Chapter 410: Truth of the Shock




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Tableware clatters with a bright ring.


Ivanna stares at me with narrowed eyes.

「Don’t be upset. A little bit of noise isn’t such a big deal, is it?」

「I didn’t say anything.」

Ivanna returns to her meal, but when I picked up a stray leaf of a vegetable that dropped on the desk and put it in my mouth, she stops moving and stares at me again.

Right now, I’m eating aboard the large combat ship Ivanna came to retrieve us with.

「Being able to eat a proper meal while on the move is a special privilege that navy soldiers have.」

This wouldn’t be possible during a march on land.

Even if we set up camp, we would only be sitting on a mat within a tent.
In that respect, the room we are currently eating in is furnished with a table and chairs which allows us to relax.

「This is normal for a large combat vessel. Compared to the Suvorov, this room is like a rabbit hutch, but it’s acceptable for one day.」

If we’re going to talk about luxury, then I also have something to bring up.

「It’s lonely with just the three of us here. I would have liked Celia and Yakov to accompany me as well.」

Only Ivanna, Sekrit and I are in the room right now.

After I said that, Ivanna’s brows furrowed immediately.

「Why do we have to eat in this narrow captain’s quarters with five people!?」

She thinks it’s cramped?
There’s lots of space to me though.

「In the first place, I’m already putting up with eating together with this woman!」

Ivanna slams her fist onto the desk and makes an unpleasant face before continuing.

「Besides, it’s surprising that someone like you, who is an archenemy of the Federation, doesn’t feel any embarrassment getting on a Federation ship.」


That’s true.
The soldiers and sailors on this ship are all from the Federation and the one in command is Ivanna.
Sekrit’s harsh treatment is not something that should be overlooked.

「She lowered her head and begged to come along…… except when it came time to fight, she simply peered out a window of a room and didn’t contribute in any way. If this was how things would be, don’t you think a mass of lead of the same weight is more useful?」


Sekrit doesn’t say anything and focuses on her meal.

「It’s wrong to step on the battlefield with her arm like that. She should just live by swinging her hips on top of a man.」

Ivanna rebukes Sekrit further.

Sekrit glances at me for a split second.
I comprehend everything from that gaze.

Sekrit can’t infringe into Ivanna’s territory in whatever way she likes since she knows she is hated.
She also understands well enough that she can’t enter the battlefield with a single arm.
The fact she even bowed to Ivanna so she could come was almost certainly because she’s worried about me.

「Are you listening, you good-for-nothing?」

Unable to bear it anymore, I stuff the remainder of my meal into my mouth and stand up.

With that said, I can’t blame Ivanna.

I know the discord between Ivanna and Sekrit is very deep-rooted and I can’t exactly berate the person who saved our lives.

The only thing I can do is ask nicely.

「Ivanna, please don’t say anymore.」

Ivanna looked at me like she was shocked by what I said and turned her head away with a ‘hrmph’

「Please, do it for me.」

I take the fork left alone by Ivanna, poke it into the meat dish and carry it to her mouth.

「You don’t even know the humiliation I felt―― hamo, mghmgh.」

Next, I bring a glass filled with wine to her lips.

「After all that cursing and she had practically no reaction―― ngh, ngh.」

I should curry as much favor here as possible.

「To begin with, she gets carried away because you treat her too nicely. If you train her as a slave…… I want that vegetable next.」

Ivanna continues while I serve her.
Her nastiness has visibly reduced and her negative remarks toward Sekrit has gradually disappeared……

「…… hmph.」

However, it felt like Sekrit’s expression became gloomier than it was when she was being vilified.

I tilt my head wondering why and feed Ivanna a steaming smoked potato.

「When you suddenly went on a scouting mission―― ah, hot, hot!! W-water!」

Oops, I was too concerned about Sekrit that I put the entire potato in her mouth.
The red-faced Ivanna drinks directly from the pitcher.

「A-are you trying to kill me!!?」

Sekrit giggles when she sees our interaction.
Ivanna notices it and switches her attention to Sekrit.

Just when I thought my hard work was wasted, the corners of Ivanna’s lips curl up to form a mischievous smile.

「I’ve had enough to eat. Come.」

Ivanna takes me to the bed beside the table which she probably sleeps on.

