Chapter 560-3: Bewildered by an Enchanting Flower Part 3




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I lift up Lucy’s pretty legs as she is pinned under me in the missionary position, and I push my cock into her completely visible lower lips.

The black rod, which I can only describe as huge, pushes open Lucy’s pale slit.

「……so tight.」

「Aegir is too thick. It’s not an exaggeration to say you’re as thick as a tree’s stump.」

A heavenly feeling envelops me as I inch my hips deeper, but the thickest part of the tip stops me from moving.
No matter how much I try, I can’t enter any further.

By the third failed attempt, I realize from Lucy’s expression that she is purposely keeping her hole closed.

「Ahaha, sorry. I wanted to see you go “How strange, I can’t put it in”.」

When I protest miserably, she relaxes the muscles of her entrance.
The edges of my tip slide in, and my hips resume moving.

「Aagh! Uurk!」

Letting out that agonizing groan was me, not Lucy.
Her countless folds rub against the sensitive area around the head of my penis and the entirety of my shaft.

「It’s really fat. And the veins and bumps are scraping my insides.」

Though her words make me happy, I have no time to feel proud.
Her folds are tightening around the surface of my dick covered with swollen blood vessels.
When I look up to distract myself, Lucy’s face is there.

「Guoo……who would have thought I’d be suffering from pleasure.」

「Poor thing, seems tough for you. But your hips aren’t stopping. They’re grinding as they go deeper……aahn.」

My hips move on their own despite my struggles.
Because of that, the pleasure draws out another pitiful groan from me.

My body leans on Lucy as my dick’s insertion progresses.
She spreads her legs wider, inviting me to keep going.

Eventually, the tip collides into a wall. It has hit the end of her canal.

「It’s inside……」

Once I make contact with the dead end, my dick starts trembling and sends a shiver up my spine.
My dick pulses at an irregular rhythm and a clear liquid drips out from the tip.

I can ejaculate at any time.
No, I normally would have already ejaculated, I’m just holding it in so I don’t embarrass myself in front of Lucy.

I wonder how Lucy is doing.
In the past, I lost over and over, but with how big my dick is now, I’m sure she won’t win so easily this time.
I’d be happy if the stimulation is so strong that she can’t even make a sound.
I embrace and kiss her, intending to blow my load.

However, Lucy reacts differently to my expectations.

「Hm? Is it not inside yet?」


I shift my hips back and forth slightly.
I’m certain I’ve reached the end, and her entrance is stretched to the point I’m worried it would tear apart.

If she can’t tell that I’m inside, I might have no choice other than to shove my head in her hole.

「That’s not what I mean. Here.」

Lucy takes her hand and……softly strokes the remaining half of my dick which has yet to enter her.

The tip of my enlarged dick has reached the end of her tunnel, but there is still close to half of the entire length left outside.
I didn’t think all of it would fit, so I was planning to thrust with only half of it inside.

「Put it all in, Aegir.」

「That’s not possible.」

I can push further in exchange for her pain, but that might only sink my dick a few more centimeters.

Lucy wraps her hands around my head and brings it into her cleavage,
As she brushes the back of my head, she speaks in a tone that is gentle yet firm, not allowing any objections.

「Don’t be so reserved. The one you have pinned down is me.」

One of her hands slides down and rubs my back.

「Put it in up to the root, Aegir. I won’t break.」

My hips move forward on their own.
My body reacts to Lucy’s words of their own accord.

「Aah here it comes……your hard……long thing……!」

I can feel her shake with my face buried in her breasts.
My cock pushes against her innermost part.

Even when the walls gently wrapping around my member tenses up, my hips don’t stop.
I dig my fingers into Lucy’s silky skin and fix her in place while my rod pierces her.

「That’s it……keep going……don’t worry……guuuu!」

I feel Lucy arch her back, but the hand behind my head keeps me from seeing anything other than her pure white skin.

Is Lucy okay?
Won’t my cock skewer and kill her?

「There’s still some left. More, insert more of it!」

She urges me on as if reading the concerned thoughts in my mind.
My hand fumbles its way to Lucy’s shoulder and I ram my hips into her.

