Chapter 89: The Melancholy of a Small Wife




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–Aegir POV–

The springtime training exercise that continued for several weeks is reaching its end, and I can start to see fatigue and boredom form even on the faces of those in the lords’ armies, who were previously showing off their movements like some majestic decoration.

「Nevertheless, your army formation is strange. Regardless of how vast our territories are, to have over half of your entire army consist of cavalry, you won’t be able to form a half-decent composition.」

In the middle of the exercise, Erich would come over to me whenever he could. I understand that the other squads are miserable to watch, but there are other new nobles who will be used as the core of the army who also have private armies too. Compared to them, Erich is clearly beside me at a way higher ratio. I wanted to flirt with Celia, Irijina and the others too.

「Is there a reason why you divided your army into infantry and cavalry for the training?」

As expected, just by looking at the contents of the training, he noticed that instead of working on the cooperation between infantry and cavalry, I’m using them separately.

「If you have the cavalry and infantry advance together, it would kill the marching speed. It’s inevitable for an attack on an encampment, but you can use the mobility of the cavalry to your advantage during a night raid.」

「That’s how it is.」

Leopolt whispers in my ear, and I only added a last word in the explanation to Erich. Erich makes a resigned face.

If a normal cavalry unit is used to supplement the army, a well-trained longspear unit can completely stop it, so that composition won’t work. However, bow cavalry are extremely effective against longspears, so if they are used in conjunction with regular cavalry, even a pure cavalry unit is enough to topple the enemy’s defences.

But if I explain this to him, he’ll ask more questions, so I didn’t say anything. Irijina is holding her crotch and waiting for Erich to leave anyways. It looks like the enormous amount of semen I shot in her earlier is leaking out.

「Any formation is fine. Just do training that would make them last in actual combat……just spare me from the names like ‘holy light’ or ‘gale’ or whatever.」

Erich looks like he’s had enough. A small grin appears on my face, but I immediately change my expression to a serious one. At last, the pure white juices ran down Irijina’s thighs. It’s quite the amount, if I do say so myself.

「What I’m about to say from this point on is to be shared only amongst those present here.」

Celia hastily gets her notepad out.

「I don’t think I need to explain but…… it won’t be long before Treia and our nation go to war with each other.」

I stay silent while nodding. It’s really something that doesn’t require explaining.

「Treia seems to be abandoning its defenses on the former Arkland territory. The nobles and big merchants are also migrating and returning back to their home country one after the other. The work on restoring the castle walls of Arkland, the former capital city, has also been halted.」

「Are they giving up the occupied territory and devoting their attention to their homeland?」

It’s certain that they can stabilize their domestic affairs and security if their scope is smaller.

「No, the relentless pressure from the heavy tax and rebellion from the past still persists. Rather than abandoning their rule, they are making a strategic judgement, preparing for situations against our country.」

「Was there a castle in the northern area of Treia’s home country?」

「Umu, there was a line of fortresses in the northern city that protected them from Arkland, but recently it appears that line of fortresses is undergoing repair and reinforcement.」

Fumu, so that mean’s that they’ve completely gone into a passive state.

「There’s also the fact that they’re conscripting soldiers and reinforcing their army, but in regards to that, our nation’s pace of reinforcement is faster…… but that fortress is a heavily armored building which has been continuously fortified for close to 100 years. If it has been modified in such a way that it can work together alongside the other castles, then even if we have a large army, we won’t be able to take it down in a short period of time.」

「Is there a need to obediently and naively pass through the western highway?」

No matter what kind of fortress it is, it’s not going to extend infinitely. The only part it defends should be the main highway in the west and the plains area and it shouldn’t stretch to the eastern region.

「Well the thing is, we can’t do that either. The only decently maintained highway is in the west, so if we go to the east, we would have to take a long detour, not to mention it’s the wilderness so it would take considerably more time. If there aren’t any large cities along the way, we won’t be able to supply provisions to the army either.」

Right now, the central army has expanded to a size of close to 70 000. Just providing food to the army requires us to hold down quite a large city, and unless we use a maintained highway, it would be near impossible to transport supplies from Goldonia’s mainland. With that said, it’s not a wise idea to split our forces and make a detour right in the middle of the enemy camp either.

「But it’s not contiguous and it doesn’t continue endlessly right?」

「But there aren’t really any weak points. Of course there are several points where there are gaps, but those areas are swamps and cliffs. If we try to attack from there, they’ll really get us all in one fell swoop.」

I’ve heard that Treia traditionally excels at using defensive tactics. It means they have an advantage in the fortress.

