Chapter 388: Central Plains Unification War ⑬ Not Alone




Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

North of Zan Dora. Hardlett Army Headquarters.

「I appreciate your efforts with the regular reports. You may leave…… fuu.」

Celia sees off the messenger trying to suppress his laughter and sighs.

「How long are you going to continue this? I think everyone knows by now.」

Myla says in a tired tone as Celia adjusts the loose-fitting cloak.

「Don’t say that. I have to believe nobody has found out or else my heart would break.」

Celia pumps herself up mentally.

Suddenly, the sound of a horse running and probably the sound of the messenger dismounting can be heard.

「Here comes another one.」
「Appearance okay, voice okay, stuffing okay!」

After Celia finishes confirming her face, throat and crotch, the messenger bursts into the tent.

「Celia-sama! Myla-sama! Bad news!」

「Celia is currently not present.」

The messenger disregards Celia’s response and shouts.

「It appears the enemy has landed on the west coast of the North Teries! The Royal army has abandoned Arkland!」

「Report the details.」

Leopolt, who was sorting through documents as if nothing concerned him until now, stepped in between Celia and the messenger.
Myla has also left Celia’s side and is surrounding the messenger.

「L-let me listen too!」

Celia determined it wasn’t time to play around as body double, took the cloak and crotch stuffing and added herself to the circle.

Having listened to the messenger, Leopolt’s decision was clear.
He draws a straight line on the map.

「We will abandon the south, including Zan Dora, and the west around Rigol. Depending on the situation, we might have to retreat further.」

「That’s…… no, if Arkland is in the opponent’s hands, it would be hard to retain possession of the land in the first place.」

「But that’s……」

If Leopolt’s proposal is followed, over half of the territory would be yielded to the enemy.

「I have been entrusted with command while Lord Hardlett is absent. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a decision.」

Leopolt says that and summons the commanders as well as the ministers of the territory being abandoned to discuss how to deal with the population.

「For Arkland to be taken as well…… this is……」

Myla stops herself from finishing the sentence.
Simply looking at the map, Goldonia’s unfavorable situation is clear and defeat is becoming more realistic.

「S-still, the enemy was dealt a huge blow. I’m sure it was Aegir-sama’s work!」

「The battle itself was won. But how did South Yuguria get ships on the North Teries…… I heard all the ships left when Treia fell.」

As the two of them rack their brains, the sound of wings flapping and a broken speech can be heard from above the tent.

「Arrived, arrivedー! Tired, hungry, forgot what to do, piihー!」

「Ah, the harpy is back.」
「She’s so loud during such a critical time.」

Celia exits the tent to quiet the creature, only for the harpy to approach her instead.

「Remember now, letter, letter, to Celia, letter!」

「A letter, for me?」

The harpy squawks and hands her an egg.
It was three times the size of a chicken egg with a grayish colored shell.

「What is this? Did you want me to cook the egg?」

「Piihー! Made mistake, egg will be eaten! Child will be eaten! This one, letter is this one.」

The harpy hastily takes back the egg and raises its right leg toward Celia.
Naturally, that would mean the creature spread out its legs, revealing its genitals in between its legs to the nearby soldiers, who awkwardly avert their eyes.

「Can’t you have a little more dignity…… well, it’s not like a bird would understand. The letter is tied to your leg, I see.」

「A carrier pigeon, huh…… if she was a little smarter, she would have made for a good messenger.」

「Sleepy, hungry, will warm up the egg.」

Myla looks at the harpy like she has given up hope.
The harpy cradles its egg and runs off somewhere.

Celia opens the letter and reads it.

「It’s from Aegir-sama! Let’s see……」

「There is a high chance for the details of the destruction of the feudal lords’ armies to affect more than just the battlefield. Information needs to be gathered from within the country.」

Says Leopolt.

「It looks like the poor trio survived. ……I haven’t been able to do anything since I trained with them. I lost my wallet and was poisoned by eating shellfish, then by the time I dropped by clothes, it was evening.」

Says Myla.

「I knew that woman went with Aegir-sama! I’m jealous she gets to be together with Aegir-sama!」

Clamors Celia as she reads on and freezes, letting the letter drop from her hand.

「What’s wrong?」

Myla asks uneasily. Celia is shaking and has turned pale.

「Aegir-sama has…… suffered a severe wound…… and lost his left hand……?」

「What did you say!?」

Myla frantically picks up the letter.

In the final part of the letter, it was written that a certain amount of time was needed to rest in order to heal from the injuries suffered in battle.
Furthermore, despite losing the left hand, a life-threatening situation was avoided.

