Chapter 405: To All-Out War




Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

Trisnia – South Yuguria Army Headquarters.

A single high-ranking staff officer wearing epaulettes stands in front of a map and breaks the solemn silence.

「N-now then, allow me to explain the overall situation.」

He is normally the one who makes soldiers nervous, but this time, the middle-aged staff officer is stiff with fear like he was a new recruit.

「Please begin.」
「Go on.」

That was natural, as not only was the Supreme Commander Zaphnes part of this war council, Her Imperial Majesty Wilhelmina was also present.

Wilhelmina urged with a polite tone and an unchanging expression while Zaphnes seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable. In the perspective of South Yuguria, the present state of affairs was not very satisfactory.

「F-firstly, the advance of the western army led by Acevedo crossed the west coast of North Teries successfully, and although there was some resistance with the Magrado General Governorate of the Goldonia Kingdom, the internal division quickly led to their surrender. Both the time spent and amount of casualties are fewer than what was planned initially.」

Everyone nods slightly.
They didn’t have any problems as of yet with what was said.

「Next, regarding the central army led by Maestus, after they took down Arkland and looked further north towards the capital of Goldonia……」

The staff officer drew several arrows on the map, all of them red, which indicated the enemy.

「They battled a few times and have not yet been able to get through the enemy’s line of defense. Of course, they are not losing, rather they can not gain a decisive victory.」

Hearing that, the participants had something to say.

「That is to be expected. If we could penetrate through head-on attacks, we would have done so from the start.」

「We prepared the western army and the eastern army to flank from the sides.」

Nodding, the staff officer points to the west and continues on.

「We took complete control of the west coast, which forced the enemy to deploy troops along the entire shore. Everything up to this part is as we originally planned……」

The staff officer cut his words short when Zaphnes cleared his throat, then proceeds after confirming he was allowed.

「But the amount of deployed troops were far below our expectations. That meant a greater number of soldiers were left in front where the central army was located, resulting in a more difficult march.」

A sigh could be heard from somewhere.

「Of course, Acevedo carried out a forced landing operation when it was known that the enemy was short-handed.」

The staff officer draws an arrow extending from the west coast to the port city, Patena…… then crosses it out with a large red X.

「The landing operation failed due to the enemy’s scheme. It was a disaster. Out of the 5000 soldiers, more than 4000 were lost and a significant number of transport ships were destroyed. Further, Goldonia committed a cruel act in this fight――」

Wilhelmina raises her small hand to interrupt.

「You can denounce the enemy on a different occasion. For now, focus on explaining the current situation.」

「……my apologies. As I was saying, the attacks in the west and central regions have stagnated.」

The staff officer pauses to drink the water given to him by his attendant.

Although everyone scowled, none of them lost their composure.
They were all veteran soldiers who followed Zaphnes from the Empire and knew that war does not always work out the way they want.

「I understand the state of the west and central areas. Now, shall we move on to the real issue?」

All of a sudden, the air seemed to get heavier and the bitter-faced Zaphnes exhaled a large breath audibly.

「Next is the eastern front and the most problematic situation. New commander Raleigh battled multiple times with the greatest feudal lord in the east, Hardlett, which resulted in――a loss of more than 90% of forces, and the emergency reinforcements directed from the Malt invasion army…… was similarly annihilated horribly. Far from maintaining the war front, the eastern army barely even exists at this point.」

There was a collective groan from the participants.

Some had a rough idea about the crisis in the east, but the specifics surpassed their imaginations of how bad the situation was.

「Over 90%, you said!? Not of the soldiers who fought in battle, but 90% of the entire eastern army?」

「Goldonia’s army should be concentrated within the capital and on the coast of North Teries. In other words, are you saying the 50 000-strong eastern army lost……no, annihilated by the feudal lord of a remote region?」

「We can’t simply move forward with the plan then! Call commander Raleigh back!」

Wilhelmina is expressionless like a beautiful ice sculpture, meanwhile Zaphnes gradually moves his chair away.