「Stay…… still.」

After saying that, Ivanna grabs my clothes and starts stripping me rather roughly.
Sekrit’s face warps.

「……hey now.」

「I made the effort to save you so you better not resist.」

Ivanna peels off one article of clothing at a time and quickly gets me naked.

「Four arrow wounds, huh?」

Ivanna brushes the holes on my body with her hand.
They aren’t deep, but I feel a twinge when she touches them.


Sekrit stands up abruptly when she sees me wince.

「You, go sit on that chair…… the one which has a nice view of the bed. You swore to obey my commands when I allowed you to board this ship, didn’t you?」

「……I did.」

Sekrit glances at me before complying and plopping herself on the chair facing the front of the bed.

「I’m going to begin. Sit on the bed.」

I don’t ask an insensitive question like, “begin what?”
I simply listen to her and sit naked on the edge of the bed.

「Idiot! Are you telling me to kneel on the floor? Sit cross-legged in the center!」

It looks like she’s going to service me with her mouth.
I never thought Ivanna would do something like that.

Unfortunately, she isn’t doing so because she loves me and can’t resist, rather her goal is to flirt with me in front of Sekrit.

「I’d feel bad for her if you get me too turned on.」

「This thing of yours doesn’t match your words.」

Ivanna crawls to my feet on all fours and puts her hands on my lap.

「It’s a man’s instinct.」

My penis was already standing straight up.

「Look, your man is already this hard after I merely took off his clothes.」

It appears she will provoke Sekrit at every chance that is presented to her.

「Nevertheless, this is truly something abnormal.」

Ivanna’s breath tickles my arousal from the base to the tip.

「This thickness and length really makes me doubt whether he’s human or not. How does he even keep this in his pants?」

It’s not like I’m erect all year round.

「It has such a sinister shape too. Plus, it’s rugged like the root of a tree and the tip is as wide as an arrowhead. Thrusting this into women and gouging out their wombs…… there’s a limit to how fiendish he can be.」

Ivanna looks upward at me and blows softly on the tip.

「As rugged as it is, there are also countless thick blood vessels running all over it. How much blood does his body send to this thing? What an outrageous guy.」

That was when her tongue touches the base of my dick for the first time and was slowly dragged up to the tip.
Ivanna’s tongue was small, soft and a pretty pink color.


「What rigidity. Is it made of iron or steel?」

When she presses her teeth against my shaft, it only heightens the pleasure.

「More notable is this color…… how many girls did it devour to get this dark? It can’t be only a hundred or two. Hey, are you listening? The former Miss Commander-in-chief was one of the hundreds of girls, right?」

Sekrit turns her head when provoked by Ivanna.

「Like I said, don’t taunt her―― ooh.」

As I was about to warn her, Ivanna finally sucked on the tip.
I unconsciously cut my sentence short.

「Certainly, words are no longer necessary. I’ll suck on it…… let me know if there is anything you want me to do.」

Ivanna proceeds to perform fellatio on me with her hands left on my thighs, her head moving up and down steadily.

「Guh…… this is quite……」

Her oral service was deliberate and thorough, and her movements were persistent.

She didn’t take me deep into her throat like girls who are experienced with giving blowjobs and swallowed only a third of the entire length.
However, she wiggles her tongue every time she bobs her head down and sucks strongly every time she pulls her head back up, enhancing the sensation.
Occasionally, her eyes would peek up at my face to confirm whether I was feeling good.

「Why are you…… ooh.」

She must have also practiced her technique as I feel, more than anything, affection.

Ivanna and I have slept together before, although I can’t say she’s developed a very deep relationship with me.
She was showing off in front of Sekrit that time as well.
Since then, over a year has passed and there should not have been any factors that would grow her love for me.

「Puha…… lean back a little.」

Ivanna lifts her hands off my lap and grabs my rod so she can suck on me more fervently.
A lewd, rhythmic slurping and daft gasps dominate the captain’s quarters.

When I glanced at Sekrit to gauge her response, she indeed looked frustrated.
During the intervals Ivanna checked on her, she would, however, try to maintain a neutral expression.


In that moment, Ivanna noticed that some saliva was about to drip onto her uniform as she was sucking me, quickly undid a few buttons on her chest and opened it up.
Out popped a pair of breasts, which were not particularly large but emphasized by her forward-leaning position, and skin which was white as snow probably due to the unrevealing uniform she frequently wore.


