ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 166 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 166: Villian Hides In the Shadows, Whispering Calmly Part 2

The Hero was yet to arrive on the scene.

Dumbfounded, stupefied, astonished. The way in which Clock Fire managed to threaten the NPC was so natural that for a few moments out there even that particular NPC had no idea what just happened.

I know perfectly well how that NPC must have felt right now. Because I have experienced that myself in the past, although not on such scale. It was the first time ever that I’ve met Pencilgton.

「A psycho-bomber who derives pleasure from tearing down the peace with his own bombs…… The synergy between those two and the game’s setting is way too high if you’d ask me.」

「Ah, umm, this is…… Just how will… Player Lucas… actually… deal with… this thing… Haa……」

Just as Pencilgton started to threaten other NPCs into cooperation, Sasahara Eight and her companion were so taken aback by her actions that they weren’t actually able to provide any live commentary at all.

「Fuck me if this is what girls all around the world aspire to be……」

「Now I start to understand why they say that the world is such a cruel place……」

Clock Fire’s special ability is to set up clock time bombs in form of cute dolls or stuffed animals. It can set up to twenty bombs at one time, and they can be set on a timer, remotely detonated or triggered by external shock trauma. The damage they do is no big deal when it comes to other player characters, but that’s not what they aim at. They are mostly aimed at taking down NPCs in large quantities.

「This game should have age restrictions for sure.」

There was this one girl and now fourteen taxi drivers, so that means there are five bombs left.

「Ohh, what’s this!? The mother all of a sudden clung to Dr. Sandalphon and…… exploded!? WAAAAAH!? Now it was the Taxi!? And another one!? They keep on exploding one after another!?」

「That is certainly one creative way of using the NPCs in your favour…… And won’t you look at that? More than half of her Villain gauge is already filled.」

When she threatened the mother of that girl, Pencilgton placed a chameleon bomb onto her as well. Then it was only them matter of “Your family is important to you, right? You don’t want them to die, right? So go now, run and find a certain person.” Then it was all completed when all of the taxi drivers she threatened converged onto Dr. Sandalphon’s location, and once they crashed into one another the bombs were set and exploded at the same time.

While Dr. Sandalphon tried to escape the blast radius of nineteen explosions, the NPCs were screaming and Pencilgton just casually got into a taxi and ordered the driver to drive away from the scene.

「Because the bombs tend to explode in the order in which they were set up, that little girl is going to die no matter what.」

「Is that woman a demon or the devil himself……?」

「Hahaha, if only a cross or holy water were enough to deal with her……」

Galaxia Heroes: Chaos is not your ordinary fighting game. Why is one round more than enough to establish dominance? Why we have the whole city as our arena instead of smaller maps? Why there are so many NPCs…… Soon, the special crash course led by Pencilgton-sensei was about to begin.

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