「The whereabouts of most of the headquarters personnel under commander Raleigh are unknown…… based on the situation, they are presumed to have died in battle.」

The room stirs.

With the exception of Patricia, the staff officers and high-ranking commanders were followers of Zaphnes from the Empire.
If they all died, that would mean a considerable portion of the talented and trustworthy personnel disappeared in an instant.

After clearing his throat, the staff officer raised his voice and said what the speechless members of the council were probably all thinking.

「What happened in the east was catastrophic. Instead of being able to advance in the east, we can’t even defend Malt and the territory Her Majesty recaptured through negotiations. If the enemy was so inclined, they could invade further or perhaps even target Vandola.」

Something similar to a shriek escaped the mouths of the attending members.

Leaving this battle aside, South Yuguria already has half of Goldonia’s land under its control and can be considered to have overwhelming superiority.

On the other hand, South Yuguria has sent close to the maximum number of available soldiers to the front lines and has none to spare.
It was uncertain how the situation would develop if the enemy cut through the east all the way to their central hub.

「Is there no choice other than to call back troops from the central and western armies?」

「If we do that, our strategy will completely fall apart! The enemy shouldn’t have any leeway to invade that deep, so we should continue pushing from the west!」

「Isn’t that wishful thinking? If the enemy has the logistics――」

Wilhelmina puts a stop to the chaos.


Her polite yet clear voice rings out through the disorder.

「Next move has already been made.」

Wilhelmina promptly stands up.

「Today, I will declare for a total mobilization from all the regions in the Empire. All the young men will be part of the military and the females will assist the Empire if necessary.」

A mix of shocked gasps and cheers erupt.

「A total mobilization…… it’s here at last.」

「This is certainly a critical time. Soldiers are more important at this moment even at the cost of national power and popular sentiment.」

「If we recruit additional soldiers, we can form a provisional force and close the hole in the east…… it’s quite a distance from the east to aim for any major cities. The enemy can’t amass forces in the east while the capital is being attacked either.」

Wilhelmina waits for the room to settle down before continuing on.

「I will tell the citizens again myself since a great deal of casualties is inevitable. Zaphnes, follow along.」

Zaphnes twitches when he heard his name called, clears his throat, and then stands up.

「A major change to our strategy is needed. We must target the capital of Goldonia while protecting the east.」

「That will be tough to……」

Zaphnes holds his hand up to quiet his subordinate’s remark.

「I know. I will select the recruits with military or mercenary experience and organize a force around them to strengthen our numbers…… I will take command of the front. I can guarantee victory since I will personally be heading there.」

Sounds of shock and awe come from the other members.

「While the first landing was a failure, it’s not like Goldonia has a surface fleet. We will win as long as we dominate the river. I expect all of you to do well.」

With that said, Zaphnes stands.
Everyone felt a sense of relief from Zaphnes’s confident words and saluted or applauded him.


Wilhelmina modestly clapped her hands like the others and kept her gaze on Zaphnes without saying anything.

Zaphnes summons his most trusted aide after he returned to his own room.

「You are sure about this?」

「Yessir! According to testimonies, the individual’s behavior, and most of all the tricks to stop a landing…… there’s no mistake about it.」

Zaphnes nods emphatically.

「I knew it, Sekrit is also in the central plains…… and being kept in the Goldonia army of all things. I can understand how Acevedo was defeated.」

He thinks of Acevedo as a highly capable subordinate, except when it comes to fights involving ships, he doesn’t believe anyone would stand a chance against ‘her’.

「This is a chance though. If Sekrit finds out about my existence, there’s no way she won’t change sides. Then, if I can persuade her well enough, the Goldonian army will be a mess. After betraying them and learning of my rank as Supreme commander, she will……」

Zaphnes’s breathing becomes rough.

「Your Excellency, it is an unrelated matter, but there are reports of Commander Patricia Raleigh being kept alive as a prisoner of war……」

Zaphnes snorts.

