ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 072 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 72: Momentary Thoughts Part 19 Part 2

「I don’t know why you would need it, but here! This is the most durable thing I have on me at the moment!」

「Hahaha! An item is basically worthless if you don’t use it, Katsu-kun!」

Katsu swallowed the last of his MP Recovery potions, cast some buffs on himself and then gave Pencilgton the items he was asking for.

「Ahh, what a waste, what a waste! Think about all the money we could get for that…… I am fairly sure that the price would actually exceed one million mani. Ugh, no, must resist the urge! Must! Resist! The! Urge!」

「Personally, I can’t see what your problem is…… Alright, let’s do it!」

Just like that, their last offensive was about to begin. The moon was illuminating their figures and the armor’s, casting long shadows on the ground. The same ground that was now ridden with laser marks and small craters caused by the missiles. Pencilgton pierces the ground with his spear, as if he was sticking a flag into newly discovered land.

「Thou art the one who sews things. I am a tether. Thou art the one who encompasses everything, wearing jet-black as your mark! “SHADOW WEDGE”!!!」

「A full chant? Does this mean the skill is going to be especially powerful?」

「It’s not something I usually do, but if there is even one percent probability that’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to take that one percent……!」

Just like the “Broken Shell”, “Shadow Wedge” was the skill that uses weapon’s durability as its source of power. Its effect was that by piercing the shadow of your enemy, you could temporarily restrain its movements.

But still, the effect of the skill may vary depending on the enemy type you wanted to impair. It would work differently on a Goblin, wolf or a dragon. The question here was: how exactly was it going to work this time, against such formidable enemies?

「When we are talking about an enemy of this size, even five seconds should be enough! This is the only chance we’ve got, so don’t waste it!」

「Okay! I’ll adjust my timing accordingly, so don’t you dare remove it no matter what!」

A few seconds after “KIRIN” stops rampaging, the two takes a different action for the purpose of one and the same goal. Katsu got closer to it while Pencilgton was keeping his distance.

「My weapon is at breaking point…… So does this mean that this is the last chance that we must bet everything on?」

Pencilgton took out one last thing that was left in his inventory. A spear that was created by infusing super rare materials into it, which were all really hard to get…… It’s name being “Giant Killing Skewer.”

As the name might suggest, it is a weapon that will deal increased amount of damage to the monsters whose bodies are larger than the one who wields the spear.

「I beg of you, Giant Killer…… Please guide my way towards victory!」

Brandishing the spear in his hands, Pencilgton takes aim at the exposed laser turret on the “KIRIN’s” stomach.

「Really now, talk about things being overly dramatic…… “All or Nothing!”」

This is exactly how Pencilgton felt right now, and so he decided to give this attack a name just like that. Then he swings his arm and throws the spear with all his might, sending it flying through the air right towards the exposed “KIRIN’s” laser turret.

And just before the tip of the spear hits its mark, there are more shadows following in its stead.

「Red, Blue, Yellow…… The combination of three colors! “First Skill: Overkill Black Strike!”」

This is what happens when multiple events happening at the same time meet at one point and converge.

First of all, the cocoon of shadows surrounding the spear breaks down, changing into numerous shadowy blades and edges attached to the spear.

Next, when the shadowy restraints were being released, the spear pierces the laser turret with a loud sound. However it wasn’t that attack that proved to be decisive.

And at the same time as Pencilgton spear hits its mark, Katsu’s most powerful attack manages to reach the “KIRIN” as well, hitting it with the power of a stone boulder being thrown.

「I call this attack Human-Powered Pilebunker!!!」

「Oh, enough of this…… Just do your job and finish this already!」

Katsu’s attack strikes Pencilgton’s spear, giving it boost both to its penetration power and STR stat, allowing the spear to penetrate “KIRIN’s” body deeply only to emerge from the other side. It was an entirely unreasonable operation, but one that managed to drive the spear into its target, and was now sending a wide crack all over the armor’s surface. The Giant Killing Spear surely lived up to its name and did its job just right.

The cracks in the armor make loud and disturbing sounds, causing the armor to stop entirely in its tracks. Then the explosion followed. A huge explosion. The Giant Killing Spear shattered into pieces, but the armor fell onto the ground where it twitched frantically about two or three times before…… it came to a complete stop.

「…… Tired, so tired……」

As a result of all this intense fighting Katsu could feel his body slowly starting to give up, and finally he falls onto the ground and lets out a tired sigh. Pencilgton was also tired, but instead of relaxing just yet, he turned towards Sanraku.

(Sanraku-kun is still alive but he’s running away? What does that mean? Is he trying to buy time?)

The Gravekeeper keeps relentlessly attacking Sanraku, and he continued to flawlessly avoid his attacks…… Pencilgton thought for a moment and then asked the question that was floating in his mind all this time.

「Sanraku-kun! How much longer……!?」

In response to that, Sanraku shouted in a clear voice.

「Just about fifty…… No, make it twenty more seconds!」


「Will we be able to do it!?」

「We must be able to!」




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