「So that means we breakthrough from the front?」

「At the moment, I believe that’s the most reliable option. We can gather the craftsmen and have them make a large catapult or ballista, but it might take some time.」

That reminds me, there aren’t many siege weapons in my army. There’s only that pipe that blows fire. I’ll share it with him a little bit later.

「They are also starting to construct a defensive encampment to the west of our territory. I don’t think you’ll be able to breakthrough them as easily as last time, but I want you to somehow threaten them from the east and lure some of their forces out of the fortress.」

「I know.」

I already know about those little things they’re doing slowly near the border. There are some people who insisted that we should also construct a defensive encampment to match them, but going on the defense doesn’t fit my personality. It’s better to attack them before you get attacked.

Erich said that if there were any changes to the situation, he might summon me back to the capital after the training. After declaring such a strange warning, he left. Celia is memorizing the conversation we had using her mental notepad and closes her eyes in deep thought. Irijina turns red after realizing that all of my seed leaked out.

「Leopolt, is there anything you can do about the conversation we just had?」

「Yes, the details will come after but roughly speaking-」

「I see, do we need a powerful siege weapon?」

If necessary, I’ll go whine to Erich.

「That won’t be necessary…… however, it won’t be bad to have it, so please ask him.」

What the heck? Does he think it’s free to make me bow my head like this?

「In the first place…… no matter how large it is, it is a well known fact that an immovable fortress can’t win against a mobile army. If no giant can move it, then tiny people can defeat it.」

If he’s this confident, it’ll all work out. I’ll be injecting some semen into Luna’s hole next then.

A few days later, after the training ended, Capital Goldonia


The training is finished, so we sit in the bar at the capital. We couldn’t call on all the soldiers to come, so the only ones at the bar are a portion of the commanders, while the other soldiers will get their alcohol at the garrison. Women will be paid for using their own money.

「Please have another cup, chief.」


Luna is beside me pouring alcohol. I had Celia and Irijina return home first. It goes without saying for Celia, who has weak tolerance to alcohol, but if Irijina drinks, her bottomless pit will empty the store of its alcohol. Plus, if I’m surrounded by too many women, I’ll lose the chance to meet someone new.

「Here you go.」

「Aah, thannnks…… you have a nice ass, miss. How ’bout a round with me?」

Christoph is just a private so he should have stayed in the garrison, but he’s a friend from the past and has been with me for awhile. My private army is slightly lacking, so I have been continuously letting those who are suitable control units left and right regardless of standing. However, this guy is still a rank-and-file soldier, so that speaks for itself.

「Right, right, if you’re going to stroke my ass, the least you can do is drink on your own dime.」

It looks like even the girls at the bar are cold to him. As Christoph slumps his shoulders dejectedly, several women get onto a reasonably nice stage in the center of the bar and start dancing. They weren’t trying to plainly expose their naked bodies, but with the deep cuts in the clothing they were wearing, which shows off lots of skin, and their bold dancing, they were stirring up feelings of lust. Before I knew it, there were girls who are probably prostitutes, wearing the same clothes as the dancers in the corner of the bar, waiting for the men who could no longer control their urges.

「Breasts! Let me see your nipples!! Just a little more and I can see her mound!!」


「……how vulgar.」

Even Luna, who doesn’t usually speak ill of people expresses her disdain for Christoph. I’m not one to put on airs either, but it’s pretty horrible this time.

「Uhyooo~~!! What a bouncy ass! Let me suck itt!!」

「Um…… Is Viscount Hardlett-sama enjoying himself?」

The bar girl from earlier sits in Cristoph’s seat, which was vacated after he went up close to watch the dancer.

「Yeah, what about it?」

「Thanks for choosing us for tonight. You’ve given my father one month’s worth of sales, which he’s happy about too.」

It’s not like I had any particular reason which prompted me to do so. It just looked like this was the closest place to the palace, after I had received the report.

「You’ve also paid such a large amount in advance, Hardlett-sama is truly a kind noble.」

It’s practically a normal occurrence for a noble to skip out on paying their tabs, especially if they’re expensive. Erich has been lamenting to me that it has been a trend for new nobles who have risen up from the army.

「It’s natural to pay off the alcohol fee. The atmosphere is also quite nice, so there’s no reason to thank me.」

「Woaaah~~~!! I can see her nipples~~~!!」


Should I throw this idiot out of here? The prostitutes are calling over the men who are looking lustfully at the dancers one after the other, but are ignoring Christoph. As expected, they also want to choose the man who sleeps with them.