「Who cares about her! That damn woman…… talking big and this is what happens? Because of that, Her Majesty lost some faith in me―― screw her, let some enemy soldier turn her into their plaything or whatever!」

「S-so, are you saying not to continue the search and rescue operation for Commander Raleigh……」

「Of course! More importantly, mobilize the spies and find some way of contacting Sekrt.」

「Right away, sir!」

South Yuguria and Zaphnes gear up for the decisive battle ahead.

–Aegir POV–

Two Weeks Later. Port City, Patena.

I wait for Sekrit and Erich after arriving at Patena.

I’m meeting Sekrit because she’s acting as my proxy, but Erich also told me he was coming here with something to say to me.

「I don’t know what’s going on overall and there’s also this woman to deal with so I guess it makes sense to talk.」

I glance at the aforementioned woman whose hands are bound.
It goes without saying that it’s Patricia.

To prevent her from running away, iron handcuffs――would be too cruel, so cloth was wrapped around her wrists not very tightly, and an iron ball――would be painful if attached to her foot, so cloth was similarly tied around her legs and attached to Irijina.


I call out to Patricia to try and discuss what will happen next, but……

「U……uuueeeeh!! Fueeehh!!」

The moment I did so, she jumps into the corner of the room and starts wailing loudly, with large tear drops streaming down her face.

「It’s because of this. I can’t even talk to her.」

Patricia’s been this way ever since she was captured.

When I tried to taste her before heading out, she cried as soon as I entered the room.
Even when I tried to soothe her or reason with her, she kept screaming how scared she was.

「Naturally, I didn’t feel like sleeping with a sobbing woman.」

There are certain times, depending on my mood, that the crying excites me.
However, when she’s literally crying like a child, I can’t do anything except try to comfort her.

「Hic…… hic……」

Patricia, having ran out of breath, stopped sobbing and her body simply trembled in fear.

「I won’t treat you poorly. Relax……」

In a coaxing voice, I try to touch her shoulder, but she starts shaking like I have some kind of disease and her voice quavers.

「This isn’t going to work.」

I sigh and move away from Patricia.

Even though I brought her along, I’ll have to leave her alone for a while.
From the viewpoint of her abnormal fright, if I question her too hard, her heart might break or she might even die from the shock.

「I don’t understand how Leopolt could be outmaneuvered by this.」

When I was about to return Patricia to her room, Celia stands in the way.

「Aegir-sama is too lenient! You should just violate a girl like this! If you seal her mouth and forcibly take her from behind, she would just let you!」

“Or I’ll fuck her myself”, Celia adds as she takes out a black-lustred, wooden dildo and attempt to pin down Patricia from behind.

Stop it, she’s running around on all fours.
Celia’s become a proper adult woman too, seeing her walk around with a dildo like that.

In the commotion, Leopolt appears beside me out of nowhere.

「If you allow me to do it, it will take a few days.」

「Not now. I’ll do it if it’s needed.」

After replying as such, Leopolt bows and stands down.

That’s only if absolutely necessary. Now is not the time.

「How scary.」

Tristan smiles bitterly and draws his body away.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and at the same time, it was swung open violently with a bang.

「Lord Hardlett, sorry for keeping you waiting.」

The one who appeared was Erich.
For someone of his standing to arrive without prior announcement, he must be in a hurry.


Sekrit is also behind him.
She seems miffed and is glaring at Erich’s back.
I guess it just so happens they arrived simultaneously.

「I apologize, but there is no time for idle chatter. Let us begin the war council immed――」

I wonder what Erich thinks of the situation.

In the middle of the room, Celia is holding a dildo and chasing the tearful Patricia around.
I’m sitting casually on the bed, along with Leopolt and Tristan, appreciating the scene…… or that’s what it should look like.
Irijina devouring her meal by herself should be irrelevant.

「Celia, stop that.」

Celia hastily stuffs the dildo in her pocket――finds that it won’t fit, and hides it in Irijina’s chest instead.

