Chapter 480: Alteria Decisive Battle: Defeat the Famed General




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Of course, in the corner of my brain, I understood that it was a trap.
But it didn’t stop me from swinging my sword.
By the time I realized it, I had already charged at him in a straight line and swung my Dual Crater with all my might.

Maestus, having completely anticipated my attack, calmly receives my sword and angles his shield to ward it off.

But my anger-filled strike, shatters the shield to pieces as it slides off the diagonally-positioned plane, grazes Maestus’s gauntlet right as he lets go of the holding strap, and sends him flying backward.

「Hah, you have monstrous strength that doesn’t disgrace your demon name! I can’t even block, huh!?」

Maestus adjusts his body while skidding on the ground and swings his left arm at me.

A bowstring twangs, releasing six bolts. All of them are on trajectory to hit their target.

However, I don’t move my trunk, simply reaching up with my right hand to catch the one bolt aimed at my eye.
The remaining five stabs into my shoulder, my side, and my feet.

I don’t feel pain, but I do feel them piercing my body.
Nonetheless, my bulked up muscles stop them from reaching my inner organs or my bones.

「Yes, they hit!」
「Even he can’t dodge at that distance!」

I ignore the enemy soldiers’ jeers and slash diagonally upward with the Dual Crater which is now in my left hand.


The torso of the horse of the lance cavalry charging in from the left and the rider’s arm are cut apart.

I immediately stab my Dual Crater into the ground, partially turn to the right and catch two approaching spears under my armpits.

「Fuu, it’s not going to be that easy.」

A simultaneous attack from a crossbow and cavalry, huh? I probably would have suffered a heavier hit if I made excessive movements to dodge the crossbow bolts.

One of the riders who hesitated to let go of his spear got lifted up and separated from his horse.
The other one wisely abandoned his spear, unsheathed the sword at his waist, and slashed at my head.

Such a sudden attack was not backed by power.
Regardless, the accurate steel blade scrapes my skin and draws blood.

I don’t groan in agony or curse. I’m not going to do those pointless things.

I change my grip on the unoccupied spear squeezed in between my armpit and thrust it backwards without turning my body.
For some reason, I could clearly see the figure of the roaring cavalry passing behind me.

The tip of the spear bends on contact with the enemy soldier’s armor, but I forcefully push it through into his body.

The enemy cavalry proceeds to run into the ranks of my allies and the soldier falls off the horse which stopped abruptly.

Next I turn my attention to the soldier who I lifted with the other spear.

He opens his mouth like he wants to say something, but I’m not here to talk.
I toss him upward into the air, skewer him as he drops back down, and toss the spear with his impaled body away.

「Commence the attack, take back the plaza.」

「Well, advancing is all we can do. Can we go to the temple before the enemy surrounds us…… this will be another tightrope maneuver……」

I hear Leopolt and Tristan before my personal army floods into the open space created by explosives.
Multiple melees break out everywhere.

But I have only one objective.
That is to kill the jerk who ordered Benel’s assassination.

The other party also recognizes his lack of luxury to command his soldiers and fixates his gaze on me.

There is no exchange of cliched lines like, “I won’t forgive you” or “Try and kill me if you can”.

I simply exude my murderous intent at him and he invites me to attack with a grin.

I raise my Dual Crater as I walk, picking up speed and transitioning from a jog to a full speed sprint, then finally, I plant my foot to leap at him.

「Fast. Like a black gale!」

It was a speed I never experienced before, but he still kept composed and dodged.
I’m not done though.

Instead of raising my sword after my swing missed and it hit the ground, I exert more strength into my arms.
Rocks are the only objects scattered on the Alteria road, however my Dual Crater cuts through the thick rocks like sponge cake, and sends broken shards on impact in all directions.

「Even an orc can’t cause earthquakes by striking the ground! What herculean strength, what physical prowess!」

Maestus howls in a grating voice as he nimbly steps backward, avoiding the impact and flying debris.

「I’ll kill you.」

I utter the same words that have been running in my mind this whole time as I step in with my right leg and, after pulling my sword off the ground, lunge at him at lightning speed.

「A deadly thrust which I cannot block or parry, how troublesome!」

Despite what he said, he easily evades this attack too.