「Heey, Hardlett-sama, there’s a weird person here, so if you’d like, I can give you some special thanks on the second floor too……」

I glance at Luna and she gives me a little nod. It seems she’s way more lenient than Celia when it comes to playing around with other girls and doesn’t mind too much. I place my arm around the bar girl’s waist and she guides me to the stairs that lead up to the second floor.

「……fufu, I actually play around quite a bit. So please taste me plenty, you burly man.」

Just what I wanted.

「Aaaaaah~~~!! It’s so biiiiig!! And harrrrd!! What the heck is this?!! I’m going to dieeee!! Noooo!!」

「I’m not cumming yet. Endure it a little longer.」

「Impossible, not possibleee!! Hiiiiiihh! It’s painful, yet feels gooood!!」

I grab the hips of the woman who has curled up like a shrimp and thrust violently. She said that she has played around, so her body is quite developed. When I make love to her, her body is sensitive, but her hole is tight. Right now, I’m forcefully spreading her apart and her insides seem to react positively to that, so I thrust deep inside to satisfy her. She isn’t the prettiest girl, but the way she moans and clings to me is cute, so I’ll get a little rougher with her.


After the girl rocked her hips for a while, she stretched out under me. I’d like to cum about now I guess.

「Hey, I want to cum right about now, is it alright to spray it inside you just like this?」

「aauuu……feels good……I’m gonna break……」

The girl is speaking incoherently and is unable to make proper conversation. I don’t think she’s used any contraceptive, but it might be some kind of fate, whatever.



I fix her hips in place and thrust my meat rod, ejaculating into her. I enter into her depths and push up against her womb as my ejaculation ends, covering her with a blanket for the pillow talk afterwards. Her legs are bow-shaped and she’s sticking out her tongue, making her look pretty outrageous. She’s endlessly drooling onto the sheets. She probably won’t wake up for the next while.

「I’m going back now. You were quite nice.」

I give her a light kiss, and as I descend the stairs, it looks like the party has finished. The men have either returned to the garrison to sleep or gone into some inn with the prostitutes.

「Welcome back. Good work tonight.」

It seems Luna was waiting for me. It makes me feel a little awkward when she says ‘good work’ after I’ve slept with another woman.

「Yeah, thanks for waiting. We should get going soon……」

I was about to say we should go back, but something interesting caught my eye.


There was a small girl silently drinking alcohol in the corner of the slightly messy shop, after the party. If it wasn’t somebody I knew, I would have dropped a fist on her and told her that kids need to hurry and go sleep, however, that girl is a fully-fledged adult…… if I recall, she should be turning 20.

「Natalie, what are you doing at this time?」

The girl is the wife of the perverted dandy, Andrei. Every time I see her, she doesn’t look more than 10 years old.

「Oh, Hardlett-sama…… fancy meeting you in a place like this.」

「It’s the party after our training. I should be asking what you’re doing here?」

Natalie looks down without saying anything. It looks like I’ll have to hear her out for a bit. I grab a barrel with some liquor remaining and sit beside her. I feel bad for keeping Luna waiting so I gave her some pocket money and send her home. If there’s too many people, she wouldn’t be able to talk properly.

At first Natalie beats around the bush, but as she gulps her alcohol, she slowly began telling me what she wanted to let out.

「I don’t belong at home……. That small girl, Lily, has just given birth, and now Aurelia-san has recently started living with us……」

「I think the master is quite head-over-heels for you though.」

「Because of that strife we had, he doesn’t listen to me much anymore. The other two treat him as a husband and that has driven me away, and not only my husband, but the other kid doesn’t listen to me either.」

Fumu, so that’s why she came to such a far place like this rather than stay at the bar in her house. I can see tears welling up in her eyes. Because she seems so young, it’s like a child is crying but the situation is actually quite complicated.

「Are you not able to forgive him? He has ……a bit of a preference for young girls, but if you overlook that, he isn’t a bad guy.」

「At this time, surely……」

Natalie looks down and clams up. This is a bother, but I can’t just say ‘leave the problems between husband and wife to me’.

「Be brave. If anything happens, I’ll be here to help you out.」

I’m doing my best by saying this.

「Really? ……You’ll help me?」

Natalie crawls onto my chest and looks up at me with tear-filled eyes. Hm? Are things progressing in a weird direction?