A wave of pleasure washes over me and my hands unconsciously press down on Ivanna’s head.


Unlike her willing movements up to this point, half of my meat rod invaded her mouth.

「――!! ――!!」

Ivanna’s eyes opened wide as she slapped my thigh repeatedly.
A few seconds later, my sense of reason returned and I released her.

Crap, I didn’t mean to do that.
Is she going to bite me or bombard me with a storm of insults?


Betraying my expectations, Ivanna, after a brief cough, resumes her fellatio.

She doesn’t give me much of a backlash aside from a sharp glare at me, then proceeds to take one of my hands and places it on top of her head.
I guess she is fine if I don’t press down.
As I thought, I’m feeling a certain affection from her that wasn’t there before.


Sekrit was also surprised and grew more discontent.

The unanticipated sucking continued until a puddle of saliva formed on the bed.

「Puha……let’s leave things here. My jaw is starting to feel sore. You’re too huge, idiot.」

Ivanna wipes her mouth as she stands up and then lowers herself onto the edge of the bed.

「Do it.」

I don’t ask her what she wanted specifically.
She was kind enough to service me to such an extent, so it makes natural sense for me to reciprocate.

I sit on the floor at Ivanna’s feet and place my hands on her pants.
The tight belt secured around her waist was loosened and her pants were slowly lowered.

「It smells stuffy.」

「Don’t say it!」

After her pants come off, a hot dampness emanates from between her legs.
It’s a natural phenomenon all healthy women would experience after a prolonged blowjob.

Next, I put my hands on her underwear.

「Pink was not what I expected, it’s cute.」

「You don’t have to say it!」

I slowly slide her underwear…… but it doesn’t come off.

「You’re too wet that it’s stuck to your ass. Could you lift up your bum a little?」

Although that resulted in a kick to my face, she still did as I asked and allowed me to successfully remove her underwear, which was soaked almost like she wet herself.

「Am I going to see a pretty pink here…… guess not.」


I was kicked again.

Ivanna’s crotch is a shade darker than before and the outer lips seem to be more spread apart.
It was probably inevitable after more than a year that she let a few dozen guys stick their dicks inside.
What’s important now is that I’m the one currently laying with her.

Honestly, her vagina is already sopping wet.
This meant that I’m not preparing her for anything, rather I will be purely pleasuring her and satisfying her desires.

I bring my face close enough to the precious place of a woman that my breath can be felt, then after lightly tracing the outer edges of her pussy with my tongue, I put her swollen clit in my mouth.

「Uuu! Fuu……」

Ivanna’s body twitches in response.

She seems to have gotten very sensitive.
If I concentrate on her little bean, she would climax in no time and that wouldn’t be any fun.

「Hiiu! Aaaaah!」

I purposely avoid stimulating her clitoris heavily and insert my tongue into her hole.
It was a smooth entry.
Telling her would get her angry again, but she is noticeably looser than before.

「D-don’t make so much noise…… h-hiih!」

My nose pressed against her bean while I sucked the entrance of her vagina, drawing plenty of love juices into my mouth.
That’s a sign she’s turned on quite a bit.

「K-keep going! Do it more!」

Ivanna’s hands hold my head and her thighs squeeze around my neck.
If I were to complain about the slight difficulty in breathing, I feel like I would be hit by divine punishment.

The more engrossed I became in pleasing her, the more her moans seemed to drown out any other noise in the room.

「What do you think? Your precious man is…… ku, licking another woman’s crotch.」

「……hmp. Don’t you already know about his high sex drive? One or two more women isn’t a big deal at this point……」

Ivanna provokes Sekrit again.

「It’s obvious to me you’re trying to act tough! Hiihn! Look, his dick is standing at attention as he is immersed in sticking his tongue in my pussy!」

「You’re pretty naughty to get excited over showing another woman a love affair.」

The atmosphere becomes volatile.

「Aahn! ……fuu, fuu. Sorry, my pussy was feeling too good. I don’t know what kind of dirty guy you’ve taken inside you, but he seems to be giving more effort…… aauu!! -sucking me.」

Mu, that snide remark just now can’t be ignored.
If she says anymore, I can’t continue servicing her.