「Aaaaah!! I should have gone with him by force if I had to! I have to be beside him right now!!」

Celia screams crazily and attempts to rush out of the tent.

「Ah…… hey!」

Myla tries to stop her, but Celia somersaults forward to dodge the arm, continuing on and rolling her way out.

「M-me too.」

Myla glances at Leopolt.

「Lady Hyuutia has a squad entrusted to her, no?」

Myla looks down dejectedly when the emotionless voice spoke to her.

「……I detest my serious nature sometimes. Lord Hardlett…… I will absolutely protect this place, so I pray you stay safe..」

As if testing Myla’s steeled resolve, she was notified that the enemy eastern army had started to move.

–Aegir POV–

A Few Days Later. Goldonia Royal Army – Headquarters.

「Are you finished?」

「Yeah, did I make you wait?」

Sekrit scrunches her face when she enters the room.
This house was provided to me by Erich so my wounds could heal quicker, there shouldn’t be any foul smells.

「It stinks of female. Get that sow out of here.」

「Don’t say something so mean. She did her best for my sake.」

I rub the ass of the woman sleeping next to me.
She’s the prostitute Erich ordered to take care of me.

「Hii…… hii…… hahii……」

Her large ass, specialized in pleasing men, is covered in sweat and spasms erratically.

「So thick…… and rough…… dying…… I’m dead…… hauu.」

The prostitute is resting her hands on my chest and letting out short gasps.
Drool leaks out of her partially-opened mouth, leaving a trail on my stomach, accompanied by the semi-incoherent mumblings resembling that of sleep talk

「How much did you fuck her to get a girl of that trade to turn into such a mess? ……and still nothing, huh?」

Sekrit grins as she plops herself on the bed and spreads the prostitute’s vagina presumptuously.
Plenty of honey spills from the orifice, but my semen is nowhere to be found.

「It looks like you failed to cum again」

She strokes my crotch over the sheets.

「Kukuku, are you that worried about me?」

「Of course. My heart is being crushed by my feelings for you.」

I have not ejaculated once since Sekrit got injured.
No matter how hard I pound a woman, she gets exhausted before I could release and I’m forced to stop.
My body probably feels guilty for what happened to Sekrit and is preventing any seed from leaving. That or I might have become impotent.

「You’re not impotent or anything if you can get this hard…… there is a risk your balls might explode if you don’t cum though.」

Sekrit puts one knee on the bed and toys with my cock.

「You can’t cum because of me, right? In that case, fuck me and everything will be fine. Look, I’m ready for you.」

Sekrit rolls down her shirt erotically and liberates her large, shapely dark-skinned breasts.
Of course that turns me on and I might be able to shoot everything accumulated in my balls if I listen to Sekrit and embrace her.

「I can’t do that.」

Perhaps due to the unnatural way she stripped, Sekrit loses her balance and falls toward the floor.
I react immediately by supporting her shoulder and pulling her close to me again.

「You haven’t fully recovered yet so I won’t forcefully fuck you. First, let your body heal up completely.」

She brushes away my hand which gently pats her head.

「It’s not going to heal. No matter how much I rest my body, my arm won’t grow back.」

She shoves the stub in my face to reinforce her point.

「I can’t run properly with my center of gravity out of order. I don’t stand a chance on the battlefield anymore. A useless person like me can at least spread her legs to relieve her lord or I might as well be thrown away. Maybe you find it repulsive to have sex with a one-armed woman?」

Her self-torturing words pierce me.
But Sekrit denies even that from me.

「I don’t want your stupid apology. Standing on the frontlines in a suboptimal condition and wearing lightweight armor are both my own choices. There is no reason for you to read too much into things.」

Whatever Sekrit says, she’s my woman.
Thus, her injuries are my responsibilities.

The reason I’m not embracing her is definitely not because I think she’s gross.
My first priority is her state of health and the second is her feelings.
If Sekrit really wanted a lifestyle of cajoling and opening her crotch to please me, I’d gladly accept it.

Except I can tell that’s not what Sekrit desires from her attitude.
She doesn’t truly want that.
She wants to run freely on the plains, swim in the river and finish building her Leviathan 3.

If I were to ignore those feelings of hers so she could be my lover, I would not be making her happy.

「I’ll do something about it.」

「Huh? What are――」

I hug Sekrit tightly.