「Ooh, you want me to participate too? I’m eating now though, so you’ll have to wait until I’m finished!」


Even though I’m not part of the fuss, Erich is glaring at me.
Oh, so this is the boss’s responsibility? How unreasonable of him.
Damn Sekrit, she’s looking down and laughing.

The war council with Erich progressed peacefully.
Erich simply told me about the overall situation, while I reported to him the state of the east.
Because of that, there were no complications.

Erich could not hide his happiness after hearing of the annihilation of the enemy eastern army.

「I knew that you could stop the enemy. However, I didn’t think you could destroy a force of 50 000! With that, the anxiety in the east has disappeared and I have some leeway to think of a counteroffensive strategy.」

He excitedly pats me on the shoulder.

「Normally, I would want to continue crushing the enemy from the east…… unfortunately, I can’t spare any troops from the center. The enemy commander is more skilled than ever before. If I carelessly disperse my forces, they’ll break through for sure. It’s all over if the capital falls, so I can’t take any risks.」

That’s true.
There’s also quite a distance to the enemy’s center even if he were to go from the east, so it would be a rather poor gamble.

Since I knew that, I brought soldiers and came here.

「Anyways, you have quite an incredible army…… you have 30 000 here, plus you also kept some back to guard your territory, right?」

「Well, a certain amount.」

That much is obvious.
If I allow a second surprise attack, that would make me a total moron.

「No, rather than the army size, should I be more impressed at the capable personnel you can entrust soldiers to?」

Now that he mentions it, I’ve been blessed with talented individuals.

Leopolt, Tristan, and Myla are not only staff officers, they are each tasked with leading an army.
Luna can also lead a few thousand bow cavalry, and Jim has sufficient leadership abilities once he gets accustomed to my army.
I’ve done well to find as many people as I have.

「You also have some with strong peculiarities too.」

Erich looks at Sekrit who is leaning against the wall of the room.
Did Sekrit do something again?
In the report, I only heard that she drove back the enemy who tried to cross the river and land.

「He complains when the enemy is killed?」

I pull Sekrit close and soothe her.
I don’t want her to sulk and I don’t want Erich to snap at me.

「It was due to her efforts that the enemy’s landing was stopped though. I hear it was a brilliant display of skill.」

「Good work.」

Sekrit doesn’t react when Erich praises her and turns away from me in an unfriendly manner when I pat her.
It’s not a reaction of a bad mood.
It’s a similar reaction to the times Celia puffs up when she’s sulking.

「……defending against the landing is great, but unless the enemy is a boundless idiot, they will eventually see the hole we have. The weather will also turn into our enemy. If we don’t crush the enemy’s navy soon, who knows what will happen.」

Sekrit states as her eyes are turned to the side, causing Erich to make a troubled face.

「I am fully aware…… except we don’t have enough manpower. Besides, we don’t have proper warships and we don’t have the luxury of leisurely constructing them in the port city. His Majesty seems to have requested support from the Federation…… but I don’t know how much we can rely on them.」

「Fuu, aside from selling us second-hand ships, I doubt they’ll give us experienced navy soldiers along with them. Even if we can gather the required number of ships, what good are they if the men operating them are amateurs?」

Erich showed frustration when Sekrit spoke sarcastically, but regrettably agreed with what she said and shook his head.

「I don’t have any clue when it comes to surface warfare. In the end, our only choice is to prepare for their landing.」

We can’t do anything without the ships or the men.

「I’ll think of what I can, so until then, make sure you stop their landing no matter what. If the enemy lands while we are squaring off in the center, it’s over.」

「Leave it to me.」

Erich and I exchange a firm handshake.

After that, Erich’s attendant quickly starts to gather their things.
I guess he’s going to go back without eating.

「The situation is very strained at the moment. I don’t have time to be carefree.」

Erich’s face returns to being stern after a wry smile.