I twist my forward-moving body, take a step with my left foot and sweep at him with the back of my sword.
Maestus points his sword downward at an angle across his body to block and flies――no, he just jumped back to kill the power behind the blow.


My downward strike followed by the launching of debris, then the lunge followed by the sweep.
I didn’t do all of them to keep him in check, I did it smash him.

「You’re done? Then it’s my turn next.」

Maestus’s slashes alternate from assaulting me from the left to assaulting me from the right.

Slow. They’re as slow as a slug.
I casually brush aside the slashes with my sword and left hand.

「――just kidding.」

He suddenly unleashes a thrust several times faster than his previous slashes.

So his real plan was to get my eyes accustomed to the slashes he deliberately slowed down to make the true attack, his thrust, have a higher chance of landing.

The tip of his sword is appropriately aimed at my throat, but I intercept with my gauntlet, successfully blocking and snapping his sword.

「Too slow.」

It doesn’t matter if a caterpillar moves many times faster than a slug.
They’re both still considered slow. Is this the extent of his speed?

Quicker than any words could be spoken, this time I thrust the tip of my sword at his chest.

「Throwing you off with a variance of speed won’t work either! A discerning eye combined with monstrous strength, that is truly what it means to be a fierce god! How terrifying!」

Maestus bends his upper body backward almost enough to be parallel with the ground in order to dodge the thrust.

As I proceed to step forward, Maestus’s toe kicks me right on the chin, briefly shaking my field of view.
In that opening, he spins backward three times to distance himself and pulls out a new sword.


「Fumu, barely escaped with my life.」

I missed again.

My vision is already dyed red and the fighting in my surroundings, including Irijina’s thrusts, appear to be moving slowly.

I take a step onto the path, crushing a stone and also creating an indent on the ground.
It seems my power is also far from normal.

He is certainly fast.
He’s much faster than the agile Celia, and he can change his movements to become irregular, making it harder to fight.

Even so, I can see all of his movements.
My eyes can naturally follow him and the current me is faster than him.

There is no contest in terms of strength.
I’m confident that I can take his upper body with me if I even graze him with a single hit.
It’s just that I can’t seem to hit him for some reason.

Reacting to the sound of cutting wind, I tilt my body to the side.
The rock that he threw skims my cheek.
Right after I shook off the child’s play and readied my sword, a second stone hit me right in the nose, which triggered a nosebleed.


I charge ferociously at him.

I swing down, then up, then thrust, and then sweep.
Not a single hit lands.

「Woah, dangerous! That was close! You’re like a tornado!」

Maestus acts surprised as if to provoke me more and turns to the left to evade.

「An opening!!」

He suddenly crouches, tips his center of gravity in the opposite direction he turned and transitions to counterattack.

Of course, my eyes captured his movements completely.
Intending to turn the tables and cut him in half, I rested my body weight on my right leg.


My leg gave out and I felt my body tilt.
Why didn’t I feel any pain in my right leg――aah right, I didn’t feel pain anywhere.

Maestus’s eyes widen.
His aloof attitude disappears and without any wasted movements, lunges at me, piercing the center of my throat.

I grab the sword once it is stabbed into my neck and crush it.

But he lets go of the sword, grabs my arm that is now on the sword, and throws me over his shoulder.

The sky and earth reverse and I dance in the air.

After flipping twice in midair, my head experiences a powerful blow.
In front of me, a wooden bucket――so I fell head first into a well, huh?

Through my blurred vision, I see my allies struggling.

A familiar face overlooks the plaza from the top step.

It’s Wilhelmina and――an old man I recognize.

「Zaphnes, get down here!」


I regain my balance using only my instincts.
But because I bumped my head pretty badly, my eyes and ears are disoriented and I can’t stand straight.

「Are you going to run away again? You’ve developed quite the habit of running.」

「Nonsense, I’m not falling for such cheap provocation. It’s more meaningful for me, the Supreme Commander, to continue leading the troops. What benefit is there in staying here?」

I also hear Celia’s voice mixed in with the exchange of Sekrit and the old man.
However, the ringing in my ears prevents me from hearing the details.