When I try to pull away from her crotch, Ivanna keeps my head in place with more strength.

「Woah, I can’t be talking about others either, can I? This is all a certain somebody’s fault!」


The direction of the conversation changed.
I’ll continue licking and monitor the state of affairs.

「When I was in handcuffs and even had my legs chained, what did you do?」

Ivanna’s thighs clenched tightly.

「You made me suck on the dicks of two dingy guys at once. While I was in tears and they did whatever they wanted to me, you laughed and dripped wax on my back!」

「……so what?」

Something like that happened to Ivanna during the time she was a prisoner of war?
My face is stuck in her crotch so I can’t see anything else, but it sounded like Sekrit was embarrassed.

「Wasn’t there more? Oh yeah, you rubbed the dick of a middle-aged man starved of women with your shoe…… and let him spray his thick yellow seed on my face.」

I didn’t hear Sekrit’s voice.
It’s probably the truth then.

「You also let the young man you kept as a pet rape me. You cackled as you watched him fuck me with a rope tied around his neck.」

Hmm, although it’s in the past, it’s natural for Ivanna to want to snap at Sekrit for that.

「What sealed the deal was ‘that’. She had multiple men piss in all of my holes――」

「Enough. What are you trying to say by going on and on!?」

When Sekrit yelled, Ivanna releases me from her crotch.

「Nothing really, I merely want to say that my actions are justified.」

Ivanna sits me on the edge of the bed and mounts me with her back toward me.

「The man you love…… uuuuuu!!」

I got a little softer after what was talked about just now, but Ivanna still groaned in agony before she was able to safely swallow me.

「I’m going to steal him away!! You stay there and masturbate or something!」

Ivanna yells angrily and begins moving her hips furiously.
She spreads her legs apart as far as possible, showing off the part we’re joined together to Sekrit.

「Hey, don’t be so reckless.」

「Shut up! Why don’t you fondle my breasts or something!?」

Mmm, she’s not listening.
Where did the affection I felt before go?
In any case, I can only squeeze her breasts here.

「Fuuー! Uuー! Guuh!!」

Ivanna swings her hips with ragged breathing…… or more accurately, she’s slamming her weight down.
I imagine being that rough would only feel painful to her.
I’m feeling good though……

「Are you watching!? Your man! Is inside me!」

「You pervert……」

Even so, a wicked smile decorates Ivanna’s face, while Sekrit’s face distorts like she is being raped.

It’s a hopelessly bad situation, but I can really only play with Ivanna’s boobs.
If I really have to, I’ll use my hard-line policy and fuck the two of them together against their wills.

「I’m nowhere! Near done! ――aagh!!」

As Ivanna moves with more vigor, I hear a ‘shruurp’ sound from her insides.
It’s a sound familiar to me…… mainly when I’m with Melissa and Mel.

「Gu…… uuugggh……」

Ivanna groans and leans weakly against me.

「Of course it’ll slip into your womb if you push so hard.」

With that said, it went in surprisingly easily.
If it was forced in, I’d expect her to at least cry and scream.

「I-I won’t ……lose to ……something like this……」

Ivanna grits her teeth as she recovers and attempts to resume swinging her hips.
There isn’t an enemy here you have to be so serious about not losing to.

Anyways, seeing a woman riding me this frantically isn’t so bad.
Ivanna’s moderately muscular back and ass and her sweaty neck is honestly turning me on quite a bit.

I’m prompted by my instincts to suck on her nape from behind.
It was strong enough to leave a distinct mark on her skin, and when she turned her face filled with pleasure and pain toward me, that sent me over the edge.

「I’m cumming, Ivanna!」

I declare.
In this reverse sitting position, the man doesn’t have the right to choose where to cum.

「Cum inside me!!」

Ivanna brings her arms behind and tangles them around my neck and head.

「Hey look, your man…… your beloved man is going to cum inside me! Aah, his thing is twitching…… I’m cumming too, cumming!」

Ivanna twists her body and steals my lips in a way that Sekrit so see.
Simultaneously, my meat rod starts to pulse like it was climaxing.

「I-it’s coming! How do you like that, Sekrit…… I stole your man!」


I embrace Ivanna, grab her breasts hard and thrust my hips up.
My penis spasms inside her and she arches her back.