「This is information which has yet to be confirmed…… but I hear South Yuguria has initiated a full mobilization of their people. Droves of people with makeshift equipment are appearing on the frontlines.」

「So they finally acted.」

If they need to mobilize all their citizens, that is proof South Yuguria is feeling the pressure too.

「We have already issued the order for all the young men to mobilize. From here on out, not only soldiers will be involved, the citizens will join in and the fight will be a fierce one.」

If this continues and the troop count increases solely due to the inexperienced recruits, then both sides will potentially face off with hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

「National power will suffer greatly. The one thing we must not forget is that we must win.」

「Of course.」

We exchange looks and nod.

「By the way, regarding the soldiers I borrowed from you and the Aless king…… I brought them along and am returning them.」

That’s why it was smelling like sweat outside the window.

「Were they not useful?」

I can guarantee the strength of the Aless soldiers.

「They are certainly strong. However, they don’t listen to orders. No, I guess they’re selective…… When I told them to attack from the side to keep the enemy in check, they only heard the “attack” part of the order. When I told them to bypass the enemy vanguard and assault from behind―― they only heard the “assault” part of the order.」

Aah, I get it.
When they hear an offensive word, their eyes light up and they charge blindly.

「My subordinates pointed it out to them…… and they replied, “Detouring or keeping them in check or whatever is an effeminate thing to do! You still call yourselves men!”」

Seeing Erich imitate their voice, I do the same.

「”I’ll show you how a real man fights! Charge head-on!”」

Erich laughs and slimps his shoulders.
It seems like I’m correct.

「Wahahahaha!! That’s it, that’s it, that’s what makes a man of Aless! Well done!!」

I hear the real deal from outside the window.
Gildress is praising his soldiers after hearing of their exploits.

Celia shuts the window and restores the silence.

「They are too hard to deal with in my legitimate army. You probably understand them more and can utilize them better.」

As I think to myself, “this time for sure”…… and see him off, Erich glances back at me.

「By the way, who is the woman that girl is trying to humiliate? It looks like she’s tied with rope.」

I look away from Erich briefly and think.

「She’s an enemy spy who targeted me on the way. Because she wasn’t too important, I turned her into a toy.」

Erich seemed to lose interest after that and left after advising me not to go too overboard.

「Why did you lie?」

Leopolt asked.

「Just felt like it.」

I didn’t really have a reason.

「Isn’t it normal for him to treat women leniently like that?」

Tristan chimed.

「Something like that, I guess.」

I actually had a different reason.
Although I won’t be tormenting Patricia, it’s not like I have any emotional attachment to her either.


「It’s just a feeling.」

I pat Celia’s head.
Even I don’t know why I didn’t hand Patricia over to Erich.
If I had to say, it felt like something within me told myself not to do so.

「Well, it’s over now.」

I force the discussion to end.

「It doesn’t really matter to me…… rather-」

Sekrit drops herself on the sofa and throws her legs on top of the table.
I guess she was holding back in front of Erich as to not embarrass me.

「What was the meaning of sending that short stuff to me?」

When Sekrit jerked her chin, the chubby Balbano waddles in.
With that said, more than just me and Sekrit, Balbano is even shorter than Celia.
The only part of him that’s bigger is his width, which is not due to him being obese, but because he’s in fact a muscular man who simply got compressed into the characteristic appearance of a dwarf.

「You’re finally here!? Do you know how hard it was for me to travel the endless journey on my own…… let me tell you from the beginning!」

「Endless journey? If you rode the carriage Claire provided, it wouldn’t have taken you more than a week.」

As the topic changes, Sekrit stomps her foot.

「Enough with the pointless talk. Answer already. What is this guy?」

Murderous intent flowed out from Sekrit for an instant when she became annoyed.
Celia’s hair stands on end and I hear Patricia shriek from the other room.

「Isn’t it obvious?」

I embrace Sekrit and gently envelope her flapping left sleeve.

