ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 214 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 214: Reaching the Heavens Part 20 Part 2



On the other hand, sometimes the best method of making something stand out is to simply make it not stand out so much. That is why moderation is the key to success more often than not. Especially when video games are concerned.


I don’t know if the rest of the world caught on on the fact, but us Japanese people, we really cannot pass by the poor puppy left in a cardboard box during the rain. That’s our national trait.




「Oh yeah! Rewards time!」


The magic circle that emerged from Kutanid started to morph and change shape, splitting from one into eight more, from which eight lights shone brightly right in front every single one of us.


Each light shone with different color, representing the colors of the chalices that we managed to destroy some time ago. By that fact alone, I was already having ideas about the nature of the rewards we were going to receive.




「Huh? Only one power out of eight?」


Somehow, I get a feeling that we are going to get scammed here. But no, it couldn’t be, right?


Surprisingly, I was really worried about those eight lights that kept on rotating in between us players and NPCs for a while. However, once the lights came to a stop the proper item description windows popped out, so it seems that I won’t have to leave that choice up to chance.


But I could be sure that if I happened to get something for my Tatical War Beasts, it would not be something that was too OP. The developers surely would not want the players to have a mount that would rival Wezaemon’s Kirin in power.


Short range, long range, physical skill, magic skill, gender, visibility, damage power, various statistics.  If we truly were to get an item that would invers any of those at will, the value of such an item would truly be unimaginable.


With an item that would allow me to swap my stats, even someone like me could become a magnificent tank: I would only need to switch my Luck with Vitality. And if I were to increase my MP, I could even try to become a magician of sorts.


And even if I was to not receive such an item, there is always a chance that I would be able to get one of the range items. That would always allow me to save my ass at the last possible second if I were to use the short range negation, or to really mess up the enemies’ ranks with long range negation. But let’s just not get ahead of ourselves too much there.


However, I am also sure that everyone thought that at some point: ‘There can only be one’.


But Japanese people are prim and proper in public, without fail. Even of they do not voice their concerns out loud, they must surely think about them inside of their minds. After all, there are eight lights, but maybe just one of them contains the equivalent of a grand prize.


That is why someone had to step up their game and say something here.


「Hey, there, Mister Octopus! Can’t you make it three gifts instead of one!?」


「Uwooh, hey!」


I mean, I should have expected Akitsu Akane to speak up, but honestly, I never would have thought that Akitsu Akane would speak up.


Or not. More than anything I would like to ask where did he found so much courage to speak up in a situation like that, but before I could do that he already spoke up to Kutanid directly.




「It doesn’t have to be three! At least make that two!」


「Akitsu Akane, you…… Since when did you grow such balls?」


We were at each other’s throats not so long ago, I understand that. But it is exactly because we were able to overcome such tremendous of a challenge that we can bargain with this guy. However, since that thing was not a living being, only an AI, it was bound to act only with certain patters, so it should not be suspicious.


Seriously man, what the hell is your deal here? Is this that famous kind of bravado? The same that allowed you to face against Seigwurm?


All of a sudden, there is a long and awkward silence dominating the room. The players must have felt that it was simply atrocious of me to make such a request. And the NPC must have thought that it was simply atrocious of me to talk like that to a being that was equivalent to a God in their understanding.


However, Kutanid continued to spin as the magic circle in complete silence, watching us. No way, there’s just no way. There is no way in hell that you get to haggle with a Unique Monster, since it should be resistant to something like that. And that’s beside the point that this request was unreasonable to begin with.




Was that a critical success at negotiation? Or was it simply a lie?


「Alright, awesome! Thank you, Mister Octopus! You are the best!」


「You have got to be fucking SHITTING me!?」


See that? This is something that no skill will be able to give you. This is a one of a kind combination of both luck and natural talent!


This one of those things that only certain gamers possess, something that makes other gamers go red with jealousy and shout: How the fuck di you manage to do this!?


That type of gamer that manages to find hidden OP items by breaking a specific wall, doing a specific “action”, wearing a specific equipment or simply because of being at the specific place at the specific time.


I did not think that I would be able to witness such a moment with my own eyes, but Akitsu Akane, man…… Talk about scary!


「No, I didn’t think it would agree on doing this so easily, and to such an extent…… What can I say here……? Yeah……」


「Oh yes! Sanraku-san tried that technique once with Luka…… Luukan, was it? I remember that clearly! He tried talking to Luukan!」


Yes, I did try that once in the past. Although the result was quite different in my case, to say the least.


I can see that the people turn their gazes towards me, but I guess seeing the wolf’s marking all over my torso and legs was quite enough of an answer for everyone present at how did it turn out.


It was my fault that I started complaining, but I guess I should be happy that I got off the hook with that I got. Because he could have made it a lot more troublesome for me if he wanted to. Talk about unforgiving bastard……


I must thank Luukan someday, but for the time being I turn towards the light that was right in front of me.


If we can take two items, then please don’t mind if I do. I will take this, and…… Oh, and this.


I did not really think that negotiations like that would work, but there was a part of me that was actually kind of sad that the quest was now over…… Wait a minute.


「Did something, happen?」


Suddenly, I notice.


「Hey…… There should have been an announcement just now…… One about defeating the Unique Monster…… Did anyone of you heard that?」


「…… Announcement?」


Rust, Mold and Akitsu Akane all looked as though there were question marks flying above their heads. However, Rei seemed to remain calm, since she was all familiar with the announcement system of ShanFro already. The two of us understand what it all means.


I put all of my remaining strength into my weak body, and then I surveil the whole area, my body being wary all the time. I wonder if other also felt as though something in here was seriously wrong all of a sudden.


It was at that moment.


SWOOSH! And in the next moment,


“Blue” starts to wriggle around.




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