Chapter 573: Love and Memories




Translator: Nat

I share a deep kiss with the naked Nonna.

My lips seal hers as my tongue and saliva flow into her mouth.

「Nnmu, I feel like I’ll drown from your saliva. Shhlu……guph. Nnmh!」

Nonna doesn’t hesitate to twirl her tongue with mine and drink my saliva, though some still spills out. The place it lands is her gigantic boobs.

Ending the kiss, I extend both my hands under Nonna’s armpits and rub her breasts like I’m bringing them together.

Nonna’s maturity as a woman from giving birth adds to their already incredible volume and makes them feel even softer.

「You have such wonderful tits. They’re big, beautiful and soft. Not to mention they are stainless and look as lustrous as porcelain. Surely, no other woman exists in this world with breasts like these.」

Nonna blushes and holds her chest out proudly when she receives a compliment of the highest class.

「But they have sagged a bit since the first time we made love. And my nipples have gotten darker.」

「It’s natural considering you are in the prime of your child-bearing years. I’m saying that you’re more beautiful than anything despite that. This year, you’re――」

Nonna puffs her cheeks and kisses me as if to remind me that speaking of her age is forbidden.

She then reaches one hand down to my groin to stroke my cock.

「I have to say that Aegir-sama’s thing is incredible too. It’s thick, long, hard as a rock, and pitch black.」

She leans forward, sticking her body to mine, and looks at me while moving her hand back and forth.
Nonna’s white hand makes soft sounds of friction as it strokes my dark cock.

「Look how swollen the tip is and how wide the glans is, plus the shaft is covered with bulging blood vessels that resemble roots of a tree……how much do you want to make women fall?」

Nonna says as she starts rubbing me with both hands.
Her praising of my cock and the stimulation from her stroking, as well as her swaying boobs causes my penis to gradually grow and harden.

「Gu……I can bear this stimulation.」

My cock is nearly at a vertical angle and a clear fluid trickles from the tip.

「You mentioned my age, but Aegir-sama isn’t exactly young either, and yet it’s strange how your dick is sticking to your stomach like that.」

Nonna comments, naturally bringing her face close to the tip of my cock.
With our height difference and how erect my penis is, I just have to bend my body a little to reach her mouth.


She places her lips on the tip glistening with pre-cum, and supports the edge of my glans with her hands.


I unconsciously let out a groan, and my hands rest on top of Nonna’s head.

Nonna’s eyes narrow happily and she sticks out her tongue a little to lick me.
Her small but quick repeating movements at my sensitive opening makes my penis quiver in no time.


Nonna flicks her tongue over the tip of my stiff dick and tapers her tongue to slide it in my urethra.

「Nngh, so good.」

My penis trembles a few more times and leaks more fluid than before.


Nonna sucks in her cheeks, swallowing the amount of juices that would easily be equivalent to an average man’s ejaculation.

She takes her tongue that is as small as my pinky finger and slowly licks the underside of my penis, then gently bites three evenly spaced parts on my dick; the part near the tip, the middle, and bending down to reach the base of the shaft.

She doesn’t simply press her lips down, she makes sure to use her teeth.

With how large my dick is, the skin is also thick.
Nonna’s playful bites don’t hurt, but rather they provide the perfect amount of stimulation which changes into pleasure.

A couple more groans escape my mouth as my dick spurts out a splash of pre-cum with each of her bites.
On top of the physical stimulation, knowing that she learned this technique for me, something that would normally hurt other guys, creates a sense of monopoly over her within me.

「You’re leaking so much. Looks like you’re going to cum soon.」

Nonna works her way to the base, then crouches in between my legs and opens her mouth to envelope my testicles one at a time.


She holds them in her warm and wet mouth and sucks them countlessly.

Electric shocks of pleasure shoot up my body every time, and the image of a beauty like Nonna desperately sucking my balls further heightens my arousal.

My testicles that are already full of semen generate more, unconcerned if they would burst.

「I want to put it in.」

I put my hands under Nonna’s armpits and stand her up.

As we face each other again, my dick, now two sizes bigger, twitches intermittently and drips a string of fluid to the floor.

