ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 192 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 192: Lighting the Damp Matches, Wolves Hunts in Packs Part 2



「Either way, if we want to get out of this place, we have no other choice but to fight our way out. So I guess having one more shithead to carry on our backs won’t make that much of a difference.」


「Stop calling me that already……」


So what, you would like me to call you something else? Like Moist Match Bastard? That sounds someone combustible. No, better not do that for now. I didn’t work my ass off picking best possible options to get this shithead motivated just so he could bail out on us now.


「We plan on taking the master of this place on in about two days from now. So you have about forty eight hours to find your resolve.」


After saying that, I have left the base with Emul sitting on top of my head…… by climbing through the hole in the roof.


You couldn’t possibly ask for a better finishing touch than this!



「…… So? What are we going to do now?」


「I would like to take down the remaining bosses just as planned, but I would also like to wait for others to join us in our efforts.」


Sometimes the bosses might drop items that are not really suited for your particular build, so it is important to have others with you so that you can trade off. It’s more efficient that way. However, without doing that I might just end up with a lot of free time on my hands……


「Ah, so how about collecting some materials?」


「You know, it might be a good idea to gather about one gross of certain items while we are at it……」


「One gross? How much is that?」


「One dozen times one dozen.」


「So one hundred and forty four items total…… We might actually run out of inventory slots for this.」


「It seems we have a whole lot of work cut out for us.」


「What a chore, what a chore.」


Guess we can always utilize the Inventory. If its only purpose is to house powerful weapons and armor, it might as well be put to a good use as a temporary hold.


At times like this, unlimited storage hold really comes in handy, since you don’t have to consider items weight and all that. It can also serve as the emergency escape room, where you can reorganize and patch yourself up if need be. However, its only downside is the fact that you must possess a minimum amount of MP in order to get in and get out.


「Oh, that’s right. Rust, what’s that over there?」


「Over there…… Ahh, yeah, I would like to drop by there at least once.」


With both looks and hand gestures I urge Rust to continue talking. It seems that I have stumbled upon some really interesting information.





「This is, you know……. How should I put it? It’s simply amazing. Oh!」


「If I had to put my finger on it, I would say it’s a painting? At least that’s the impression I’m getting.」


Right now we were at the outskirts of the underwater city, a place that should have normally be a sandy shore, but right about now it was nothing more but a shipyard full of destroyed ships.


Rust and Mold managed to find this place during their area survey before, but ended up leaving without inspecting it because they were attacked by a huge swarm of fish people…… Somehow, this place was littered with silver and gold chests full of money and materials, and a truly blinding shine was welcoming anyone who wished to enter that place.


「This place looks like it could net you a hefty amount of money.」


「While we are here, we might as well try to recover as much of the treasure as we possibly can.」


「Are you really okay with that? Keeping me company, I mean?」


「I mean, with our inventories being pretty much limited, there’s no way we will be able to collect all of that anyways.」


Well, they may be right about that…… At least that is true for normal players…… But since I have my INVENTORY with me, such limitations are of no real concern to me.


That is why we were running through the shipwrecks, collecting anything that could be collected or converted in to cash, and before long we managed to collect a hefty sum of money, one that would surely allow us to buy ourselves a small fortress if we only wanted to buy one.


It’s not that we really needed so much money, but it’s just…… You know…… It’s just bad manners if you see garbage littering the floor and you don’t pick it right up, right? Umu, umu. Oh…… While we’re at it.


「By the way, I forgot to ask about that before, but are the two of you free for the moment?」




「Do you happen to belong to any particular Guild about now?」


「Ah, free in that sense.」


That’s right, there were a whole lot of stories like that around the time when the game was being launched. But thinking about that time would invoke a whole lot of memories being remembered one after another like a chain, so for now I chose to keep that box closed. Ugh, it’s like drinking a whole mug filled with freshly squeezed out lemon juice…… Or some really nasty vegetable mix juice and chug it down……


「You see, since there is also the case of the Mecha in this game, it would really help me out if you could join in our Guild.」


「…… No thank you, that sounds way too normie for me.」


「Ah! But it is far from being normie! You see, you can belong to the Guild, but it does not limit you in any sort of way! There is even no need to go to the Guild house…… Not that we have any to begin with.」


Besides, I still needed to pay them for that tip about Kutanid of the Abyss, and if they were the members of the same Guild, that would surely prevent them from leaking the information outside of the Guild.


「As I have explained before, our Guild ‘Wolfgang’ has only three members right now, each with the access to the Mechas…… and we are willing to share with the members of the same Guild.」


「…… Go on. I’m willing to listen. …… For now.」


It’s the last push here! Now, the final blow: summoning the Tactical Warbeasts!


「It’s a lot tougher to handle these guys than you might expect.」










Umm, yeah now that I think about it…… Wouldn’t putting four giant mechas inside of a ship that looks run-down and moldy as hell be a bad idea? What if they happen to break the ceiling or destroy the floor and the whole ship collapses on us?


「Oh shit ––!?」


「M-Mechas are……!」


「If you keep making such sounds, the half of the city’s fish people are going to get on our asses!」


「What the hell!? I can hear something drawing closer to us! And there’s a whole lot of it!」


「Forget about the Mechas for now! We can always go back to retrieve them later! Now grab the treasure and let’s haul ass from here!」


Leaving something for others? Shut the fuck up! That’s something only a total loser would say!


It’s money we talk about here! Cold, hard cash! And you know what costs money? Repairing and strengthening your god damn equipment!


Especially my special weapons. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe just how expensive this shit can get……   





「Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Please allow me to welcome you to……! …… I mean, I know that we are all pretty tired, but what’s wrong, everyone!?」


「Now this feels more like Great Lulilas Marathon if you were to ask me……」


「I’m not all that good at long distance running, but as long as it is something below two and a half thousand meters, I should be all good!」


「Stupid Sanraku! You are such a big idiot that you cannot possibly be an even bigger idiot!」


No, really, I am most terribly ashamed…… Ah, that’s right, before I forget.


「Akitsu Akane, are you currently in any Guild, by any chance? If not, maybe you would like to join my Guild?」


「Wow! This is the first time ever that I was invited to join a Guild! With pleasure!」


Talk about a wise and prompt decision.



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