ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 266 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 266: Some Facts May Seem Important, But Are Not All That Important Really Part 2


Pueeeh…… Uooohhhbuah!? That’s dangerous!


Goldunine must have gotten bored at some point now, for she was juggling five swords made out of poison all at once, all the while striking strange poses. It was so surreal that my mind was having difficulties with understanding what was going on here. And even though Weissash came here to help us, he was not doing anything for the moment…… Ahh, I see. I get it. This is all my fault, I admit it.


And just as I realized that fact, I could see Goldunine turning her gaze towards me.


You, I am going to kill you for sure.


I am really having a hard time discerning whether you are truly “Inexhaustable” or maybe you just have way too much free time on you, but…… Somewhere down the road, we are bound to cross swords again. Be prepared for that.


To that declaration, I was met with dry laughter.


Hahaha, you little brat. Laugh all you want. We shall see who is going to laugh the most in the end……!


With the promise of that battle that is yet to come on some day, the white snake girl backs away, disappearing into the darkness. The four Nagas soon follow suit, glaring towards us as if those words were some sort of a personal insult.


And then there was silence. After a moment or two, you could hear the sound of Weissash putting Edward’s sword back to its scabbard. Only then I was able to understand in just how big of a predicament we were just now. Both Akitsu Akane and I were barely able to stand because of our paper thin defenses, but Rei…… she took so much damage onto herself that her armor looked as though it was about to fall to pieces.


Big Bro, thank you.


Oho…… And here I thought that they would actually put up a fight, since they already came all this way here…… What a hassle.


Excuse me?


Whoa there, Big Bro, why are you pointing your sword at us? And why is it that the blade starts to glow in a way that I have never seen before in this game…… Whoa there, stop! Just…… wait just a moment!


I will make sure that you won’t feel any pain…… “Comfort”.


I got slammed in my neck. Akitsu Akane got stabbed through the heart. And Rei’s artery got cut open. It was so sudden and so surprising that I did not even registered what was going on until it was all over. Whoa there, Big Bro? Have you gone mad?


As for you lot, once you shall awaken, everything shall be restored to how it should be…… Of that, I swear. Now…… Go back to Rabbitz.


There was no pain at all. And even though I was aware that my head fell from my neck and plummeted towards the ground, I did not feel anything in the slightest……














No, wait just a minute here!


My fingers start to move way before my messy thoughts are able to put themselves together.


No death penalty? No incredible item or skill or magic for completing the Unique Scenario? Does that mean that this death of ours was a scripted event? It would have happened anyway?


No, more importantly, about the words that Weissash spoke to us all shortly before we died…… I don’t want to believe it, but all the discomfort I have been feeling up until now started to fit in, forming a complete picture.


Once you will wake up, everything shall be recovered completely…… That’s right, because that’s how the respawn function works here.


That’s right, that’s just how games work. They have two functions that make them different from the real world, allowing you to basically redo things. That’s the “Save” option and the “Respawn” function.


Even if you stop playing the game for ten years or more, if you have made a save you can always resume the story from that exact point in time. And the respawn allows you to be as good as new and ready for some action, even if your death was that in an explosion that technically left nothing out of you but charred pile of ash.


But that’s just…… That was part of the game’s plot……


The Fourth Phase? No, the nuances here are different. Originally I was led to believe it to be like that, but looking at Emul and other NPCs now, could it be that I got this all wrong? …… Ah shit, is that what this whole Plan B is all about!?


Right about now I feel like someone who just won the lottery and went on a trip around the globe, only to realize that I have forgotten to lock the door to my house. I then use the softness of the bed to jump up and do a somersault to get out of the bed.


Aaaah, geez! For now, I’ll just hit the base of the Library and get everything out of my system!


This isn’t something that one can hold onto all on their own! But at the same time, I cannot reveal too much details!


I want to share it with someone! But I know that doing that is not a good thing to do! I do repeated somersaults in place, thinking it will help me to calm myself down.


Even if we are being administered by the same system, both the Players and NPCs are fundamentally different beings. But in this game…… No, in this world, that difference becomes even more fundamental.


In other words,


Pioneer Players and the ordinary NPCs are completely different being in the first place……?




Apparently Emul must have entered the room just as I was saying those words, and upon witnessing the truth of this world, he let out that weak squeal.


I know that the fact in itself can be rather astonishing, but not so much to react in such a way…… That being said, something more would be nice here, like “What did you just say?” or something like that.


Eh, what’s with that face?


Eh, but Sanraku-san…… Since you Pioneers have been blessed by the Gods, isn’t that only natural that after you die you return to the last place you have slept in?




Huh? Wha? Wait a second. Does that mean you knew about this from the very beginning?


Sanraku-san, isn’t that like, a common sense?












That kind of thing is something you should have mentioned to me right when the event started, you asshole!!! Isn’t that more of a common sense!?


I bark those words at Emul while furiously pinching oh his cheeks at high speed. Things like that are not rocket science! If you can explain it to someone in simple words, then just do so!




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