「It’s fine if you look.」

「……I can?」

The situation has quickly turned on its head, and for some reason, there are two people together in an inn right now. Not to mention, we’re both naked and Natalie is covering only the crucial parts with a cloth. I’m sitting on the bed, with everything exposed.

When I glance at Natalie, she shyly unveils the cloth to reveal her breasts and slightly opened slit. She practically has a flat chest, as she has the dark-colored areola that are indicative of wives that have given birth and right in the center are her erect nipples. Her crotch very clearly has no hair, and there are no signs of shaving, so she might not have grown any from the start. Her slit is also just like a thin line of flesh, and although it should appear as though it has given birth, it actually looks like it belongs to a young girl. Even though I’m looking at a naked woman, my cock doesn’t get erect.

「This body…… doesn’t have any sex appeal, right? As I thought, only a pervert could like this body.」

Natalie is about to cry again. I’m ashamed that I made a young girl like this cry. I have no choice but to get it hard.

「Natalie, can you do it with your mouth?」

「Yes……That person has taught me quite a bit.」

I feel a little guilty, but if I were to throw her out now, she might fall prey to some other pervert. I’ll steel myself and comfort her.

「Then, I’m counting on you.」

I sit Natalie in between my legs and hold onto my dick. No matter how I look at this, it’s like a scene of some pervert, but she’s actually 20 years old, so I’ll ignore it.

「It’s really big…… or is it because my husband’s is small?」

Natalie holds onto my limp dick with her small hands. Then she caresses it by crawling her tongue over it.

「Is it here?」

「A little lower.」

「Like this?」

「That part’s good……. Ooh……」

When a woman licks your dick, it’ll get hard, regardless of how she looks like. Natalie was given a shock when she saw my dick slowly swelling up.

「I-is there a woman capable of putting something this big in them!?」

All the women I have back home can put it in. However, as expected, I don’t know about Natalie.

「Please…… let me forget everything.」

Natalie separates her mouth from my dick once she saw it get hard and jumps to my chest. She looks up at me and when her gaze meets mine, she closes her eyes.


Our lips meet and our tongues entwine with each other. Her tongue is small like her body, but she’s familiar with kissing so she skillfully tangles her tongue with mine and swallows the saliva. After a while of continuous kissing, the both of us separate our lips from each other and Natalie lies on the bed, spreading her legs. It seems she’s finally asking for me to penetrate her.

「Relax, ‘kay?」

Like picking up small twigs, I hold her thin legs and spread them apart as far as they could go, dripping some of my saliva on her while kissing her genitals. I try to slip a finger to test her hole, but it could barely fit one of my fingers.

In the missionary position, I place my dick at her entrance and push against it. One hand rubs her smooth and slippery skin, while the other one strokes my dick. If I don’t continuously give it stimulation, it’ll droop because it’s going in a child.

「Please don’t hold back and slam it into me. Make me forget everything.」


I try pushing the tip into her slit but it doesn’t look like it will go in. Natalie looks to be in pain as she’s biting on the sheets.


I try putting some more strength behind my hips and push one more time. With a squelch, the tip was able to wedge itself slightly inside her hole.


Even with just that, Natalie reaches her limit and let out her voice while biting down on the sheets. If I continue to push in, her hole will expand to match the size of my dick and it won’t go back to normal.

「Natalie, remember…… back to the time master, no, Andrei, slept with you.」

「Wh-what is it, all of a sudden? Put that aside and push it in quickly.」

「No, just think back – when he first slept with you, it was the first night you were newlyweds?」

「That’s right…… but that kind of thing doesn’t really matter now, does it?」

I hold her waist up in such a way that both of us could see our exposed genitals, even as she was lying on her back.

「If my thing goes in you, this will be completely be an affair. We will be betraying Andrei. He might not want to sleep with you again. Even so, are you fine with this?」

「……recently, he hasn’t been sleeping with me at all anyways.」

「Then I’m going to push it in all the way, you know? Your hole will be spread apart and molded in the shape of my cock. You’re fine with that?」

I go slow just to show her, and slowly bury my meat rod into her. Then I stop pushing my hips, right when I’m about to get the entire tip completely buried into her hole with just a tiny bit more strength. There are signs of unrest and trepidation on Natalie’s face.

「I get it. Natalie, I’ll make you into my woman.」

I grab her slender hips, far stronger than I’ve done up until now and give her premonition of a deep penetration. Natalie places her hand against my chest.

「Nooo!! Stooop!!」

Her powerless arm is insignificant, but I gently separate from her body.

