Chapter 4: Fair Lady of the Forest

Half a year after the mass murder escape drama, I joined a band of mercenaries who had their hideout on the city outskirts.

Without any knowledge, the only thing I could do is fight.
Also, since my identity is totally suspicious, I can’t become a soldier or a guard.
In the end, I had no choice but to join up with a mercenary-band-slash-band-of-thieves composed of people in similar circumstances.

“Boss, are we going to chase up that peddler’s group or what?”

The one who asked is called Jamie, one of my colleagues, a flip who specializes in acrobatics.

“Of course, a caravan that big doesn’t come round these parts that often, they also let go of some guards in the next town over. Getting them is going to be a big catch, women and booze all up for grabs.”

The one with the hearty laugh is the boss of this mercenary band, a man called Lovano, I think.
We call ourselves bandit hunters but this band itself is an active group of bandits.
My point is, he’s the head of these bandits.

Even when quarreling among themselves, none of them came to get me involved.
They knew very well that I have no interest in get-rich-quick schemes or women talk.
In fact I have no interest in money or women.

On the other hand, not only Lovano but all the members recognize my fighting abilities so they rely on me in combat.

Our mission now is no less than assault on a large merchant caravan, though they let go of some guards they will have plenty of skilled people with them, even if you only count the merchants there’s quite a number of them.

It was obvious that we can’t avoid a fight.

“But bo~ss, the caravan would’ve gone and reached the mountains by now, chasing them is gonna be hard.”

Speaking of caravans, I get the image that they are slow, but unlike poor peddlers, caravans equipped with plenty of wagons move with quite a speed.

This was to ward off fake escorts and also at the same time, to shorten the business cycle a little bit by reaching their destination faster, and thus increase their profits.

“I get that, so we’re not going to chase them on the roads. We’re gonna take a shortcut through Erg forest.”

The moment Lovano said so, everyone instantly became quiet.

“Boss… That place is bad news.”

Timidly, Jamie broke the quiet.

“I heard there’s a nest of demons inside the forest.”
“I heard evil spirits come out of the swamps.”
“Nononono, the story I heard was that undeads writhe all about the forest.”

The company started telling the rumors they each heard.

I listened while polishing my weapons.
In the end, all I do was fight whatever enemy that comes out.
I wanted to stay alive, but if I die, then that’s that.

“You idiots! Don’t go off believing in stupid rumors! You can’t even get your rumors straight! Are you all bark and no bite!?”

Lovano totally didn’t believe in the rumors at all, but one of the company objected.

“But Boss, the rumors sure are sloppy, but the part where lots of people come in and don’t come back out is true. That forest is seriously bad news.”

But Lovano roared at the underling.

“Shut up! I’m already set on this! Anyone who says anything more gets turned into meatballs for demon bait!”

In the end, the Boss had the final say and the 20-person mercenary company started their raid into Erg forest.

“This is quite a nice forest isn’t it?”

That was everyone’s impression once we entered Erg forest.
We’re already 1 day into the forest now, far from demons or small fry monsters like goblins that usually roam everywhere, not even a bear or a wolf was seen.
What’s more, we came across fruits and edible creatures like rabbits a lot.

“If this is a demon forest, then our hideout must be a block in hell.”

Everyone nodded.

“If it’s like this, then it might be good if we move the hideout here.”

“That’s for sure. We’ll do that.”

While they let out vulgar laughter, the scout, Jamie came back with a dubious face.

“Boss, there’s a…. a house further along this way.”

Everyone stood alert.
There shouldn’t be anything like a house this far, two whole days from the nearest town.
And not a village too, but a single house at that.
It’s strange even if it’s a mountain hut, this place is the demon forest, a place hunters don’t come to.

Is it a guard post, or maybe another band of robbers’ hideout?

However, the atmosphere was turned around by Jamie’s next sentence.

“I tried peeking inside the house, it looks like an incredible beauty lives there.”

The doubtful voices now turned to ridicule.
It’s strange enough that there’s a house here, if you add that there’s a beauty living there, it goes way beyond dubious and into delusional.
Everyone laughed, saying he’s starved for women and mistook a tree for one.

But still, he frantically called for backup, so while laughing, Lovano had us come along after him as backup.
It’s not like we’re taking a detour, and we can laugh at him once we find nothing there.
Meanwhile, as punishment, he was made to carry some extra luggage.

Guessing what Lovano was thinking, the other robbers smiled derisively, and came along without complaining.
The whole party proceeded towards the house that shouldn’t be there… and then…

We got there.

There was a wide open space in the middle of the forest.
There was a wide circular expanse of grass inside the dense forest, and right in the middle of that there was a house.

It was neat, though not very big, yet not small like a storage shed, you could expect a person to be living there.

Surrounding the house there is a well and a small field, it totally felt like some farm village somewhere, blending into the scenery.

But this is the demon forest, this scenery shouldn’t be here.

