ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 155 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 155: 100 Meters Per Second Part 2

With this, maybe even someone like me will actually have a chance against the strongest professional gamer in the world the day after tomorrow…… Ahh, what am I doing, thinking of something like that while playing this game? On the other hand, we should be on equal footing, so the chances should be more or less the same.

「I wonder if Mold would have anything to say on that subject…… probably he would have.」

It seems that this new machine would be able to boost the gaming experience quite a lot, but let’s hold ourselves with opinions after I’d gathered some solid evidence to prove it.

And just because the controls are enhanced and the fact that I have the Arcana of “Fool” strapped onto me, this doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to spam my skills left and right in order to beat anything and anyone that comes my way. There’s recast time, the maneuverability of my opponent, and a whole lot of other important factors…… But enough fooling around, time to focus on the task at hand. 

During my earlier fight and the current escape, I was able to gather quite a lot of information.

First of all, this beast that was currently chasing me would prove to be extremely hard to kill. And seeing that Regalex was defeated so easily as well, I’d surely need some sort of debuffs or poison-like status effects in order to succeed. That being said, doing this solo right now might be near impossible.

The flame that was covering the upper part of its body wasn’t just for show, but also for attacking. And by attacking I didn’t mean just reducing the HP of its opponents.

Each weapon and armor piece has its durability. And no matter how durable, everything is bound to break apart if you continue to use or damage it long enough. And since the fire would apply direct damage constantly, attacking the monster’s upper half was out of the question.

Naturally, since I can’t target the upper body this leaves the lower half to focus my attacks on, but as we could see from the way in which its fins tend to move, getting close and within attack range might actually be a whole lot more difficult.

Then we have the number of hits I can dish out while remaining safe. I’d say…… two or three hits at best. If I had some actually powerful weapons like Rei does, maybe I could dish out less attacks for more damage, but my own attacks right now could very well be like trying to sprinkle water over a hot stone.

The answer to that would be to increase the number of hits I would try to land, but in my current circumstances it would be better to try to avoid prolonged exchanges with that thing at all cost. This was probably going to be as hard as the Crystal Scorpions fight, but this time around it could be even harder, mainly because I couldn’t just cheat my way out of damage in this fight, and the Crystal Scorpions weren’t able to swim in the air like this thing does.

「In that case what I should do is to try to apply as much environmental damage as possible……」

There were many houses erected alongside the roads, but not every one of them was linked to another one like row houses. There were paths in between some of them wide enough for a single person to slip through, sometimes filled with rubble and sometimes completely clear.

So it was more or less like a game of Whack-a-Mole. I was using those narrow passageways to get closer to my destination, while allowing all of my skills to go off cooldown in the meantime.

All this time the monster was still chasing me, crashing into the building and occasionally letting out roars of anger that one small insect was causing it so much trouble.

「Ha! Thing is, you need about thirty seconds in advance to prepare the attack!」

It needed thirty seconds to fully charge up its electric attack, but the fact that it was able to act normally during the charge was enough of a threat in and of itself. On the bright side, the visual cue when the attack was ready to be unleashed was also a huge help.

Also, the thunder sphere sure had a huge radius, but it wasn’t expanding without stopping. It would eventually stop after reaching a certain radius, so it was possible to maintain a safe distance and avoid getting hit by it. You only needed a little bit of caution……

「…… No, that’s not it.」

The fire on its upper body was generating waves of heat that wouldn’t be able to occur naturally, and the movements of the fins were creating strong currents. It was all circulating around the monster’s body.

It was at this point in time that I decided to let the monster make the first move while I was focusing on escaping while also organizing my inventory in the right way.  Good thing I chugged those energy drinks earlier, for I was able to put some considerable distance between the monster and myself.

「Alright…… Now all that’s left is to aim properly, right? That’s right, when climbing high places, isn’t it the best strategy to just go in a straight line without getting sidetracked?」

Right now, I was about to be sandwiched in between the tower where one of the “Seals” is located and the huge monster that is chasing me.

Honestly, I wanted to achieve better positioning, but sometimes you can’t get what you want in life. You must learn to work with the hand that was given to you.

Now it was time to play a little game. A game that would not depend on RNG, but rather on reflexes, intuition and sheer luck. All of the above were needed for what I was about to try to do. If I don’t get lucky, I’ll end up dead. If it goes like I want it to go…… This is going to be interesting.



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