「Then I’ll change sides if you can make me lose. You can use me as your subordinate or a slave……or you can chop off my arms and legs and use me as fleshpot.」

「How could I do something so cruel to the woman I love!? But a victory in this place is in essence a victory overall, meaning it’s an opportunity worthy for my participation!」

「……what a despicable guy. Does he not comprehend the duties of a Supreme Commander?」

I run my hand over the stab wound on my throat.
There is a hole in my trachea which is leaking out air and blood.
But the amount of blood loss is minimal so an artery has not been cut.

「Ooh, His Excellency Zaphnes will also join!? This is the stage of a decisive battle, let us fight without holding back! What, the battlefield is man’s sacred grounds, there is no need to worry about the cry of a vixen.」

Maestus’s joyful voice revives my anger and I use that as the driving force to pull myself upright.
Breathing is somewhat difficult, but I can still fight.

Losing a little blood also helped me regain some ability to think rationally――

「Oh right, Hardlett. About that woman.」

Maestus speaks to me with a condescending gaze.

「The one who took her virginity was me. I have a pretty face, you see. When I invited her to bed, she was blushing like crazy. And it was amusing how she squealed as I penetrated her without foreplay. Man, it would have been nice to play with her one more time before she was killed.」

A blood vessel in my head audibly swelled.

I immediately rush Maestus without thinking, reaching both my hands forward as if trying to grab him, forgetting to retrieve my Dual Crater in the process.

But it didn’t occur to me that I was unarmed.
I was going to catch him and rip his brain out even if my heart gets pierced.

I roar animalistically, disregarding the blood that I cough out, until something pulls my ears from behind.


Then, a stupidly loud yet cute voice shouts at me.

「You idiot――!! Come back to your senses, muscle head!! Super imbecile!! Dick head! Womanizer!! Pant-wetter!!」

The shrill voice travels through my ears and shoots straight to my brain, causing my body to shiver.
You’re going to be last.

「Haa, haa……」

When I turned my head, I found Celia riding my back.

「I-idiot, you said? ……muscle head? Moron……dick head……?」

My cheek gets slapped hard.

「You also have a brothel addiction, might I add! You’re a simpleton who has muscles for a brain!」

I don’t understand what’s going on.
Did Celia just insult me and hit me?
Are you telling me that cute Celia…… said something bad about me?

I notice my head cooling off.

The red in my vision vanishes.

I don’t know about the murderous intent towards Maestus, but I feel my rational thought process returning.

I also realize I am barehanded and pick up the Dual Crater lying on the ground beside me.


My sense of pain is also back.

I feel the pain throughout my entire body, and above all else the intense pain in my throat and right leg, plus I think I pulled a muscle in my left hand.
In addition, my head is throbbing in pain from crashing into the well earlier.
It hurts no matter what part of my body I move, although it won’t hinder me from fighting.

「The good part is, I have a grasp of which part I can’t move.」

「Phew, you’re back to normal. I will accept any punishment later.」

Let me survey my surroundings as well.

「Hooh, so your skill hasn’t deteriorated. I’m surprised.」

「Shut it! What’s with that strange fighting style of yours!?」

Sekrit and the familiar old man are fighting nearby.

The old man is beating Sekrit in strength, but he is bewildered by the diverse fighting styles Sekrit is using that combines clashing with her sword-wielding prosthetic arm and then switching in midair to consecutive claw strikes.
With that said, he is keeping up with Sekrit, so he must be decently strong.

Elsewhere, my allies’ situation seems to be changing from a disadvantageous state to equal standing.
Leopolt and the others are fighting hard, I guess.

I pat Celia’s head and confront Maestus again.

「So, how did Benel die? Did she cough out blood, did she suffer?」

「I’ll tell you after I cut your head off.」

I plant my left leg, which is more stable than my right, and attack him.

「I see. You’re not falling for it anymore, huh?」

Maestus meets my sword with his own and parries my attack with exquisite timing.

My power that was amplified by anger had returned to normal, which allowed him to block.
But still――


I utilize the momentum from my deflected sword to spin around and sweep it at neck height.


Maestus reacts quickly and dodges, but my blade grazes his cheek, spilling blood.
Although my strength decreased, this is the closest I’ve gotten to a hit.

「Well, of course it’s easy to read my attacks if I just charge in swinging my sword.」

I whip my leg out for a front kick at the unbalanced Maestus.