「He’s going to create an arm for you.」

There’s no other reason for sending Balbano on a long trip he’s not used to besides that.
It’s so he can do something about the left arm Sekrit lost.

When it became only the three of us in the room, Balbano starts laying out some unknown parts.

「I didn’t make it yet because I need to measure it accurately.」

Balbano takes out a metallic arm made out of a dull material―― in other words, it’s an artificial arm.

「……an artificial arm?」

Sekrit turns to me.

「Yeah, I also asked Natia for help, but she said it was impossible to regrow an arm. The only other option is to create a replacement arm.」

Sekrit lets out a big sigh in irritation.

「I don’t need it.」

「Don’t be like that.」

A look of disappointment shows on Sekrit’s face as she jumps on the bed.
I can tell she staggered a bit in the middle.

「A fake arm will only get in the way. How is attaching a rod on my arm going to make any difference?」

What Sekrit is imagining is probably the so-called ‘normal’ wooden arm.
It is occasionally created for soldiers who lost their limbs in battle, although it can’t really be used as anything other than a prop, even though it’s technically called an artificial arm.
I can understand why she would think it’s useless to her.

「That’s why I asked Balbano. A dwarf should be able to make something better than that.」

「You better not break your promise. I want an endless supply of alcohol, you hear?」

Of course.
I’ll give you ten or twenty or however many barrels you want.

「Trust me and test it out.」

I gently stroke Sekrit as she lies on the bed.


Her body shoots up vigorously and she almost bites me as she leans in for a vicious kiss.

「Fine, I’ll test it. If it gets in the way, I’m discarding it.」

「Sure. So, didn’t you have something you needed to measure, Balbano?」

Balbano rummages through his pile of parts and nods.

「Umu, I need to take a look at your body first, so get naked.」


I stop the silent Sekrit from drawing her sword.

「Aren’t you making an arm? Why do you need her to be naked?」

Depending on his answer, I may also draw my sword.

「If you’re fine with that ‘prop’ or whatever you call it, then I only need to look at the arm. But that’s not good enough, right?」

Balbano approaches Sekrit without a sound and pushes her left waist.


It didn’t look like he pushed her that hard, however Sekrit wobbled and fell onto the bed.
Without an arm on that side, her center of gravity is off and she can’t keep her balance.
That’s the main reason Sekrit can’t move properly.

「Obviously, I need to measure the weight, but that’s not enough. I have to match the shape of the arm and its center of gravity with your body or you won’t be able to handle intense movements.」

「So that’s why you were peeking so much when I was changing and taking a bath…… I thought I would kill you if you did it again today.」

It appears he wasn’t asking with any dirty thoughts in mind.

「I understand…… but…… urrgh.」

Sekrit entrusts her body to Balbano but only focuses on my face.

Eei, it can’t be helped.
I can’t let my stupid jealousy interfere with Sekrit.

「Sekrit…… strip.」


With my permission, Sekrit takes off all her clothes without any hesitation.
She doesn’t bother covering her breasts or her crotch and stands boldly like a man.

「Good, I’ll start measuring.」

Balbano doesn’t act in a lustful manner, touching her stomach and thighs innocently and simply using a ruler-like tool to measure certain parts of her body.


「Fumu, fumu. This place is 15 cm…… so the right is 2 mm thicker than the left, huh? Gosh, the inseam on you people are bizarrely long.」

「Muu…… muun.」

Unconscious grunts of jealousy escape my lips, but the endless measuring continues.


「With your muscles allocated like this…… and your hips this narrow, I’m surprised you haven’t broken anything.」

「Grnununu…… urgnununu……」

Balbano’s fingers crawl all over Sekrit’s body.
Even though I know it’s required, I can’t stay calm.


Sekrit realizes my jealousy and giggles.

Her smile doesn’t last long though.


Balbano suddenly grabs the flesh on Sekrit’s belly.

「What are you doing!?」

Sekrit reels backward.
Her dark-skinned breasts jiggle.