「I will definitely do something about your arm.」

「Don’t be ridiculous…… something stupid like my arm growing back is not possible.」

She’s returning my embrace as she speaks abusively.
A brief moment of silence surrounded us. Then there was a familiar neighing which was awfully loud and clear.

「I could give you one of my arms if you want.」

「Moron, try imagining what that would be like. It would look like this.」

Sekrit bursts out laughing and then sticks my arm onto the end of hers.

「If I’m going to look like some strange demonic creature, I’d rather be one-armed. I would want to die every time I looked in the mirror.」

In saying so, she slips past my arm.

「Well, I appreciate where you’re coming from. I guess I can relax for now.」

Sekrit walks to the tent’s entrance to leave, her steps still somewhat unsteady.
Then it happened.



A small figure runs through the entrance.

The shadow overturns Sekrit and jumps onto my bed.

「You’re in the way!」

Moreover, the shadow pushes the prostitute who was sleeping on the bed to the floor and pounces onto my chest.

「Aegir-sama! L-look at all the wounds on your body…… if I insisted on staying by your side, your arm wouldn’t…… your arm……」

No wonder the figure looked familiar, it was my Cute Celia.
She is having a fit as she checks my body’s damage and saves my arms for last, gingerly touching them and ensuring their existence.


Celia pats both my arms, then taps the ‘arm’ in the middle.

「……they’re there. All three of them.」

「What are you saying?」

I lift Celia up and stand her next to me on the bed.

This situation doesn’t make sense.
I mean, it was within my expectations for Celia to chase after me, but what she’s saying sounds like nonsense.

「I received Aegir-sama’s letter. After learning that you suffered major injuries and lost your arm, I couldn’t just sit still……」

Now I remember sending a messenger to my territory to report the state of war.

Oh right, a harpy said she wanted to make a nest so I let her go home. I guess I also sent her to deliver a letter.

「The copy with the messenger was written by me, while the letter given to the delicacy was summarized by you. Sometimes the letters you write don’t make much sense. It seems the delicacy didn’t make any side trips and arrived first.」

Sekrit, who was knocked over by Celia, waddles her way back on her feet.

「Are you alright?」

I quickly run over to support her.

「……hmph, the one who lost their arm is not him. It’s me.」

Sekrit snorts, ridiculing herself.

「Aah…… thank goodness.」

Celia’s legs give out on her.

「I was ready to offer my own arm to Aegir-sama……」

With a sigh, I approach Celia and give her a little bop on the head.


Then I follow up by embracing her.

「Sekrit lost her arm because of me. Please don’t say you’re happy to hear that. ――other than that, thanks. You came running because you thought I was hurt, right?」

「Yes…… I can’t stomach that woman, but I’m sorry.」

Celia and I exchange a firm hug.

「……what kind of farce is this? I’m leaving.」

As Sekrit tries to exit the tent again, she is pushed down once more.

「Mu, sorry. It appears I misheard what happened.」

The one who showed up is Natia.
She’s carrying some kind of big luggage wrapped in cloth on her back.

「I brought her with me from Rafen! I thought, if it was her, she would be able to regrow an arm.」
「I told her it was impossible. She had this incredibly menacing look when she pulled me along so I couldn’t refuse……」

Celia even asked Natia to come.
Knowing what she’s capable of, my eyes shine with hope when I think about the possibility.

「Like I said, it’s not possible! Growing back limbs is something I’ve only seen in books of the past!」

Natia’s long ears twitch adorably as she explains.
Hmm…… they’re so cute.


I unconsciously reach out to pinch Natia’s right ear.
At the same time, the fatigued prostitute wakes up and squeezes the left ear.


Natia brushes our hands away and chucks a wooden canteen at me, which bonks my head.

「What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

「Sorry. Your ears have an irresistible charm to them.」

Her ears are flapping vigorously, perhaps in reflection of her anger.
I want to touch them more, but I have to hold back.

「……you guys.」

Sekrit stands up furiously.

「Whatever, fuss all you want.」

Sekrit snorts, motioning to leave again, only to be bounced back.
She ran right into the giant culminations of a man’s dreams.

「Kyaa! What is it!?」

This time, it was Nonna.
Sekrit was bumped to the floor a third time by her enormous bust.

「Nonna? What are you doing here!?」

I can understand bringing Natia along, but also bringing Nonna to a dangerous place like the battlefield?
I look at Celia with a trace of anger in my eyes.

「Celia, what’s going on here?」

「My apologies…… I was not thinking straight…… I panicked and didn’t think clearly……」

「I heard from Celia-chan that Aegir-sama was critically injured and thought it was my duty, as the legal wife, to act.」
「I tried to stop her.」「The love of a wife cannot be restrained.」

Her two attendants…… whose names I forgot, are also accompanying her.