“Oi oi, are you kidding me…”

Lovano spontaneously spoke, the other robbers widened their eyes.
But they immediately made a move, if they blankly stood there they wouldn’t have become mercenaries or robbers.

Everyone immediately drew their swords, a number of them approached the house, opened the wooden window a little and peeked in.

“Well, this is rare. Am I having visitors?”

A beautiful voice, like a ringing bell.

Skin white as snow.

And features so beautiful that would be sacrilege to call ‘beautiful’.

The woman that could have been a goddess of beauty called out to the men peeking in from the window.
A voice that came out of red lips that stood out from the all-too-white skin.
Not even a sliver of panic was felt from her despite the strange situation where there was a number of armed men before her, and she calmly started conversation.

It was the men who were taken by surprise.
They were prepared to see a mountain witch come out, but this is a beauty like they’ve never seen in their entire lives.

In front of the beautiful woman, there was nothing the men could do but stammer some meaningless sounds.

“Fufu, it is you who came to visit me, but why are you so surprised?”

The woman covered her mouth with her hand and smiled.

“I can see that I have a lot more visitors here. I can’t show you all in to this small and shabby house, so considering manners I’m supposed to greet you at the gate, but because I have a frail body, I can’t come out in the sun, please excuse me for that.”

“I… that we put into consideration!”
“O… of course we’re excuse… allow… pardon… or something!”

The robbers tried to reply to the voice that was like a ringing bell, but none of them has ever had anything to do with polite language in their entire lives, so they just became flustered and gave funny responses.

Hearing that, she once again covered her mouth with her hand and chuckled, the robbers made a face, they are no longer holding conversation. «TN: 盗賊達の鼻の下は伸びきって、もはや会話はなりたたなかった»

“The hell are you babbling! Hurry up and tell me what… …you… …found…”

Lovano was taken aback for a moment, just like his men.
But a fire was immediately lit inside his heart.

She’s gorgeous… I never seen a woman this pretty! Her body is top notch too.

The woman leaning over the window sill smiling at Lovano and his men was clothed in black clothes, her shoulders are likewise wearing a black shawl, and also a black long skirt that reaches down to her ankles.

Despite the minimal exposure, the only skin she shows besides her face are her hands, her large breasts pushed out, jiggling softly each time she moves, and from the stretching of her long skirt, there is no doubt that there is a plump, meaty butt underneath.

Well, the caravan’s nothing compared to this! Chances to get a woman like this doesn’t come twice.

Lovano, without asking permission, opened the door and stepped inside the house.

Three people sat down around a table while I stood in front of the door.
The room was nothing but dark.
From the outside, the wall made of light wood and wood logs would let sunlight in through the gaps between them, but the inside was daubed with a sap-like substance made from ashes and wax. The wall was without gaps, such that you can call it solid black.

Even though it’s the middle of the day, there was no light inside the room, it’s even hard to see my own hands, it was only thanks to the slightly open window that some light could go in, allowing me to somewhat see.
If that window is closed, I think this room will become dark like a moonless night.

There was no oil lamp or candle on the table either. This woman did not have her windows open before we came. What was she doing in total darkness…?

I felt an indescribable chill, but I shook it of with the thought of whatever happens, I’ll just think about it when it does.

She fleetingly sent me a questioning glance, but her attitude against the men forcibly breaking in didn’t change in the slightest.

“I’m unable to entertain you well since this is a one-woman house.”

“Nah, don’t need it. Just looking at a beautiful woman like you is the best entertainment there is.”

Without any self-restraint, Lovano ogled the woman’s entire body.
His own men surrounded the house and the opponent is a lone woman, she had no way to escape.
There is no point to having restraint.

“Oh my, I’m happy to be told that.”

Not minding the glances, she smiled lightly, and meekly continued.

“Well then, what might you be doing in a remote place like this?”

“We came here because we were taking a li~ttle shortcut. Then we found a lone house standing right in the middle of the forest. So I guess our ‘reason’ is that we want to check it out.”

Lovano leaned his body forwards, pressing toward the woman.
Even I understood that he was swelling with lust, the fact that the woman had no way to escape was also clear.

“Anyway, what’s your name? I don’t think we ever caught it.”

The woman appeared rather taken aback, but that was probably an act.

“That was bad manners of me to forget to give my name, I’m Lucy Yuktovania.”

Everyone instantly became tense.
The fact that she had a family name means that this woman is a noble, or something similar to that.

However, even the name of a noble with power in town has no use whatsoever out here.
Lovano himself attacked a troupe of nobles and took their fortunes and women once.

But this is getting all the more confusing.
Why does a lone woman with a family name live alone out in this place.

“A lot of things happened, and I happen to be given this family name, but please just call me Lucy.”

She seemed like she didn’t want to talk about the name too much and changed the topic.

“So, what might this Lucy-chan be doing all alone out here? Not to mention shops, but there are not even people around. I don’t think this is a place for a girl to live.”

“Since I am a lone woman, I don’t use up much food. I live by working the small field and going out to the forest, barely making a living to protect this house.”