He puts both gauntlets in front of the kick, but is unable to completely block and is sent rolling on the ground.
I would really like to pursue here, however my inability to step with my right leg forces me to take a conservative stance.

Maestus was able to dodge my previous attacks, which should have been far faster and heavier, because he anticipated all of them and he prepared himself to dodge before I moved.

I let anger get the better of me and all I could do was attack how my body dictated.
I couldn’t deliberately use the excess movement of my swing to generate force for a sweep nor could I use an attack with less power than my sword like a kick.

Maestus is undoubtedly an expert on the battlefield.
If he knew, “this is coming next”, then he can dodge no matter how fast the attack is.

I would have most certainly died if I continued to fight like that.

「A resourceful general who has lost his intelligence is finished, right!?」

I raise my Dual Crater and swing it down with all my might.

Determining he cannot block it head-on, Maestus steps backward to evade.

If I follow my instincts here, I would probably lift my sword up after missing and thrust at him or use the forward momentum to tackle him with my shoulder.

「How’s this?」

I instead twist my body and swing my sword horizontally.
It’s not going to hit an opponent who is moving backward.

However, my true aim is the kicking of sand when my leg pivots on the ground.

My boots spray the sand up, right in Maestus’s face.

Then, in that opening, I aim a strike at his shoulder――


Unable to complete my attack, I hop backwards.
He countered with a well-time thrust.

Maestus had covered his face with his arm.

「Throwing sand is a basic strategy when the ground is dry.」

He smirks.
Dammit, he’s familiar with bandit tactics too.

「Now it’s my turn.」

「You don’t have to tell me.」

Maestus rushes forward.
He takes an amateurish stance like he was preparing for a sluggish attack and then assaults me with an attack that’s faster than Celia.
Assessing it in my calm state, I realize how much more annoying he is to deal with.

I couldn’t dodge in time and his sword slashes my shoulder.


I back away, groaning in pain.
This is a perfect opportunity for him to run in for a second slash and finish the kill.

And when he does, I’ll counter with an upward strike……

It didn’t happen.
After cutting my shoulder, he throws away his perfect chance and takes a defensive stance.

「I had a bad feeling. Sorry about that.」

His intuition is impressive.

「I’ll acknowledge it. You’re an expert.」

Even injured, my strength greatly surpasses his strength. My speed doesn’t lose to his speed either.
But I reluctantly have to admit that he holds the advantage over me in terms of combat tactics.

In that case, it’s clear how I should fight.
Let’s be prepared.

「I’ll decide it with the next attack. From the front.」

I pull my right arm back, readying a large swing with my sword.
It’s a stance that leaves my front vulnerable in exchange for setting up the fastest strike.

「Hooh……a one-strike battle? Very well.」

A joyful look briefly colored Maestus’s face but it quickly turned into a sarcastic smile.

「Here I go.」

「Bring it on.」

I purposely step in with my injured right leg first and then rapidly accelerate forward with my left leg on my next step.

On the other hand, Maestus doesn’t take a single step.
He raises the sword he held with both hands to eye level as he widens his eyes and measures my attack.

He can’t block my full-powered strike head-on.
Therefore he will probably take a step back to avoid my fast strike and aim for my neck when I miss.

「Eat this!!」

I shout unnecessarily as I hold my sword aloft, poised to swing it.
His center of gravity will shift to the back and……here.

Rather than completing the downward motion, I throw the sword at him.
The throw is basically a thrust with unlimited range and he can’t avoid it by stepping back.

「I knew it.」

But Maestus returns his center of gravity to the front in an instant, planting himself firmly as he swings his own sword and deflects the Dual Crater.

He greets my now defenseless self with a lunge to my face.

I catch that thrust with my bare hands.
Maestus shows no signs of panicking.

「It is for this reason I have a double-edged blade.」

He pulls his sword back slightly before pushing it forward again.
The double-edged sword slices my palms and slides through. Unfortunately, even I can’t stop it.

「Then I’ll let it stab me.」

I press the top of the sword down with both hands and guide the blade into a hole opened in my armor during the heat of battle.


The sword plunges deep into my torso.
It tears through skin, gouges flesh, and stops just before reaching my organs.

I flex my abs with the sword stabbed into my body.
My muscles tense up and my stomach holds onto the sword.