「Sure. Go ahead.」

Nonna wraps her arms around my neck.

I hesitate a bit though.
Of course my sexual excitement is at its limit and I want to jam my dick in her right away.

However, Nonna’s body is delicate and her genitals are considered small.
Comparatively, my genitallia is big enough to make experienced prostitutes scream.
Penetrating her without any foreplay is unthinkable. Either that or I use lubrication or aphrodisiacs.

「You don’t need to. See?」

Nonna takes my cock and touches it to her abdomen, specifically where her womb is located.
Immediately, love juices flow out of her modest vagina.

It was as if a dam broke, unleashing a river of liquid down her thighs and creating a puddle at her feet.

「I offered my soul to Aegir-sama so we are already one. In a place where our souls dwell, any act will only result in pleasure and happiness……there is no pain or suffering.」

She leans her body closer, letting my dick dig into her stomach.

「Fufu, it feels like I already received all of your soul long ago.」

When I tease Nonna, she puffs up and headbutts me in the chest.

「I left a little behind just in case you forgot!」

She reacts so adorably that it makes me want to tease her more.

「Oh and I didn’t know your soul is in your womb.」

「It’s to match Aegir-sama! I’m certain that Aegir-sama’s soul is in your penis!」

She bites down on my nipple.
Well, I don’t have any objections to my soul being in my dick.

「Ufu, fufufu.」

We laugh together.
Then I carry Nonna, moving her from the dusty room to another nearby room.

「This is……my room.」

Of course, I didn’t know that, but this might also be fate.

I throw out an unrefined chair probably brought in by the Federation out of the window and place a hand on a dirty carpet.

「You can leave the carpet……fufu, the stain from a mikan being stepped on and the traces of the time I dropped my favorite apple pie……if I remember correctly, I got spanked by my sister for picking it up and eating it.」

Nonna runs her hand over the unclean blotch on the carpet, then gets on all fours.

「You don’t mind taking it from behind?」

「No. Even if I can’t see your face, our souls are connected.」

I place my hands on Nonna’s white ass and spread her cheeks apart, positioning myself at her entrance.

Then I slowly push my hips forward.

「Nnn……aah……it’s going in……we’re connected……」
「Oooh, this is-」

My enlarged penis went in smoothly.

With the difference in size, there was naturally going to be a strong sensation of pushing open her insides.
Even with her entrance being soaking wet, she is stretched to the limit.

I was able to get in smoothly on top of all that.
It’s like she’s sucking me in.

「Aah, it doesn’t hurt……it doesn’t feel tight……it feels good.」

Nonna arches her back.
Her heavy breasts point downward and jiggle over the carpet.

「This is incredible. It feels like I can go as deep as I want.」

My dick doesn’t get caught on anything and keeps progressing further.
Nonna cries out in pleasure as a cloudy white fluid trickles along my shaft and to my balls.

When I finally inserted half of my length, the tip hit the entrance of her womb.

「More……press harder against it.」

I was just about to stop moving.
But the normally tightly closed cervix is opening its mouth and allowing my dick to pass through.

My dick has entered the womb of girls who have been with me for a long time before.
Though it was a struggle physically and emotionally.

Moreover, it’s not uncommon for women with small statures like Nonna to faint in the process.
Yet I was able to go inside Nonna’s with no problem.

My dick pushes through her cervix and without so much as a single groan of agony or rejection from her body slowly forms a bulge in Nonna’s stomach.

I hear a soft puff sound, which naturally brings my eyes to Nonna, and I notice my body hitting her ass.
I have inserted my dick up to the base.

「All of it……is in.」

Nonna says with moist eyes, her insides squeezing my cock.
Her vagina and cervix contract, trying to pull my dick deeper than it already is in her uterus.

「It really doesn’t hurt?」

「It doesn’t. It just feels good and warm.」

I don’t see any deception in her face as she presses her ass against me.

So I try thrusting.


She lets out a sweet moan and I feel her entire womb squirming.

I try slowly pulling back.