Ivanna’s legs stretch out and tense up.
A stream of liquid gushes out from her vagina and sprays Sekrit.

Sekrit doesn’t say anything or yell rude things to Ivanna, instead she looks at me with sad eyes.
Those eyes belonged to a woman whose man was stolen away from her.


「……Haa…… Haa.」


There’s me, a satisfied man, and Ivanna, a girl who is spent after experiencing an intense orgasm.
And then there is Sekrit, the poor woman who was squirted on as she watched her man being taken away in front of her……

「……fuu, fuu. How unsightly, Sekrit. Your precious man’s seed is copiously――」

Ivanna stops her words short, jostles her body lightly and rubs her belly.

「Wait―― why isn’t there anything coming out!!」


I definitely climaxed.
It was a pretty strong one too and one that would have filled Ivanna’s womb with a bucket load of semen.
However, not a single drop came out of her vagina.


I tell her that I haven’t been able to ejaculate no matter how many women I fuck ever since Sekrit lost her arm.

「Haaah!? Are you impotent!?」

「No, that’s not it. I can still fuck women normally and it feels good.」

It’s just that nothing comes out when I climax.
I don’t know how else to explain it.

「No wonder your balls look so big…… eeei, come out! Let out your seed right now!」

Ivanna squeezes my balls.
But that obviously won’t work.

「Fu…… fufufu…… fufufufufu!」

We give a sidelong glance at the person who interrupted us with a loud snickering.

「I see, I see…… so you still can’t release. You can’t ejaculate because you’re worried about me! I see, I see.」

Sekrit smiles cheerfully like she never made a sad face in the first place.

「Y-you―― how much of a fool do you plan to make of me!?」

Ivanna yanks out the dick from her pussy and postures to punch me.


Sekrit’s eyes narrow as she readies herself to protect me, but I hold her off with my hand.
It’s because of how pathetic I am that Ivanna felt such an embarrassment.
I won’t defend myself and I’ll accept the punishment.

To my surprise, Ivanna’s fist landed powerlessly on my chest.
Instead, she provided me with a shocking confession.

「Why…… why do you treat such a woman so dearly…… even though…… even though you got me pregnant!」


I couldn’t believe what I heard and looked at Ivanna’s stomach.

「Stupid, it’s already gone. It’s been more than one year since you last slept with me.」

That’s right. I embraced Ivanna just before going home from the Federation, which was in the summer of last year.

「So you got pregnant then?」

「Yes. Doing it once was enough!! ……it was a baby boy.」

I feel a sense of pride, yet a sense of guilt starts budding within me for not realizing sooner.
That explains why her vagina was looser.
She had already given birth.

「You can’t really be sure the child belonged to this guy though. I mean, plenty of men came inside ―― oww!」

I flick Sekrit’s forehead with my finger when she spouts unnecessary comments and hug Ivanna to prevent her from pouncing on Sekrit.

「It was without a doubt his child. He had black hair, black eyes and most notably…… ‘that’ was unusually large. He had bigger genitals than average ten-year-old children and was initially suspected to be possibly the child of an orc.」

「There is still a chance this guy might really be an orc.」

Sekrit was ignored.

「……becoming pregnant without being married is definitely not something that would improve the image I had in the military. There was also the time I was a prisoner, although I didn’t receive any disciplinary action…… I was completely treated like a tumor.」

Mmm, it’s my fault that she experienced such hardships.

「I became the laughing stock of the family…… even though I used to be the number one achiever.」

「More people became jealous of you, isn’t that just wonderful?」

Sekrit keeps saying needless things, however, I feel a certain cuteness when she nonchalantly grabs my arm.

「So what happened to the child?」

「Reinforcements falls under military affairs. There was no way I could take my child along…… at the same time, an unmarried soldier could not exactly keep a suckling child at her side. The head of the family entrusted him with the branch family, whose only redeeming quality was having a calm environment.」

Ivanna approaches me and chases Sekrit away from my arm.

「When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I would definitely abort the baby. But when I considered how it could possibly be your seed…… I decided to keep the child.」

I unconsciously hug Ivanna tightly.
Sekrit casually goes around to my other arm.