Even I get my sword stuck in small fry soldiers sometimes.
So he definitely can’t pull his sword out when it’s stuck in my muscles.

Maestus immediately abandons his sword and reaches down to his waist to draw a dagger.

I won’t give him that time.
Using my bloody palm, I strike his chest.


The air is knocked out of his lungs and his consciousness temporarily flies away.
This will be the finisher.

I pull out the sword stabbed in my stomach and stick it into his stomach.


Unlike in my case, the sword pierces his internal organs and comes out of his back.

Maestus coughs up a puddle of blood and falls to his knees, his dagger falling harmlessly to the ground.

It’s over.

「M-Maestus――you too……?」

The old man turns his head for a second to mutter a few words, allowing Sekrit to kick him.

In the corner of my eye, the beautiful face of Wilhelmina stares at me and then she walks away.

「Your Excellency Maestus…… w-what should we do……」

「Even His Excellency…… wouldn’t it better to give Alteria up……」

Maestus is defeated and Wilhelmina fled. Now, the enemy’s morale should be in tatters.

「I-is this the end――」

The old man turns to Sekrit and closes his eyes.

「Because of our past relationship, I’ll help ease his pain.」

Sekrit begins to raise her sword, but the old man suddenly embraces Sekrit and kisses her on the lips.

「What’s this guy doing!!?」

She promptly shakes free from the old man.
Sekrit, whose initial reaction was delayed and thus couldn’t prevent the contact, repeatedly rinses her mouth with water and spits it on the ground.

「I didn’t think the capital would fall…… but I won’t let you leave alive!」

I feel something prick my neck.
When I turned around, I saw three hooded figures……they must have shot a blowdart.

「Kukuku, it’s poison from the Rot Frog! If it goes in your body, you’ll be numb in a few seconds and in under a minute, you’ll cough out blood and die――」

I see Celia, Sekrit and Leopolt turn pale on the edges of my vision.
I’ll gratefully accept the concern from everyone except Leopolt.

As I slowly drop to the ground, I remove the needle in my neck and grin.
My whole body tingles, especially my crotch, but I can still move.

The faces of two members of the hooded group warp in fear and they run, but the last one reloads the blowpipe with another dart.
I’m obviously not going to let a second shot hit me upfront.

「Hey you, wait.」

My heart pounds. It’s not the poison’s fault.
It was because the face of the hooded individual was one I recognized.

「You’re……the one who……」

It’s the woman who fled after murdering Benel in front of me.

My eyes do not get blinded with rage nor does my mind lose its rational thinking.
Before that could even happen, I pounced on the woman and pinned her to the ground.

I can’t hold back my bloodlust.
I recall the thought of myself asking why as Benel met her end with blood trickling from her mouth.

「Why did you kill her? She didn’t betray you.」


The woman doesn’t answer.
Her eyes close as if pleading to be killed.
She’s a model assassin.

If she hadn’t killed Benel, I would have forgiven her and let her free or thought about fucking her and making her my woman.

I put my hands around the silent woman’s thin neck.
My arms are thicker than her delicate neck, she appears to be very lightweight, and she’s shorter than Celia.

Crushing her cervical vertebrae or smashing her head in is as easy as treading on wildflowers.
I could also let her suffer by sticking her with her own blow dart.

「I hate you, I want to kill you and rip out your intestines.」

This is the first time I’ve felt this way towards a woman ever since leaving Lucy.

But if I were to do such things, it would feel like I broke something precious.

My instincts are telling me to kill while my brain is telling me not to.

「……uuuurgh. Guooooh!!」

I begin to squeeze her neck, and the woman shuts her eyes tightly, resolved to die.


She lets out a pained groan.
That’s because I bit her neck.

It wasn’t a playful bite I usually do during a lovemaking session.
I bit hard enough to sink my teeth past her skin and draw blood――with that said, I don’t tear her flesh and try to kill her.

While biting down, I smother the woman’s face, causing her to faint from the pain and lack of oxygen.

「……tie her up. No need to be kind.」

I order Celia as calmly as possible and separate from her body.
It is natural for a resourceful general to have his brain win over his instincts after all.

Soon, there was nobody around us anymore.

「……are you finished with your charade?」

The source of the joking voice was Maestus who was lying face up on the ground.