She lets out a vexed groan as the wide rim of my turtle head gets caught by the cervix which easily let me in during insertion.
When I overcome the slight resistance and pull out to the entrance, her folds wrap around my length as if not wanting to let me go.

I thrust my hips again.

Her insides which desperately tightened when I was pulling back instantly relax, and secrete plenty of juices to welcome me in.
I get to her cervix again, and it sticks to me as if wanting to happily invite me inside.

「This feels great as a male. Your whole body is receiving me with delight.」

「Of course. My heart, my body, and my soul belongs to you, my husband.」

As Nonna turns around and smiles, my sense of reason flies out.

I firmly grab her slender waist and thrust my hips the rest of the way forward.

Her vagina rubs against the rim of my glans and all the veins on my shaft.


Letting out a roar of pleasure, I retract my hips and then thrust forward again.

The force at which I thrust makes a slurp of friction as my wet shaft slides deep into Nonna.
Her folds rub against my veins, burning our brains with pleasure.

「Aahh, it’s swelling!」

Everytime I slam my hips into Nonna from behind, her stomach is pushed up in front.

Nonna caresses the strange bulge from the outside, but my rampaging penis can feel it on the inside.

Although my movements get faster, Nonna doesn’t express pain.

In fact, she is shifting her ass to the left and right, adjusting the inserting angle of my dick to amplify the pleasure.


I release her waist and fall over, my chest laying on her back.
My hands grasp her boobs that are swaying like a pendulum and my mouth sucks on her neck.

Nonna’s hands collapse under her, and she lies bent over on the carpet moaning and panting.

At the same time, I feel a warmth on my hands.
Nonna has reached such a state of arousal that her breasts have started to lactate.

I thrust my hips forward, the rest of my body from my thighs, genitals, chest, stomach, and lips adhered to Nonna.

Rather than a slap sound, I could hear my dick sliding into her hole and moving in and out of her uterus.

「I-I’m cumming……uurk!」

Nonna finally shows signs of some suffering in her voice as she squirts intensely.

「Uuuggguuh!! Aaauu!! Cumming……cumming……can’t stop!! My body is going to flail!」

She isn’t able to push my weight off when she arches her back.
As I let go of her breasts, they bounce around spraying milk everywhere.
Her tongue sticks out of her open mouth as she mumbles words of love to me mixed with expressions of pleasure.

My crotch pulses.
It wasn’t a simple pulse, it was a slow and big one.

Nonna spreads her own ass cheeks apart as she cries out like an animal.
She is trying to make it pleasurable for me to ejaculate despite being partially conscious.

However, I betray her expectations and slowly pull my rod out.
My tool is engorged in blood and is one thrust away from discharging with a mixture of pre-cum and love juices dripping from the tip.

My testicles are audibly churning away at producing sperm and even if left alone, I’d probably cum in fifteen seconds.


Nonna extends her hand, her breathing labored.
I’m sure she’s asking why I did what I did.

「I want to end it facing you.」

I lift up Nonna’s thigh as she trembles in delight, get in between her legs, and bury my face in her ultimate boobs, wrapping my arms under her armpits and around her back.

Nonna also locks her legs around my waist and circles her arms to the back of my head to bring them close to her bosom.

「I’m going to cum buckets. It’ll be extra thick. Got it?」

Nonna’s vocal cords seem to be numbed by pleasure, but I take her hips pressing against me and her hand stroking the back of my head as signs of her consent.

I connect with Nonna in the same way we became one in the beginning.

As I part her welcoming folds, pass through her unresisting cervix, and get enveloped by her warm womb, my balls contract and my dick swells up at the base.


Not even a single thrust was needed.
Just when I thought my dick would stop at the entrance of her womb, the tip doubles in size and semen instantly gushes out.

It feels like a single pulse shoots out an amount that easily fills up a wine glass.


Nonna clings tightly to me.
Even a strained shriek sounds cute when it comes from her.

My dick pulses slowly, once every few seconds.
The amount of semen released doesn’t diminish at all.

I hear the sound of gritting teeth above me.
Nonna must be trying her best not to faint.