「This is the battlefield, you know……」

As I began to protest, Nonna plants her plump lips on mine to seal my mouth.

「Your wife came to see you. As a husband, you must first greet her with a kiss and a hug.」

I entangle my tongue with hers and draw her close to my body.
When her ample bosom touches my stomach, the feeling of not wanting to let her go becomes stronger.

She should really go home as soon as possible, however I can’t tell Nonna to leave after she worried enough to visit me.
Man, sometimes my leniency and love for women amazes me.

「Fu, fufufu…… I was repelled by a pair of breasts, huh…… now I’m certain I don’t belong on the battlefield.」

Sekrit sneers while laying on the ground in resignation.

「You’re going to be fine. Natia will surely do something to help.」
「I keep saying you’re asking for the impossible!」

Celia mutters quickly to me in the now boisterous tent atmosphere.

「I might have did something bad to Schwartz. I thought Aegir-sama lost your arm…… so when you weren’t with him, out of anger…… I kicked his testicles.」

The neighing earlier was him after all.
Well, I’m sure getting kicked in the balls by a cute girl like Celia will leave him satisfied.

「That’s the fourth time……honestly.」

Sekrit tries to leave the tent again and encounters a large figure.


Sekrit kicked the shadow’s knee and sweeps the feet to trip the figure.

Falling down to the ground is Mack.
When I later asked him, he said he was worried about the ruffled Celia rushing to me and wanted to act as a bodyguard.
Gido also came along, though that’s not important.

I intended to go alone, but look how many people are here now.

–Third Person POV–

A Certain City State – A Certain Man’s Home.

「It seems the rumors of Meldora lending ships to South Yuguria are true. It was clearly seen by the unclouded eyes of a man.」

A muscular man, who obviously appears unsuited to conduct spy operations, reports how the investigation was done.

「I see.」

Another muscular man slowly stands up from his chair, his crimson cape fluttering as he does.
His sleeveless shirt and knee-high pants fit tightly to his body.

「Meldora’s conduct violates the unwritten rule we city states have of not involving ourselves with outsiders. The king of Meldora, Busco, was always hostile towards us Aless. They most likely want South Yuguria to owe them a favor so they can later request for their cooperation and challenge us.」

The elder who replied was the leader of the council. Naturally, he wasn’t muscular.

「Is that so?」

The man wearing the red cape looks out a window.
At the end of his line of vision, men wearing almost no clothes are grunting loudly as they train diligently.

「This is not the time to remain peaceful. I hear Goldonia is at a clear disadvantage and if that country falls, South Yuguria will become the supreme ruler of the Central plains…… if Busco gets what he wants, hundreds of thousands of soldiers could march toward us.」

The caped man raises his bulky arm as he answers the old man’s words.

「That is none of our concern. It doesn’t matter who dares to direct their animosity at us. If a blade is pointed at us, we will repel it with our bodies of steel. That has been our tradition since the founding of this nation.」

「Yes! If we have the vessel and soul of a true man, no enemy can stand before us!」

The man supposedly acting as a spy also agrees and flexes his muscles.

「Are you saying that we should ignore this evident crisis then?」

The elder scrunches his face due to the place starting to fill with the smell of sweat, yet pushes on with the issue at hand.

Still, the caped man’s eyes are looking out the window.
This time, they were directed further into the distance.

「It’s to the point I have to say it.」

The caped man reaches into his tight pants and takes out a letter, then grandly spreads it―― so violently that the paper rips in two.

「Nuu, what weak paper this is, not even able to withstand a man’s strength.」

The elder looks surprised while the other two act as if nothing happened.

「A true man…… my friend, has sought us for help. He is one who I have made a pledge with!」

The caped man closes his eyes and smirks slightly.

「A promise between true men takes precedence. However, disregarding traditions would be sacrilegious to our ancestors and our history……if there is no other opportunity, I was going to participate by myself.」

The small grin transforms into a full-faced beaming smile.

「If Busco invites a nation of the plains, then we will have just cause! I can lead our invincible men to fulfill the promise I made! Now then, council leader, tell me what reason you have to come to this mansion.」

As the man turned to face the elder, his cape dances.
His eyes were glittering with anticipation like the eyes of a young man.

Somewhat overpowered by the intensity, the elder clears his throat before continuing.