I hear the sound of flesh meeting flesh.
A weak pressure presses on my pubic bone and I feel the fuzzy hair from her genitals――

「Everything……went inside.」

Lucy’s restraint loosens and I cautiously raise my head.

「Fuu fuu……it’s finally in. Look how it ended up.」

「Are you really okay?」

My dick, which has enlarged to an unprecedented size, is inserted up to the base.

Her belly is bulging out in the shape of my dick, of course, but you can even see the pulsing and the bumps and veins through her skin.

Moreover, the tip seems to have passed where her womb is and has gotten near her stomach.
That is normally a fiendish act that makes any woman foam at the mouth and faint.
It appears like I could penetrate her at any moment.

But Lucy caresses the unusual protrusion of her stomach and smiles.

「It’s become so splendid, Aegir. How lovely.」

I let out an inspired growl and hug Lucy tightly.

「Kyaa, my cute Aegir became a beast.」

After Lucy playfully slaps my back like she’s resisting, we exchange a kiss.

「Move as you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re rough or if you hurt me.」

I’d be fine with that if that was all she asked.

「But you absolutely must not cum until I do. Let us feel good together.」


She requested this, knowing I’m at my limit.
But since she demanded it, I’ve got to follow through like my life depended on it.
In the worst case I explode and semen gushes out, as long as it’s not from my dick, it won’t count as ejaculating.

I lift my upper body and begin rocking my hips in the missionary position.
Lucy is lying flat on her back, relaxed, as if to leave everything to me.

I pull my dick out from where it doesn’t belong, bring it back to the area close to the entrance, and rub her there with the tip.
I then squeeze my abdominal muscles to puff up the glans before re-entering her.


Lucy moans from the added pressure and scraping of her folds.
Her response isn’t bad, I guess I’m still a little underpowered.

Next, I clench my abs when I’ve inserted myself up to the hilt, and pull back while using the rim of my swollen tip to grind against her.

「A……aah……aauu! Just like that!」

With more confidence, I repeat my deep thrust and pull back, this time also rubbing her breasts with both hands.

Lucy’s supposedly relaxed legs spring up and her head tilts back.

「How about this?」

I repeat the thrust while licking her boobs, and then pull back as I suck and tug on her nipple.


Lucy reflexively places a hand on my shoulder to stop me.
It’s clear that pleasure is coursing through her body.

「Fufufu, you’re cute Lucy.」

Lucy initially shivers from my elated expression, but she soon pouts at me.
Crap, I just provoked a counterattack.

The once passive Lucy, reaches up and kneads my nipple with her thumb.
Despite it being a weak stimulation, it makes me tremble from my neck to my waist.


She moans erotically and arches her body back.
Her wonderful breasts are pushed out as she starts rocking her hips to match my movements.

She slithers her hands to mine, interlocking her fingers, and seductively runs her tongue across her lips from right to left.


A strong desire to ejaculate washes over me, and I had no choice but to stop moving and cling tightly to Lucy’s body to withstand the urge.

「I’m only 30% there. You better not cum~」

At this rate, I have no chance.
I rotate Lucy’s body and enter her from the doggy position.

I plunge my erect penis into her soft yet firm ass.

This is a position where the man can attack one-sidedly.
I grab Lucy’s ass and pump my hips vigorously, seeking to ramp up her pleasure level.

I use intense friction and stronger movements, rather than delicate technique, to increase the stimulation.

「So good Aegir, it’s hitting so deep……」

I can distinctly hear the sound of my meat rod sliding in and out of her hole accompanying the steady rhythm of my hips slamming against her ass.

「Aah, this position……makes me feel your size……uuuu!」

Lucy anguishes, but she isn’t so easy as to climax from the rigorous motion.
For greater stimulation, I reach my hand around to her swaying breasts, and press against her bulging stomach with each thrust to send the pleasure through to her womb.

「Pushing that part, aah pushing the womb is sacriligous to the female body!」

As a kid, I would have kept doing the same thing, satisfied just from seeing Lucy in agony.
But I’ve grown. I know that you should unveil the next plan when an opponent has fallen into your trap.

「How about……this!?」

I stuff my fingers into Lucy’s mouth.