Nonna endures the second and third shot, but on the fourth shot, her legs unravel from my waist and she spreads them apart as she tenses up.

On the fifth shot, she shakes her head from side to side, her hair becoming disheveled.

On the sixth shot, she lets out a bestial groan and on the seventh shot, she shouts out words of love in an unrecognizable voice.

Her body goes limp on the eighth shot, but she regains consciousness when I suck on her breasts at the same time I shoot the ninth shot, and she clings tightly to me again.

Interspersed with her sweet whispers and our heartbeats is the pumping of my ejaculation.

「……I let everything out. I’m empty.」

I pull my dick out and lift Nonna up.

「Good work, Aegir-sama.」

Nonna lovingly rubs her cheek against my arm and directs her pink-tinted eyes at me.

「Woah, yikes.」

My legs wobble pathetically the moment I stand up.

「I don’t blame you. You pulsed 350 times after all.」

I came that much?
I shouldn’t be able to put any strength in my hips.

「But if that’s the case……sorry about your carpet.」

It felt like I came several liters.
That amount is definitely not going to fit in Nonna’s womb, and so the surplus will overflow and stain the carpet of her memories white.

「Yes, it’s indeed wet.」

Looking at the carpet, it only looks like some water was splashed on it, it didn’t resemble the image of a carpet dyed white.
Drying it will make it perfectly usable.

「I may have swallowed all of it……」

I rub Nonna’s belly.
Of course, it’s inflated.

When I push against it lightly, nothing spills out and it feels somewhat solid.
It’s as if her stomach is only filled with my seed.

「When you were ejaculating, I could feel small grain-like objects flowing inside me.」

Oh no.

「I better arrange for a midwife right away. Worst case, we might not be able to return to the capital in time. I think your belly will swell and a baby will be born within a month.」

Nonna bursts out laughing, but when she sees my serious face, her expression becomes confused.

「It’ll be human, right?」

We exchange a look and then kiss each other before chuckling again.

「At this point, it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s human or an orc or an ogre or a horseman, I’m fine with it as long as it is Aegir-sama’s child.」

「Aren’t you a bit biased in the non-human species mentioned? Include some more cool-looking monsters.」

Nonna smiles and walks out to the corridor naked.

「If my stomach is going to get big soon, I want to do more.」

She says, walking unsteadily.

「Oi oi, I just let out a ridiculous amount.」

「I wanted to change the location and continue……are you done already?」

Nonna tilts her head sadly.
A man is finished if he answers no when a woman begs him.

「Aegir-sama……I want to do it more. Please get excited.」

As soon as Nonna gazes upward and pleads, my almost-wilted dick expands and my empty balls begin to produce sperm again. I expected nothing less of the source of my soul.

We embrace each other and walk up to a certain room on the second floor.
I toss out all the obstacles in the room that was apparently being used as a watchtower, leaving only an old table, and Nonna puts her hands on it, inviting me to go behind her.

I don’t slam my hips against her or scrape her insides hard enough to make her scream.

I simply rock my body gently on top of her as if I’m floating on water and listen to Nonna’s stories.

「This was my sister’s room. Because of the shape of the fireplace, it was slightly smaller than my room, and she complained about it until the day before the final day.」

「Fufufu, sounds like your sister alright.」

Nonna pouts and twists her body to kiss me.

「This is coming from me but……sister was a show-off, naggy, and hard on the people who spoiled her.」

Speaking ill of the dead will make her haunt you.
Or maybe she’ll overlook it because she is her sister who returned home alive.

「However, though she always said housework was too lowly for her, she was good at cooking. The stir-fried mushrooms she made for me secretly in the middle of the night……were really delicious.」

Nonna suddenly giggles.

「She loved paintings, but she had a poor eye for them, so when my brother and I mixed in paintings we did with the ones artists my father backed did, pf pupu……this was her favorite…… kufufu……after we revealed the truth, steam shot out of her ears and she locked herself in her room for three days……」

Nonna covers her mouth and snickers to the point of tears.

「I think it’s because she was that way that she couldn’t bear the thought of becoming a slave.」

I hug Nonna from behind.