「The council has already reached a decision. All that’s left is your will. ……the opinions of the now old and logical have been lined up, but the council members and I were once warriors as well. We will not hesitate to defend our fatherland.」

The old man takes out a beautifully decorated document and reads it out loud.

「When this document is read, the council of Aless will once again entrust the royal authority and treasured sword, the Light of Aless, to you―― Gildress. The King shall bravely strike down Meldora, who brings war to our nation, as well as their supporter, the South Yuguria Empire, and protect the citizens of Aless.」


The man――Gildress, promptly yells out his response and holds out his hands in front to accept…… and tears the paper in two.

「Muun. Aless’s paper has become weak too!」
「No, it must be because the king’s power has increased!」

「The official document of the council…… oh well, the appointment is done so it doesn’t matter…… I didn’t see anything.」

A bead of cold sweat drips down the silent elder’s brow.
He decided to pretend such an insignificant matter didn’t happen.

「Addressing all the men of Aless! War is about to begin. All warriors are to gather!」
「Oooh!! We will offer our trained bodies and souls to Aless, the king, and the promise between men!!」

The king kicks down the window and jumps out.

「Everyone, listen!」

「What is it? King―― no, isn’t it just Gildress?」
「Hmm, I can’t get used to calling by that. The king is the king.」
「What’s wrong? Did you get another lover pregnant?」

The men stop their training and roar back to Gildress.

「Men of Aless. The time has come and I have become king again!」

After a brief moment of silence, cheers erupted.
Gildress continues his speech with a voice several times louder than the cheers.

「The reason I became king is because war is starting! Our enemy is Meldora and South Yuguria!!」

「War!? Meldora is that eyesore who bothers us all the time, right?」

「What is South Yuguria? Do you know?」

「I don’t know! I have absolutely no idea!」

The speech goes on in spite of the confused cries.

「South Yuguria is a great nation on the plains with easily over a hundred thousand soldiers. And the reason for participating in a war with such a nation is, umu, a promise between men!」

Silence encompasses the entire area…… and then eventually explodes.

「Uooooh!! So we’re going to fight a power opponent!? This is indeed the honor of being born as a man of Aless!」
「And for the reason to be a promise between men, there is no greater reason than that!」
「In any case, we’ll fight a war. It’s time to display the body and skills we’ve been honing! It doesn’t matter what the reason is!」

Taking in all the cheers, Gildress inhales deeply.
His muscles rise and swell to the point where sounds of his shirt and pants ripping can be heard.

「Here we go, heroes of Aless, we will fill the earth with our bodies and blood vessels!」

When he shouted, his shirt and pants burst open, leaving Gildress in only his red cape and leather underwear.

The king lumbers amongst the surging cheers.
He was followed by the council leader and the spy.

「My king! That was a wonderful speech!」
「……if that was said in any country besides ours, it would have caused a rebellion.」

While all of Aless was still captivated by the tumultuous atmosphere, the council leader poses a whimsical question to Gildress.

「What say you, king, as to the reason why king Busco looks at us, Aless, with such hostility? I don’t believe the previous generation had such a bad relationship.」

After a hearty laugh, the king answers.

「Busco hates me. He hates me, that’s why he also hates Aless.」

「Hooh…… and why is that?」

It isn’t rare for the poor relationship of two kings to be linked with the poor relationship of their countries.

「It’s something rather foolish. About 15 years ago, you remember how Busco held a wedding ceremony, right?」

「Yes, now that you mention it, the relationship soured around that point. I participated as a member of the council and there was a dispute regarding something impolite, wasn’t there?」

It isn’t rare for relationships to deteriorate after complications in a ceremony.
Not to mention Gildress and Busco don’t seem like they would get along well based on appearance alone.
The council leader nods, thinking that Busco is certainly a petty person for meddling with another nation for a long period of time over an argument.

「I didn’t have any interest in the wedding ceremony of the Meldora king. I went over there reluctantly for the council meetings I was invited to…… and noticed what a beautiful person the bride was. She appeared to be a poor match for the hideous Busco from what I could see. It wasn’t like the bride disliked it either.」

「You didn’t.」

The council leader gulps in fear of what Gildress did.

「I barged into the bride’s waiting room, and approached her to show her my dick. The result was that she accepted by advance and we had sex on the spot, however Busco had bad timing and came in during the act.」

「That was a good thing the king did. I’m sure the king helped brighten the bride’s heart by embracing her since the inevitability of being connected with that ugly man could be quite depressing.」

In contrast to the man who agrees with what Gildress did, the elder is at his wit’s end.