「You should have killed her. Women are nothing special.」

His tone remains aloof, but his voice is strained and soft.
It seems that although he took out the sword in his stomach by himself, the contents are spilling out.
His death is pretty much guaranteed.

The surrounding battles are also drawing to a close.
I guess it’s fine to entertain him for a final chat.

「You’re an interesting guy……yet you’re too weak to women……one day you’ll be stabbed in the back by a woman.」

When I don’t say anything, Maestus gestures to me and laughs uncontrollably delightfully.

「See, even now my younger sister……hahahah!!」

I feel pain and something hitting my back.
When I turned to check what it was, I found Piris, who probably escaped again, with her face buried in my back.

「Fuuu, fuuu, fuuu.」

Piris was gripping a short sword in her hands which she had plunged into my back.
She raised her head as if trying to say something, but was too agitated to form any coherent words.

Nevertheless, this pain tells me my muscles have been penetrated.
I’m surprised the tiny Piris is strong enough……aah, this situation resembles mine.

「Of course she’s strong enough when she’s angry.」

I comment as I fall forward.

It’s not all Piris’s doing.
My body has accumulated wounds all over and I’ve lost too much blood to even stand.

Piris can easily kill me with one more strike, but she drops the dagger and, with hands shaking like an elderly person, sits next to Maestus. She has a mix of despair and sadness on her face.

「We must get your treated……your stomach is torn and your organs are sticking out…… what should I do…… to save……to save brother-in-law……」

Piris tries to patch up the wound by tearing her clothes and wrapping it around Maestus’s body, but he brushes her away.

「I was supposed to die in a battle that decides the course of war……and you’ve ruined it by coming here uninvited.」

Maestus’s bright and carefree attitude he used with me does a complete 180 to a truly disgusted tone.

「Brother-in-law, why would you say that…… is it because Piris……is it because Piris and father are of different blood!?」

「So they were siblings after all?」

Piris is Maestus’s attendant and also a sister born of a different mother……I understood that from bits and pieces of their conversation.

「That’s right! How dare you do that to my dear brother-in-law……I won’t forgive you…… I’ll kill y――kyaa!?」

Maestus grabs Piris by the collar right as she picks up the short sword and pulls her back.
It doesn’t appear to be done to chide her. Rather, he was filled with genuine killing intent.

「Don’t do anything unnecessary, Piris. We fought to the death, and I lost while Hardlett won. Thus I will die and Hardlett gets to live. I’m not going to let a mere woman’s foolish sentiment make a mockery of things.」

This guy really hates women. He’s totally incompatible with me.

「And I’ll say this because it’s the end. We aren’t step siblings. We’re related by blood.」

「Eh!? But I was born after mother remarried……」

Maestus spits out saliva mixed with blood.

「Hmp, you know about the disorder in our house, right?」

「Y-yes. Mother was born in a viscount family and brother-in-law’s father was of knight baron birth, and the two married and gave birth to brother-in-law……now, the father of the house of Count Diga, which brother-in-law succeeded, lost his wife……fell in love with mother, and asked her to marry him, which she accepted……resulting in an irreparable family.」

It’s a messy story, but status is also part of a man’s appeal.

「Knowing it would affect his honor if he silently let his wife be stolen, father challenged the count to a duel, but was defeated pathetically and died. Isn’t that right?」

「Yes……that’s why brother-in-law and I are siblings born of different fathers.」

Maestus spits again.

「You’re wrong. Mother……that slut cheated with Count Diga before marrying, no she was in fact his lover. I was born from the seed he implanted during that time, and that woman, not wanting to be a single mother, married father. That’s why our mothers and fathers are the same and we are actually biological siblings. Later, when the count lost his first wife, he made that woman his second wife……making us step-siblings in name only. He obviously couldn’t say I was born before the marriage.」

Piris was frozen due to shock.
Still, she continued to hold Maestus’s hand.

「Regardless……I still love you, dear brother. As a sister and a woman.」

Maestus flings the hand away and violently hacks up blood.

「Why do you detest women so much? Is it because mother abandoned your father and entered into the household of a count!?」

「That’s not all. That slut continued to cheat after giving birth to you, even sucking the dick of some servant right next to you while you were still too young to understand.」


Piris’s face distorts.

