ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 084 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 84: Walking of the Air Cleaner Part 2

Since neither the Dullahan nor its horse had heads it was impossible for me to predict from their eyes where they would try to move next, but I could tell that to some extent from looking at the horse’s movements. And sure enough, the horse was moving in that direction, even without the Dullahan doing anything to order it around.

[Just a little bit more…… to go… Three, two…… Now!]

After matching my moves to the horse’s charge, I jump back a few steps and prepare the Secret Sword Art “Water Mirror Moon’s” evolved form to be unleashed!

I managed to activate the skill just as the headless horse was about to charge straight at me. I took another step back with a flawless, uninterrupted motion. Could it be that the battle against the Gravekeeper sharpened my player reflexes? Or maybe it was all because my stats increased tremendously?

What happened next was that the horse got hooked on the aggro from the image that appeared behind it and tried to make a sharp U-turn while maintaining its high speed. It would be hard for a normal horse to do, nevermind for the one without its head.

[Uwah, my sincerest condolences.]

As the headless horse was trying to accomplish a seemingly impossible maneuver, the double combo of inertia plus centrifugal force caused the Dullahan to fall off of its back and hit the ground. I was glad the skill worked, but at the same time I felt truly sorry for the Dullahan for some reason? The moment his body hit the ground, Break rushed towards him with a huge sledgehammer in her small paws……

[Now, dance for me like a puppet…… “MEGATON SWING!!!”]

CRUSH! There was a loud and painful sound to be heard at the hammer connected with the Dullahan’s chest, caving its armor in. The damage from this thing must be serious business for sure. The force of the swing combined with other forces working on the Dullahan right now cause him to be sent in the air even higher than when he flew off of his mount. It hurt my eyes to look at this, but it cannot be helped. You reap what you sow for not running away from me even though your level was supposedly lower than mine.

The beautiful arc that the Dullahan’s body made in the air was the testament of how strong the force of the swing must have been. I could technically wait for him to fall to the ground and then unleash hell on him, but I wanted to test something out first, just for the heck of it.

[“Moon Jumper” and then “Six Fold Jump”……!]

The Dullahan started to fall down, pulled by gravitational force, and I jumped high into the air, which was possible thanks to the two above skills which respectively lessened the way in which gravity was working on me and allowed me to do a few mid-air jumps to aim even higher! Honestly, there was no real reason for me to try so much, but maybe by doing something like that a new skill or two shall awaken?

[Take aim and jump in the air!]

I then  activate the Infinite skill and blow the Dullahan away…… by performing a textbook example of a drop kick on him, utilizing the fact that he wasn’t focused on me right now. I also managed to land my drop kick on the part of the armor that Break hit with her sledgehammer, so that was sure to have hurt quite a lot. The finishing touch was that when I landed back on the ground…… I completely ignored the fall damage! Now, seeing as the horse was yet to get up, should I take care of the Dullahan first?

And since we are already bullying him so much, maybe it would be a good idea to let Emul in on the fun as well?

[Emul! Ready some magic!]

[Sure thing!]

After confirming that Emul used his Add Spell skill, I check to see where Break currently was. She was holding her sledgehammer like a professional batter about ready to score a homerun, so was she expecting me to send the Dullahan her way?

[Oh, isn’t that nice? Introducing NPCs to the idea of tactics taken straight out of shitty games……?]

Assist skills were really important in games like that, and what we were doing right now was basically allowing for them to land some blows in without risking getting hit themselves. It was also letting me train my battlefield control skills, knowing when to hold back and when to go all-out against an opponent that fell down and was unable to get up easily.

[Knockback, positioning, distance…… Right, the chart is completed!]

I grab the chanting Emul with my left hand and rush towards the Dullahan. I reach out my right hand towards his torso, grab it and activate Infight.

[Eat this! The power of three digits numbers!]

Hand of Fortune pierces right through the Dullahan’s torso. His body started to bend in lots of funny and grotesque ways because of the impact, and even though he was supposed to be Undead it surely must have hurt. Then I point Emul towards him while holding the bunny like a handgun.

[I call this move “Rabbit Gun: Turret Palm!”]

[……! “Magic Edge!”]

Emul shouted in an angry voice, releasing a magical blade that flew straight at the Dullahan. It seems that just like Katsu or myself, Emul wasn’t neglecting his own training and managed to get stronger on his own.

The Magic Edge hits Dullahan and thanks to that he gets blown into the air for the third time. Can you guess in which direction he was currently going?

[Titan Blast!]

If the previous Megaton Swing dealt so much damage and made such a nasty sound, then I don’t know how I could possibly describe the sound that Titan Blast made right about now.

[There! How do you like that!?]

[Sanraku-san! Sanraku-san! Don’t you think I deserve some kind of reward for my help?]

[Here, have some carrots.]


After properly disposing of the Dullahan, I fed Emul to some delicious carrots.



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