ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 185 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 185: Touring the Abyss City with a Bunny Part 1



After our fateful Exhibition Match during the second day of the GGC, two days have passed and it was now my fourth day of struggling inside of the underwater city.


For the sake of focusing on the task at hand I have sealed away everything that was not Exhibition Match-related, but since that matter was now well done and over with, I could once more focus on developing some sort of strategy to conquering Kutanid of the Abyss.


To that end, I said goodbye to Mister No Face and embraced Sanraku once again, but before getting back to Luilias, there was something else that I needed to find out first.


「I wonder if the aftereffects are going to show themselves in this way……」


The name of the application that I was currently using was “VR Athletic Tutorial”. It is one of the programs that I have downloaded into my VR device ever since I first got it, and it was sitting there all this time.


This application has no magic or bullets flying around and trying to hit you. You can also forget about realistically looking NPCs. However, one of the mini-games here offered the feeling of “Virtual Weightlessness”, which was a really useful feature, at least for me.


The mini-game allows you to freely move in a 3D environment that simulates the underwater labyrinth. The labyrinth is ridden with glowing spheres that you can touch along the way, and the number of the total spheres touched will be your final score upon reaching the exit. The best score that you can achieve in this game is about sixty five.


As for my current results…… I’m sitting at the measly forty one.


Maybe it was the fault of changing the devices to a worse one after GGC, but I blame my score on that, rather than rusty virtual body coordination.





It’s not limited to VR systems exclusively, but there are rare cases in this world where small things can serve a larger purpose and large things may be small and insignificant.


Although this new type of VR chair was laughed at and ridiculed for a simple “massage chair” it is without doubt that its specifications were at least several time higher than that of its predecessor, the head gear type of VR system. It was a feature that could only be achieved thanks to increasing its weight and size.


But even though the benefits of the chair were without a doubt grand, there is also the second side of this coin. After using the chair and now switching back to the head gear, the difference in specs was really starting to show, to the point where it was feeling downright uncomfortable.


And if I was going to fight against Unique Monsters in the future that are at least on par with Wezaemon or Luukan, that difference in specs might become a serious problem that might even hinder my progress.


I’ve been doing this training exercises since yesterday and thanks to that I have managed to actually regain some of my battle sense and intuition. Still, I do believe that the best course of action here would be to just play the game and practice in the actual combat.


「For now, let’s see if others managed to make some sort of progress while I was gone……」


While I was busy being the Pumpkin-head assistant during the GGC, the others seemed to have formed small parties and they were taking their turns exploring the underwater city and gathering information.


Since the majority of enemies around here were fish, there was no problem with food running low and us dying from starvation. We just needed to grab a bow or some sort of distance attack and there: a meal ready to be eaten. The different kind of monsters during the day and night might be annoying here, but that’s not a problem. And even if we were to gather some spare fish meat, since this is underwater it shouldn’t spoil too quickly.


「Now, each boss in each tower seems to be immune to specific kind of attack……」


Thanks to Akitsu Akane and Rust’s scouting raids we have managed to actually confirm that two of the four tower bosses are immune to magic-based attacks and physical-based attacks respectively.


As for the other two tower bosses, their immunities are yet to be discovered by our party.


「The magic-resistant boss won’t be much of a problem here, but when it comes to the physical attacks-resistant boss…… Do we even have a magic caster strong enough in our field trip group to challenge that?」


There is Mold who is some kind of a demon, so that might work out. Akitsu Akane has some abilities like that, but his level leaves much to be desired. There is also Rei, but she’s out of the equation since none of us managed to actually contact with her.


Rust is a long distance ranger, and she should have some skills that would allow her arrows to become magical, but the problem with her is that she said that she wouldn’t be able to log in on the first and fourth day.


Being able to negate physical attacks would also mean that weapon buffs would be no good. Same with enchantments. As for skills, that is yet to be actually confirmed. Apparently there is no other way but to annihilate it using overwhelming raw magical firepower.


Of course, taking that into consideration, I am not going to fight that specific monster. It’s a shame, but I’m more of a close quarters physical kind of a guy rather than big brain magic caster. Plus, I have no magic attacks to speak of.


「Now then…… Shall we log in and get this party started?」


Who knows? Maybe I’ll even stumble on Rei-san again and we will join forces once more.





I close my eyes and the next thing I know is that I have woken up. Thinking about it now, it really is strange of an experience. I wonder what am I right now? Awake? Or maybe actually asleep? …… Oh well, let’s try not to think about it too hard right now. Fact is, I’m currently awake while laying on the hard bed inside one of the houses in the underwater city Lulilas. That’s all that matters.


「Rather than being awake or not, it seems that my brain is working at full throttle……」


「Ah! Sanraku-san! You finally got up!」


「Ah, Emul. Hi there. I know that we’ve seen each other not so long ago, but for me it feels as though a lot of time passed.」


「You sleep way too much you know that, Sanraku-san!」




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