Chapter 63: Eastern Independent Army Moves Out




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–Aegir POV–

「All troops move out!」

On my orders, the eastern independent army formed into ranks and headed south onto the highway. Our objective is the maintenance of peace in Count Radhalde’s territory as well as my own. When we entered Erich’s territory, the army spreads out horizontally, lining up and marching.

「If you think about it tactically, it’s such an idiotic formation.」

Stretching the army sideways and advancing is the height of stupidity. On top of being able to be spotted by enemies from far away, it is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

「Our goal is to bluff. There shouldn’t be any problems.」

Leopolt stands beside me. The purpose of this stupid march is for it to be witnessed by everyone.

Both thieves and villagers will be able to see these 2000 soldiers if they are closeby.

The shady ones will be shaken up and those who aren’t will feel secure. That in itself will be effective enough.

The soldiers were worried about the villagers coming to riot, but nothing happened. Even though it’s against my will, the warped rumors about me are doing their job.

“His strength is like that of a fierce god.”
With the town behind him, he didn’t take a single step backwards against the approaching tens of thousands of enemies while cutting down 200 people. He is kind to women, but those who stir up unrest will be mercilessly crushed.…………

During the establishment ceremony, it seemed to me that the soldiers’ eyes towards me seemed scared for some reason. If a person identical to that of the descriptions in the rumors appeared, I would be scared too. It’s Erich’s fault, since the rumors originated from him.

From now on, the soldiers will get to work under my command. Eventually, they will see the truth and get used to it.

「Leopolt, divide the troops and exterminate the bandits. I will leave Erich’s territory to you while I will continue to head to Rafen and clean up my territory. It should be over in a week.」

「Yes. I understand.」

Leopolt will take command of the troops of the eastern independent army as the vice-commander.

「And me!? What am I supposed to do!?」

Celia appeals next to me. There’s the difference in the size of horses too, but her head is positioned in the perfect place, although she’d get angry if I say she’s in the perfect position to be my armrest.

「You will take the spear cavalry and stay vigilant on the outer circumference of the main squad until we reach Rafen. Inspect as many forests and brushes and other suspicious places as possible, that will probably cause the bandits to run away.」

For the small number of thieves, a group of cavalry is a nightmare. Just by seeing their appearance, they will run away in a hurry.

「You don’t need to refrain yourself for the escaping bandits. If possible, eliminate all of them.」

「Roger that! Cavalry, follow me!」

Following Celia’s orders, the spear cavalry gallops off. At first, the soldiers looked down on her, but after she knocked out two large men who rubbed her ass, they acknowledged her. The finishing moves were a kick in the crotch, and a high kick to the chin.

Along with the growth of Celia’s body, she’s also steadily growing stronger. She has always been a genius at fighting but was limited in what she could do because of her small stature. As long as her body grows, it looks like things will turn out splendidly.

Her parts as a woman are also growing, she has surpassed Maria in the breast race and has gotten in range of Kuu and Catherine. The enthusiastic Celia is already eager to overthrow Nonna, but that’s a reckless challenge. A man may become a king, but a king cannot become a god. This is similar to that.

When I was thinking about Celia and the breast competition, a messenger came. Celia, who just separated from us earlier, has immediately discovered bandits, and seems to be attacking them. They sent a messenger to give a report as a precaution, but they are overwhelmingly advantageous, and reinforcements seem unnecessary.

Even if I were to send reinforcements, it would be difficult for them to keep up with the galloping cavalry.

「As I thought, the spear cavalry are quite convenient to use.」

The spear cavalry that Celia took with her earlier is just as their name suggests – cavalry equipped with spears. Their weapon is a powerful and large spear but comparatively, their armor is relatively weak, being only leather armor. The horses are also not quite protected and are pretty much bare naked.

It’s like equipping a common light cavalry, used in scouting and as messengers, with a full-blown spear. If long spearmen challenge them up front or if they become a target for the archers, they will suffer large amounts of casualties. In battles with cavalry alike, they will also be put in a disadvantageous position.

However, they are lightweight and are able to move faster than heavy cavalry who have donned metal armor. Their horses will also be less fatigued so their endurance will be higher. Still, they are sufficient enough to do things like jousting. For a territory with such a wide area, they are the ideal unit to cover the ground quickly.

Gaining a full-scale military, the public order of Erich’s and my territory will improve rapidly. The clean up operation will pretty much destroy all the bandits within my territory in one week’s time since my arrival.

