ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 069 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 69: Momentary Thoughts Part 16 Part 1

Gravekeeper Wezaemon.

A Unique Boss that is invulnerable to almost every kind of attack…… According to Pencilgton’s words it was thanks to the “Hyper Armor” that the Gravekeeper and his horse have. That being said, the best strategy to win this fight was to cause him to use that pseudo “self-destruct” move in hopes of him destroying his own armor.

(At first it was all about dodging his attacks and surviving. Then it was to prevent him from making combination attacks with his horse. That should be enough to cause him to go into the “suicide-attack” mode…… I see, so that’s how it is.)

「He’s laughing like a madman right there. Do you think he’s actually okay?」

「I’d like to think that he’s okay…… But, all of us must be mad for taking up this challenge and thinking we can win.」

Also, the fact that no extra effects could be used against him for most of the fight was making this struggle even harder. But now that we managed to get the “Hyper Armor” out of the way, our chances of actually winning this should have increased tremendously.

Thing is…… The more adversity the players face and the harder the challenge, the more the players will be motivated to do their best to overcome it.

That’s why I was laughing in a maniacal way like that. Because we’ve been in a tight spot for more than twenty minutes, but we’ve managed to overcome that and we were still alive now.

「I think I know what Sanraku-kun thinks now. He thinks that since the Hyper Armor is now gone from the Gravekeeper, he can be damaged like any normal boss monster……」

「But he’s not a monster that can be easily killed on your own or with two people.」

If the Gravekeeper was nothing more that a human-type enemy down at its very core, then the solution to dispose of him should be extremely simple…… Like with any strong human type enemy, you simply must overwhelm him with your own power.

「I was wondering, do you have more of those potion-like things? Like the one you used earlier?」

「Funny of you to ask, for I actually have this with me.」

Saying that, Pencilgton takes out a few remaining items that were still chilling in his inventory up until that point.


「What’s that supposed to be?」

「A rare medicine called “Evil Force”. Pretty neat, but the materials needed to create them are kind of a bitch to gather.」

「What does it do?」

「You gain power equal to that of reaching level ninety nine for about fifteen minutes, but right after that you suffer a tremendous penalty. I used it once in the past and it was so horrible of an experience that I don’t want to repeat that ever again.」


Katsu received the black pill and almost immediately swallowed it up without any kind of hesitation. The next moment everything that he perceived started to change drastically and rapidly, as if someone turned on some messed up filter.


「First of all, it’s going to mess up your senses, reversing the color palette of your surroundings. But since the colors in this place were originally in reverse to begin with,, there should be no problem with that. Other than that your hearing may become impaired, your nose might stop working…… Mind you, it’s not permanent, but the fact that all of your senses get fucked up like that can be pretty distressing…… And that’s just the beginning.」

Pencilgton himself swallows up the pill and after confirming that all of his stats received a tremendous boost, he turns around.

「Now then, from now on your level shall go down by one every thirty seconds…… So now it’s a fight against time itself……!」


It was an item that could be very well compared to doping in the sports world, allowing even weaklings to become absolutely overpowered for the duration of fifteen minutes. The downside was that once the effect was gone, your level would drop thirty levels below the original value.

The two ate the pills and rushed towards Sanraku who was currently spearheading the assault against the Gravekeeper…… Even though they still looked the same, right now they could easily be compared to monsters in human clothing.

「Shit, when this is all over I’ll have to level up all the way to my current level again!? Aagh, I just hope it’s all worth it! Now let’s turn this stupid robot into a sandbag!」

Because the Gravekeeper was humanoid, after losing its armor he should have the same weaknesses as any normal person. So when he got close enough to it, Katsu was covered in crimson aura and aimed his fist at Gevekeeper’s joint.

「Red, Black…… Dark Blue! Combined skill “Volcanic Blaze”! But now with added Infight…… Dual Impact!」

Katsu’s left fist, which was lighter than black but darker than red lands right into the Gravekeeper’s knee joint. However, the armor around this part was still partially intact so the damage the Gravekeeper received wasn’t as great as one would expect. However it managed to leave a huge dent, one that Katsu struck with his right fist at full strength.

The very next moment, the dented armor was blown to shreds by sudden explosion that occurred on its surface. There was no way that it wouldn’t affect the Gravekkeper in some way, and when the armor fell off he lost his balance and fell on his knees, unable to properly support his own weight.


「Coming right up!」

Katsu switched with Pencilgton. Pencilgton’s attack was aimed…… right at the knee joint that Katsu managed to expose with his explosion.

「We’re gonna bully your knees until they are all broken and useless……!」

Aside from the pill’s effects, Pencilgton’s body was already reinforced with a whole lot of different skills, spells and mixtures.

To top it all off, Pencilgton attacked the Gravekeeper’s knee with a special skill “Spear of Sunshine”. It was a special piercing attack that once it sunk in the enemy’s flesh, it would start to release a tremendous amount of heat that accumulated in the weapon afflicted with the skill, causing internal damage instead of damaging the armor or surrounding areas.

「It’s really hard……」

「But it’s effective…… I knew it, this is it. This is the critical moment.」

「For now, this is where the battle truly starts! Let’s keep damaging it while avoiding its attacks!」

There were some missiles being fired from the Gravekeeper’s back that were homing onto them, but both Katsu and Pencilgton managed to avoid each of them individually.

Then the Gravekeeper pointed his palm towards Pencilgton, firing a huge blast of concentrated heat at him.

「Oh shit!」

The heat ray passes right next to Pencilgton’s left side, who twisted his body at the last possible second to evade it. Thanks to the pill’s effect he didn’t die instantly, but the burned parts of his body were so unstable that one wrong move could cause them to turn into a bunch of polygons and disappearing.

「There we go!」

「If you want to say something, just do it!」

Thinking for a moment, Pencilgton arrives at a conclusion: he moves his right arm swiftly and impales himself with his own weapon.

Having lost the remaining HP, Pencilgton’s body turns into a cluster of red polygons…… Only to be fully revived thanks to the item that Katsu used on him just a second before impact.




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