The Depths of the Dungeon – Part 05

“That was quite fun, human. Now your wish has been granted.”

Hikaru had asked the Fire Drakon to fly to the royal capital and order the king to stop the war. All for Lavia’s sake.

Lavia was currently being hunted for the murder of Count Morgstadt because the king wanted to use her as an instrument for battle. The kingdom of Ponsonia was on the verge of waging war on its neighbor, the Quinbrand Empire, and it wanted Lavia, a powerful Mage, as an asset. Instead of making her pay for her crimes, she was to be used in the war.

A threat had appeared in the capital, demanding the king to be dethroned. This would send the royal court into chaos, and the murder of Count Morgstadt would become irrelevant. A dispute over the next ruler would begin. As far as Hikaru was concerned, he just wanted to get rid of

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