Cotton-elka Line of Defense – Part 06

The defensive battle in the village of Cotton-elka had changed. Instead of fighting in the woods where visibility was poor, the battle was taking place on the plains near the village. The Four Eastern Stars had taken command. Under Selyse’s instructions, the adventurers, who had signed up for the escort commission, were cutting the tall grass and burning them down. Spotting the monsters as quickly as possible was important, and the forest monsters’ nature made them reluctant to come out in the open. The goal was also to urge them not to come to the village.

“Three Lost Men and two Treants coming from ten o’ clock.”

However, their countermeasure only served to temporarily allay their worries. The monsters advanced anyway. The weaker ones had stopped coming, and only those ranked E and higher headed for Cotton-elka. Sara searched for the enemies, and as soon as she spotted them, she immediately

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