ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 139 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 139: They Were Amphibians to Begin With Part 2

「Just, leave it to me, please.」

「Ah, Rei, where have you been all this… time……?」

The Ghost Ship’s deck shook and trembled. That’s because there was an armored knight who just jumped from one ship onto the other with a tremendous impact. However, it wasn’t the usual armored knight since that equipment was more than done for by now. It was a knight in oriental armor from head to toe, wearing a helmet that was resembling the Hannya demon mask. Contrary to the shining knight from before, now Rei looked like an incarnation of wrath.

Instead of a sword, she was holding a huge red hammer in her hands…… A sledgehammer, which was surprisingly fitting to her current design. And it looked even more evil than the sword she used to carry around with her.

「My current stats may not be as great as they used to be, but I can still hold my own in battle. So please let me help however way I can.」

「Y, yeah…… Alright, just leave the support role to me.」

For a moment out there I honestly thought that a new monster emerged from somewhere out there. But let’s keep that information to myself.


The eel-like monster howled loudly while bringing down its giant anchor on us. Together with Rei we manage to dodge the attack, each in its own direction, and then we start doing what we do best.

「Emul, we shall take down some of the small fries to make some space for Rei, and then we’ll focus on supporting her.」

「Y, your demands are starting to get really unreasonable, you know……!?」

「Right, let’s go wreck some fucking havoc, shall we!?」

Apparently the fish men were on their way to their captain’s side, seeing that it was about to enter combat after making and appearance. And is it just me, or did their movements just became a whole lot faster? They surely weren’t as much zombie-like like before. But it was more of an impatience-driven haste rather than anything else.

「If it’s like that, we can surely turn the tables on them no problem……!」

As I keep slashing and kicking at the fishmen all over the place, their aggro turns towards me again. Hahaha, are you not used to this kind of distraction? You’d do best to remember that and reflect on it next time you have the chance…… If you will have that chance, that is! Sorry! Just a small joke on my end!

I pierce the head of the fishmen that was trying to reach Rei, and then throw a long slash at the ones that were following right after it. A few more long and wide slashes later and the area was starting to thin out rather nicely.

Next thing they tried was to attack me with a large group. But unfortunately for them, players are always ready for an underhanded tactic like that to come their way.

「Three, four, whatever the number, come right at me! See how it goes for you!」

I then changed my weapon to Emperor Bee Sword and slashed at the fishmen some more. Soon enough the blades started to glow, which was the effect of me upgrading them constantly. Every fourth or third (if you’re lucky enough) there would be an extra effect that would activate.

That effect was “Penetration”, one of the unique effects that would cause the attacked piece of armor to break apart. With that effect on, it was even easier for me to slash away at the fishmen and destroying their weapons.

There was a loud scream…… Then the fishman took hold of his shoulder which began to crumble away like a dried up mud, trying to bite me with its elongated face only to have it slashed off my by blade. I then added two more slashes to make sure that the monster was dead before turning away from it corpse.

I then move towards the fishmen that were laying on the deck in convulsions, striking their backs and making sure they would be no more, exploding in the geysers of red polygons.

Having cleared out more than half of the deck of fishmen zombies, it was well about time for me to turn towards the Big Bad Captain itself and aid Rei in her fight.

「Emul, attack this guy’s neck!」

And some of the skills that I have used before were already off-cooldown…… Wonderful! I had no idea that the Fool Arcana would be so useful after all!

In the next moment, the blades of magic cut through the eel’s long neck. With that being done and before the fishmen could actually stand up again, I run up towards their captain and readied my weapon.

「Don’t be shy…… Just take it!」

I activate one of my attack skills on the go, ready to unleash hell upon them.

Three consecutive slashes. Each faster and more powerful than the previous one, connecting into a deadly sequence.

It would be tremendously advantageous for us in this current war-like situation……

But that was the moment where the Quest started to get interesting.



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