Meanwhile, the ones directly responsible for the misconducts committed by the government officials, which are spreading like disease within Erich’s territory, are being removed. With soldiers moving around within the territory, they can’t do things like setting up illegal checking stations or collaborate with unlawful people in committing robbery.

「There’s nothing I can do about the private tax set up by the acting official though.」

「Just by reducing the type of exploitations, the citizens will take it as good news. In the first place, it is none of our business what happens to the citizens of other feudal lords. Our only job is to maintain the peace.」

That’s true, but I want Celia to become a little bit nicer. However, what she says is logically sound. Corruption and those other things fall under their domestic affairs, so Erich should take care of it himself.

「I told him that the acting official is doing whatever he pleases. He can take care of the rest.」

Celia sighed, then reacted with a twitch as she pointed to something.

「On the right! A group of something that looks like bandits are escaping from the forest!」

So there were still some remaining. These guys are as stubborn as they are stupid. The army has already rampaged a whole bunch. It would be smart if they just ran away immediately. It’s finished as soon as they get discovered, and they were instantly captured without any resistance or anyone escaping.

「They are claiming that they are hunters though. What should we do?」

There aren’t any villages around here. When they judged they couldn’t escape, they decided to pretend to be citizens who have been stepped on, and not only are their actions slow, they also don’t know when to give up. There is no redeeming them.

I swing my hand down to give the signal. Instantly, the bandits were pierced one after the other by spears.

「I didn’t think there would be this many bandits in this poor area, but there were quite a few of them.」

Thinking about the current location, they aren’t aiming to get the villagers or peddlers. They are probably trying to capture citizens migrating from Treia and sell them as slaves or something.

「But we only got these guys from the first day of going around. It must mean that there aren’t anymore right?」

「I guess, let’s finish up today’s sweep all at once. All that’s left is the usual security and there will be no problems.」

Cheers rose up from the soldiers. They’ve probably gotten sick of searching for dirty bandits in this barren land.

「All troops change course! Head towards Rafen!」

The divided team of Leopolt should also be returning pretty soon.

「You did well to come back.」

「The mission has been completed. The local security guards have been relieved of their duties.」

「The three of us have gathered today!」

The ones who came to greet me when we returned to Rafen are Adolph, Leopolt and also Irijina. Irijina’s duty was to establish the private army, so she didn’t participate in the suppression operation and was in the town recruiting soldiers all this time.

「Good work.」

「Nah, it wasn’t like there were powerful enemies or anything. It was just ordinary work.」

「We have a bit of a problem here.」

Adolph interjected. His frankness is impressive.

「What’s wrong? Have the immigrants not gathered as much as you expected?」

「No, the opposite. Many more immigrants than expected are coming in.」

「Really, then isn’t that not a problem?」

Adolph sighed. Celia’s eyes shoot up. No matter which country he is in, he will eventually be thrown into the dungeon.

「It isn’t convenient to have too many as well. We need to ensure that they have food and houses, and didn’t we say that we would compensate them for their labor and help support them.」

Was that how it was? I wasn’t really listening. Celia is nodding so I guess that’s right.

「If there are too many people, then why not have them live here in Rafen and extend the town? It’s not like the only way to live is to be a farming family.」

「Things such as new jobs in this remote town……they exist, huh.」

Right, they do. They exist in the garrison containing 2000 soldiers, which is located on the outskirts of the town consisting of 400 people. On their days of rest, even those guys will drink alcohol, eat food, and may even change their clothes.

Right now, the town doesn’t have the maximum number of residents, so we can let them all live in the garrison, but if possible, I think everyone would want to eat and drink in the town. Thinking about the morale of the soldiers, extension of the town is preferable as well.

「That’s good. Unlike head tax and harvest tax, business tax comes into our hand as daily income. The salaries of the soldiers paid by the royal family will be reduced indirectly on our side!」

I haven’t thought about it to that extent though.

「That should be fine, let’s do it. However, in the short while until we get on track, I’ll be paying from my own pocket. The 200 gold that was given to me may be a little tight.」

「Money isn’t an issue. We just need to solve this problem first.」

「Huh……? Can you tell me the reason?」

I can’t say that it’s because the wife of a noble that I’ve embraced in the past is coming with gifts. Even so, it’s nice to expect a woman’s money for the management of our territory.

If my hopes are off, it’ll be fine if I borrow from Erich. It shouldn’t matter too much; if he’s able to throw such a grand ball, he should have money to spare.

「Anyways, just do as you said. You’re able to do so with the 200 gold I’ve given you for now, right?」

「I understand. It’s because the feudal lord is Hardlett-sama. I will do as you say, but there is one more troubling thing.」

There is still something?

