ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 138 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 138: SAN Check In the Middle of the Storm Part 2

If I hadn’t slapped some sense into Strude, he would have fallen off the ship. So I grabbed him and gave him a few good slaps. 

「This weapon was known as a Swamp Dagger when I started playing ,but now thanks to the materials it was reforged and enhanced accordingly! …… It’s a first class weapon as of now!」

There were famous swords out there. There were legendary swords out there. And there were even magic swords out there. Those were all quite unique weapons, the levels of which couldn’t be simply reached just like that.

However, I do believe that if you continue to care about your equipment, upgrading it and enhancing its power accordingly, it will grow into a fine weapon that won’t lose to any other sacred or legendary weapon out there.

One such sword was in my hands right now, with raindrops bouncing off its blade and the blade itself shining brightly in the illuminations the thunder was creating.

There was only one thing that was characteristic of this one handed sword that was formerly known as the Swamp Dagger: Its Attack Power was pretty big. It was a little bit sad that its effect of restoring Durability upon striking a Critical Hit was gone, but oh well, what can you do?

Alongside the path of enhancing it I had an option of keeping the Swamp Daggers as Daggers, but since I already had some better Daggers on me I decided that having at least one sword like that couldn’t possibly be a bad idea. That is why I decided to go with it.

「Is this thing going to crush right into us, rather than intercept us……!?」

「Fire away……!!!」

The approaching Crying Innsman was really going to collide straight into the “Scarred Whale” at this rate. Realizing that, the pirates moved away from the bow of the ship as fast as possible, to avoid the impact of the collision.

Aside from them, the vanguard that was Rei and I moved forward, while Rust stayed behind, intending to aim the ballista.

「Take your aim…… Now!」

When the two ships collided with one another, the tremors were so strong that we almost lost balance and fell on the deck. Roaring waves certainly weren’t making standing straight easier. In the next moment some of the fish men that were trying to board our ship were blasted away by the ballista’s iron arrow.

「You rotten sardines! Who the fuck gave you permission to get onto our ship!?」

Shouting like a madman, I took this opportunity to jump straight onto the deck of the Ghost Ship, kicking away the fish men that were in my way.

Actually, I expected something like this to happen since I saw the name of the quest itself: “Punching the Apostle of the Abyss”. …… It is clear to me that we are eventually going to meet a Rare monster called “Apostle of the Abyss” and we’ll have to fight it. As to the fact if it will lead us to the Unique Monster, that’s not the matter right now.

When it comes to Quest Bosses, they are not even near the level of Unique Monster in terms of strength, and if I had to put a rough estimate, I’d say they are about as strong as the Area Bosses. And so far the only enemies we’ve seen on the Ghost Ship’s deck were those fish men monsters.

I was initially torn if I should be bringing Emul along for the ride, but if he stays with me all the time it will be a whole lot easier for me to protect him from the group of enemies.

「Emul! Aim for that guy in the distance!」

「Yes, sir!」

As for me, fighting with only one sword in hand was surely different compared to fighting with a pair of daggers or dual swords. Right now I had to get the hang of things like running around and swinging that thing on the go.

And even though the fish men were slow in both movements and attacks, their sheer numbers were a force to be reckoned with.

Slashing away at the monsters that were coming my way and kicking some of them away for better movement space, I slowly made my way through the Ghost Ship’s deck. Looking away, I make sure that Emul stays as close to me as possible.

「These guys surely don’t make this easy for us!」

「Hahaha, don’t you worry about a thing, Emul! Compared to other things we’ve been through, these guys are actually a walk in the park!」

BASHANG! With that loud sound, the iron arrow passes my head by mere millimeters. I understand what that maneuver was trying to accomplish, but that distance was a little bit too close for comfort.

 「Honestly, that was really dangerous.」


「I’ll listen to your whining and complaining as much as you like later! For now, we’ve got a job to do! And since the payday draws closer, we’ll need to work hard in order to earn those coins!」


Three magical blades started dancing around the deck of the Ghost Ship. As if reflecting the intense battle that was going on aboard the two ships, the clouds in the sky only got darker and thunder roared even fiercer than ever before.



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