「Thanks…… sorry for all the trouble.」

「You said it. And to top it off, you shame me like this――」

Before Ivanna finished her sentence, I topple her onto the bed.

「I might not be able to ejaculate, but I can still give you enough pleasure to send you to heaven. Just empty your mind and leave everything to me.」

And so, I became one with Ivanna, pumping pleasure into her until she moaned loud enough for everyone on board to hear her and finally passed out.


「What is it, Sekrit?」

「Do you want to get me pregnant too?」

「Of course. No man exists that wouldn’t want to have a beauty like you bear their child.」

「I see.」

「Do you want to get pregnant now?」

「Maybe…… later.」

I remember having such a conversation with Sekrit, but it was a blur due to my sleepiness and weariness.

A Few Days Later. Hardlett Army Base: Port City, Patena – In the Vicinity

「Oh spirits. I ask that you deliver these souls to the realm of the dead without complications――」

A solemn funeral service was being held for the soldiers of the 105th division who died during the reconnaissance operation.
The service for privates was not very extravagant and it ended with a simple prayer

The 105th division was composed mostly of soldiers who were wanderers and only found a home within the squad.
Thus, the sobbing widows and children who often accompanied normal funerals were not present.

「Well, that’s the end, I guess.」

「See you later, Ronnie. If you’re going to haunt someone, let it be anyone except me.」

A few close friends of the dead soldiers also attended and gave parting words.

It may seem a little heartless with how modest the ceremony was, but death is something that goes hand in hand with those who walk on the battlefield, so while these times may be saddening, nobody cries for too long.

「If they’re going to come back as ghosts, they’ll haunt the other side though.」

「You’re right about that. Nothing’s gonna come out of an empty grave.」

「I’ll pour some alcohol over it at least.」

There being no body in the grave is an important fact.
Most of the deaths came as a result of the final battle.
If they were fortunate enough to die close to the boats, we could retrieve them, but otherwise, we were forced to leave them.

I also say “later” in my heart before turning my back and perhaps find something to eat.

「Hey, what are your thoughts on the operation?」

「Aah, the end was brutal. If the fleet didn’t arrive when they did, all of us would have died.」

「Do you think us outsiders were treated as sacrificial pawns?」

That’s quite a disturbing thought.
When I turned around and was contemplating how to deal with this issue, a fist dropped on the soldier’s head.
It was Yakov.

「You idiot! Use your brain to think! Why would we be treated that way when the general came with us!?」

「I guess that’s true.」

「For sure.」

I didn’t have to say anything.

「But still, the one who drew up the plan was that Leopolt guy, right?」

「Yeah, I heard from other soldiers that he had a reputation of being cold-blooded.」

「Then could he have wanted to kill off the general and make himself……」

A fist landed on the soldier’s head again.

「Stupid, the general is 100……10……1, no, 5 times smarter than you guys. Why don’t you stop worrying unnecessarily and go buy some alcohol and women.」

The survivors of the operation were given a special day off to enjoy drinks and women paid for by me.
Like the perilous atmosphere never existed, the soldiers put their arms around each other’s shoulders and skipped into town together.

Yakov is doing his job as commander properly.
It would have been a complicated situation for me to deal with, so it’s a big help.

Of course, the soldiers who were injured and getting treated were also given a special privilege.
That was――

「Sir! Miegs has-!」

Yakov runs behind the soldier who called for him.
I’ll follow too.

Yakov was taken to the building being used as a hospital.

When I go quietly, I find out that one of the injured soldiers died.

「Damn Miegs, you couldn’t be saved?」

「Yeah, he was impaled in the stomach by a spear.」

He was a soldier who died for me.
Since there’s a body, the least I could do is remember his face.

「What were his last words?」

The two of them ask the nurse.

「Erm…… “Suck harder! Aah, there I go!”, I think it was.」

「So he died like that?」

「What a slovenly face though.」

His face was warped.
Not because of pain or fear, but pleasure―― he died literally right as he orgasmed.

「Wait, can we even hold a funeral for him? Anybody who sees his face will burst out laughing.」

「Who knows. Then bury him without it. He doesn’t look like he died with any regrets so there’s no way he’ll come back and haunt you.」

I assigned a skilled doctor to tend to the heavily wounded soldiers.
In addition, I asked a female, under the pretense of nursing, to stay exclusively with each individual.