「Oh that’s right, Busco’s face turned pale in the middle of the ceremony…… he needed to show off and he couldn’t stop it before completion since he invited the dignitaries of various countries.」

Gildress doesn’t seem ashamed in the slightest and boldly boasts of his exploits with his chest puffed out.

「I had intended for the relationship to be a one-night stand, except the woman could not forget the feeling of our first night together and eloped with me. Left with no choice, I made her my lover and kept her with me ever since.」

「I’d expect no less of the king’s penis. It took one strike to fell the woman.」

「I kept thinking to myself how familiar that woman looked…… stealing a man’s wife at their wedding ceremony, of course he would hate you for that.」

Gildress’s story doesn’t end there.

「Several months later, that guy made up a reason to visit Aless, right? That was so he could demand for me to return his woman. However, once he saw the large belly she had, he gave up.」

「What a despicable man, giving up on his own woman after seeing her pregnant.」

The king and his subordinate nod in agreement.
The elder was rendered speechless.

「I also thought he was a boring man. Again, he had an unsuitable beautiful lady accompanying him. So I snuck into their chambers late at night and embraced the woman sleeping next to him. It didn’t take long for her to cry out in pleasure.」

「Oooh, that’s truly a complete victory as a man.」

The two nod in agreement again.

「I got too immersed in the act that he woke up, but it only served to add to the entertainment. The man who allows his woman to be taken is to be blamed.」
「Exactly! Nice women shine when they are stolen back and forth!」

Gildress suddenly realizes the elder was staring dumbfoundedly.

「Oops, I got off topic. Anyways, that’s the kind of grudge he holds against me.」

「He’s such a small man! His penis must be just as small and he’s the kind of person who rejoices when his woman is stolen.」

「You haven’t deviated at all, well it’s actually a miracle that war wasn’t declared…… wait, he probably doesn’t have the courage to attack Aless head on. Nevertheless, there’s nothing that can be done. Now that it’s come to this, we just have to display our strength.」

Gildress holds up the Light of Aless to the sun.
The sun’s rays reflect off the blade of the treasured sword and shines down with a faint bluish tint on the three men.

「Being small and ugly isn’t a sin, but if you stand in front of us, prepare to be crushed.」

The men of Aless take action.

Side Story: South Yuguria Empire – Dungeon.

「I see, so you’re going too?」

Christoph looks at the female interrogator with lonesome eyes.
In return, she also stares back at him with tears welling in her eyes.

「Yes, because of the continued fierce warfare, they don’t have enough commanders on the front lines. I was originally a soldier and thought I would be more useful being at the front than being an interrogator.」

「Be careful…… I mean, it’s strange for me to say this.」

Having finished gathering her belongings, the girl stands up and bids farewell.

「If I return alive, then…… no, I think I’ll stop there.」

Christoph sees off the woman as she leaves the dungeon.

「There are remarkably fewer people now.」

「…… you’re right.」

Zillia replies softly across the table as she sips her tea.
Not many acquainted interrogators are left.

「You lately don’t panic from the sudden patrols anymore.」

「There’s a shortage of personnel and not many come around to check after all.」

Only the crumbling sound of Zillia nibbling on her cookie can be heard.
Nobody is there to steal from her or bring new treats.

「Will you…… also go?」

「I don’t know. It’s really up in the air. I also received basic training as a commander, you know.」

The conversation doesn’t get lively even when the cookies disappear.
To make up for the lack of energy, Zillia moves her chair beside Christoph.

「If you go too…… it will really get lonely around here. Besides, there’s a chance you’ll die on the battlefield.」

「You idiot, Goldonia is your country. You’re not supposed to be worried about me.」

Both of them giggle.

「I’ve said it before. I wasn’t born in Goldonia and I don’t have that emotional attachment to the country. I have precious friends in Rafen and Agor is also important to me…… but other than that, you mean way more to me.」


Zillia’s face dyes red.

「There’s a limit to how frivolous you can be! You traitor…… stupid……」

Her face gets close to his.

「Fool…… nn……」

Their lips touch.


「Gyaa!? Something got on me…… a nosebleed!? Are you a 13 or 14 year old virgin or something!? You’ve bought prostitutes before, haven’t you?」

「I’ve never kissed before paying―― the blood won’t stop! Uwaaaaaah!」

As Christoph suffers from a nosebleed, Zillia turns her back and wipes her mouth with her sleeve.

「Hey, if you say that I’m more important than Goldonia…… then I have a suggestion.」

That would be an important proposal directly influencing Christoph’s future.




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