further and several armies corps were established and he declared that those who earned merits in battle were awarded with status and rewards, and thus ending it there. But for the nobles, filling the hole opened up in the position by Alnode’s death and fighting to find a successor is more important than evading the brand of disgrace and working out how to pay the tax. They advised each other, and left the plaza while restraining each other.

I have to follow up on Catherine’s matter too.

「Is the proclamation on schedule?」

「Yeah, you don’t have to worry for Rose’s life.」

I hand Rose over to Catherine. Usually, she would snatch her away and never have her leave her side, but today she left her child on the soft sofa and turned towards me.

「Then…please prepare yourself!」

Catherine grabbed the fruit knife on the desk and swung it down towards me. Everyone screams, Celia pulls the knife hidden in her waist but she won’t make it in time. The knife is stabbed into my chest; my clothes start to get stained with blood.

「My husband’s enemy! My father’s enemy! There! How’s that!」

She is desperately stabbing with the knife and vomiting her grudges. But having been stabbed with the knife I will not fall over, and of course I won’t die. With Catherine’s feebleness and the small knife, she is not able to pierce through the clothes and my muscles to bring me to death.

But it would hurt if I leave it, and above all Celia will not let her stab me repeatedly so I push her shoulder lightly and thrust her away. Even so Catherine was trying to be strong and flipped over while rolling on the floor.

「…Impossible, isn’t it. Aah…I knew it.」

She switched the knife and pointed it towards her own neck.

「Rose, forgive your foolish mother. I will watch over your growth in the underworld.」

Melissa didn’t want the child to see the end of her mother so she covered Rose, the other women were frozen due to the situation. Celia did not pay attention to Catherine and ran towards me. And so, blood was spilled.

Name : Aegir Hardlett 19 years old Summer
Status : Goldonia Kingdom Knight Central Army 1st division Cavalry Company Commander
Annual Salary 80 gold
Money : 257 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)
Weapon : Dual Crater (long sword), Large Bardiche (spear)
Equipment : High-grade Steel Plate armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions : Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla, Catherine, Rose
Servants : Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates : Celia (follower), Agor (adjutant), Christoph (small-fry), Carl, Schwartz (Horse)
Sexual Partners Count : 29




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