They don’t talk much, but the well-paid females were hired to tend to the soldiers ardently and, in cases where the soldier could not be saved, also ensure the soldier had no regrets.

「That’s the most I can do for them.」

I don’t feel guilty about the soldiers’ deaths.
Soldiers will be ordered to die and commanders will order them to die.
It’s something which won’t change.

「It can’t be helped, but-」

Celia is running around in front of me.

「You can replenish any weapons lost from this armory――」

「Beware of the enemy fleet in these spots on land――」

「The scouting unit will be reorganized after suffering losses――」

She appears to be working vigorously, but they’re all jobs Celia doesn’t have to do.
She isn’t busy, she’s deliberately keeping busy to distract herself.

Celia has the wrong idea that it was her choice which caused many soldiers to lose their lives.

Now then, I wonder if she’s finding the soldiers’ deaths hard to deal with or whether she wants to make it up to me.
Knowing her, it’s probably the latter.

「It’s a very Celia thing to do…… oh, that guy.」

I find a soldier and seize him by the scruff of his neck.
If I recall, he was the one who went with Celia to the town to do reconnaissance and was hated by everyone when it was discovered he snuck off on his own to play in a brothel.
As punishment for doing it ahead of his peers, he was not granted free time or alcohol or women.

「Gueh! Ah, boss?」

「Go cheer up Celia.」

I whisper my suggestion in the soldier’s ear.

「Geh, I’ll get punched if I do that!」

「You won’t die from Celia’s punch. Now, get going.」

The soldier calls out to Celia fearfully.

「U-um, miss?」

「I’m busy―― oh, it’s you.」

Addressing him that way already means that she has the worst possible impression of him.
We can’t leave her like that though.
Now go!

「I’m the only one forbidden from going to the brothel and enjoying alcohol!」

「Of course you are! You abandoned the mission part way through and――」

The soldier immediately bows his head.

「I apologize for that! I will accept my punishment! But it’s too harsh for me to be the only one banned while my friends are fooling around!」

「That’s not my problem!!」

The soldier’s head touches the ground and he shouts a little louder.

「Could you at least let me peek when you’re changing!? Or maybe when you do it with the general, you could――」

Celia jumped into the air before he could finish.


Celia’s flying roundhouse kick explodes on the back of the soldier’s head.
He collapses on the spot.

「Geez! Rather than this work, I should discipline fools first! I’ll go kick Yakov!」

Celia leaves her duties with another soldier and walks angrily away.

I’ll personally take the guy embedded into the ground to a nice place later.

「Good, that settles one matter.」

I stretch my body.

「Nothing has been solved.」

Leopolt’s voice, which sounds much colder than normal, calls out from behind me.

「I have something to warn you about, please follow me to headquarters right away.」

「Are you mad, by any chance?」

Although he is expressionless, I feel an unconcealed anger.

「No, it has nothing to do with my feelings. It’s advice with regards to the operation.」

「You’re mad after all?」

Leopolt doesn’t answer when I asked again and I ended up being taken to the headquarters.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Celia (angry), Myla (has seen), Irijina (alcohol), Luna (commander), Sekrit (a quarter satisfied)
Leopolt (staff officer, angry), Tristan (staff officer, astounded), Gido (escort unit, perplexed), Yakov (injured, banquet), Brynhildr (vampire, sleeping), Ivanna (fleet commander, half satisfied), Annette (banquet)

Under Protagonist: 42 000

Escort Unit: 120
Infantry: 11 230
Cavalry: 1200
Archers: 1300
Cannoneers: 450
Bow Cavalry: 8700

Aless Soldiers: 14 000
105 Army Corps: 4940
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

Battleships: 1, Large Combat Ships: 5, Small Combat Ships: 20, Transport Ships: 20

Stationed in Port City, Patena

Enemy Force: Confirmed
Western Army: Approx. 50 000, Magrado Local Army: Several Tens of Thousands
Fleet Stationed in Tebia: (Battleships: 3. Large Combat Ships: 10, Medium Combat Ships: 50, Small Combat Ships: Approx. 100)

Assets: 0 gold (soldiers’ merrymaking -500)
Sexual Partners: 782, children who have been born: 69 + 565




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