She licks them as a form of courtesy without knowing where I’m going, but she freezes when she sees my wicked smile.

「Aegir, you’re not……stop!」

「Fufufu……I refuse.」

Smiling, I align my wet fingers with Lucy’s exposed asshole and slowly penetrate her.

「No, no! Sto-……nnnnaaah!!」

Two fingers enter her unblemished pink anus.

Lucy’s back curls up and she shakes her head side to side, screaming.
Her anus clenches my fingers so tightly it hurts and her vagina also correspondingly contracts like it’s close to orgasm.

This was when I began to think I won.

「Stop! Please stop!!」

Lucy’s tone changed.

「I beg you, Your Majesty! I’m a virgin there!」

Lucy resists with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.
She frantically tries to run away from me like she says, but her insides contradict her words and are squeezing as if they don’t want to let go.

To fuck the unwilling Lucy……the situation reversed the moment I felt that sensation.
I could not do anything other than monotonously bang her ass.

Lucy’s retaliation did not end there.

「Eh, inside!? It’s a dangerous day for me……I-I’ll get pregnant. Someone save meee! I’m getting impregnated!!」

「So that’s how you’re playing!」

I fuck her violently.
Usually I’m not the type to treat women this way, but her smile assures me it’s all an act.
In other words, I’m “raping” Lucy with her consent and it’s impossible not to get aroused by that.

And far from arousal, it’s more like my body can’t think of doing anything else and is blindly grabbing Lucy’s slender waist and shaking its hips. Even knowing I will discharge in less than a minute, my body won’t stop.

「Aaah, Your Majesty’s cock is violating me! I’m going to get impregnated by thick seed! Stop, I don’t want to be pregnant!」

Lucy continues the act, seeing me trying to endure cumming.

I let out a roar, suppressing my pleading body with a will of steel, then flip Lucy and transition to the cowgirl position.

Although my hips haven’t stopped moving, they are not moving as much as when I was in the doggy position, so I averted the crisis for now.

「Sorry Lucy. I got a bit arrogant.」

「No. That was a little malicious of me.」

We apologize to each other and smile, interweaving our hands again.

「Let us stop competing. We’ll pleasure each other till we both cum.」

「Yeah, let’s do it.」

Clasping our hands and locking our gazes, we move our hips in unison.

I thrust my hips upward while Lucy lowers hers.
Our coordination is perfect and our pleasure levels rise at the same time.


My hands extend to massage her breasts and fiddle with her clit.


Her hand moves down to fondle my testicles and she leans over to plant strong kisses on my neck.

We understood what the other person wanted without even exchanging words.

Neither dirty talk or vigorous movement were necessary.
The simple act of slow intercourse in the cowgirl position was enough.

I wasn’t trying to make her cum.
She wasn’t trying to make me cum.
We just make love to each other.

The current me can refrain from ejaculation as long as it takes for Lucy to reach climax.
And when Lucy reaches climax, I am also ready to ejaculate at any time.

Our hands clasp together.
I feel the bones in my fingers scream in pain, and they might even be broken, but if I consider that Lucy is likely aroused to the point she can’t control her strength, it’s not a big deal.

「It feels good, Aegir. It feels good. My heart is fluttering.」

Lucy’s movements changed.
She’s preparing to orgasm.

Our hands naturally separate, my hands hold onto her waist and her hands rest on my chest.

「Aegir, aah Aegir, I love you Aegir.」

「Lucy, beautiful Lucy. I love you Lucy!」

My penis begins to throb.
Lucy’s insides are clenching around me as if trying to draw out all my semen.

We both spread our arms, hug each other, and fall onto the bed.
There’s no need to continue rocking our hips.

「Lucy, my goddess. I finally reached this point.」

「Aegir, my cute little boy. I was waiting.」

We inhaled deeply in each other’s arms.

And we both shouted.
We freely allowed ourselves to cry out in pleasure, to moan in ecstasy as a man and woman.

My balls, which have swollen to the size of apples, tremble and my shaft visibly changes shape as it begins releasing its load.
The amount of seed that shoots out is proportional to my love for Lucy.

A dull pain runs through my dick.
The excessive force of ejaculation has surpassed the limit of my urethra.
My testicles are also requesting for more supply of semen than I have.