「The deciding factor was father’s end. He truly loved that woman deeply despite not being particularly strong, letting me, who was ten years old at the time, get a hit on him, and still challenging the count to a duel.」

The outcome was a pathetic defeat and death. It was pitiful in some ways and a foregone conclusion, when I look back at his ability.
But, it’s a bit of a stretch to blame it on women.

「On the day before the duel, father said this to me: “I know I will lose, but I will fight with my all to demonstrate my love for my wife” and “if by some miracle, I manage to win, I still plan to gladly send her off”. His reasoning was because he thought that woman would be happier in a count’s family than a poor noble’s family.」

He was quite a fine man……

「However, that woman served him a numbing agent prior to the duel! She did it of her own volition, not at the count’s instructions! If father won, even by chance, she wouldn’t be able to switch sides after all! Father fought with blurred vision and was cut down in one swing.」

「N-no way……」

What a sad story.
That man fought to show his love for his wife, but his wife wished for the man’s defeat from the bottom of her heart.

「Women don’t understand a man’s determination or aesthetics. They are vessels of selfishness, greed and vanity! They have no value beyond being wet holes to relieve your sexual desires―― guubh!」

Maestus vomits a big puddle of blood.
It seems he is nearing his final moments.

「……that’s why I admired His Excellency Zaphnes. Putting on airs…… not trying to be a hero…… obsessed with his own aesthetics…… failing…… laughing…… getting angry……becoming desperate……isn’t that a beautiful thing? That is what it means to be a human, a man. Someone like Wilhelmina who moves for her own self-interest is equivalent to filth. Just like me.」

Maestus turns and reaches his hand out toward me.

「I’m glad you were the one who killed me. I’m glad it was an idiot like you. I’m glad it was a foolish human man like you……」

「Don’t be silly, I’ll be an ally of women no matter what. I didn’t do it for you.」

I brush him away, but Maestus forcefully grabs my hand anyways and grins.

「……I won’t forgive you.」

Piris growls.


Maestus responds with a hostile grunt, only to be surprised by what happens next.
Piris takes her short sword and cuts open his pants.

「What are you doing?」

「Nothing much. I’m just taking the seed of the cool, brilliant, kind, and best brother so I can leave it behind for future generations.」

When his pants are torn, a choking scent of musk wafts up from his crotch.
It is not uncommon for the body to shoot out semen on its own on the verge of death.

「Stop it, that’s dirty.」

Maestus tries to push Piris away, but she doesn’t budge.
She quietly opens her mouth and takes his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down a few times before straddling him.

「Uugh! I-it hurts……but I’m happy, happy to give my purity to my dear brother……the membrane is tearing…… aaaaaah!!」

She cries out in agony.
Maestus’s dick is pretty big. Furthermore, Piris forced it inside her.

I can hear her hymen being torn from where I am.

「You idiot, there is no benefit to bearing the child of a defeated man. If you were going to bear anyone’s child, it would have been best to do it with Hardlett, since you could probably get your hands on all the things a girl loves.」

Piris strikes Maestus’s wound, causing him to groan.

「I don’t care about that! I want to be pregnant with the child of my beloved brother! I want my dear brother to leave children behind!」

Once the shock of losing her virginity abates. Piris awkwardly moves her hips and leans forward to whisper in Maestus’s ear.

「When I was six, you played with me all night in spite of me being a spoiled brat and treated like a tumor. That was when I realized the person I longed for.」

「I didn’t want to attend the banquet. I simply used you as an excuse.」

Piris speaks in order to distract herself from the pain.

「When I was ten, you punched the boy who bullied me. That was when I realized my love.」

「I just didn’t like the son in that place. His treatment of you only gave me more reason to punch him.」

Piris’s face starts to turn red.

「When I was 14……and went to your room to play a new game……you were in bed with Baron Panese’s daughter……and you gave me a gentle kiss when I cried in shock. That was when my lust surfaced.」

「It would have resulted in a troublesome relationship if it was exposed. I only did it to keep you quiet.」

Piris stops moving.

「It was still a precious memory! You don’t have to invalidate every single experience, just hurry up and give me your seed!!」

Piris shakes her hips like a prostitute.
She doesn’t seem to mind her stomach bulging from the overly large cock.