“Hoo, even with that appearance you turn out to be a hunter! You’re quite a strong little lady, aren’t you?”

Lovano smiled heartily and patted Lucy’s shoulder, deliberately touching her plump breast while doing so.

Still, Lucy did not show any reaction whatsoever and merely smiled.
But I’m getting even more uneasy feelings.

It’s not about her being a woman or a noble, but being a hunter, there’s not a bow or arrow to be found in here. To make things worse, the cobwebs on her kitchen looked like it was there for at least 10 days.
I’m sure of it, this woman ate nothing in this house.

The chill is getting stronger.
I glared at Lovano, urging him to be cautious, but he was so drowned in the woman’s charm he didn’t notice.

“I’ve decided, Lucy-chan. You’re gonna be my woman.”

Lovano grabbed Lucy’s hand and hugged her.
He rubbed her butt through her clothes, receiving the exceptional feeling of its plumpness in his hand.

“Oh my, even if you say that, I have to protect this house.”

Lucy still didn’t lose her composure, even the other two robbers were starting to feel uneasy.
She should have been resisting despite knowing it’s useless when being surrounded by robbers, or maybe crying while begging to be spared.

But Lovano, drowning in the sensation of a well-fleshed, voluptuous woman, didn’t notice.

“I’m not asking. You can’t run anymore no matter what. Even if you don’t like it I’ll just burn this house and carry you off.”

“I’ll be troubled if you do that. This is my important place after all.”

For the first time, Lucy frowned, making an expression that shows that she was troubled.
Lovano continued, all the while stroking Lucy’s butt.

“To begin with, leaving a woman like you to smolder in a place like this is a loss for the world. A good woman is supposed to be held by a man.”

At the end of his patience, Lovano raised his hand toward her breasts.
He was about to tear her clothes off but Lucy stopped him with her hand.

“… If you go rough and tear my clothes I’ll be troubled. If you would like to sleep with me then I shall accompany you, but can you at least let me take you one at a time.”

Lucy seemed like she’s finally resolved herself and said that while putting her arms around Lovano’s neck.

“If you’ll be obedient then I wont go rough on you. No one is going to scratch a pretty gem… Oi, you lot, go outside for a tick!”

At the end of his patience, Lovano took of his half plate armor while ordering the three of us out.
The two long standing members smiled and went out, only I hesitated a little bit.

This woman is weird. No matter how you put it or how you see it she’s too weird, I don’t know what’ll happen if she’s left alone with Lovano.

But finally, swelling with lust, Lovano yelled angrily.

“That includes you Aegir! I’ll let you have her afterwards so get out! Get out and tell the other bastards not to peek!”

It’s his own choice.
He won’t even listen no matter what I tell him, anyway.

I made my decision and quickly withdrew.
I’m not interested in looking at Lovano take out his dirty thing out of his pants.

“Now that there are no more annoyances, let’s have fun.”

Already naked, Lovano was embracing Lucy and was about to put his hand inside to touch her breast, but unexpectedly, her tight-fitting clothes were tough and stretched when he tried to tear it.

‘In that case’, he thought as he flipped her long skirt over, exposing her silky underwear that looked like a work of art.
Her underwear fit her plump butt tightly, her skin felt amazing when he touched it.
Unblemished, her skin was unnaturally white.
If he were sober he would’ve realized, her body is beautiful, but it had no body warmth.

“God damn this body… First time I’ve seen a woman this fine!”

Lovano had experienced a number of women, though mostly by rape, but not one of them can compare to Lucy either by looks or by their bodies.
He became erect like a virgin boy seeing his first naked woman, so much that it made a sound, he began rubbing it without thinking.

“Turn around!”

Lovano examined Lucy from behind, slipping her underwear off and touching her thing.
Her naked feminine place opened slightly as if inviting him in, it had a light, clean color such that you’d believe her if she said she was virgin.

That womanly hole of hers that looked like a work of art was about to be penetrated by Lovano’s black, wart-riddled, dirty member.

“Please wait, there’s an order to these things, you know.”

Lucy twisted her body and escaped from the overbearing embrace. Facing Lovano, she put her arms around his shoulders.
Hugging each other face to face, Lovano’s large body size stood out in comparison, even though Lucy is definitely not small.

“First it has to start with a kiss. The fun will come afterwards.”

Hearing the sweet whisper, Lovano moved to forcibly snatch Lucy’s lips, but she held his head back with one hand and brought her own lips toward his neck.

Drowning in his lust, Lovano became confused.

(A kiss to the neck ain’t bad… but how… how could she stop my head from moving with just her left hand.)

Lucy licked his neck with her long tongue and opened her charming mouth.
Then, she bit into Lovano’s neck with her long fangs.

It was not the usual feeling of being bitten.
Supreme pain and supreme pleasure, Lovano’s member that stiffened to the limit spouted out semen like a fountain.
Then, strength departed from his entire body.
While feeling the sensation of being bitten at the neck, Lovano’s consciousness faded to eternal darkness.

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