It doesn’t take long for Lucy’s stomach to inflate to a point where a human woman would have already burst.
However, despite our pain, neither of us stop the other, and we simply hug each other and continue moaning.

The pain eventually subsides.
It wasn’t that the amount decreased. My urethra had expanded along with my dick.

Lucy’s stomach also returned to normal.
Her hole widened by my pulsating manhood overflows with seed, spilling out from the gaps.

Lucy signals me with her eyes as she squeals.
She silently tells me that the ones peeking won’t be able to hear at this moment.

And so I embraced Lucy tighter, addressed her with the name of a family member in her ear, and proceeded to lose consciousness.


When I spring awake, I find myself sleeping on Lucy’s thigh.

「Good morning. You slept for two hours.」

My palm hits my face as if I screwed up.
How could I fall asleep right after ejaculating?

「Fufu, it’s fine. I also passed out and slept for an hour. ……it’ll get on you if you move.」

Wondering what she’s referring to, I look around and see the entire bed is sticky.
In fact, the carpet on the floor is also covered with a white fluid.

「It seems you kept cumming after we both fainted. It was spraying to the ceiling when I woke up.」

「What a glorious load. It might be a new record.」

With a wry smile, Lucy points to the culprit who stained the bed and floor.

「But that glorious tool might be broken.」

「What? Woah!」

I couldn’t hold back my surprise.
My penis has emptied its supply of semen and is limp, but its size has not changed.
It’s dangling while still as large as before.

「But being big has its benefits.」

Luc briefly hides her face.
Then she lowers her hands to reveal glowing red eyes.

「Until now, I was your mother and your lover. But that’s not all we are, right?」


I return Lucy’s gaze with my own.

Lucy grabs my dick with both hands and brings her face close.

「I see familiar fang marks. So you even let this part be bitten. I’m jealous.」

She drags her hand along my enlarged shaft and finds the thickest vein.

「Time to eat.」
「Have your fill.」

Her fangs sink into the vein and I am assaulted simultaneously with sharp pain and pleasure.
My penis secretes a mysterious substance as I unconsciously lift my hips.

Lucy separates her now-reddened lips from my rod and then casually swings her hand at the door.
The wind generated was enough to slam the door shut, eliciting shrieks from the peepers.

「From this point on, it’s time for blood. Don’t be gentle, just attack and bite me.」


I grab Lucy’s shoulder and bite her neck.

The moment my canines tear her skin, I am thrown to the floor.
Lucy quickly mounts me like a horse and bites my neck.

She holds me down with tremendous force and sucks the blood right out of my body.
I am helpless if she wants to suck me dry.

But Lucy just gulps about ten times and raises her head, a trance-like expression on her face.

「Delicious……it gets tastier every time. Such delectable blood really exists……」

I take that opening to pull Lucy to the floor by the hair, flipping our positions, and then bite her neck.
The feeling of toppling Lucy and the taste of her blood in my mouth awakens a deviant violent pleasure within my body.

「That’s it, Aegir. Bite down more. I’ll allow it if it’s you.」

My body is repelled and knocked against the wall.
The distance is closed before I can stand up and fangs sink into my throat.

I roll my body over after two mouthfuls of blood, push Lucy against the wall and bite down on her breast.
She doesn’t shake me off and reciprocates by biting on my nape from her position.

Although I don’t have time to pay attention to other things, I begin sensing an evil presence in the room and hearing faint voices.

(I was going to curse the women of the inner palace for all eternity for humiliating me and sending me to my death.)

(The grudge I have and the suffering and eventual death of vomitting my guts from poison will never be healed.)

(――therefore, because it is for eternity, we might take a short break, although I will continue to curse that queen for betraying and banishing me.)

(Let those who are compatible lay their bodies on top of each other. It is a shame no men are here due to the ghosts that haunt the inner palace.)

I can hear the voices more clearly under the ceiling.

「Digging your teeth into me so much and guzzling all that blood……I will definitely take it all back! And you damn spirits! You’re grating on my ears, scatter! If you don’t, I’ll splash holy water on you!!」

Lucy and I would carry on with the immoral exchange of blood until morning.




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