「Compared to everywhere else, your belly has excess fat. Was this from before or from recently?」

Judging by Balbano’s serious expression, he isn’t joking and is probably asking for a necessary piece of information.
This is a chance for me to get a little revenge.

「Answer honestly. It’s important.」

「Tch…… only recently! My arm’s in this state, I’m sleeping by myself at night so I have no chance to move around. To relieve my pent-up frustrations, I ate more, so that’s why there’s more fat than usual. Once I start moving again, it’ll go back to normal. It’s not because I’m getting fat.」

I’m satisfied that I get to see Sekrit feel more embarrassed over this than when she got naked.

「Then I’ll have to subtract 3 kg for the excess fat when considering the weight.」

「3 kg, huh? That’s quite a lot. Eating is good though.」

「Damn you…… I’ll forgive you if something decent is made, but you better be prepared if it’s a piece of trash.」

And so, Balbano finishes up the measurement of Sekrit’s body.
In the process, there was a little fuss here and there――

「Umu, I’m all done. I only need to make it now.」

Balbano starts lining up various parts.
His expression was way more alive than when Sekrit’s naked body was in front of him.

「Naturally. I’d obviously have more fun tinkering with metal than measuring a hairless woman whose breasts are the only thing that’s large. Having no hair in the crotch is also unacceptable. Aren’t you embarrassed?」

I pin Sekrit’s arms behind her to stop her from drawing her sword.

「You trimmed it for me, right? I’m happy.」

「Shut up. Show it through action instead of words! ……I don’t care if it’s out in the barn or in a bush, just fuck me already.」

As I hugged Sekrit and was about to do as she wanted, someone interrupted.

「Aegir-sama! Look at the river! Ships…… a whole lot of ships――!!」

I let Sekrit go without saying anything.
Since she’s naked, I throw a coat over her before grabbing my sword.

「For them to come so soon after being beat up so much, they’re pretty courageous.」

「I’m here this time. I’ll show them an even better time.」

When we rush outside, from the west―― in other words, heading downstream along the river, a fleet of ships slowly sails toward us.

「So that’s the enemy…… no, wait. I’ve seen that before.」

I remember seeing the slowly approaching ship whose sails are unfurled.

「I’m here reluctantly too. That annoying shape―― Federation ships.」

The fleet is led by a battleship and followed by transport ships.
I can see plenty of soldiers on the decks of the ships.

「Hahaha! At last, the whole gang was expelled by the country!」

「Who cares? The general is in Goldonia too. We couldn’t ask for better!」

「We better arrange some girls before we meet up with the boss. We should pick some up……」

「Alright, let’s do it here, our motto.」

「Against any enemy, we――」

「「「Kill!! Kill!! Kill!!」」」

「Against any woman, we――」

「「「Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!」」」

「We are the strongest――」

「「「The 105th army corps!! Let’s have a blast!! Uoooooh!!」」」

Some boorish guys are shouting.
Rather than reinforcements, they look more like pirates.

「Kuh, why do I, an honorable Federation navy commander, have to look after these brigands…… this is all that guy’s fault. I’ll get him for this!」

I can’t be sure because it’s so far away, but I see a familiar woman standing at the bow of the ship.

When I look beside me at Sekrit, whose eyes are better than mine, I see her grinning.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Celia (adjutant), Myla (territory defense), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (around), Sekrit (close aide)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Gido (escort unit), Brynhildr (nocturnal attack squad)

Under Protagonist: 37 000

Escort Unit: 120
Infantry: 11 230
Cavalry: 1200
Archers: 1300
Cannoneers: 450
Bow Cavalry: 8700
Aless Soldiers: 14 000
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50
Stationed in Port City, Patena

Assets: 500 gold (troop dispatch cost -100 000), (conscription -50 000), (repair of city -9000)
Sexual Partners: 782, children who have been born: 68 + 565 + ???

Enemy Western Army Force: Approx. 50 000, ??? Approx. 30 000, Meldora fleet




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