「It’s about the origin of their immigration. A large number of people are coming from Treia’s occupied land in the west, which is expected, but there are increasing numbers coming from the Goldonia’s occupied land in the northwest.The rumors of our territory seems to be spreading all across the lands of former Arkland.」

That is certainly bad. Pulling citizens from the other nobles of Goldonia means…..

「Alright, then this is a secret. We’ll deal with it when they start storming in.」

There’s no reason to purposely tell anyone what we know. Perhaps we will be able to pull through.

Thus our policies have been decided. I will have to return to the capital again after resting for a few days. It’s quite hectic, but Claudia’s reception is ordered by the king.

Although I’m not bragging, I can tell from looking at the letters that she’s quite into me. It will be impossible to stay for a week and go back. It might become a drawn out battle.

「Count Malordol’s wife’s reception duties, is it? If you’re together with the wife of a high class noble, manners are tiresome and you may have to go along with many of her selfish actions. You have my sympathies.」

Adolph’s words are not accurate. Claudia will definitely not get angry if I drink alcohol in front of her, rest my feet on the desk, or even if I rub her ass. And I can easily imagine her coming towards me with wet eyes.

The other party has come with a considerable amount of resolve. I will need a suitable amount of resolve as well. I will quickly rest up and recharge my energy today.

「Then, I’ll be taking a rest, Celia, Irijina, I’ll give you lots of love.」

「Don’t say it with such a loud voice! …….I will accompany you.」

「Aah! It’s been such a long time. I’m counting on you lots!」

I hug their shoulders and head towards the bedroom. Leopolt remains expressionless while Adolph spreads both hands and shrugs his shoulders.


I turn my head to look at the person who made a sound. It’s the woman that I’ve saved some time in the past, and she has come for a night visit huh? When I see her holding a mop, it seems she has been cleaning in the mansion.

「So you’ve been cleaning?」

「Ah, yes! I was just wondering if I could be near you, even for a little bit.」

What a cutie, although I don’t remember her name.

「Are you going to come too?」


「Nu-! A new face?」

「……I will be in your care.」

Celia looks dissatisfied, but when I pet her some, she cheers up. Irijina is talking about something with the girl.

「Listen, Hardlett-dono is amazing!」

「Yes, I am aware. It’s something like this right.」

The woman spreads her hands.

「No, no! When he gets fired up it becomes like this!」

With three people accompanying me, I enter the bedroom. Why don’t I practice for the upcoming decisive battle?

「Ah! Ahn! That place is no good!」

「How about here? Hm, what a cute clit.」

Irijina and Celia are embracing each other on top of the bed. Celia resisted at first, but after I promised to watch all the way, and forbidding to have kisses, she reluctantly accepted to be embraced by another woman. Because there is a difference in size between them, Irijina raised her body halfway, holds up Celia and the both of them are caressing each other’s genitals.

「Irijina-san! Don’t be so rough please…..that’s the precious place that I offered to Aegir-sama!」

「M-my bad, alright! Gently……how’s this?!」

「Don’t put three fingers in so suddenly either!! You-!」

「Wa-! It’s impossible to put it in up to the wrist! Hey! Aren’t you breaking it?!」

I sit there on the sofa and watch the scene from the front. It’s fun to watch girls entangling themselves like this too.

「Don’t be so rough, you two. What if you used your mouth?」

「……Uuuuu, I can’t believe I’m going to lick a woman’s hole.」

「Celia’s hole is small! Ooh, the insides are a pretty pink color!」

If it’s with the mouth, then it shouldn’t get that rough.

「That’s good, continue just like that. That’s right, slowly lick the rod.」

And the woman that I brought along was lying sideways on the sofa, crawling her tongue on my cock. I have taken her virginity but she has no experience servicing with her mouth. She would fall in love and get married in the future. If she were to learn some felatio techniques, it would certainly make the man happy, so that’s why I’m teaching her.

「Uu-!! I want to lick Aegir-sama’s thing too.」

「I don’t mind licking Celia’s place though!」

Slurping sounds echo from the three of them, and the entangling from the girls is gradually getting more exciting. As soon as Irijina sticks her tongue deep into Celia, her feet stretched out.


「Hn? Liquid came out? Did you climax?」

「I did not! I absolutely did not! It’s impossible for anyone to make me, other than Aegir-sama!」

From the movement of her feet, she probably came a little. Why don’t I help her?

「Celia, face this way. Climax while I’m looking.」

「Ye……yes. I understand.」

Celia is teasing her own breasts and calling my name repeatedly while Irijina is licking her genitals.

