ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 044




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 44: Decieving For The First Time

「…… Sugar, caffeine, food.」

My head hurts, not enough nutrients, fridge, where the fuck is this god damn fridge……

「…… Gah!」

Energy drinks! Vitamin shots! Sweet bread! There’s nothing better than rubbish food first thing in the afternoon after opening your eyes!

It was probably the same kind of relief like taking hangover medicine after getting totally smashed the night before. After all, Full Dive games are the games that use a whole lot of energy out of you, so if you don’t take care of proper nutrition, it is but a given that your overall performance is going to suffer because of that.

I fix a quick breakfast for myself while sipping on an energy drink. I put on some salmon flakes on my rice, and then add a little bit of shichimi to my seaweed to mitigate the taste.

「Ahh…… I’m beat.」

Mainly mentally. So this meal was more of a desire fulfilling action rather than the need for proper nutrition.

I then have some tea and think over what to do now while returning to my room.

「For the time being, I see that I am able to stay at Rabbitz even though the main scenario is over.」

It was only possible thanks to the title of “Rabbitz Honorary Citizen”. But here’s the real problem: there was actually not that many things to do here in Rabbitz.

And because Rabbitz was outside of the normal map’s scope, there was only this city to it, no outskirts, no plains no forests, nothing.

Well, if you were into bunnies and animal therapy, you might want to stay here longer, but I wanted some quest or objective that I could focus on.

「Oh, that’s right…… There was this other unique quest……」

“Epic of the Vorpal Bunnies”. It was another unique quest that was unlocked after clearing the “Invitation to the Bunny Country.”

There was an aura of intimidation to that quest. I failed to notice that up until now, but every single quest had something like a recommended level needed to clear it. Those unique scenarios incidentally had a recommended level of eighty or higher. From the looks of it, it might have also been related to Weissash.

I also confirmed that it wasn’t mandatory to clear those quests right away, but I also guess it would be highly unwise for me to just ignore it completely and forget about it for a long time.

「A story about a bunny warrior, who’s soul remembers the ancient times of the Gods.」

It was honestly a bunch of gibberish to me. Not to mention that quest that usually involved “Gods” in any form in them were not meant for low level players to begin with.

Age of the Gods…… Ah, right. There was supposed to be some kind of really advanced civilization here that somehow got destroyed, right? So you must view this quest from the whole world’s perspective, then?

「Now that’s not making it easier……」

I opened the game’s website and clicked on the lore page to see if there could be any information there that I could use in my current position. But sadly what awaited me there was a waterfall of generic world-building that you see all over any other MMO out there. I got tired of reading it after twenty seconds or so.

There even seemed to be a guild that specialized in collecting the lore of this game, and this alone was making for a tremendous amount of information to process. Finding something useful out of it would be a major drag, and wasn’t exactly motivating in the slightest.

「There’s so much to this whole uniqueness that it might be actually not unique at all…… I see……」

Back to square one, I guess. In the first place, my current situation was vastly unusual, since my original goal was to just kick back and enjoy the game at my own pace. And it’s not that I was unused to being chased around by other players, but right now it was on a completely different level than I was used to.

「Should I just disclose anything that I know and just be done with it?」

That would certainly be the smartest way to go about it…… I smiled a little bit at that though, but it was under no circumstances a pleasant smile. It was something that only I knew about. Even if they were to tie me up to a chair and interrogate and torture me, I wouldn’t possibly disclose anything that I know about that quest. Besides, would anyone even believe me? That you needed to display your Vorpal Soul to the Night Prowler Luukan?


For now, let’s just log in.

I would like to go out of here and do some other things first, but there was always a possibility of me getting attacked by assassins.

「So in other words, you want to hide your real appearance from your enemies, right, Sanraku-san?」

It was exactly like that.

「Nh, nnnhhh…… No, it is like that, but at the same time it is not like that…… It’s really hard to explain……」

Maybe there was some sort of hidden way to hide yourself from your enemies? Like, an armor with such an effect or some item? If so, it would be the first time for me to actually use something like that.

But even if it was exactly like that, there would be no way for me to actually use such items or armor. Not for as long as this wretched curse was still being put on my torso and legs. And I could only imagine that it would be something totally flashy, so I would probably stand out even more than I wanted to.

「If that’s the case, I know just the place that will hook us up! Please follow me!」

「Eh!? You have shops in here!?」

The place that Emul brought me to wasn’t in the actual town, but it was the Mausoleum. There, a single bunny stood.

「Hoo? If it isn’t Emul! What up?」

「Sanraku-san! This is my younger brother, Pete!」

「Nice to meet you. So, are you the guy everyone talks about? The birdhead with a true Vorpal Soul?」

「He’s not a birdhead. It’s only a mask and he’s just a normal human underneath it, you know?」

I then removed my mask from my face to confirm Emul’s words. It was a good thing that this mask could be unequipped like any other headgear, but after wearing it for such a long time it was strange for me to take it off. It grew on me and felt like a second skin right now, I guess. Huh?

「You lot…… Why do you look so surprised?」

「Isn’t that a given!? I thought it was permanently stuck there, and that you couldn’t remove it because of some sort of deep and complicated circumstances!!」

「No, it’s not like that…… There are no such circumstances for me.」

It’s not like it I have anything better for the moment when it comes to stats, so what’s the harm in keeping it? I mean, I had the opportunity to change it, but that other option sucked like really bad.

Besides, the faces in the games weren’t all that hot to begin with. They weren’t ugly, but it was simply off-putting to look at your avatar and see the face that wasn’t yours.

「E, Ekhem! A, anyway, it is actually quite a fortunate thing that you can remove that mask, Sanraku-san! Now then, Pete, you still have that interesting item you told me about before?」

「That item? Ahh, you mean the cloak? It’s really amazing, but for some reason no one wants to buy it. I wonder why? Maybe it is because its looks aren’t all that appealing?」





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