「I don’t want it…… I want to remain as Andrei’s wife……」

I sit on the bed and drape the futon over Natalie, who starts sobbing. It went well somehow. If she told me to steal her away, I wouldn’t have known what to do. With this, their relationship as husband and wife might get a little better.

「Here, hurry and put your clothes on and go. I’m sure you didn’t say anything to him so he must be worried sick about you.」

But Natalie doesn’t move an inch.

「You’ve really considered my feelings, didn’t you.」

I don’t sleep with unwilling women, that’s all.

「I remembered the feelings Andrei has for me. I’m really thankful for what you did.」

Natalie bows her head to me, who was sitting on the bed, then she sits on the bed, stretches my legs out and sits on top of me.

「Hm? What’s this about?」

「You can’t go out with this thing as it is right? When it’s as large as it is, you won’t be able to put your clothes back on either.」

It looks like Natalie is going to take care of my sexual urges, but when she sits on top of me like this, I can only see it as a child sitting on her father’s lap.

「I’ll rub it out, ‘kay?」

It was like she was sitting on my dick, which has swelled up quite a bit, and then she uses both hands to rub it up and down.

「Ahaha, it’s almost as if a penis is growing out of me.」

She rubs me quite vigorously in order to get my semen to erupt, causing my dick to twitch, and making Natalie flinch every time it did.

「It’s really big, even amongst men, it’s unbelievably big, isn’t it?」

「I don’t know about that. I don’t do something as uncomfortable as checking out other men, but I’ve been told quite a bit that it’s big.」

「I thought so…… since it’s even thicker than my arm. So how big would an average man be then?」

I don’t know. I don’t want to look at any other dick besides my own either.

「Andrei is about this big.」

Natalie shows me her middle finger, then after thinking about it for a little bit, changes it to her index finger. Andrei…… so there’s such a heart-breaking reason you’re sticking to young girls. I am flooded with sadness as my meat rod gets rubbed by Natalie, and it finally reaches the point that it’s about ready to explode.

「Wah, it moved. Are you going to cum?」

「Yeah, I’m about to cum. Here it comes-!!」

I unconsciously reach for Natalie’s flat chest and pinch her breasts. I thrust my hips up while she’s still riding on top and start ejaculating. Even without penetration, the release was relatively forceful for the teasing that was done, and the incredible amount that was released made me feel like I didn’t even cum once today.

「Hiiih! The ceiling! It’s sprayed everywhere in the room…… why did so much come out?」

After some squirting sounds, the room was covered with juices. The semen that flew all the way up to the ceiling dripped back down to the bed, and Natalie was stained with the scent of a man.

「So it shoots out like a fountain……」

I wipe Natalie’s dazed face, we put on our clothes and exit the room. The middle-aged woman that came to clean the room screamed when she saw the scene, so we should hurry and get out of there.

「Natalie! You’re alright!」

「Andrei…… I’m sorry.」

When I send Natalie all the way back to the Hard-boiled Pavilion, Andrei, who was looking around in the area, hugs her. The other two girls looks worried as well.

「Be a bit more moderate with your infighting.」

「Thanks for looking after me.」

「Thank you.」

When the married couple lower their heads, my heart feels somewhat troubled. Master only thought that I found the desperately drinking Natalie and escorted her back here, but in reality, I stole her lips, had her lick my meat rod, and also had her help me ejaculate while fully naked. But since there was no real penetration, it wasn’t really cheating I guess.

A lot has happened and it’s close to dawn when I returned home, but the girls were still waiting for me, though they were almost nodding off. I bury my face in Nonna’s giant breasts, and thrust my meat rod all the way into Melissa’s throat. Then, I use both hands to fondle Catherine and Rita’s breasts. From behind, Luna and Celia are competing to lick my asshole. As I thought, women have to be like this.

It was something I heard from Natalie later, but that night, they had some much-delayed rich sex and the master will get along with and embrace all three of them from now on. The other two don’t have experience with men other than Andrei, so they believe that a man’s cock is about the size of a finger. I shouldn’t mess with his utopia.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Spring.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 3000, Bow Cavalry 3000 At most 6000
Assets: 8700 gold (6400) (Internal Affairs Materials -200) (Labor Cost -400) (Party & Alcohol Fee -50)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Rita (maid?), Catherine (lewd), Melissa, Maria, Sebastian (butler), Ruby (Luna’s follower), Miti, Alma, Kroll
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Territory: Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Yoguri (just eating meals)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 52, children who have been born: 9




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