ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 257 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 257: My Body May Be Crushed, But My Spirit Will Never Die Part 2


If I could, I would most certainly give myself a thumbs up here. Instead of giving the NPCs some empty promises, they are surely to be convinced if I recite the list of my achievements thus far.


「Alright, we are going to entrust you with our lives!」


Rest assured. Unlike some of the players out there, I am someone who values the lives of the NPCs, so you can be sure that I won’t let you down!


「That reminds me, Akitsu Akane? Have you managed to complete the tenth match or not?」


「No, not yet.」


「So in other words, this defense Quest will occur as long as you have received the “Invitation to the Bunny Country” Quest? …… So apparently you don’t even need to finish the “tour”.」


Speaking of which, the quest “Tour Around the Bunny Country” contained the information about a Bunny-Eating Snake, but it is highly likely that there must be some plot hook into this scenario aside from that quest.


This is just a speculation on my part, but maybe the percentage of the tunnel that is being pushed is the result both the “Inviataion…” and “Tour…” being completed. So technically if you failed to finish these two quests on time, instead of the genuine “Guardian” you will receive the “Volunteer…” quest instead of the “Defense…” and your tasks to complete will be completely different.


「Now I am getting really fired up. We are probably the first players ever to be doing this quest!」


Yes, but as unfortunate as that may sound, I do believe that this area is going to be too much for you. I know that you can show some actual guts in situations like this or that battle against Luukan, but I’m afraid this ain’t going to cut it this time around.


「Speaking of which, what kind of enemy is waiting for me after the spearman?」


「Hmm, how should I even describe this thing…… A Three-Legged Robot, perhaps?」


Three-Legged Robot…… Shit, now I am getting all jealous for this guy get all of the fun-looking enemies! In my case, I had to struggle with a fucking bird that was shooting clouds of poison my way!


「Oh well, in just a moment I will be running behind the enemy lines, but you should be careful as well, you hear me, Akitsu Akane? As far as I can tell, you are going to be in for quite a grueling battle out there.」


「Sure thing! I will do my very best!」


Will you really be okay, though……? I was worried about that fact for a moment out there, but then I decided to give it a rest. It will be okay. Akitus Akane is not weak. It is someone who was able to hold his ground in both battles against Luukan and Kutanid. Besides, I may be his Senpai in terms of the time I’m playing this game, but our skill level and actual levels should be pretty similar at this point…… Nah, I must stop thinking like that. This will get me nowhere.


A-And besides, it is not like he is going to be always inferior to me in terms of raw player skill! Yup, surely there will come a day when we will be as equals!


Every time we go through long and wide tunnels, we pass Vorpal Bunnies at every step. And each and every single one of those Vorpal Bunies had cracks running throughout some spots on their bodies, reminiscent of a spider web on glass.


And from those cracks in their bodies, you could see thick black vapors oozing out. I may not be an expert on biology or magic, but the looks of those vapors suggested that whatever it was that it was composed of, it was not anything good for the body. Because of that, even though there were torches everywhere, the atmosphere here was dark, gloomy and depressing.


Is that how Goldunine’s poison looks like?


Although their armors and weapons were beaten up and broken, they were all taking care of them and keeping them ready for battle. Even though they looked as though their bodies might shatter at any moment, they did not lose their battle spirit.


I have no idea just how exactly Goldunine looks like, but seeing as she managed to dig those tunnels all by herself, I can at least imagine. I also understand that she is not someone to be taken lightly.


A huge portion of this tunnel looked as though its walls, ceiling and ground were dug using heavy tools and specialized machinery. But there were also many sealed holes that looked to be sealed off with similar techniques as well.


All of the sealed holes made the tunnel looked like a polka dot pattern. And now I was beginning to understand why would they want to have those side tunnels sealed off. If their opponents started to swarm them from those side tunnels, there would be no defense here. There would only be a one sided massacre.


It is certainly a bold strategy to be seal off all of the side tunnels while the front line is being pushed. But you would need a specialized people and equipment for such a task.


「So, think those guys are responsible for closing the tunnels?」


Earlier we passed by a group of Vorpal Bunnies that looked like wall carpenters, wearing heavy armor and preparing bunch of big and heavy-looking tools. There were also buckets filled with…… clay, I think? Or was it concrete?


Certainly, this game must offer some sort of other jobs outside of the combat category, so if they looked like ones, then surely they must have been Carpenters, right?


If they could erect road block and make provisional constructions, surely they could make traps as well…… Which would make me hate them really bad. I hate traps. I am the type that holds movement vital for my playstyle, so I need to watch out for any Carpenter In the future.


「Now then, we are nearing the front lines. From here on out I cannot guarantee you safety, so please watch yourself at all times.」


「Sure thing.」


「Understood! Wait, who the hell are you!?」


「Akitsu Akane, an acquaintance of Edward! Pleasure to meet you!」


「I see. Well, hope that we can get along in here just fine!」


I’m at my limit here…… What is with that youthful energy? It’s simply dazzling!


But anyways, soon the great operation will begin. An operation that requires us to first kick about so that we can drive the snakes out of their hiding.


That “Cursed Poison” of yours…… I’m here to put an end to it, Goldunine!







「ORA! ORA! ORA! Out of my way! Out of my way! Out of my way! Where the fuck is your boss!?」


「Ah, umm…… please wait a moment…… I can’t walk as fast as you do……!」


「What the hell are you talking about!? If we don’t wrap this up as fast as possible, the defense battle is going to start! If we don’t take the battle straight to their boss, there is no way that we are going to make it in time!」


「I get it, but still……! You’re walking way too fast……!」


「Haha! Run, run! We don’t have all day!」




「SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Don’t you know, you idiots, that one should ever keep quiet and show restraint while in the palace!?」


「GEEH! Break-onee!!」


「Hmm, you there…… Stop right there! Don’t you dare to move!」


「HYII! Run like you mean it! At this rate, we will be beaten to a pulp by a feral Vorpal Bunny!」


「Uuh, at this rate my stamina will be……」




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