Cotton-elka Line of Defense – Part 01

“Oh, that’s our village, Cotton-elka!”

It was still two hours before dusk. Paula’s group and the Four Eastern Stars arrived at Cotton-elka with plenty of time to spare.

Pia rode Selyse’s horse with her. Paula and Priscilla were each riding on another member’s horse. The veteran adventurers and two young men who attacked the girls were transported to Pond by the reinforcement called for by the horseman, the reinforcement being guards who regularly patrolled the roads, so they were trustworthy. Since this was a matter between adventurers, they were handed over to the guild.

The horse carrying Hikaru did not return to the forest cabin. Paula wanted to wait for him, but Pia said, “We can’t let Lady Selyse wait here!” so she reluctantly agreed to leave for Cotton-elka. She was sure that Hikaru would come later.

Cotton-elka was a small village with only 120 residents. The fences surrounding the village had holes

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