「Aegir-sama, I like you. I love you! Already……no gooooood!!」

There is a little distance between us but Celia screams loudly and sticks out her hand towards me as she climaxes. With this, she will think that she climaxed according to my instructions.

「Nn, nn, ngho!」

The woman is working hard at servicing me between my legs. It’s about time that I give her a reward too.

I pick her up and place her on my lap. She prepares herself to finally get penetrated but sorry, first I need to have Celia be my partner. I put my hands on her crotch. One hand rubs the enlarged clit, the other enters her hole. In order to get her to climax, I concentrate my attacks on her sensitive spots.

There’s no way that a woman who was a virgin till just recently could resist.


Her legs spring up amusingly and her neck shakes. I stop to peel back the skin covering the clit forcibly, after her entire body trembles for a while, she bites her own arm.


She bit strong enough for blood to ooze so I was going to open her mouth, but she already lost her mind. With splashes here and there, she sprays her liquid and sticks out her tongue. I embrace her until her convulsions calm down, and after confirming she has lost consciousness, I let her sleep on the sofa.

「I can finally feel good too! I’m counting on you!」

I swing my erect cock and place it on Irijina. Celia has also resurrected, and without delay, pleads for the kisses that Irijina was not permitted to do to her.

「Take it in your mouth, the better one will get their womb inflated.」

The two women forgot about the earlier entanglement with each other, crowding around my cock as if competing for it.

After that, the exercise was reaching the peak of extreme, and the only one who could stand the next day was Irijina. The woman especially, whose name is unknown, got attacked by the three of us while she was still unconscious, and she had a miserable appearance with her legs spread open, her tongue stuck out, and eyes rolled back.

–Third Person/ Claudia POV–

At the same time, Coast of North Telius River, Port City

Cargo is being unloaded from a single boat one after the other.

「These are gifts to the royal family! If you drop them, you’ll be crucified!」

The sailors are complaining as they use more caution than they would normally think to use to unload the cargo. Meanwhile, a conspicuous woman dressed in an extravagant outfit appeared.

「Madam, please be careful of where you step.」

The servant offers a hand but the extravagant woman brushes it away.

「I don’t need it, I can walk on my own. Instead of that, please unload the cargo faster. My goodness, it’s just greeting the new king of Goldonia……such large amounts of gifts is unnecessary.」

In the first place, I have absolutely no interest in the new king. That is nothing more than pretext.

「Madam, the visit to Goldonia on this occasion will be the first since the changing of kings. Conforming to an official envoy, will the gifts be suitable-!?」

The extravagant woman used an open hand to hit the servant’s cheek, interrupting him mid-sentence.

「Be quiet! Hurry up and unload the cargo, you go help too.」

While still confused, the servant joins in with the sailors and moves along with them. The woman is the wife of a Marquess, someone that he could not talk back to.

「Aah, good grief! I am making that person wait. What will I do if I’m hated?」

The party overcame a considerable amount of impossibilities in order to get here. In addition to departing during the winter season, they forced themselves to continue even after the sun has set, and several carriers collapsed along the way, but still the wife paid them no attention. She just continued to repeat that she had to hurry.

The servants did not receive instructions from the head of the family, Marquess Malordol, to especially hurry, but seeing as how much the wife is saying it, they figured that there was some kind of a promise that must be kept with the royal family and persisted with all the impossibilities. There are only a few who knew of the real reason.

「Please treat that box with the utmost care. If you so much as scratch it, heads will fly!」

Two sailors hurriedly picks the box up.

「I wonder if he will fancy the offerings I brought, it would be quite dull with only gold after all. Aah, I want to hurry and see him soon.」

She embraces her own body. By doing so, it seems that she’ll remember the feelings of being hugged by a man.

「Please wait for me, my beloved one. Your woman, your Claudia is coming.」

The estimated time remaining is 10 days, but Claudia has no intention to proceed at the pace of common sense.

「Now, hurry and get ready. We’re leaving.」

The Marquess’ wife, who is drowning in an inflamed love, and her party has once again started to advance along the land route.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Spring
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander Troop Count: 2000
Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area Private Army: 30
Assets: 70 gold (silver and below not counted)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Custom-made large spear
Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Sue (daughter),
Melissa, Maria, Rita, Kuu, Ruu, Catherine (commuting)
Servants: Sebastian (butler), Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (private army commander), Leopolt (Independent army vice-commander), Schwartz (horse), Adolph (domestic affairs official)
Sexual Partners: 40, children who have been born: 6




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