「Your sister is my wife and the queen! She’s a queen possessing ultimate beauty and incomparable breasts! You, who met with a tragic death, are the sister of a queen, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Now, bear witness to our love!」

I say as I inject another helping of semen into Nonna’s womb.

Nonna accepts my seed and smiles tearfully.

「I’m sure she’ll complain lots but grin when she’s alone. And then she’ll get jealous of me and come pick a fight……my sister was not very well-endowed.」

We kiss and move to another room.

The next room was modified way beyond its original state and became an area to display arms.

I destroy the shiny swords and armors to pieces with my Dual Crater.
Nonna retrieves just one short sword from the corner of the room, props it up against the wall, and connects herself with me in the cowgirl position almost like she’s trying to put on a show.

She rests her hands on my chest and moves her hips at a moderate tempo.

「This is my brother’s room. All the furniture and things left in the room were gone, only this sword remained.」

I support Nonna’s swaying breasts from below and nod in acknowledgement.

「Brother was a bright and cheerful person in front of us. However he lacked courage and manliness and would run and hide in dire situations.」

Nonna’s face distorts like she remembered something by staring at the sword.

「I had a mean home tutor who would always give me work, and because I hated him so much, I pushed snow on him when he was passing under the window, however the wind blew it astray and it hit father instead.」

It’s my turn to laugh this time
I always thought high-ranking noble kids were all strict and no fun, but they do fool around, huh?

Nonna smacks my balls though, telling me it’s no laughing matter.
My body naturally bounces up from the shock.

「When father got angry, brother told him that I did it!」

What a hopeless brother.

「Of course I said it was brother and we got into a fight, and in the end both of us had to go one day without food.」

It was glossed over, but didn’t Nonna also blame her brother?
It doesn’t matter, but a brother should at least shoulder his sister’s sins, right?

「That’s why when I forced my brother to take me on a trip with his fiance, I lied and said a boar appeared. Even my brother couldn’t simply flee in front of his fiance and he had to confront the boar with this sword while his legs were shaking……then I scared him from behind and he pee……peed his pants……kufufufu.」

I hug Nonna close as she laughs and bring her close to my body.

「My brother, who is more cowardly than most, shouted out how he didn’t want to die……he held in his tears when he saw me turn pale……but in the end couldn’t take it and cried.」

I picture her brother and yell.

「I have taken your sister and had her bear my children. If they are raised to be brave, you as someone related by blood will not be thought of as a corward! You can be at ease and rest in peace!」

I grab Nonna’s waist and send more of my seed into her inflated belly.

「Aah, so hot……by the way, I got a hint of my brother’s aura from Bartolome recently. We have to retrain him a bit. On the other hand, Anastasia shows more guts as a girl.」

Alright, next room.

The full-length mirror is carefully set down.

Unlike the previous two rooms which were drastically changed, this room was kept intact as the wife’s bedroom.
For that reason, it hadn’t been used, and dust can clearly be seen covering many surfaces even in the dim light.


Nonna wobbles to the dusty bed and buries her face in it, crying.

「Let’s open the window. The dust will enter your lungs.」

I put a hand on the window and swing it open.

「……what is this?」

Surprisingly, there are iron bars on the outside of the window.
They are double-layered vertically and horizontally, like a prison cell.

There’s no way the wife’s bedroom would be treated like this and it’s hard to believe this nice room was used to confine criminals.
The previous owner……what did the guy who took this house from Nonna use this room for?

Suddenly, I sense a presence other than Nonna’s behind me.

「Who’s there?」

I quickly turn around.

I encountered a lady who looks to be in her forties.
The woman, whose beauty and breasts are on par with Nonna, smiles faintly at me.

I nod in my mind and sweep my Dual Crater at the lady.

Shocked, the woman jumps back and evades my blade.

Seeing her boobs, I wondered if Nonna’s mother was coming to pay a visit to her daughter, but that seemed unlikely.
I grab Nonna’s arm and pull her behind me.

「What’s with that bloodlust towards a girl who finally returned home? Who are you?」

The woman’s smile gradually becomes more wicked and her eyes become more slanted.




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