「Let it out, brother! Shoot it before you die! Give your life to me! Impregnate your biological sister with your corrupt seed!」

「You stupid……sister…… uugh!!」

Maestus lifts his hips and I hear the sound of an intense ejaculation.
It is literally his last ejaculation and he is pouring his very life into Piris.

「My dear brother……is cumming inside……my dear brother’s life……is being pumped into my body……」

Maestus addresses me as he fills his sister’s womb with the last of his strength.

「I’m giving you……this stupid sister of mine…… feel free to turn her into a plaything…… or look after her if you so desire……」

Light begins to fade from the man’s eyes.

「One more……thing. That Benel woman……I don’t know her. I just heard about her……from the spy……and……the empress.」

Maestus’s chin falls limply to his chest.
His life has been extinguished.

「My beloved brother died……but it’s alright……I have him……in my belly……aha……ahahaha.」

Piris continues to shake her hips on top of Maestus after he turned into a corpse.

「I have returned, Aegir――what is that wound――!! Was it that woman!!? I’ll rip her apart!」

Celia came back.
She sees me on the ground and points her sword at Piris.

「I’m fine. This is only because I lost too much blood.」

I’m actually not doing so well.
Previously, I couldn’t feel pain for a different reason.

「But the stab wound in your back―― guh! Is she doing it with a dead body!?」

Piris mounts the deceased Maestus and kisses him repeatedly while rocking her hips.

She might be in the same situation as I was with Benel or worse.
The person she longed for was killed by me in front of her eyes.

「……did she go insane?」

「It’s my work. I’ll take good care of her.」

I hear a war cry in the distance.
Alteria, the capital of South Yuguria, must have fallen.


Celia began to utter some words, but before I could listen to the entire sentence, I passed out.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.
Condition (Critical Condition)

Myla (mildly ill), Celia (struggling to transport), Irijina (unharmed), Luna (severely ill)
Gido (insane, delight), Pochi (injured, retired), Leopolt (dealing with aftermath), Tristan (total exhaustion), Agor (severely ill)
Yakov (seriously injured), Mack (critical condition), Jim (mildly ill), Christoph (unharmed), Guigue (doubtful)
Altair (seeking believers), Remia (processing)

Sekrit (gargling), Ivanna (napping), T-99 (searching for enemy to destroy), Brynhildr (return)
Natia (treatment), Felteris (aroused), Ijaris (fruit), Yularen (fruit)
Annette (rest), Piris (insane), Baroness Rukino Escaote (silent), Seika (silent), Naesys (silent), Nasis (silent), Busco (promoted)
Zillia (first aid)

Army – Southern Goldonia
Under Protagonist:
Escort Unit: 53 ⇒ 25
Infantry: 4000 ⇒ 2000
Cavalry: 500 ⇒ 250
Archers: 530 ⇒ 250
Cannoneers: 360
Bow Cavalry: 6800 ⇒ 5000
Independent Celia Squad: 400 ⇒ 150
Conscripts + Security Unit: 9500 ⇒ 4500
Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 21, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 15, Chariots: 35
Reinforcements / Allied Forces
105 Army Corps: 3500 ⇒ 2500
Elves: Black: 200, White: 200
New Penal Unit: 300 ⇒ 100
God Altair’s Army: 230 ⇒ 500

Teries Fleet: Battleship Suvorov, Battleship Leviathan IV (temporary), Large Combat Ships: 3, Medium Combat Ships: 7
Ally Forces:
Western Front:
Royal Army: 35 000 ⇒ 15 000
Conscripts: 40 000 ⇒ 20 000

Eastern Front:

Enemy Force: Regular Soldiers: 20 000? ⇒ 3000?
Conscripts: 70 000? ⇒ 10 000? , Young Male Soldiers: 10 000?
Cavalry Army: 6000 ⇒ 500?
Frontier Mercenaries: 10 000 ⇒ 0 (contract abandoned)
Land Beasts: 100 ⇒ 0 , Air Beasts: 300 ⇒ 0
Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard: ⇒ ?
National Volunteer Corps: ⇒ 5000

Assets: -10 000 gold
Sexual Partners: 797
Children who have been born: 69 + 567
Current Location: Alteria




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